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Hai ni naru made 2

Nosy people

+ posted by JinHea as translation on Apr 3, 2011 01:37 | Go to Hai ni naru made

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* Only for use by Shoujo Crusade

tl by JinHea

- Nosy people

- Big brother Satoru (23), who left home when he graduated high school, came back a few days ago.

Text in box: My parents have been posted overseas since this autumn.
Linked box: But they said they weren’t comfortable leaving a frail child like me (16) by myself, and I know they care about me, but…
- Yeesh, it’s so noisy downstairs—
Linked bubble: Did Kato-nii get home?...

- Untidy heap of boots

- I know you work in a Live House, but don’t take advantage of mom and dad’s absence to bring your bandmates over every single night!! (cry from her heart)

- What if your lovely little sister gets devoured by one of the wolves you bring around!?
Linked bubble: Ah— I can’t even go to the toilet in the middle of the night without being careful!
Text beside her: But she’s going.

- Wow, a new face, so pretty [small text] smells nice—
Text on door: Why in front of the toilet…

Thought bubble: A band member’s girl?
Text beside thought bubble: Since Sato-nii has that blonde girlfriend
- Excuuuse me, Miss.
Text on door handle: Hmmm—
Text on leg: She’s dead drunk—
- This isn’t right, [linked bubble] you’ll ruin your body, drinking like there’s no tomorrow with those guys, you know?

- It’s dangerous sleeping out here. [small text] They’ll pounce on you in a sec.

- Do you want to rest in my room for a bit?

- Huh?
- …Pretty.

- Okay— Stop right there, Nami.
- Ah, Sato-nii.
- Sayo, [linked bubble] Big bro doesn’t remember raising you to be a girl who brings strange guys into her room in the middle of the night.

- ……[linked bubble] A guy…
Word beside hair: Con- [word on shirt] fused

- This guy’s Nami, [linked bubble] full name Honami Yamato.
Text below bubble: The name is manly.
- He’s my new girlfriend. [linked bubble] Or should I say boyfriend?

- He’ll be living here with us for a little while. [small text] Hahaha

Text above bald head: Passed out band members
Bubble above leg: shiver
Text in box: ……[linked box] Someone tell me I’m dreaming……

Text in box: A dream.

- …Confronted by reality.
Text beside arm: shaving.

- Boo.
- Wah!?

Text on face: That was dangerous—
- I’m trying to shave he…

- [small text] Oh no [normal text] I made you cut that lovely face of yours? So sorry.

- Huh? [linked bubble] Satoru’s little sister—?
- But no matter how beautiful you are

- As a guy, you totally fail.

Text in box: But the bigger failure is me.
Text at bottom of panel: in the toilet

Text in box: I’ve been in love with Sato-nii for ages,
Text in box: and now my new rival in love is a guy?
Text beside head: Haha
Text behind her: This isn’t a laughing matter—

- I can’t be like this.
Text in box: Calm down.
- Nothing’s changed. [linked bubble] I just have to keep trying.

Classroom sign: 1 – 7
- Sayoko—

Linked bubble: Wanna come to a goukon? [Goukon: A group date. Guys and girls round up their friends and go somewhere for the purpose of hooking up.]
Sayo: I’ll pass.

Text cutting bubble: Sigh.
- Your love life might make some progress if you come to the goukon.
- There’s no male influence in your life right now—
Text beside bubble: Sure you’re okay with that?

Thought bubble: Actually, there’s too much male influence in my life…
- I don’t need anyone like that, since I’m pretty tomboyish myself.
- Anyway, see you. [linked bubble] I have to go work.

- ……By work… [small text] she means?
- Probably

- Her big brother’s club’s……

- Neighbouring takoyaki place.
Text in star bubble: It’s done!

- Can someone take this over to “Fuzz”—
Text below bubble: and don’t forget the soy sauce—
- Got it! Then I’ll…

- Ah— I’ll take that, Wako-san.
Text in star bubble above: Bam
Thought bubble: Yes! A chance to research!
- Sayo-san is so mean…

Text in box: Sato-nii is Fuzz’s booking manager, and the clubowner’s proxy.
- Every time the owner would—

- The club isn’t open yet.
Text below bubble: You come along pretty often don’t you.
- I’m here to deliver the takoyaki order.

