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A Half-Ripe Fruit 4

Sayonara Timer

+ posted by souka as translation on Mar 14, 2012 12:50 | Go to A Half-Ripe Fruit

-> RTS Page for A Half-Ripe Fruit 4

Ask for permission to use. Otherwise HaruHime scans only.

souka's translation
Please PM me if you find errors or need clarification.

1. Separate texts in connected bubbles are with double slash //
2. “” Speech
3. [] Narration/Thoughts
4. <> Labels/MISC
5. ST: Small Texts
6. (Small text inside/outside adjacent to bubble)
7. SFX: Sound Effects
8. TN: Translator's Note
legend by milkcoffee


pg 119

<> Sayonara Timer

pg 120

[] The color-changed leaves have fallen.
[] That was the signal for a Sayonara.

TN: i don't know what's a better word for "color-changed" i was going to use "Autummn/Fall leaves"; also i chose to keep "sayonara" because it's an important word in this meaning. in japanese, when you say "sayonara" you do not expect to see the person again, or for an incredibly long time.

"" Woahh! The ginko nuts are golden! // I've never really noticed from the sidewalk.
"" You'd never notice if you were up close, Saku!

pg 121

"" ......

"" Normally people would probably notice.

"" Eh... But I didn't notice.
ST: It barely changes from day to day.
"" Everybody notices except you.

ST: You're gonna slip!
ST: It's rustling~

"" Well, I'll see ya tomorrow.
"" Bye bye~

SFX: jerk
"" Oh yeah // Saku, hold on.

pg 122

"" I returned the reference book I borrowed the other day. Come in.
SFX: messy

"" Mom and Dad are not here because they're on a company trip.
"" So you don't have to hold back.

"" I don't really mind, but don't let guys into your room so easily.

"" You came in the other day didn't you?
"" At that time, Saeko and Nabe-yan were there too.
TN: Nabeyan is somenoe's nick name, i know it sounds weird.

[] We all came from the same place.
[] It was always us 4 hanging out together.

[] I'm not sure how it happened but
[] I've always been walking home with jsut Saku.

pg 0123

<> Nabe
<> Saku
<> Sumomo
<> Saeko

"" Huuuh? It's not here... // Saku, do you know where it is?
"" How would I know!?

"" Oh yeah. I heard from Saeko but is she really Nabe-yan's girlfriend now?
"" Yeah.
"" Sake, has dating best friend ever crossed your mind?
"" ... // No, not really.

[] Saku's really popular with the girls yet he doesn't have a girlfriend.
[] ......

[] Maybe the girl he likes // Doesn't like him back.

pg 124

"" Saku, is there someone you like? // Who is it?
"" Who cares who it is.

"" You shouldn't always give cold responses like that. // You have to be more passionate and easy going for the girl you like.
"" Girls would go head over heals for you if you were just a little more aggressive.

"" ... // You really think so?

"" Yeah! // So do your best...

"" Eh

pg 125

TN: No Text

pg 126

"" N- // No!
SFX: shove thud

"" ...... // ... That hurt.

"" S-sorry Saku!

"" See...
"" You didn't really go "head over heals."

pg 127

"" ....Sa-

"" The girl you like is...
"" ... Me?

"" Yeah.

"" So-... // Sorry. Saku, I never thought about you in that way.

"" Then start thinking about me in that way. // I have a 1 month time limit.

pg 128

"" ... I'm going to be transferring schools. // So, can you respond to me before that day?

"" I'm sorry for startling you. See ya tomorrow.

[] ......
[] Saku...

[] likes me?

<> Nabe
<> Saku
<> Sumomo
<> Saeko

[] And he's...
[] Going to be gone soon...?

pg 129

"" I couldn't sleep a wink last night.
[] Sigh

SFX: startled

<> Text Msg Received

SFX: Eek

<> 2010/09/12
From: Sake
Subject: RE:
You better wake up.
You'll over sleep again.

TN: the above is the cellphone screen, i couldn't see some of the numbers at the top.

[] What should I do...

pg 13

"" ... Sumomo // Saeko
"" Morning.

"" Morning Saku, Nabe-yan.
"" -rning......
"" Huh...? Sumomo, are you not feeling well?

"" I-I'm...
"" going to go now!

"" Huh... where? // Let's walk to the classroom together. // Bathroom!
TN: err, i think it's different people saying it, but it's in 1 bubble.

"" ......

pg 131

[] I know I'm overreacting.
[] But to think that Saku thought of me in that way...
[] Just thinking about it turns my face red.

[] My face probably looks ridiuclous right now.
[] I don't want anyone to see.

"" Sumomo
SFX: surprised

"" At least reply to my text messages.

pg 132

"" You know, I don't have a lot of time left. // I'd at least like you to act normally.

"" But...! // After you said such a thing to me...

"" Lately, I haven't been able to sleep // and eat or drink properly.
"" I know how Saku really feels. Yet he's making that innocent face, still texts me and talk to me. // I can't take it!

"" I don't want to be thought of that way.
"" I haven't even asked you out on a date yet.

"" I was able to endure everything because I was with you so
"" I'm glad but...

pg 133

"" I guess it wuold have been better if I asked you out sooner...

"" Saku...
"" Why do you like me?

