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Ah Itoshi no Banchou-sama 14

+ posted by JinHea as translation on Mar 12, 2011 23:46 | Go to Ah Itoshi no Banchou-sama

-> RTS Page for Ah Itoshi no Banchou-sama 14

*Please ask me before using my translation

tl by JinHea

My Darling Miss Banchou
Chapter 14

- I met Yuu in 4th grade.
- He taught me just how foolish I had been up till then.
- I wonder what kind of person I’d be now if I hadn’t met him? (Someone even more unsociable, maybe?)

- That’s why I [big text] really like [normal text] Yuu.
Katou: Hm?
SFX in bubble: tug tug
- And I’ve stayed friends with him since 4th grade.

- But recently
- [text cutting bubble] Ah [normal text] A bunny?

- Not much here, just a brief profile.
Text beside straightish arrow: This guy really likes shoujo manga
- He borrows them from Souka
Text beside bent arrow: Hero and heroine just missed each other
Text above book: Waa this is so sad
Text above shoulder: How awful

SFX: boom

- Someone’s come between the two of us
SFX: ta-da
Souka: Katou. [heart]

Souka: Love you~~
SFX: smooch
- Her name is Hirayama Souka

Text above Katou: You little—
Text above Souka: Ehehe— Come and chase me—
SFX: irk irk irk
Text on Shun’s head: So…

- So annoying!!!
SFX: crash

- A dream…
Thought bubble: Guess it’s almost time to go…
- Fell off the bed

- Her name is Hirayama Souka.
- She is the Banchou of our school, Tokugawa Industrial High.
Text on Souka: Banchou
Text on black haired guy: Ninja
Text in other 3 boxes: subordinates

- Yuu became her bodyguard and somehow, while taking care of this naive and unworldly Banchou,
Text between Katou and Souka: Hey—
- he became the most dedicated Banchou devotee in the entire universe.

- At first I thought “well, no big deal (laugh)”, but
Thought bubble: Lately I’ve been more irked than amused.
SFX: daaaaze
Text beside arrow: sleepy

- This is probably since they’re becoming closer to each other.
- Ah— since my most precious person is about to get taken away…

- Today the usual gang, including Banchou, will be going to the Summer Festival.
Text above heads: Were invited by these 2
Text below heads: They’ll come get you even if you refuse to go

- Ah— When I see Banchou…
- I might just bully her.
- Shun Shun is a sadist among sadists

Katou: Yo—
SFX: sa
Shun: Hot—

Text above Reichi: Wow it’s Yuu and Shun Shun!
Text beside Mirai: Long time no see— kyahaha
Katou: You two are as energetic as ever.
Shun: Seeing you guys again after so long tires me out.
Text in box: mean

Text above Reichi: Why a work top? That’s rare—
Text between Reichi and Katou: I was fixing a motorbike just now
Text above Katou: It’s easy to move around in so I didn’t bother changing
- Oh you’re all here! Sorry!

Souka: I’m late~~
- A…

- A yukata—!!
SFX: woooow
- Banchou is wearing a yukata~~~!!
- Huh? Uh- Yes.

- Mom helped me put it on.
Mom: The festival!? With boys!!?
Text beside bubble: With Katou?
- Yes, Katou and Mirai
Mom: Yukata—!! You have to wear a yukata and seduce him—!! [small text] Mother likes Katou a lot!

- Good job mom!!
- Cute— Isn’t she cute, Katou?

- Yeah.
Bold text: Blush

Bold text: Blush

Text above Souka: A… Ahaha—
Text beside Katou: fidget fidget
Text in box: Surrounded by a pink aura
SFX: irk

- A yukata from a cheap inn…?
SFX: gyaaaa
[Doesn’t Souka here remind you of Gin Tama?]

Souka: That… That’s wrong—!! It’s a festival-going(?) yukata! [text cutting bubble] waaa
Katou: Shun!
- Ah I knew it
Text beside Shun’s head: Okay— festival festival

- I couldn’t help but bully her.
- Wow— So many people chatting up girls—

- We’ll protect Banchou—!
Text beside bubble: yeah—
Text beside Shun: geh—
- Hm? [word cutting bubble] What?

