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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)


+ posted by JinHea as translation on Mar 6, 2011 02:50 | Go to RAIDEN-18

-> RTS Page for RAIDEN-18 3

*Only for use by Kuroshio

tl by JinHea

Text in box: A Creature made by combining dead body parts...
- “Frankenstein’s Monster”

- These Creatures are no mere fantasy.
- Mania, researchers devoted to the art of Creature making, are turning out monsters of all kinds day after day, all over the world.

- These Maniacs enter their best creations in the Creature Championship…
- And the one with the glory of being its champion for three consecutive years is—

p02 - 03-----
- of Tachibana Laboratory
- Raiden-18!!

- Frankenstein’s noble birthplace, the reliable and excellent Tachibana laboratory!!

- Rest easy, it’s made in Japan!!

Yellow text beside Raiden: That’s— beyond rage, miserably lighthearted, extremely pitiful piracy—!!?

Raiden: Fraudulent body parts?

Tachibana: Right. Lately there’s been a lot of fakes on the body part auction site.
- Imitation celebrity body parts, domestic goods that are actually from overseas, limited time pieces and so on…

Raiden: Limited time…?
- See, Stalin’s heart is being auctioned again.

- You’re not doing anything about this?
- First off, us experts won’t fall for it.
Linked bubble: Amateurs and dabblers who get fooled are no concern of mine.

Laptop: clang clang
- Yay [heart] I did it [heart]
Linked bubble: I managed to snag that dead body for a song [heart]
- Wow~~~ Isn’t that great~~~

- … NOT!!
- Don’t buy and sell people’s bodies!!!

- There’s no killing involved! Dead bodies are being reused is all!
Linked bubble: Reusing corpses is eco friendly!!
- Why is the criminal making herself seem so righteous…

- Jingle
- Ah.

- There’s a new fake Raiden-18 video.
SFX: clack clack
- Again!?

- Recently it’s not only parts, the entire body and body parts of the famous Frankenstein is popping up too.
- Professor Tachibana’s creation Raiden-18!

- See this incredible ability!
Linked bubble: Three bricks are rendered into dust by a karate chop!
- Nooo—!! Do something about this—!!
- Isn’t it a vulgar pirate imitation?
Linked bubble: Pay it no heed.
- The bad guys shall be annihilated!

- Those fakes can’t hope to match up to your specs.
- Arm of the Grand Sumo League Champion “Raiden”! Teeth from the winner of Japan’s Strongest Teeth Contest 10 years running!

- And in that titanium reinforced skull, the brain of a specialist in all fields! That’s what you possess!
- There is no need to go after small fry, as the original you need only stay alert.

- Have confidence in yourself, Raiden-18.

SFX: sip

- … You have a point.

- I am the original after all—!
SFX: hahahaha
- Today we present to you the creator of Raiden-18, Professor Tachibana!

- I am Tachibana.

Text on cloak: clap clap
Text on cloak: phweet phweet
- … The imitation has better specs don’t you think?

- Be it imitation or petty piracy,

- It won’t do for things to continue like this!!

- As the representative of Japan’s Creature researchers, I must bring the hammer of justice down upon these people—!!
- Exactly!!

- That’s precisely why I fell for you, Ms Tachibana!!
- I knew you’d be moved to action after seeing that video on the web!!

- Oh my, the guy who, if he’s not failing the championship entry requirements, breaks before the contest even begins, or is beaten by Raiden in one hit…
- Hahaha, I’m flattered you remember every one of my battle records.
Text on face: Pretty embarrassing

- I, Dokudami University Frankenstein research section’s section chief (nameless),
- have been waiting in this airport for the sole purpose of placing this modified body at your service!

- Please no, Dokudami… your body, at the recent championship…
- That was plenty enough for me…
Text in box: Translation [bullet point] I don’t need such trash [bullet point] You’ll only be a hindrance… etc.

- No need to fear!!!

- Solar panels are utilised reducing CO2 production by 25%!!
Linked bubble: It can operate at peak function for 24 hours, even better than energy efficient batteries!!
Text beside face: eco friendly~~
- And with these eco marks in my hands [no idea what he means here], I have no blind spots!!

Uniform guy: O—kay, let’s just take a look at your internal makeup.
- Uh… Just a, Ms Tachibana! [linked bubble] Sto…
- Um…

Text in box: Cargo hold

- Why did we have to go in the cargo hold!!
- You two run on electricity, so you were checked in as home appliances.
Linked bubble: Besides, I only paid for one person’s seat.

- And? It’s nice to come to the mainland, but do you even know where those guys are?
- Never fear!

- It’s a little bothersome,
- but I won’t rest until I annihilate that fake Tachibana’s hideout!

- My—

- Ahahahahahaha!!
- I can’t stop laughing!