"" ......
"" That's what I'd like to ask myself.

"" I know you're stupid, sloppy, and have a lot of flaws.
"" But, I've found myself...

"" Thinking about you all the time.

pg 134

"" ... Soon I'll be gone.

"" Sumomo, if you ever become lonely
"" Whether it's in the middle of the night or whenever, I'll come to see you. // If you were to say that you like me...

"" I... would feel like I could do anything int he world.

pg 135

[] My chest...

[] is feeling tight.

"" Ah...
"" Right. Here you go.

"" You should stay warm when you go outside.
SFX: guru guru (winding/circling motion)

"" It's warm...
"" That's good to hear.

"" I can smell Saku's cologne...
TN: this sounds less intimate than it should be... hm

pg 136

"" Saeko~ I'm back.
"" ...Shh!

"" After Nabe-yan got a girlfriend, their relationship began going downhill.

"" Huh... they were dating and now they've broken up?
"" I guess it's just easier to be friends, even though Saeko was usually laughing.

"" Only those two would know that.

pg 137

"" ......

SFX: hyuu (cold wind)

"" ......

[] Huh... why is he so suddenly quiet?
[] Is he angry?
[] Did I do something wrong?

SFX: ba (sudden movement)
SFX: surprised

"" May I...
"" Please hold your hand?

[] Why so polite!?
"" ...... // But I'm not your girlfriend.

pg 138

"" Who cares about that quibble?

[] Quibble...?

"" Do you want to hold hands or not? // What would the "previous" Susumo's answer be?
TN: hes talking about the "susumo" before this whole confession situation

[] My...
[] "Previous" feelings...

SFX: tightly

pg 139

"" I would've wanted to...
"" Probably.

[] Saku's hand is big and warm...
[] And he's shaking.
TN: quivering? trembling?

pg 140

[] It's strange.
[] Day by day, Winter draws closer.

[] But when I'm with Saku...
[] It doesn't feel cold at all.

pg 141

[] Just 1 more week until Saku tranfers.

"" Let's go home!
"" Hold on // Let me say goodbye to Saeko.

"" Ah! // There you are.
"" Saeko~

"" ......

"" Sumomo~~~
"" Is something wrong? // Why are you crying?

[] ...Oh
[] Nabe-yan... and his girlfriend?

[] Even though we were going out, there was no romance. // I was always insecure about it, and because of that we ended up getting into arguments a lot... then broke up.

pg 142

[] I thought if they broke up, they would go back to being friends. // But that seems impossible.

[] If it was going to be liek this // they would have dated from the beginning.

[] It would been nice if we could all be friends still.

[] Falling in love
[] Gets you hurt.

[] For the past 3 years, I've laughed and had fun every day.
[] I was unhurt beacuse I had "friends"

pg 143

[] I don't want to start something...
[] that's going to cause pain and regret.

[] The time I spent with Saku is precious to me. I want to protect it.

"" ......
"" Huh?

pg 144

"" I want to
"" stay just as friends with you.

"" ......
"" That's really how you feel?

"" Even after you transfer, let's stay friends exactly the way we are.
"" I'll... come see you...

"" I'll text you and call you // Just like how we are now...

pg 145

"" I won't accept that.

"" I
"" don't want to drag this out.
"" You're not my "friend", you're a "girl who I like."

"" You can erase my cellphone number and email address.
"" I'll do the same.

"" Well, see you...

"" I had so much fun every day being with Saku.
"" Always laughing by his side.

pg 146

[] I never wanted to...
[] feel this pain in my heart.

[] "Morning."

[] "Hey, let's go home."

[] "You should stay warm when you go outside."

pg 147

SFX: byuuu (whistling)
[] ...
ST: It's colddd.

[] My ears are going crazy. My nose is stuffing up.

SFX: vu vu vu (vibrating)

SFX: flip

"" ...... // It's just Saeko...
[] Saku is ignoring my messages and calls.

[] I can't hear his voice anymore.
[] Saku's big warm hand is gone.

pg 148

[] Saku's smell...
[] has disappeared from this scarf.

[] I feel... so empty now.
[] The leaves have all fallen, and I can't stand the cold.
[] I've let go of an important person to me.

[] "You'd never notice if you were up close, Saku!"

[] "Sumomo, if you were to tell me that you like me..."
[] "I would feel like I could do anything in the world."

[] "Do you want to hold hands or not?"

pg 149

[] "What would the previous Susumo's answer be?"

[] I guess it's...
[] too late now.

[] Even so...
[] I want to see Saku.

pg 150

[] It's time for class now...
[] What should I do to see Saku?

"" Sumomo

"" ...Saku! // Why are you...

"" I've been waiting. Nabe-yan and Saeko told me by text.

"" ... So, what is it now?

"" You know...
"" After being away from you, I've realized it.

pg 151

"" I...
SFX: tightly

"" like you Saku.

"" This is the
"" "Previous" Sumomo's feelings.

SFX: bang

"" You're late...

pg 152

"" I thought it was hopeless.

"" A... A kiss!?
"" I was super tired of waiting for you.
"" At the very least, let me kiss you.

pg 153

[] I knew it was time to say Sayonara when the leaves fell.

[] What I saw, were my true feelings.

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