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Asa Chun! 3

Fragrant Olives, A Young Boy's Syrup

+ posted by souka as translation on Mar 1, 2012 06:05 | Go to Asa Chun!

-> RTS Page for Asa Chun! 3

Ask for permission to use. Otherwise for HaruHime scans only.

souka's translation
Please PM me if you find errors or need clarification.

1. Separate texts in connected bubbles are with double slash //
2. “” Speech
3. [] Narration/Thoughts
4. < Labels/MISC >
5. ST: Small Texts
6. (Small text inside/outside adjacent to bubble)
7. SFX: Sound Effects
8. TN: Translator's Note
legend by milkcoffee


pg 087


pg 088

[] I've always been watching
[] Kinuko-san
TN: it sounds a bit creepy, maybe reword to "I've always notcied Kinuko-san" or something...

pg 089

"" ...... // Haru-kun, your house has many Fragrant Olive tress, doesn't it?

"" Kinuko-san, do you like Fragrant Olive trees.

"" Yes......

[] A female college student and a middle school boy // holding hands ia bit farfetched.

pg 090

[] Even so, I've only watched her.
[] Day by day my thoughts of "embracing her" grow stronger // But I only watch from the sidelines.

"" Thanks for having me here this past month.
"" Well then, Haru-kun, do your best on the High School entrance exams // I'm sorry if I wasn't too helpful during our short time together.

pg 091

"" Oh no! I should be thank you for taking care of my idiot son.
"" Here, please take this fragrant olive syrup.
"" Just dilute it with some warm water and drink.

"" Hey! Haru, you too! Say goodbye to your tutor.

"" Haru!
"" ... Today's the last day.

pg 092

[] I can't be so careless anymore.
"" I'll... walk to you the bus stop.

"" It's only in these green areas in Tokyo that we can feel so careless, huh?
"" I'm from the rural areas of Fukuoka, so this felt so nostalgic.

"" ......
"" Why are you going to stop being my tutor? // I'm useless without you, Kinuko-san.

pg 093

"" ...... // That's because...

"" Your scores have fallen......
(Well not really.)
SFX: gu - sudden downer feeling

"" The truth is, your mom told me she wanted to change tutors.
"" I'm sorry for tutoring you so poorly. // Even though it's my childhood dream to become a teacher.

"" Lately I've been thinking that I'm not cut out for me. It's been troubling me.

SFX: ...vrooom...
"" Oh the bus is here.
(See ya~)
"" ...... // Kinuko-san, it's not your fault.

pg 094

"" Huh?

"" My grades dropped because
"" When you tutor me at my house, I only pay attention to you.

"" ......... I love you.
TN: or "like" i don't really it as strong here as love

pg 095

"" I've always been watching you.
TN: make it sound less creeper status

"" And you too Kinuko-san,
"" You've been watching me, right?

pg 096

SFX: shuuuu - doors closing

"" I'm...
SFX: gaa - rubber squeaking
"" so sorry.

SFX: shuup - squeak door close

SFX: vrooom

pg 097

[] Eh?
ST: Ah!
ST: It's Haru-sempai<3

[] What's // with this
ST: Is your house around here?
ST: May we take a picture with yuo?
[] Eh
[] Could it be that I

[] confessed to her thinking she would like me too... // Was I wrong?

"" ...

pg 098

[] That can't be.

SFX: cough
SFX: cough

"" Kinuko! I have news!

"" Did you catch a cold? Are you okay?
SFX: cough
SFX: cough
"" Well, I was out on my balcony thinking about things and this just kinda happened......

pg 099

"" So you said you had news?
"" Right!

"" Some cute young boy in a school uniform is waiting for you.
(Since morning.)

"" Oh! Kinuko-san<3
SFX: paa (energetically)

"" Why......!

"" You left the present my mom gave you at the bus stop... /// And...

pg 100

"" A response to my confession.
"" I've come to get a proper answer from you.

"" ......
"" ......cough

"" ......cough cough
"" cough... cough
"" cough

SFX: panting
"" Hold on! I'm opening it!

