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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Asa Chun! 4

The Carrot and the Stick

+ posted by souka as translation on Mar 2, 2012 17:33 | Go to Asa Chun!

-> RTS Page for Asa Chun! 4

Ask for permission to use. Otherwise only for HaruHime scans.

souka's translation
Please PM me if you find errors or need clarification.

1. Separate texts in connected bubbles are with double slash //
2. “” Speech
3. [] Narration/Thoughts
4. <> Labels/MISC
5. ST: Small Texts
6. (Small text inside/outside adjacent to bubble)
7. SFX: Sound Effects
8. TN: Translator's Note
legend by milkcoffee

=== ASA CHUN! - CH 04 - The Carrot and the Stick ===

pg 127

TN: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carrot_and_stick

pg 128

[] For as long as I could remember, we've always been together.
[] Yukinari's warm hand.
TN: maybe he's talking about how they always held hand. and it literally says "warm palm"

[] I loved it.

pg 129

(Nice and warm~)

SFX: rumble

"" ...... // Mom?
"" Just leave the towel there.

SFX: screech

"" Hotaru-chan...!

pg 130

SFX: grin grin

"" Mind if I join ya in tbe bath?

"" ......
"" A-aaah!!

pg 131

"" Aaaaaah!!

SFX: splash

"" Oh goodness, Hotaru... you

"" You shouldn't be crying like a little kid, right?

"" ... Little kid!? // This... 180cm yukinari is a little kid!?
TN: that's about 5'10"

[] Okabe Yuknari (Freshman) // Height: 181cm

[] I'm Aizawa Hotaru (Sophomore). His childhood best friend.

"" Control yourself, Hotaru.

pg 132

[] Due to an accident to Yukinari-kun's head
(I'm so // hungry...)
SFX: rumble~
[] His mind has become that of a 5 year old child......

[] This all started // 1 year ago.
<> 2-eleven
TN: an obvious spoof on 7-eleven stores

"" Hotaru-san...
"" What is... this?

<> Grilled Pudding // Caramel Flavor

pg 133

"" The morning horoscope on TV said that this is the Taurus' lucky item today. // Yukari, you're a Taurus, right?
(It's you're fortune. // I'm giving it to you.)
<> Yuknari // Before the Accident
SFX: stare
"" ......

SFX: uhm
"" The Taurus was ranked last on today's list so...

"" You already know that I don't like sweets...
"" So giving me it at this point in time is unlucky! // And beacuse we stopped by the convenience store, we're almost late!

pg 134

"" Where's the "I'm sorry"?

"" Sorry Yukinari.

"" Fine! I forgive you.
"" Hotaru-san, you eat the pudding for lunch please.
"" Okay.

"" Okay so, let's run.
[] Yukinari was strict. // But he was just as kind.

"" I loved Yukinari that way.

pg 135

[] Yukinari has hated dogs since he was bitten when he was little.

pg 136

"" ......
"" Thank you.
"" ...... Cu-

"" Cute!

[] Oh yeah!
"" Hey Yukinari // Wanna hold hands and walk like we used to?

<> Childhood
[] I want to // comfort Yukinari.
TN: or give him peace of mind. or have him relax.

pg 137

SFX: smack

"" Please don't touch me in such a friendly way.

"" ......So- // Sorry.

pg 138

[] And... I failed again. // We're not kids anymore. I have to be more careful with what I do.

"" That Yukinari guy, some girl took him up to the roof.
"" He's probably being confessed to right about now.

"" Are you walking home with Yukinari again today? // You two sure are close, huh?
"" Sure...
[] Confession?

"" I've wanted to tell him how I fell so many times.
"" But I could never do it.
"" I'm afraid of destroying the relationship we have now.

pg 139

[] I'm such an idiot...
[] I have no guarantee that Yukinari isn't going to be taken by someone else......

"" ... Hotaru-san?
[] Huh? Where's the girl?
"" Why are you sitting? Are you okay? // Not feeling well?
"" No that's it...

" I guess I'm lacking sleep. Let me sleep for just 5 minutes.
"" ......

