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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Ah Itoshi no Banchou-sama 13

+ posted by JinHea as translation on Feb 22, 2011 00:33 | Go to Ah Itoshi no Banchou-sama

-> RTS Page for Ah Itoshi no Banchou-sama 13

*Please ask me before using my translation

tl by JinHea

My Darling Miss Banchou
Chapter 13

Character introduction
Akechi Mitsuhide (3rd year)
Scorpio Blood type AB 179cm

I wanted to have a character wearing glasses,
this is how things went:
glasses -> intelligent -> good with computers -> aren't computers boxes with data inside? -> he can be a data man then
... thus his character was born.
(too appropriate)

Hanging with Tokugawa students has improved his people skills.
He's able to eat with other people now.
His feelings toward Souka are simply "admiration".

Yokujirou, Seiya, Ginga and Yuuga all wish he'd hurry up and notice a certain someone always by his side: Head Maid Hiroko!

Text in box: Summer vacation
- Having pondered this for so long...
- This summer I'll definitely

- Tell him!
SFX: smash
Text beside bubble: hah!
Text at panel bottom: passersby

Thought bubble: Before that I should eat.
SFX: munch munch
Unboxed text: That girl smashed the watermelon with her bare hands! Now she's eating the entire thing!
SFX: murmur murmur
Text in box: It was the calm before the storm

Text in box at bottom of page: Not much here, just a brief profile.
Text beside arrow: This one is left handed
- How annoying...
- Writing a report

Text in box: All of us from Tokugawa
Text in box: have come to the beach!

- Actually it's only me, Katou and Shun here
- So it's not exactly "all of us"

Text in box: Katou's big brother manages a shop beside the beach, but they don't have enough workers
Text in box: and we got roped in to lend a hand
Text below box: The others had prior commitments like part time jobs, travelling etc

Seichi: Since it's summer, everyone's coming to the beach to cool off
Text above box: Business is booming
Text in box: 9 siblings in the Katou family. Eldest son Seichi (25). Manages various ventures

Seichi: Everyone eat, drink, and be merry!
Bold text beside bubble: Cheers
Text above crowd: Wahaha, what a cool manager
Katou: Stop drinking and get working! Idiot Seichi
Text at bottom of panel: Mixing with the customers

Souka: An interesting big brother
Shun: Must be tough
Book title: Legend of the fan
Text in box: The shop's so lively and cheerful...

- "Must be tough"?
- Yuu is working hard

- So stop reading and help him [linked bubble] you nerd!
Text in box: Get to work
SFX: bam
SFX: swish

- tap

SFX: crack
- Don't dodge it!

Katou: Oh, Kasuga
Souka: Huh? You know her?

Kasuga: Yuu!

- Long. Time. No. See.
Souka: Wow. Karate moves!?
Kasuga: I'll also be working here...

Shun: Don't get too close to Yuu, karate woman
SFX: push

Text above figures: Nerd! Raaaar
Seichi: Oh Kasuga you're here
Souka: Wha... What's going on...

Kasuga: Shun! The one who can't get close to Yuu is you!

- Huh?
- What's this

Text in shaded box: A storm is coming
Text beside Kasuga: Changed into work clothes
Kasuga: Saitou Kasuga, high school first year! My special skill is karate
Text cutting bubble: I started when I was 3
Linked bubble: Pleased to meet you!!
Text in box: Complete embodiment of karate. Saitou Kasuga (Oooku Girls High 1st year)

Kasuga: I went to the same elementary and middle school as Yuu
Linked bubble: My big brother and Yuu's big sister are husband and wife
Text below heads cutting bubble: Brother. Sister.
Souka: Wow, you're childhood friends and you're relatives!

Souka: Then is Shun also a childhood friend?
Text above Souka's head: Childhood friends
Text between Souka and Kasuga: sounds nice
Kasuga: That guy came between me and Yuu during our 4th year of elementary. He's an eyesore.
Shun: Shut up and work karate freak
Book title: mosquito

Text above Kasuga: You work too
Text beside Shun: hmph
Katou: Kasuga, give me the dishes

Katou: Get them out normally!
SFX: bam
SFX: hup
Text across Kasuga: The plates fly out

Souka: How nice. I want to be part of the group too...
Text above bubble: fufu

- How to become a proper Japanese woman
SFX: swoof
Kasuga: Why're you solemnly handing me that book!!
Text at bottom of panel: bullying

Shun: At 10 your behaviour would be called "lively"...
Text beside bubble: But after 20 it's "crude". No one will want to marry you
Kasuga: As if I need your opinion!
Text at bottom of panel: malicious

Kasuga: That's fine. If no one wants me then I'll be Yuu's
SFX: point

Linked bubble: bride!
Kasuga: You don’t need to pity me
Katou: Wha?