"" cough
"" cough

pg 101

"" No... don't look at me

"" It's okay, I won't look. I'll just be by your side.

SFX: dizzy

[] !
SFX: thud

[] Teacher I'm sorry.


pg 102

SFX: tickle

...... A fragrant olive leaf?

"" ..... // Who are you?

pg 103

[] ......
[] I was dreaming...?

[] Huh? // This is my room......

SFX: rattle/clatter
SFX: startled

"" Oh! Did I wake you up?
"" Wanna have some congee?

...Thanks, Maya-chan.
(I'll have some)
SFX: stomach rumble
ST: Thanks for the change of clothes too
"" Do you remember going to the hospital? // That cute young boy took you there.
(You just caught a cold.)
TN: lol and here i thought she was going to die or something

"" Haru-kun did......?
"" He also carried you back here.
(But I drove!)

pg 104

"" He said to call him if anything comes up. // He wrote down his cellphone number and email address on this paper.

ST: What a good boy.

[] Arggg!

"" Yes?
"" Haru-kun?
"" He- Hello this is Kinuko.

"" Than you for helping me today. // Are you at home now? Can you talk on the phone?
"" This is bad!

[] Right now, I'm outside of Kinuko-san's apartment complex.

pg 105

[] Shoot!!
[] This is bad...

"" ...... Uhm
"" Are you... to my place?
(I wanted to thank you.)

"" ......
SFX: blush
"" N-No! I can't Kinuko-san!!

"" This might be a little absurd but... // Today I was so happy to be able to touch the person I love.
"" I kept thinking about it and somehow just found myself here...

"" So if we were alone together in your room
"" I wouldn't know what to do!

pg 106

SFX: blush

"" Up until now, I've been able to quickly tell every girl my feelings. // Because they would taken by someone else if I didn't.

"" But Kinuko-san, you were the only one I couldn't tell my feelings to.
SFX: slip

"" For me, it's not a "I want to land you" kind of feeling. I want you to be by my side so I can cherish you.
SFX: looking here and there, searching

"" This is the first time I've felt this way......

pg 107

"" gacha gacha,
"" ern ern ern

"" ...... She hung up...
"" ern ern

[] I knew it.
[] Thinking that Kinuko-san would like me // was pretty stupid.

[] Kinuko-san only sees me

[] as a an annoying middle school stalker......

pg 108

"" Haru-kun, wait... !!

[] !

"" Running like that in the condition you're in... // Are you okay?
"" Earlier today...

SFX: pant pant
"" For // catching me
SFX: pant
"" and carrying me to the hospital // Thank you.

"" And also // Yesterday when you confessed to me
"" I really

pg 109

"" really happy.

"" I was so happy // and couldn't sleep.
"" I spent the whole night thinking about you. // I got sick while doing that......

"" I've also always been // watching you.
[] Huh? Is this a dream?

[] Kinuko-san also likes me...

pg 110

"" But // it won't work out for me.

"" In spring, after I graduate from the university // I'm going to become a teacher at my alma mater.
"" Fukuoka is too far from Tokyo, our love can't continue.

"" And your mother...
[] Anyone could tell just by looking that my kid is in a trance with you.
[] I'd like if it he wasn't affected by this until his entrance exam.
"" still wants to to switch me out.

pg 111

"" Haru-kun, I'm sure you'll meet someone even more wonderful than me.
[] ......Why? // After goign through all those painful emotions

[] I hate this.
"" ...... // I don't want you to go

"" There no one who can replace you Kinuko-san!
"" I might be a stupid brat but

"" I would love you until death!

pg 112

SFX: pant pant

"" I... don't // want to leave either.
[] I've always been watching Kinuko-san.

"" I love you Haru-kun.
[] Kinuko-san loves me too...

"" ... I'll do my best on the entrance exam. // So if I pass, Kinuko-san...

pg 113

"" Please be mine.

"" ......Okay.
[] ...... // No matter where I went, I could smell the sweet fragrant olives.

[] Drowned in rain.
[] The next morning, everything blurred away.

pg 114

[] 4 years has passed since then...