Text in box: I have to use this roundabout method to infiltrate the place.
Thought bubble: The owner here dislikes girls, and I can’t pass as a guy— [small text] She knows I’m his sister

Thought bubble: I came to like music because of Sato-nii’s influence.
Text below bubble: Prep work.
Text beside bubble: Don’t blow someone off just cos she’s a girl—
Text in box: The guys that were passed out drunk last night are members of Vice, a band that often performs in this club.

- Hey— Sayoko-chan~~~
Text beside bubble: over here over here
Text beside arrow: these guys

- Every time— Where’s Sato-nii?
- He had to go sort out some things.
Thought bubble: The heck…
- You were drinking just last night, sure you can perform today?
- Well— it’s fine it’s fine.

Text in box: Sato-nii’s been helping them out as their bass player, though recently he had to stop.
- [small text] Ah— [normal text] but Nami’s pretty tired, he was working until dawn.

- Vice, we need you to confirm a few things here—
Text beside bubble: Someone who knows what they’re doing
- Coming—

- Well, see you later Sayoko-chan.
Text in box: So the new lover Nami-chan is their replacement bass player.

- It’s not healthy for a ‘girl’ to be sleeping in a place like this.
Text below bubble: This time is different from last night…

Sayo: Aah [linked bubble] I see you slept so well you’re reluctant to make any sound.
Text below bubble: Sorry
Nami: …Sayoko, you…
Text below panel: looks like she hit a good spot

- I wish you could’ve said something before kicking me……
- Nami-chan, Nami-chan

- [small text] Hey [normal text] Shouldn’t you wipe off that drool?
Text beside bubble: over here
Text on left side of panel behind Nami: Are you picking a fight?

- ~~ Women are so—

- I
- would love to tell a certain ‘someone’ who is to become my big sister to slice their belly open.
Text beside bubble: And— they can sleep all they want beneath the earth.

- …Let me say one thing [text between linked bubbles] I really [linked bubble] don’t intend to become a woman.
Text beside chest: You hear me?

- I don’t forgive anyone who looks down on me because of my face.
- [linked bubble] Did Sato-nii fall for that unforgiving nature?

Text above head: No—
- The guy’s had something wrong with his head since a long time ago, or should I say he’s always had a caring nature [bolder text] mumble mumble
Text beside bubble: What?
- A long time ago?
- Yup— A long time ago. [linked bubble] I was high school first year and he was third year. It’s been a bad relationship since then.
Text beside bubble: The Fork Song club and an oddly named Weird Sound club, we came to know each other there.

Bold text: The lover claims they have a bad relationship…
- Oh— by the way,

- I saw Sayoko at a school festival.
- What?

- Satoru brought you along.
Text above bubble: I’m certain.

- You were still little at the time, [linked bubble] To think this is how you turned out—

- So sorry I’m no longer cute.

Thought bubble: He saw me when I was already in love with Sato-nii~~
Text in screentone bubble: At that time
- —At that time Sato-nii was still looking after me.

- I don’t know when it happened, [linked bubble] but I no longer had anything I could really talk to him about.
- Plus he left home right after he graduated from high school.
- Even after he returned he’s always hanging with certain people.

Text above people: Is she hinting it’s our fault?
Text at bottom of panel: Yesterday’s visitors

- And Sato-nii doesn’t seem to have broken up with his lover. [linked bubble] Well— he’s always been popular.

- He became too busy to pay much attention to his little sis [small text] haha
- Why do I still like Sato-nii despite it all?
- Do I really like him even now?
- Is it alright for me to keep believing it?

- I really don’t get it.
- I guess that brother of mine just can’t live without a lover.
Text below bubble: profound
- But it truly is genius of him go for men now that he’s realised he can’t find decent women, that’s a possibility I never considered.

- Ah! Sorry Nami-chan. Try to make it last as long as you can okay?
- All the lovers so far have been unable to break the one month barrier.

Text above rightmost guy: Nami-chan fight!
Text above guy in middle: Sayo-chan’s sister-in-law battle tactics are truly fearsome.
Text above arrows: People who had been watching the exchange from the sidelines
- To be able to put up with that, you have a pretty high tolerance.
- That has nothing to do with it. [linked bubble] Someone has to stop this. Being in love with her own brother is a bit…

- Oooh, so kind—
Text above Sayo: Anyhow, I’d better get back to the shop
- As the Romans said: Caveat Emptor…

- Eh— I wonder who plays here— [linked bubble] What kind of bands do they have?