[] Yukinari...
[] Whenever he felt overwhelmed he would fall asleep.

pg 140

[] I wonder... if he'll reject my confession?

[] If he said he liked me // I wonder... how he would do it?

<> A
"" Since a while ago
"" I've always liked you Hotaru-san

<> B
"" ... Sorry
"" Hotaru-san, I don't think of you in that way.
"" I'm not sure how I can face you now. Let's go to school separately tomorrow.

pg 141

[] No no no. A is impossible. It's going to be 100% B.
SFX: Ahh!
"" That's because I always make Yukinari angry.

[] Ahh... // I love this angry sleeping face of his too.

[] And we used to take baths together often too.
[] That was crazy... the old me.

[] I like you
[] I love you
[] I love you

[] I love you...

pg 142

"" ......
"" ...Huh?

SFX: surprised

[] ......Shoot!
[] Was I... talking out loud?
"" Hotaru-san...

pg 143

"" Are you saying you like me?
SFX: heartbeat, thud thud

[] "Please don't touch me in such a friendly way."
[] What should I do... he's going to reject me.

[] I won't be able to be by his side anymore.

"" ......I...

pg 144

"" No! That's not it! I wasn't talking about you. Please don't mind me!

"" ......

"" After all this time there's no way

"" that I'd like you......

<> !!

pg 145

"" Hotaru-san...!!

pg 146

[] Because Yukinari covered me when I fell down the stairs // He hit his head was hit pretty hit.

(I wanna go home.)

[] His mind has turned into a 5 year old child's.

"" .....
"" He only has memories up to the age of 5.

"" I can't guarantee when he'll get his memories back. // Also, please have him take a temporary leave from school.

[] It's all my fault.

[] What should I do... // I've completely ruined Yukinari's life...

pg 147

"" I'm sorry. Mama has to return to Los Angeles because of work. // And Dad is going to be in paris for a while.

"" When you're discharged from the hospital, we'll have grandma look after you.

"" ...... // I wanna be with big Hotaru-chan.
"" I'll be waiting for Mama's return as usual!!

[] As I still tried to comprehend that Yukinari has turned into a 5 year old // We took him in at our house.

[] Back to the present.

"" You haven't washed your hair yet // So I'll help you dry shampoo it okay?

"" Okay!

pg 148

"" .....Cu-
"" Waa
<> Cutie!!

SFX: pant
"" This is... a bit rash of me huh?

[] But...
[] It almost seemed like we were close friends again.

[] I was just a bit happy.
SFX: grab

SFX: poke poke
TN: its not really poking, but when you touch something squishy or soft and it makes a sound.

pg 149

"" A- // Ahhhhhhhhh!!

SFX: pant

"" Ooph......

SFX: Aghhhhhh

"" Goodness Hotaru // You made Yukinari-kun cry again!!

"" Just 5 years old... // And he's this perverted and such a crybaby. Isn't he going to turn out spoiled?

pg 150

"" ......

SFX: click

[] To children, the breast have the power to give relief.
[] They may touch it if they feel insecure.

[] ... I guess he's pretty insecure from the // sudden change of environment.
[] Breasts... huh?

pg 151

"" Well now, Mama's going back to work. Be a good boy, okay!
"" Your nanny will be here at 6 o clock.

"" Have a safe trip mom!

[] ... The 16 year old Yukinari hund in there so well. // He must have been lonely, huh...

SFX: grab

"" Kyaa...

pg 152

"" Yu- // Yu-
"" Yukinari......?

"" Hotaru-chan
"" Marry me

[] Huuuuuuh!!
(Yukinari's barely even 16... // 2 more years...)

pg 153

[] ... The Yukinari that wanted to be "grown up" for my sake.
[] To put his life on the line protecting me...
[] The Yukinari who's memories are gone...

[] I wondered if he hates me now.
[] Because I had no confidence in myself // I ended up hurting Yukinari.