[] Going back and forth to Kinuko-san, I entered university.
[] It's super close to my house.

[] I was barely able to make it into my dream school. // I came dashing into Kineko-san's room, it was empty.

[] In the end,
[] Kineko-san ran away from me.

"" Spring.

pg 115

"" Are you coming to Zemi's drinking party today?
"" There'll be plenty of your type of girls there.

"" Ew! // You're looking at that website again...
SFX: suu-se (cliking/loading sound)
"" You've been looking at that since high school, huh......

"" Just forget about her already. // What a woman to have gone back to her city and broke her promise with Haru.
< Fukuoka Prefecture, Yamada Senior High School >
< Asai Kunuko >
< Current Country >

( Well...)
"" She's living her dream in her home city. Would someone like her normally risk so much by going out with a high school student? // If it were you, what would you have done?
"" Hm...

"" But man that was one tough spring, huh... // Weren't you getting a new girlfriend every 3 months?
"" Well... No, I turned them all down.

"" ...... // Hey... if you were to meet this person again, what would you do?

pg 116

"" I wouldn't do anything. // That's half-assed lying woman...

"" Well, I have to go to work now. I won't be going to the party tonight.
"" What work?

"" ......
"" Tutoring a middle school student.

"" ......
"" He's totaly not over it...

"" There sure is a lot of people today.
[] I run out of patience
TN: or maybe "get frustrated"

[] Everytime memories of Kinuko-san surface.
[] I want to completely erase that disgusting embarrassing sight that I was.

pg 117

[] Though I say that, this season blooming full of fragrant olives // Still brings back such pain.
[] ... The fragrant olive's poem... what was it again?
(Looking it up in my cell...)

[] The fragrant olive syrup my mom made.
[] That sweet honey, sealed air tight. Looking like that fragrant olive

[] That cannot stir about.
[] Well then, thank you for having me at the faculty meeting.
SFX: nod nod
SFX: bow
"" I was very concerned when your father passed away before your graduation however // I was relieved that you were working so diligently towards attaining your teaching profession.

"" I'll send the documents over to Fukuoka.
"" Thank you very much.

"" The fragrant olive poem...

"" "First Love"
"" "The Radiance of Memories"

pg 118-119

pg 120

"" ...... Haru...kun?

"" ...Huh? // Are you really Kinuko-san?
[] She hasn't changed one bit.
[] ... such a nostalgic voice.

"" ......
"" ...... ......

pg 121

SFX: scrape

SFX: runs away

"" ... Haru-kun!

[] I probably seem so uncool right now!
[] Purposely entering the same university as Kinuko-san.
[] It makes it seems like I'm still attached to her!

"" Wait...! // Ah!
SFX: scrape

"" Ouch...

pg 122-133

"" ...... Haru-kun, you've gotten so tall...
[] ......Why?
SFX: smile

"" You're really // ... different from back then huh?

[] I told myself that if I saw her again // I would hate on her.
TN: he means to condemn/blame/attack her verbally(lightly), etc

[] Now that I get to see her // I've forgiven // Everything.

"" ...I've wanted to see you

"" ...I'm so sorry
"" If I had broken up with you and hurt you, I would've been in your heart that way forever.

pg 124

"" I thought after I became yours, we would never separate.
"" But my father suddenly passed away, and my mom couldn't handle things alone.

"" ...At that time I did whatever I could // I'm really sorry.
"" I'm... such a horrible and miserly woman.

[] ...I'm choknig on // the smell of fragrant olives.
TN: a better word for "choking"

[] The smell my memories of being with Kinuko-san.

"" Kinuko-san, without you // There was such a painful hole in my chest.

pg 125

"" I tried to find someone to fill up that hole, but it just didn't work.
"" It has to you, Kinuko-san. You have to fill that hole in.

"" Even if you're miserable and horrible // I still love you.

"" Don't... // Disappear anymore.

pg 126

[] Sweet sweet smell, that fragrant olive has.

[] Sweet sweet syrup, I'll continue to indulge.

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