- Hey hey hey
Text below bubble: Don’t they understand the sign?
Text below text: They can’t see it— It’s out of their line of sight.
- We like rock bands like ◯◯ and ×× [small text] wonder if they play here?

- ◯◯ and ×× are visual kei bands…
- Waa— No way— We do Jazz here— No way—
- Hey! Satoru-san! [small text] we have a situation

- Ah— This is no good, we have to round them up.
Text below bubble: They send three women to topple Mt Fuji, but we only have two women here. [some kind of proverb I think]
- Hey Nami! [linked bubble] Quit gossiping over here about lovers and whatnot!
Text below bubble: Me?
- Hurry and get them outta here!

- Um—
- Like Meluad—
- Oh, here, my name
Nami: ……what to do—

Sayo: Oh no, the target’s off center.
Text beside bubble: Hochkis [no idea what this is]

- Wha…What ‘target’?
- This mouth and that mouth and this mouth.

- Hey hey hey

- Why’re you walking around with a lethal weapon Sayoko?
- It’s not a lethal weapon, it’s a tool from my work. [small text] I brought it over here cos I had no time to stop.

- That’s just like Sayoko-chan. How scary (laugh)
Bubble on chest: That’s our sister-in-law.
- That’s why Satoru can’t keep a girlfriend.
- Hey! Who let girls in?
Text beside bubble: Satoru again!?

Thought bubble: …what’s gonna happen to me tomorrow?
Text below thought bubble: No, it’ll be a trial today too.
- Satoru’s sister get out too!
- Yeah yeah I’m going.

- Satoru, don’t just stand by and watch.
Text beside bubble: Your little sis is on a rampage.
- Well, being energetic is a good thing. [small text] hahaha
- I fear for my life.
Text in bubble: Sigh.

- Blood is thicker than water.
- People who stick their nose in are idiots!

- Tonight’s dinner is sokusekimen [a kind of noodle] [small text] yo
- Whoa!

- Why’re you here! [small text] how rude!
- ‘Why’, you ask.
Text beside bubble: I’m staying here for a bit.
- It’s finished already!? [text cutting bubble] Tonight’s live show

- We’ve been drinking day after day,
Text on shirt: And I’ve had to do my part time job.
- Most likely [linked bubble] you don’t cook for yourself, right?

Text beside bubble: You’re more the type to wave menacing equipment around instead of cooking.
Sayo: Urgh.
- I’ll cook something, so wait a bit.
- It won’t be anything fancy, though.

- So delicious…
Text below bubble: so hateful
Big text beside bubble: I somehow feel inadequate
Sayo: Okay, I admit defeat for this round.
Nami: Huh?

Text in box: It’s weird.

Text in box: I’m spending more time with my rival in love than with Sato-nii.
Text on bed: full tummy

Text in box: Ah

- Nami-chan’s playing.

- It’s like when Sato-nii was still here.

Text in box: So lonely.
- Isn’t Nami-chan lonely?
- He gets along well with people, but are his family okay with him crashing at a friend’s place?

- Such a dilemma.
- What should I do from now on?

- Am I in the way?

Text in box: I’ve lost.

Text in box: I’ve lost.

Text in box: I’ve lost.

- Wah.

- You’re home, Sato-nii!?

- No…

- I’m an idiot [linked bubble] mistaking my rival for Sato-nii!
Text between Sayo and Nami: This is…

- …But the way you play bass sounds similar. [linked bubble] Sato-nii also plays the same tune a lot.
- Aah

- That’s because I’ve been teaching Satoru since first year.
Text above bubble: How to put it
- Though our relationship’s quite bad [linked bubble] We’ve had a pretty big influence in each other’s lives.

Text in bubble: He really is like Sato-nii.
Thought bubble: He really is my rival…

- I’m going to the toilet to blow my nose.

Linked bubble: Her nose?
- Can’t be—

- Her eyes were red.
Text in box: Being unable to see him, this feeling won’t go away.

Text in box: Thoughts of him overwhelm me.