- There are lots of open minded guys out there
- Ignore
- Don't ignore me!
Katou: I don't blame her for getting riled up
Text beside Katou: Geez

Katou: Eh? Banchou what's wrong?
Text on head: It's all... dark...?

Souka: Nothing
SFX: shaaaar

Text beside Katou: She's angry...?
Text beside Souka: Now-- back to work
Text in box: For some reason

SFX: gaan
Text above leg: I'll tidy up the chairs
- Don't kick them!
Word on head: Yuu
Text in box: Somehow

- If it's too tall to reach I can kick the cabinet down
- I can reach

- For table 3
Kasuga: Curry!
- Don't drool

Author's sidebar: Chapter 13 Banchou and Kasuga and the beach shop
Yours truly, who has never been to the beach, is doing a story about the beach again...
I got Elizabeth Paton's art album recently and I'm over the moon.
(Starting to talk about things that have nothing to do with the beach)
Anyway, it was around 4 in the morning, and the assistants were all fast asleep.
I thought I'd take a break and enjoy the art album, but a group of mosquitoes began buzzing around and annoying me.
... was what happened (reporting)
4 in the morning. In the office. Waging war on mosquitoes by myself.
... was what happened (reporting)
You don't care about that? Okay then.
(In the end only a little bit was about the beach)

- I feel gloomy
SFX: bmp rustle

Text in box: Behind the shop
Thought bubble: Bride...
Linked bubble: was it--
SFX: daaaze

Shun: A high school girl staring at rubbish... [small text] an odd scene
SFX: veen
Souka: Wha!

Souka: Shun!
Linked bubble: What are you doing in a place like this?
Shun: Kasuga's annoying, so I'm taking refuge

Souka: Refuge... Why do you get along so badly with Kasuga?
Shun: Why...

- I guess from the beginning there's been this relationship triangle around Yuu
Arrow from Kasuga to Yuu: Super like
Arrow from Shun to Yuu: Super like
Text between Shun and Souka: She’s been a pain since we were little. She always butts in when I'm together with Yuu.
Text on Souka: Oh... Oooh...

Souka: Kasuga is Katou's relative so they're childhood friends...
Linked bubble: could there be something more?
Text beside bubble: Or she wouldn't get between you two would she?
Shun: Huh--?

Shun: Of course they're just childhood friends.
Linked bubble: Don't ask pointless questions [small text] go back to work
Text beside bubble: If you're not going I'll use you as a footrest
SFX: pomph
Souka: Ah!
Text beside knee: Outdoor shoes

- You're so mean! It's all dirty! Besides you're skipping work too!
- Ignore.

- Really. Why am I asking about such things.

- I can't let this inexplicable gloom interfere with work.
- Work work!
Text beside customer: Excuse me I'd like to order
Text beside Souka: Coming

- I'd like to get you--
Linked bubble: Just kidding--
SFX: hahaha

Text in star: Pervy old men!!
Text above star: Eh...
Text on star: Sexual harassment!!
Text in box: Other customers
- Such pale skin, a nice waist too

- You really should be wearing a swimsuit--
Katou: Your order?
SFX: push

- Woo-- The knight in shining armour appears
- Ke

- This shop isn't a rest stop, if you don't intend to order
Linked bubble: please leave...
SFX: bam
- Don't try to act cool--

SFX: grab

Bold text: Your order!!?
Text on shoulder: You gonna order or not!
SFX: roar

- They went away. (Successfully coerced)
- Ke-- There are lots of cute girls elsewhere

- He... He saved me
Souka: U... Um thank...
- No wonder she got harassed

Kasuga: Isn't Souka practically asking for it?
Souka: Eh!?
Kasuga: Instead of being absent minded, she should snap out of it

- Wishy-washy girls like her are the ones
Linked bubble: I really [linked bubble] hate!
Text on Souka: E...Eeeeeh!?
SFX: gaan

Katou: What're you saying all of a sudden! [small text] Apologise
Kasuga: What! I was just warning her. You're too easy on her, Yuu!