SFX: bam
- Ow

- Come here.
Text beside bubble: So I can keep an eye on you.
SFX: tug

Text beside Katou: You okay?
Text above Souka: Yes—

- Oh my, looks like there’s no need for us to protect her~~
Text on head: Ahaha Ufufu
Text on shirt: Aah I knew it

- Ka-chak

Text above phone: picture taken
Text beside neck: Teasing them

- Eeeee—
SFX: bam
- —ek (blush)

- Erase it, Shun!
Text above the three: Whoa— I want that picture—
- Having my most precious person taken away

- Makes me feel a bit lonely
Text in box: Picture got deleted
Text beside box: grrr
Text above the the two people: Noo— What a waste—
Text on person: Mi [of Mirai]
- Look, goldfish…
- You want to try the goldfish scoop?
- Can I?

- Roll up your sleeve.

- C… contact—!!
Text above head: And earlier he held my hand…
- Banchou?

Text above scoop: Our eyes met!!
Text above fringe: Kya—
SFX: poof
- Banchou!

Text on Katou’s hair: What’s wrong? What happened?
Mirai: Hey— Why isn’t their relationship getting more lovey-dovey?
Text cutting bubble: Not to mention Banchou’s acting weird
Linked bubble: I wonder what happened?
Shun: Hm— All sorts of things I guess?
Text on shirt: Eh— Whacha saying?

Text cutting bubble: I’ll listen to your doom and gloom stories later.
- For now we should let the idiot-couple-in-love (firmly decided) have some alone time.
- That’s a good idea! Then quickly…

- Owww—!! Suddenly my tummy has a tummyache!
SFX: owwwww
- That’s really sudden!
- Are you alright?
Text below bubble: Your phrasing’s odd

- Ah! I have a feeling the god of the cosmos calling me!!
- Did you hit your head somewhere!?
- Are you alright? (Like in the head?)

Text on Reichi’s head: Wow— Run away—
- Hmm— What should I…
Text beside bubble: Ahaha
- What’s with everyone…
- Ring ring ring
- Hn?

Author’s sidebar: Chapter 14 “ Banchou and Shun and the Summer Festival”
Text in star-like bubble: Inside story
Normal text: Shun Shun’s bad attitude has come a long way…
This idea’s been in the back of my mind since chapter one (when it was still meant to be a one-shot). But since it was just a one shot, I didn’t need the idea and discarded it.
After that, it was decided to continue for a little longer but I discarded it again, thinking the whole thing would only last three chapters anyway. Even though I discarded it, I’m bringing it out again now this is being serialised…
The beach shop, the Summer Festival, and the special Mirai chapter after this one was drawn at a time when my health was very poor. I suspect that’s been carried over to the stories. Suffering and a sickly body are a potent combination for chaos.

SFX: roar
- Yuuji—!! [linked bubble] Where the hell did you put the keys for my motorbike!

- What the… Kyouko?
Text in box: Katou family of 9 siblings. Second daughter / Kyouko (22)
Text beside hair: Really scary, but not as scary as the eldest daughter
- I can’t find the keys anywhere! [linked bubble] Weren’t the one fixing it just now?

- Don’t tell me you took it with you when you went out—!!
- Oh
Text beside sleeve: It was in my pocket

- Sorry, I have to take the keys back.
Text above Kyouko: The motorbike is her life
Text below Kyouko: Becomes a demon when denied access to it
- Eeh even Katou is going off!

- Not good. I have to get there fast. [linked bubble] Shun, look after Banchou.
Text above Souka: We’ll look for Mirai and Reichi later
- Wha— [text cutting bubble] I’m babysitting?
Text beside Shun: But if you don’t get back quick you’ll get killed (by big sis)

- He’s gone…

- Oh well, let’s just wait a bit—
Text above head: for him to come back
SFX: shoom

- Are you lonely now Yuu’s gone?
Text beside Shun: Your cheerful air’s dissipated, maybe I should feel insulted
- Huh!?

Bold text: Embarrassed
- Th… There was no such thing I’m very upbeat!!
Text beside bubble: Sorry about that
Thought bubble: I got it—

- Well, Yuu has been doing his best to get her see him in a new light, and so far he’s succeeded.
- I suppose I have to accept it—

- But still, what does Yuu see in this little creature—
- I’m incredibly cheerful! Let’s play our way through this festival, Shun! [text cutting bubble] Ya… Yahoo—
SFX: heeheehee
Thought bubble: It’s like she’s possessed by something.

- Hey Shun shall we check that out?
Text on Shun’s head: Eh— we’re really gonna play?

