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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Kiss is Not Enough 18

Ryoko will always be my most important person

+ posted by JinHea as translation on Mar 1, 2011 04:03 | Go to Kiss is Not Enough

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*Only for use by Shoujo Crusade

tl by JinHea

Last Kiss
Ryoko will always be my most important person

- End my career as an idol!

- Kyaaa—
- No—
SFX: waaa

Author’s note: My little puppy.
The reason I mentioned in the second 1/3 panel was this. I have a new puppy!! I’m… already at my limit!! I can’t keep it anymore!! But it’s so cute—[heart] Paddy is a white and black mixed breed (due to the mix, its fur pattern is like a cow’s), is this why it has a weak constitution? It hasn’t officially become part of the family yet…I thought I’d bring him home after I quit smoking, to give me an incentive to quit [face] Am I really… so lonely? Aah~ this is like the time I was friendless in Hokkaido—[face] boohoo!

- Sei!

Sei: … Springing this on you all of a sudden,
Linked bubble: I don’t blame you guys for being angry.
Ayumu: Right— [text cutting bubble] I just found out myself.

- But I don’t want to lie anymore, moreover…
- Bear it just a little longer!

- I want to belong to her alone,
Linked bubble: I want to be by her side to protect her no matter what.

- I love you! Ryoko!

- Sei…

SFX: dash
- Eeeek—
SFX: waaa

- Hey! Just what were you thinking!?
Linked bubble: Saying that kind of thing without consulting us!

- There is no precedent for this! Get out there and take those words back right now!
- Whatever. There’s no way I’m taking them back!

- Ryoko will always be the most important to me,
SFX: flatly
- I’ve said this before.

SFX: clack
Chairman: You…!
SFX: shake shake
Ayumu: Calm down— Calm down— You already knew this would happen right? Chairman?

- Sei…
Linked bubble: Sei! I…!
- Ryoko, you—

SFX: grip

- Run!

- Huh?
- Stop!

- Oi! Catch them!!
SFX: awawa
- Y… Yes!
SFX: graaah
Ayumu: Chairman—
SFX: pat pat

- I won’t quit, so don’t worry—
SFX: hahaha
- Ayumu!! [small text] You’re a good kid!
SFX: Oh—

- Hm— Now I really have lost
Linked bubble: the love of my life—
Text above Chairman: Eh!? You like her too?

- Hey! Sei, wait—
- Don’t drag your feet— [small text] hahaha
Linked bubble: Ah— That’s better—
Word above Sei: Hmmm—

- Sei…
- Why would you
Linked bubble: say you’re quitting during the concert…

- It’s my wish to walk together with you without having to hide,
- that’s why I did it!

SFX: badump
- That…
- That’s sweet of you…

- But
Bold text: Very noticeable among in the crowd.
- Aren’t we standing out a bit too much?
SFX: whisper whisper

- Ah! Found Sei—!
Text beside bubble: whoa
SFX: tmp tmp tmp

- Wah—
- Run—
- Stop— [small text] Seize him—

SFX: dong dong

- Congratulations—
- Wow—

- I already searched over there, and they couldn’t have gone this way!
SFX: waaa waa
- Hurry back! We’re in for it if we don’t report quickly—

SFX: stmp stmp

- They gone?
SFX: pop
- … seems that way.

- … Geez! They just don’t quit!
- But luckily [linked bubble] there was a church here.

- Huff— Sei, you’re too reckless!
SFX: pant

Text above cheek: It’s no big deal, so why should I worry! (laugh)
- You seemed to be enjoying it, though.

- That… That’s because…
SFX: blush
- Wow— Ryoko, your face is really red—

- Hm? What is it?

- B, But Sei, is this really okay?
Linked bubble: Sea is—
- a super popular group right?Won’t you regret…

- Giving it all up…
- for me?

- It’s not for you—

- What!?
- … You misunderstood my meaning.

SFX: grip
- Ah!

- I want to be with you forever—
- When I told Chairman about us, I had already decided
Linked bubble: that on the last day I’d announce my withdrawal from Sea in front of everyone.

- Don’t think it’s your fault.

- Sei…
SFX: blub

- Since we’re here already, lets make a vow!
SFX: nii

- You mean vow to God—?
SFX: bdmp bdmp

- That’s too normal. [small text] boring—

- It’ll only have meaning when you make a vow to me,

- and I make a promise to you.

- B… But we don’t have rings…
SFX: fluster fluster

SFX: floof

- Why not use this?
Word beside bubble: Huh?

- I’m branding you with my mark.

- On my ring finger…
SFX: badump

- Then I’ll do it too!

- Eh… Huh? I can’t do it properly—
Text beside bubble: Um— Um—

- Ryoko!
- Hm?

- Even if you don’t want me to, as long as I live, I will never leave you!
- That’s just like you! And as long as I live…

- I will never leave you, Sei!
- That’s my wish!

- Wow— So handsome—
Magazine text: Beloved by girls / Kaji / Igarashi / Kudou

- What does “Beloved by girls” mean?
- It means dad is very popular!

- What are you two doing?
- Oh, mom—

- You’re looking at dad’s magazine—
Text in box: Hello everyone! I’m Ryoko,
Linked box: it’s now a few years later,
Text in box: and I’m already the mother of two children.
- Yup—
Linked bubble: Dad’s really cool—

Text in box: About my husband—…
- I’m home—
- Ah, you’re back.
Text above kids: waa

- Have you been good kids—?
Text in box: Charismatic as always, popular idol Kudou Ayumu

- Welcome home—
- They were looking at dad’s magazine.
- I see—

SFX: bam
Text beside Ayumu: Hn! He’s here—

- You idiot! You’re Ryoko’s little brother!
Text in box: Talented singer and actor Kaji Ryuuhei
- Don’t appear at such a crucial moment!
Linked bubble: You’ll confuse the readers!!

- Wouldn’t you be proud with me as you dad?
Linked bubble: And you can get 10 issues.
Bold SFX: tug tug tug
SFX beside Kaji and Ayumu: sparkle sparkle
SFX above little Seira: uwaah
- Eh— Wouldn’t you rather have a younger, more talented dad—?

- Be quiet— [small text] unhand my little sister—
- Stop it you two—

SFX: hup
- Nn?

Text in box: Talented actor Igarashi Sei,
Linked bubble: of course my husband is Sei [heart] [small text] Ehe
- I’m the real dad. [small text] Quit kidding around!

- Dad!
- Sei, welcome home.

- Hmph! I can’t let my guard down.
Word beside Kaji: Che!
- A popular actor should be shooting on location!
Text beside Ayumu: That’s so true—

- It can’t be helped, I love my wife too much—
SFX above Ryoko: smooch
- Ah—!

SFX: boot
- Aaah—
- …Hmph! Get out of here! [small text] This is my home

- Oh, you’re sleepy?
SFX: yawn— yawn—
- Seira and Ryo said they wanted to wait up for dad! [small text] right?

- … They’re asleep?
- Yes. [small text] Leave this to me

- How nostalgic—
Linked bubble: When you were still an idol, you were really popular in school at this time too.
- You don’t get me at all.
Text beside Sei: It might surprise you—
SFX: clack

- Do you regret it?
Linked bubble: Or maybe you haven’t heard?

- … You’re still an idol?
SFX: bdmp

- Of course not! Because I’m
Linked bubble: Ryoko’s exclusive idol for all your life!

- Using each other’s names to name their kids
Text above girl: Seira
Text above boy: Ryo

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