Katou: You--!
Text beside bubble: owowow
Text beside Kasuga's fringe: I didn't say anything
Text beside Kasuga's shoulder: wrong
Souka: Ah! [text cutting bubble] So close again!
SFX: squeeeze

- I...
- I don't...
Text above Kasuga: hm?
Text beside Katou: ouch-

- I don't care if you hate me!
SFX: roar

SFX: crackle crackle
- No more of this gloom...
Shun: Wow-
Seichi: Eh

Seichi: What on earth just happened!?
- I'm getting fired up

Text in box: After that
Linked box: The two of them battled it out
SFX beside box: snap
Bold text above the two: Demonic speed order taking
SFX: uooooo

Text in box: Battled...
Bold text: Demonic speed soft cream making
SFX: oryaaaa

Text in box: Battle...
SFX: hyaaa
Bold text: Demonic speed rubbish tossing

Seichi: All the work got done rea-lly fast
Text beside bubble: Customer turnover really improved
Text above thought bubble: It's a good thing the job got done
Katou: It's not exactly a good thing...
Box on Katou: Yuu

Katou: Alright! The customers are gone so we'll have our meal
Text cutting bubble: we'll eat and talk this out
- Share the same meal and become friends strategy

Katou: Just wait a bit
SFX: chop chop
Souka: [text cutting bubble] Wow- [normal text] I probably shouldn't be surprised, but Katou really is good at cooking [small text] so fast

Seichi: [text cutting bubble] Well [normal text] He's been making meals for 11 to 12 people every day since 6th grade, after all--
Text beside bubble: It's all the practice
Souka: Since 6th grade!?

- At that time, "that" happened
Linked bubble: he's been doing everything around the house since then.
Text beside bubble: "That"
Souka: His parents' accident...

Shun: But there was that one time when he ran away from home
Text beside Shun: He'd- had enough- it seemed
Souka: Eeh!?

Kasuga: Ah- I remember it was the 2nd year of junior high, he ran away from home in a pretty amazing fashion didn't he?
Text above Katou: At that time, I
Text beside Katou: hurt everyone I came into contact with
Seichi: [small text] Yeah- [normal text] We didn't know what to do at the time,
Linked bubble: but he returned a few days later like nothing happened.

Seichi: It was so touching when he quietly went back to doing all the housework again.
Linked bubble: Long live Yuuji
Katou: Why're you hugging me so suddenly?
Text beside Katou: You're a hindrance, and this is icky

Souka: Eh- So something like that happened. I had no idea-
- Running away from home... A surprising side of him
- There's so much I don't know...

Kasuga: Yup, Souka is the only one out of the loop
Text above head: outcast

Text above Souka: Boo buff girl
Text above Kasuga: Go away doofus
Text beside Katou's hat: Why...
Text beside Souka: bfft-
Text besided Kasuga: hah?
Text along panel bottom: Strategy failed
Text on Katou's collar: I see

- Kasuga knows everything about him
- The little kid Katou, the junior high Katou
Thought bubble: I don't know anything

- I don't know anything
Text in box: PM6:00 closing time
Text below box: Good work everyone- Good work-

Seichi: Me and Shun Shun will clean the shower room
Text beside bubble: I'm leaving things here to you-
Text beside Shun: byebye
Souka: Ah, oka-y

- Whew, somehow I'm really tired today
Word below bubble: Whoo-
SFX: clatter

Katou: Banchou
Text beside bubble: kyaah
SFX: bonk
Bold SFX: bam

Katou: [text cutting bubble] Eh? [normal text] Wha... what were you doing!?
Souka: You surprised me so much I jumped and hit my head--
Katou: So... sorry! [text cutting bubble] For startling you

Katou: Also
Katou: I apologise for
Linked bubble: Kasuga's behaviour [text cutting bubble] I thought I should tell you that

- Eh?
Katou: She has her bad points but

Linked bubble: she isn't always like that, so--
- Kasuga

Souka: Why
Souka: do you have to apologise for Kasuga?
- Kasuga knows a Katou I don't know

Souka: I really
Souka: hate it!
- "How about becoming my bride". The one you said that to
- was me!

Katou: Huh...? [small text] Um...
SFX: oh

- Ah...
- I...!
Souka: S...

Souka: Sorry!
SFX: dash
Katou: Ah [linked bubble] hey!

Thought bubble: What did I just do!?
Thought bubble: What was I thinking!?
- Wasn’t that proposal only made out of sympathy?

- Why do I --
SFX: bam
- Kyaa

Souka: Ah!
Kasuga: Souka
SFX: irk

SFX: Crash clang
- Watch out

SFX: clatter
- What were you doing!?
- But the books are heav-- [text cutting bubble] Why are there so much

- Ah

- Where did Banchou go

Thought bubble: Why does that girl display weird abilities at the most inconvenient moments
- She ran away so quickly the eyes couldn’t follow, it was like she teleported.
SFX: whoosh

- I’ll search over ther--
- H… Hey!
SFX: bam boom

- Thief!