Text on sign: Slam Dunk / Get a goal and win a prize
Text below sign: It’s a kind of basketball game—
- The shop name isn’t inviting at all…

- They said if I score a goal I can get the prize with the corresponding number!
Text above bald guy: Hohohoho can you get it in?
Text along panel bottom: Three tries for 500 yen

Text cutting bubble: Ah!
- The prize for number six is a stuffed bunny, Shun!
Bold text: flatly
- You can want it all you like, I’m not interested.

Text above Souka: Boo…why won’t you get it for me?
- Hurry up, throw and see what you get.

SFX: yaaah

SFX: kabonk

- You scored – in some sense of the word.
- You’re getting nothing.
Text cutting bubble: Only a painful experience for me.

- Miser.
Text beside Souka: Waaah mister I’m sorry~~

- Wow— [linked bubble] That was amazing, Shun! In one shot! With one hand! You got the bunny!

SFX: soof
- Hm?

- If you want it, you’ll have to take it from me.
SFX: crackoom

Bold background text: Sadist mode

SFX: shff

SFX: shff

SFX: pinch
- Ow

SFX: blff
- Argh
Text in rectangle: And so
Text above Shun’s head: Go bunny

- I’ll give it to you, I don’t need it anyway.
Text beside cheek: ha
Thought bubble: Dummy

- Shun, you smiled!

- Thank goodness! You had this unhappy look on your face, and I was so rude before… I’m really sorry about earlier. It’s good you cheered up. Really good.
Text cutting bubble: Rude  letting her cheerfulness dissipate
Word beside Shun’s nose: What…?

- And though there were a lot of other prizes…

- You still got the bunny for me. Thank you!
- Yay!

- One minute she’s apologising, the next thing I know she’s thanking me,
Text cutting bubble: Make up your mind!

- Is that so—?
Text beside bubble: Anyway, I’m going to wait for Yuu by the entrance.
Star burst text: Idiot!!
Text on Souka’s shoulder: That’s probably it.

- I was just being my usual expressionless self, yet she got worried
- Deliberately choosing basketball, which she knows I’m good at,

- Giving as good as she got to my teasing,
Text above character: If you want it then try to take it—
Text under bunny: bad attitude
Text to the opposite side of character: Watase Shun
Text above woman: It’s fine it’s fine
Text above darker haired guy: It’s okay, we’re not suspicious
Text above Souka: (did she think that was gonna lift the mood?)

- They’re trying to pick her up? And they’re in a trio…

- Oh!
Text beside hair: Please go away—
SFX: plip plip

- Is that what you like about her? [linked bubble] Yuu.
- But

- Isn’t that reckless?
- But—

- ? Hm? Where did Banchou go…

- What’s your problem! Butt out!
- B… But please stop doing this. [linked bubble] You’re making her cry.

- Whoa… What the heck is she doing…
- Ruining this fun festival with these strongarm pickup tactics is…
Text beside bubble: Are these guys drunk?
- Helping out someone being chatted up…?

- Yes— We get it! Big brother here gets it! [linked bubble] We’ll stop doing this.
- Really? Thanks a lot.

- In exchange, you’ll come along instead won’t you?
- Eh?

- No way that’ll happen!
SFX: merciless!!
- Since I have someone I like already.
SFX: doom
- Hee—y!

- You think we’re gonna let you off the hook for this—? [linked bubble] You’re going to Kyoto—
Text in box: So drunk their words make no sense
Thought bubble: She got herself in trouble again…
Text beside bubble: Yeesh—
Text on people: But Yuu

- Recently
- I’ve been consumed
- by this feeling of annoyance.

- Come here!
- Ow [linked bubble] What’re you do—
SFX: grab

- So irritating
- Hey— Please stop it!

- I want to tease her
- I want to bully her

- Wait up

- The only one who can bully this kid
- is me.
SFX: flump

- Shun! [text cutting bubble] ouch
Text above bubble: get offa me~~

- What did you say!?
Text on head: You’re squashing her—
- Wash out your glasses!!
Text in box: So drunk their words make no sense

- Ah— [linked bubble] jeez…

- How troublesome.
- So annoying.
- She’s just a third wheel!

- Me and Yuu
- Have always been together. Why did she have to come between us?

- It’s lonely. To have my most precious person taken away is lonely.
- The most precious

- The heart of the girl special to me
- already
- belongs to my most precious friend.
- I know that.

- Throw away your kindness
- when you deal with me.
- Otherwise I’d just get more irritated.

SFX: rustle rustle
- Shun [linked bubble] Shun…!