Text in box: I can’t see Sato-nii at hime, so I take the initiative and come here.
- Your order—

Text above head: You’re here again
- [small text] Um [normal text] Whose order?
Text cutting bubble: Shh [normal text] Delivery. Delivery.
Text below bubble: I have to deliver this first hand.

Text in box: Seeing him so absorbed in his work, the little voice in me can’t be satisfied.
Text beside neck: He’s so busy

Text in box: So near yet so far.
- You’ve done what you came to do, now get out!
- Yes yes I get it.

Text in box: Only this loneliness became stronger.
- It wouldn’t be right to call to Sato-nii and interrupt his work.

- You, gave us quite the welcome recently—
- Remember?

Linked bubble: Ah I remember.

- You were those “nosy people”.
- …what did you just

- How dare you!

- Don’t be so shameless.

- Okay?
Text above panel: The beauty is scary and intimidating.

- …Che

- You’re the shameless one!
Text beside bubble: Like an okama! [Okama: guys who wear makeup and dress like women]
- You!

- Why’re you here, Nami-chan?
Text in box: Why was I protected by my rival?

- Aren’t you performing at Fuzz today?
- [small text] Ah— [normal text] I was practicing in a nearby studio.

- Seems like a little thing became a big deal.
- Hm?
- Well—

- You didn’t really have to go so far, did you Sayoko?
- [small text] Ah [normal text] But they really were “nosy people”.

- — Letting the insult pass you by so calmly, I’d say your method of dealing with things is weirder.

- Why?
- If you like Sato-nii,
- You should’ve been jealous of those people,
- You should be mean to me until I’m driven to tears,

- Show me more of your feelings.
- It’s better if you hated me.

- Because you have that right, Nami-chan.
Text in box: You’re so nice to me, I can’t summon the will to break you two up.

Text in box: I know.
- I’m acting like a little kid being denied something I want, so I resort to every trick I know in order to get it.

- Let’s stop this business of being lovers.

- What?
- You’re fighting? (laugh)

- I’m talking about the condition to be your fake lover in order to perform in the event.

- [small text] Well [normal text] I don’t mind, but these guys…
Text above Sato: At least stay until the event’s over.
- Nami you have to stay!
Big text: Coercion
- This is the first big job since you joined us!

- I don’t want to see that person anymore.
- —Eh [linked bubble] You broke up with Nami-chan ?

Big unfilled text: Jeez, what was he thinking, splitting on us at a time like this
- Stay calm, stay calm.
- The event is staring us in the face.
Text beside arrow: Nami’s bass.
Sato: He didn’t want to have anything to do with me anymore, so he quit the band, quit playing bass, and left home.
- What he plans to do from now on…

- What!
Star: Eeeeeh?

- Say what?
- Nothing, um

- He said we weren’t suited to be together.
Text in box: No way.

Text in box: Because, didn’t he show that expression?
Text in box: At that time.
Screentone bubble: An important existence.

Text in box: Sigh. Why is it that I finally get to talk with Sato-nii, yet the subject matter is my worry for my rival?
- Am I curbing my feelings?

Text in box: Blood is thicker than water, as per usual, but,
Text in box: Day after day the members wait for him at our house,

Text in box: But Nami-chan never returned to get his bass back.

- Oooh~~ [linked bubble] He’ll come. He’ll come for sure, it’s already time for the event.
Text below bubble: She’s here as a proper audience member.
Text beside head: Here, I’ll just stamp your hand—
Text on shoulder: now you can leave and enter as you like.

Text in box: Vice is missing their bass player.

Text in box: Sato-nii looks busy as always.
- It doesn’t seem like Nami-chan will come back anytime soon.

Star: Do your best, everyone!!

- Nami-chan!!
Sign: Hotel Shadow

Text beside skirt: Ah! It’s a high school girl~~
Text beside arm: A uniform~~

Text beside box flap: Stunned

- …Are you stupid! What’re you doing in such a place?
- That should be my line!!

- No, I’m working part time as a hotel janitor.

- If you’re doing a job first you could’ve let someone at Fuzz know!
Text on box flap: Well whatever, just come!

Text below bubble: You’re done with work!
- Huh?
- The event!

- Nami-chan, don’t tell me you thought you were doing me a favour by hiding away?
- Something like that doesn’t make me happy at all!

- I can’t calm down.
- With Sato-nii’s girlfriends, [linked bubble] I was probably trying to preserve a place for me by coming between them.
- That’s always been enough for me.