"" ...... // Hotaru-chan?

pg 154

"" Every night I pray to God.
"" "I need to hurry and 'grow up'" // "So I can get married with Hotaru-chan"

"" Then it really came true...
"" I was able to "grow up"

"" When I'm... with you Hotaru-chan...
"" I feel like I can do anything.

"" After all this time, there's no way I would like you Yukinari...

pg 155

"" ... I love you too
"" Let's be together forever.

<> These are My
<> True Feelings

[] My heart is a little more grown up than yours, but // I'll be waiting for you.

pg 156

[] I'll be waiting for the day
[] that I can meet the 16 year old Yukinari again.

SFX: zu-keen (sharp pain)
"" ...... // Oww...

"" Yukinari // Are you okay...!?

"" ...... // Hotaru... chan...

pg 157

"" Wait right there
"" I'll call an ambulance.

"" Hotar-chan......
"" Stay by my side.

"" It's not...
"" hurting that badly...

pg 158

"" ...... Yukinari!
SFX: bee po bee po (siren)

pg 159

[] ... It's been 3 months since he's been hostpialized.
[] Yukinari still hasn't regained consciousness...

SFX: knock knock

"" I'm coming in.

pg 160

"" Outside is completed covered with snow.

[] On my way home frmo school everyday // I come to see Yukinari.

sfx: shuru (slip off)

[] The raindrops seem like they hurt...
[] I wonder...
[] What Yukinari's dreaming about righ tnow.

[] "To children, the breast have the power to give relief..."
"" ......

pg 161

SFX: thud thud
"" ......

SFX: eek
SFX: puff

"" Yukinari... you liked touching my breasts right...?

"" How is it? Do you feel better?

pg 162

"" Just kidding... I guess...
SFX: click (door opening)

SFX: squeak (the bed squeaking)

pg 163

SFX: fuwa (lifting motion)

"" ......
"" Is the big Hotaru-chan a crybaby...?
TN: im sorry i don't normally give commentary in my work, but he has the face of a pervert here. i like it.

"" The small Hotaru-chan wouldn't have cried even if she fell...
"" You're like a baby // So cute...

SFX: thud
[] "Cute" such a sweet word
[] It's the first time I've been called that.

[] Yukinari's big hands feel so good...
TN: no sexual meaning intended

"" Ah // Oh yeah!

pg 164

"" Now that we're finally both adults

"" Let's make a baby!

"" ......
"" ...... Eeh?

"" Ma-Make a baby? // Do you even know what that means?

"" Yep!

"" Moto-kun from the Kirin-class // told me that if we make a baby, we have to get married.

[] ..... Moto-kun ~!

pg 165

"" ... I'll be gentle // so just do as I say.

"" .....
SFX: thud (heart beat)

"" Do you want top or bottom?

[] But you're only 5 years old.

[] You voice, body, and strength is all of the 16 year old Yukinari's.
[] You're too strong...
[] I can't get up

"" ...... // Yukinari

pg 166

"" What's... going on?
SFX: crack
"" It's wrestling!

"" If "grown ups" wrestle in bed at night, they can make a baby!

"" Moto-kun has scary dreams at night // He probably went in his Mom and Dad's room when they were doing "it"
"" Huuuuh......

[] Ah... that's right. At that age, children actually believe // that kind of false information.

pg 167

SFX: ding dong

"" ......
"" Hmm?

SFX: thud

[] He's been asleep like that since yesterday
SFX: ding dong
[] Speaking of that...
(Ow, my back hurts)

pg 168

[] He's sleeping normally
[] Just like the 16 year old Yukinari
SFX: ding dong

[] I wonder if Mom went to tennis.
[] It's so early on a Sunday morning. Who in the world

[] Could it be......
"" Ah.

"" Hi there!! // We came with some get-well-gifts for Yukinari.
"" Sorry for coming so suddenly in the morning, Hotaru-san. // Motohito kept saying that he wanted to go no matter what. He wouldn't listen to me.

pg 169

"" Motohito-kun and Natsumi-chan, thank you. // Come in, come in.
"" Coming.

[] Motohito-kun and Natsumi-chan often hung out // with Yukinari when they were classmates.