- Ever since that video came out on the internet, so many orders have come in it’s hard to keep up with the demand!
- Ms Tachibana, here’s your drink!
- Well, I’m only listening to the desires of the masses.

- Goodness, doesn’t this place seem like Santa’s toy factory.
- Eh? But we only had to buy them from that market.
Text on boxes: Raiden-18

- Oh dear, you’ve been scamming them?
- Even the money we paid were counterfeit—

- Ah well, we can afford to pay them in real money now.
- As long as we have the duck that lays the golden egg, the money will keep flowing in…

- Really, it’s hard to stop laughing~~

- Found you, you fakes!

- Abandon all hope, Pachibana!! [mix of Tachibana and Pachi, meaning fake, she’s essentially saying faker Tachibana]

- Ah… The originals?
Text beside teeth: You’re kidding me.
Text behind head: He’s pretty big up close.
- How do you know of this place!?

- Your direct mailing address!!
Text above Dokudami: Home address too!
Bold text: Oh!!
- Dammit—!! I kept such a close eye on the internet I overlooked the direct mailing address!!

- Raiden-18!! If you defeat them, we’ll become the real deal!
- Yeah. Gotcha.

- Well—
- You see— I don’t really wanna fight you know, too much trouble you know.

Bold text: open palm strike
- Grugh!!!

- Wow!
- Man this guy’s insides are put together really sloppily.

- Back to the main topic…
- Seems like all the spiel about being made in Japan and stuff were lies.

- Made in Japan… indicates that it’s a good quality, sturdy product…
Linked bubble: Countless people are willing to buy them…
- I tell them it’s made in Japan and sell them peace of mind…
Linked bubble: I’m selling them dreams!

- That’s why I’m telling you it’s oka…
Linked bubble: …Hey!

Word on paper: Seal

- I became rich through selling fake Raidens!
- And I happened to get my hands on this particular corpse!

- Still… I really didn’t want to have to resort to this…

- But you’ve forced my hand!!

Sign on face: Where is the toilet [no honestly that’s what it says ^_^]
Dokudami: That’s…
- a zombie…!!

- Isn’t a zombie some kind of demon?
- It is commonly referred to as such.

- That thing has existed in this country since the days of yore, and it too is called Frankenstein’s monster.
Linked bubble: The only difference is that unlike you, that thing has no awareness of it’s own.

- That’s Mao…
- He’s Mr Kezawa Higashi, a true blue Japanese—!!!
- She’ll say it’s Japanese no matter what pops up!

- Raiden, I want it I want it!!
- Huh?

- I re—ally want that!!
- See, when I went to rob the grave someone had already switched the corpse…

- Capture him in one piece!!
- Uh— well, since he’s just an old man, I guess I can capture him with minimal fuss…

- Mr Kezawa Higashi has been combined with a Mongol sumo champion!

- … The sumo world’s been tending toward a formidable direction lately, I’m not that confident this authentically Japanese arm can defeat him.
- Oh my. I thought the zombie was posing, but it’s actually a Mongol sumo wrestler Dance of the Hawk.
- Believe in yourself, Raiden-18!!

- As the world’s best you must make him regret having sullied the made in Japan brand!!
- You kidding me!? The world’s best what!?

- … Guts?

- What a bogus philosophy!!

- Anyway, just what part of this thing is made in Japan!! That’s just misleading!!

- Mussels….
- Mussels!?

- When overseas imported mussels are nurtured on local mussel farms for 2 to 3 months, they are allowed to be labelled as local produce…
- Is that right!?

- Mao… or rather Mr Kezawa has been fitted with the proper local elements; moreover the Mongol sumo champion was an initiate at a Japanese sumo for 3 years before dropping out and returning home!!
- No guts at all!!

- Being steeped in the Japanese sumo environment for 3 months has qualified him as authentic Japanese produce—!!!

- I get it!!
- Don’t “get” it!!

- Never mind trying to capture him in one piece, there’s no way I can go easy on this thing! Here he’s got no awareness of his own, yet you’re telling me I can’t go all out!!
- That’s just… [linked bubble] unfair!!

- Hohohohoho
- Having no awareness nor conscience to limit him, his true ability is revealed! A terrifying warrior!!

- A masterpiece of the art of corpse transformation!!

- A lack of awareness means he can’t distinguish between friend and foe you know.
- That’s why I didn’t want to use him~~

Big text: Calve scoop
Text in box: Soraeho [this is another name for calve scoop]

Big text: Kawazu back twist
Text in box: Full oroho [another name for it]

Big text: Caster
Text in box: Achiho [another name for it]

Big text: Mill drop
Text in box: Umusuku [you probably realised these are all proper sumo terms]

- What the heck—!!! He’s incredibly strong—!!!
- Don’t say such pathetic things!!