- I don’t mind if my rival is Nami-chan.

- Because the band, the bass, and Sato-nii,
- Nami-chan really loves them all.

- An important existence

Linked bubble: That’s right.
- That cannot be thrown aside so easily.

- That’s why I got angry.
- “The girlfriends I had up to now”

- “Me”
- “Like a stubborn puppy that bites and refuses to let go?”
- “There’s only one outlet for her feelings”

- “After this event is over and we split up,”
- “You’ll search for the next one again, won’t you?”
- “It’s too cruel to Sayoko.”

Text in screentone bubble: “Always clinging to an uncertain thread.”
- “Anyone is fine.”
- “It’s not that I don’t like anyone.”

- …Okay
- He neither confirmed nor denied anything.

- His indifference to how her attachment was manipulating everyone.
- It’s getting dark.

- Run!

- Ah [linked bubble] Nami-san!?
Text below bubble: And Sayo-chan.
- Vice is up right now!

- Which song!?
- “Harvest time” I think.
- Its all over the place~~

- They’re still on the second song.
- Before that,
Text on sleeve: Who’s playing bass

- Oh

- Sato-nii.

Linked bubble: He really is good.

- But he…

Text between fifth and sixth panels on the page: Mesmerized

- I saw nothing…
- Too late.

- You’re late!

- Hey— Nami—
- Nami-chan
- Hey, why did you stop all of a sudden—
Spiky bubble: bam

- …Something wrong with your fingers?
Text beside bubble: It’s hurt?
- Crowd control, someone trod on them as I was trying to calm the mob down.

- I lasted 2 songs with the pick,
Text beside bubble: but I can’t last any longer.
- That’s gotta sting.

- Besides you’re sure to get more fans if you play [linked bubble] Since it was agreed I’d only be covering for you
- Come on, switch over.

- …My bass.
- “I can’t quit”

- That’s the kind of guy you’ve been since junior high.
- You really know me, Satoru.

- You really came. [text cutting bubble] Even if you were late—
- With that, Sato-nii vanished into the crowd,
- It seemed he was ready to switch with Nami-chan anytime.

- Why couldn’t Sato-nii say it?
Text beside hair: That he was concerned about him…

Text in box: Really, how awkward.

Text in box: Nami-chan understands me.
- His playing is so lovely.

- It’s dangerous, you should go home once Vice finishes.

Linked bubble: Is he worried?
- I’m not a pain?
- We’ll go home together.

- …Rushing toward the day after tomorrow with joy in our hearts
- Nami-chan too…

- …Ah, he’s smiling
- But that’s not the right song.

- But Sato-nii looks happy too.
- Mmm—

- You too.

- Ah, I see.
- …Sato-nii, [linked bubble] Do you like Nami-chan?

- Mmm.

- What I wanted.
- Me too.
- Hm.
- I like Sato-nii too.
- I see.

- I really like everyone.
- I like being like this.
- It came out smoother than I expected.

- So?

- Are we extending the (fake) lover contract?

- [text cutting bubble] No— [normal text] Since Sayoko’s calmed down.

- Even though I’m mostly normal…
Text beside Nami: Only this aspect’s a bit…
- I’m like that too. [small text] Of course.

- [small text] Ah well [normal text] Nothing’s changed, I still…
- no.

- Hm?
- [small text] No [normal text] Nothing…

- Finger hijacking!

- …Is this harassment? [small text] I’m a guy…
- Sayoko didn’t go home I see. [text cutting bubble] Even though I told her to.
- It a present! [small text] I just bought it!

- Pretty fingernails will mesmerize.

Linked bubble: It’s not like I’ll grow them out, and the polish will wear off soon [small text] since I play bass
- When it wears off we’ll paint it again.

- Since we’ll be living together, [linked bubble] you’re coming back, are you?
Text below bubble: something like that
Text beside face: Now for the right hand—
- Ye…yeah, I guess…
Text on jacket: Spontaneous decision to extend the contract.

- [text cutting bubble] Hoho [normal text] I’m having to see you getting along.
- Aaaah don’t touch it right now—
Text beside bubble: Sato-nii’s an idiot—
- He did it on purpose…

Text beside bubble: He’s that kinda guy
- …Will we pass our days like usual?

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