"" Wow, tasty~

"" Brother, Sister
"" Thanks for the food!

"" ...... // This is the first time I've seen such an innocent smile on Yukinari-kun.
(So cuute.)
"" It's really true he's like a 5 year old...
(I thought you didn't like sweets.)

pg 170

"" Do you remember me?

SFX: puzzled

"" Are you an idiot? She said he doesn't remember any of his friends from High School.
"" You're the idiot!

"" I've known him since kindergarten.
"" I transferred schools pretty early, but met him again in High School.

"" Moto-kun from Kirin-class!
SFX: grab
"" I was a Mr Know-it-all, I taught Yukinari a lot of things.
"" ...

pg 171

"" Eeh... so I'm the only one he doesn't remember?

SFX: Kyaa

"" Your breats are bigger than Hotaru-chan's!

pg 172

[] I wonder if // she likes Yukinari.

[] What's with this...
[] It feels so gloomy.

[] This idiot Yukinari.
[] The 16 year old Yukinari would never have done something like that.

pg 173

[] Let me be the only one you touch.
[] It hurts so much, I can't take it

[] I'm so miserable.
[] I'm the one who couldn't confess to him.

pg 174

"" I'll help out too.

"" Thanks.

[] Natsumi-chan's a // great girl.

"" Uhm... Hotaru-san

"" I'm sorry for having bigger boobs.
(They're my only weapons.)
SFX: saaaa...

pg 175

"" ......
"" But even this troublesome weapon // doesn't help me get the person I love.

"" The person you love?

"" ... I came here today to // keep an eye on Motohito.
"" So that you and Motohito don't get too close...

pg 176

"" Clo-...

"" I wouldn't get close to him!
"" Oh really? // I won't forgive you if you're lying. <3

[] So Natsumi-chan was this kind of person...
(She hit it right on the spot.)
"" I thought you were going out with Motohito-kun.
"" He's just a friend I've known since middle school.

"" When you're with someone for a long time, the harder and longer it takes for you to confess, huh...
"" I know that he doesn't think of me that way. // And I don't want to destory our current relationship.

"" I don't want to regret it someday. // So I'm going to do my best while he's still close to me.

[] Ah...

pg 177

[] I truly understand your feelings...
[] My heart is always saying "I love him"
[] But to say it with words, one must have complete courage...

[] Everyone has
[] their own worries, huh...

SFX: kyaa

"" ...... Hotaru-chan

pg 178

"" I love you!!

"" ......
"" Children are amazing...

[] They can speak the feelings from the heart so easily.
SFX: fua fua (hair swinging around)

"" ......

SFX: gyu (tightly)

pg 179

SFX: hyuu (breathing out)
"" ......
"" I'm... not...

"" ... I'm
"" really not
"" that // perverted...

pg 180

"" Take it...
"" back.

pg 181

[] Yukinari's awaken.

[] He doesn't remember a thing about
[] turning into a 5 year old.

(You were perverted~)

[] We were
[] the same as ever.

pg 182

SFX: twitch

SFX: hehe
SFX: tightly
"" ............

"" Hotaru-chan...
"" I actually... was never afraid of dogs.

pg 183

"" .....huh?

"" ......

"" I'm sorry for everything up until now.

"" Huh?
"" ...... // Why are you lying?
"" Since when were you find with dogs?

"" ...... // ......

"" Eh?

pg 184

"" I love you too.
"" Hotaru-san.

pg 185

"" Yu-... // Yukinari...?
"" That day, // when you said "I love you" and then died it, I was shocked.

[] "No, that's not it! I wasn't talking about you."

"" Day after day, I want to be with you, I want to touch you. It was unbearable. // And when you didn't notice it, I felt like I was going to die.

[] Yukinari...
SFX: blush
[] You really thought of me that way...

"" ......

"" Cou-...
SFX: giku (surprise)

pg 186

"" Could it be... // That you have memories of when you turned into a 5 year old?
"" I don't remember such a thing. // I just remember your confession... and seeing you in the bath.
"" ......!!

"" "I love yuo too."
"" "Let's be together forever"

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