- Be quiet. [linked bubble] Just shut up and follow me.

- Got into a fight with the drunks.
Text between Shun and running characters: You there!
Text on characters: [character 1] po [character 2] lice
- The police came just when Shun knocked them out, and they had to hide

- Shun, blood…!
Text cutting bubble: Your lovely face~~
- I’m not as strong as Yuu so of course I’d get injured in a fight.
Text below bubble: This isn’t good. Where did my glasses go?

- So sorry. So sorry. I…
SFX on head: poff
Bold SFX: bump
- Oof

- Banchou, look
- put on
SFX: peek
Text on tree trunk: spare glasses

- Those drunks are being taken away by the police. [text in different font] For safekeeping?
- Ah! That woman is together with a guy. [text cutting bubble] Probably her boyfriend?
- So she came with a boyfriend… [text cutting bubble] What was he doing all this time…

- She’s smiling…

- That’s good.
Text below bubble: And she was crying just a while ago
- Unfortunately…

- I’m not fine at all over here. [text cutting bubble] This girl—
SFX: squeeze
Text beside Shun’s cheek: Ugly!
- I’m hoffy avowt efewyfing~~ [she’s saying “I’m sorry about everything”]

- When did I start falling for you, I wonder?
- Most likely at the same time as Yuu. (unconsciously)
- At the beach shop, when you got jealous of Kasuga, it irritated me intensely. I realised…

Text in light bubble: I’ll protect you, Banchou.
Text on Souka’s head: I now know how I feel, but I can’t say it.
- Shun?
Text beside chin: Hello?

- There’s no more reason for me to say it.
- Banchou!!!
SFX: rustle
- Waaaaaaah!

- Hm? You guys okay?
Text pointing to Souka: So surprised she’s stiff as a statue
- That’s my line!

- I rushed back from my house to find everything in an uproar,
Text in linked bubble: and I saw you two running away. [text in different font] so I followed you
Text along panel bottom: Mirai and Reichi saw the pursuing Yuu and followed him

- Just what happened?
- Ka…

- Katou…
SFX beside eye: sniffle
SFX: drip drip

- [text cutting bubble] Ah— [normal text] I’m truly sorry!
- What, what’s wrong!?
SFX: gasp
- I have no right to cry. I got Shun dragged into that mess.
Linked bubble: Oh, but I really am sorry…
- Explain everything to me?

- Also, Shun, why are you injured!?
- Things happened.
- Seeing Yuu made you so relieved, you’re crying. [text in different font] so annoying
Linked bubble: If you’re that scared then don’t go around inciting drunks.
Text below bubble: Geez

- I don’t want to get in Yuu’s way.
- I got to bully her a lot today.
Linked bubble: I’m stuck between venting my irritation and acting like a grade schooler with a crush. Sorry, Banchou…
Text along panel bottom: Bullying out of irritation. Meanness out of love.

- This is the last time.
- Get off.
SFX: push
- Kyaa—
- Eeeeeeh!? [small text] Banchou!

- Shun! You…

SFX: hug

Text pointing to Souka: vision blurry
Text in box: This is too fun.

- ? Something wrong? Wha?
Text beside bubble: You startled me
- Nothing. Just thinking I really do love you.
- Oh?
- I have a precious best friend.

- So for his sake,
- I’ll hide away
- these feelings for Hirayama Souka.

- But at least
- let me to keep teasing her.

- I hope for you two to be happy together.
- That’s my greatest wish.

- Hehehe she’s jealous.
Text on Yuu’s collar: Too hot! What’s going on?
Text in box: Out of love for Yuu, this is the last time today I’m bullying Banchou.
Text beside Souka: jealousy
Text above Souka: He’s hugging him! Must be nice!
Text in box: This is way too fun!
- You have to be happy.
[In case it’s not that obvious, BL is short for Boy’s Love]

Thank you all for accompanying me through three whole volumes of this comic.
This volume has become an in-depth study of the characters.
A chapter about Mirai and Reichi when they were in middle school is next.
Later I’ve included a story I did that won the LaLa competition.
When I sent in the story, I was thinking I’d much rather have everyone at LaLa remember my name instead of getting a prize, so hearing that I’d won came as a shock.
Text on screentone: I quite like / Shuu
I hope everyone has fun reading the stories, and feel a connection with Banchou and gang!
Please send your thoughts and impressions here [arrow].
[I won’t bother translating the address here ^_^]
Fujikata Mayu

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