- Japanese soul!! Let’s see your guts!!
Text beside bubble: flap flap flap
Text below bubble: Dance of victory
- Why’re you saying that kinda stuff, weren’t you watching what happened just now!!

- Hohohoho!! You finally realise that I’m to be feared!!
- No one can stop Mr Kezawa now!! [linked bubble] Not even I!!
- Don’t be proud of it!!!

- Mrgh…

- You can’t give up, Professor Tachibana. [linked bubble] The pride of our country… Our arts! Our guts!
- But not only that!

- Our country is a democracy!!

- Basic human rights,
- right to freedom,
- right to equality… and—

- Majority vote!!

- !! My products…
- How!?

- Equipped with solar energy conversion panels and batteries, I…

- have no blind spots!!

- Authentic stress free product of Japan!!

- Nu… [linked bubble] U… Hunh!!

- Yo sup big bro.
- Thanks for starting me up yo—
- Damn, I don’t understand what they’re saying!

- You little scammer!!
- How dare you!!
Pachibana: iyaaaaa

- Whoa—
- Just as I planned!

- Judging from that fake Tachibana’s attitude, I was almost sure that they weren’t in those boxes by choice…..
- My suspicions were confirmed when I started them up.

- Hey, you guys!!
- A little help here would be nice!!

Small text above crowd: jerk swindler hag
- A posse of weaklings!!

- Big bro big bro, [linked bubble] There’s something you’ll be wanting ta see.

- A container?

- Ah…

- Could it be…

- You
- You’re here to save us!?

- Call the police!!
- Help us!
- That woman was trying to kill us!!

- Pachibanaaa…

- You did something you should not have done…

- Us Creature researchers have one golden rule, and that is “use corpses only”!!
- The law may allow you to kill for creation, but we forbid it!!
Text below bubble: Um doesn’t the law normally forbid that as well?

- I… I only did this for the sake of the world…

- The human population is increasing rapidly!! [linked bubble] Things like food shortages and global warming are occurring because of that, and the earth is screaming!!
- But Creatures don’t need food!! They don’t expel CO2 either!!

- If we thin out the population by making them into Creatures, the environmental problem can be solved!!
- I’m thinking of the greater good for the eco-system
- If you’re that dedicated then just don’t eat dolphins!!

- Raiden!!

- I’m removing your power limiter!!
- What’s that!? It’s news to me!!
Text below bubble: An auxiliary setting!?

- Grand Sumo League Champion Raiden-18… [linked bubble] Destroy these criminals!!

White text: Eye gouge
- Gurgh

White text: Finger crush
White text: Palm clap

p34 – 35-----
White text: Mage [pronounced muh-ge, not the magical kind of mage] grab

- Not the haiiiirrrrrr

- Hmph…

- A meaningless triumph…
- Hair…

- No really, thank you so much.

- With the Olympics and the expo going on, we moved from the countryside to the city in search of work.
- But we didn’t find more work…
Text in box: Interpreter

- While we were in that quandary she offered us good money…
- So we came along and were captured.

- A little later and we might have been killed and boxed up to be sold as Creatures.
- Thank you so much for saving us.

- I’ve had enough of the big city.
- We’ll be returning to our village.

- to… village…?

- Yes. Our families are waiting for us back at the village.
- So we’re going back.

- V…i…
- Village…

- Shall we go back together?

- Mao… [linked bubble] go back…
- village…

- Agricultural produce tripled…
Middle top ballon: Big leap forward…
Mao: Mao… work hard…
Leftmost bubble: You get moving!
Bottom bubble: Thank ya—! See ya—!
Text on trouser leg: noooooo

- Phew— goodness…
- Somehow a big crowd has gathered…

- …anyhow, what to do about these guys. [linked bubble] It seems wrong to leave them behind.
- They’ve gotten attached.
- Let’s keep them in Japan for 2, 3 months, then sell them off?

- Ah, that thing earlier became a news story.

- Oh—! That’s kinda amazing! [linked bubble] It’s become a pretty big news item!
Video’s text: Mama— [linked bubble] I nearly got killed in the city—!
- My son—!!
- It’s become a pretty big deal.

- You were pretty awesome. [linked bubble] I was moved.

- I wasn’t being righteous.

- Is she embarrassed?
- Those guys were really happy you know—.

- Half a day later and they’d all have been lying six feet under.
Text above people: Thank you— Thank you—
- You are their savior.

- Yeah… [linked bubble] It’s forbidden to kill to get a corpse.
Text beside head: sigh—
- However, it’s fine if they’re already dead.

- If we had arrived half a day later, I would’ve had access to unlimited corpses.

Here's the official link to my translation scanlated by Kuroshio: http://www.mediafire.com/?q8ej1wr21i2iylk Lots of thanks to Sakara for giving me this project!

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