- Thief!?

Text above Shun: Huh? What?
Seichi: Ah! It’s those pervy old men from lunchtime!

Souka: You took things so indiscriminately~~
- Shut up- This is payback for kicking us out at lunch!
- The whole thing was really embarrassing for us you know- [text cutting bubble] We’ll ruin the shop. No! Mercy!
Text on cloth bundle: Tissue
Text on arm: Katou’s apron
Text on foot: Shun’s books
Book title: How to become a proper Japanese woman
Text across panel bottom: Payback thievery

Katou: You two leave this to me!
Text below bubble: It’s dangerous
Souka: Katou!

Kasuga: Leave--

Kasuga: the books behind and go--!! [small text] Weren’t you saying they’re heavy!?
SFX: boot
- Ow--

- You b--
SFX: swing

- Ah

- Look ou…

- Banchou!

SFX: doom

- Aaaaah

- Ah

SFX: splash
- Waa
- She fell~~
SFX: gyaa

SFX: glub glub
- Can’t breat…

- A… little more…!

SFX: grab

SFX: bloosh

- Katou…!
SFX: bloosh

SFX: huff huff
SFX: koff koff

Souka: S… Sorry [linked bubble] I--
SFX: koff

- You…
SFX: clench

- Idiot!

- Eh…
- gape
- He’s angry…
Katou: Don’t push yourself! [linked bubble] What…

- What if you had drowned?

Souka: Kato…!?
Katou: I’m begging you,

Katou: stop being so reckless.
- He’s shaking…

Though bubble: Ah…
- His parents’ accident…
- death
- I

- was only thinking about my own feelings.
Souka: Katou…
- That’s enough. No more foolishness.

- I’m sorry.

- I just
- want to be by your side.

- That’s enough for me.

- Ah I see
- Everything
- Everything
- was because of this.

- Katou
- Since that day, I
Text in bubble: I’ll protect you,
Text in bubble: Banchou.

Seichi: [text cutting bubble] Wow- [normal text] You’re back! Safe and sound

- Souka, I’m sorry! Saying that I hated you
- I was so mean to you, yet you fell into the ocean for me~~

Kasuga: I’m really sorry! From the bottom of my heart…
SFX: uwaaaa
Text between Kasuga and Souka: Let me show you the bricks into which I’ve carved my apology--
Souka: Please don’t cry. I’m also at fault here.

Katou: In any case, you got Shun’s books back.
Text beside smashed bricks: Apology bricks
Souka: Huh…?

Souka: Eeeh!?
Kasuga: [text cutting bubble] I’ve been found out [normal text] In 4th grade, it was love at first sight.
Kasuga: Even now I can’t have a proper conversation with him… [text cutting bubble] We always end up squabbling
Text beside cell: I’ll take some pictures before the police come
Souka: Since 4th grade…
Text beside bubble: please-stop-it-
Text on rolled up person: straw mat

Kasuga: Souka, how do you get along so well with Shun!? [text cutting bubble] If I don’t use Yuu as an excuse I can’t talk to him at alllll
Text above Katou: Prop for talking to Shun
Bold text along panel bottom: I couldn’t do it this summer either-
Kasuga: I was jealous, so I said I hated you…

Text above bubble: Sorry, so sorry
SFX: shuffle
Souka: I was...

Souka: I was jealous of Kasuga, also.
Kasuga: Huh?

- I wish I could have grown up [linked bubble] together with Katou, too.

Text beside Souka: I’m sorry
Text on hair: I…
- have always, always

- liked Katou.
Text above Kasuga: So that's how it is. Souka…
Text beside Katou: ? They’re friends now?
Text above Souka: Ah-- I’m sorry-
Text above Souka: I’m sorry too-

Character introduction
Saitou Kasuga (1st year)
Aries Blood type A 164cm

I wanted a girl to appear. But she becomes good friends with Souka in the end so she needed a name, and she needed a school to go to other than Tokugawa… and Oooku high’s Kasuga was born.

The day before she was to work at the beach shop, she used image training to practice saying good morning to Shun when she saw him the next day. However on the day, she greeted him with a flying kick (why?)

Big brother is unreliable so I have to become dependable! Is what she thinks.

Word at back of brother’s head: Eh--
Text beside brother: That’s kinda harsh--?

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