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Ah Itoshi no Banchou-sama 14.5

+ posted by JinHea as translation on Apr 18, 2011 22:29 | Go to Ah Itoshi no Banchou-sama

-> RTS Page for Ah Itoshi no Banchou-sama 14.5

*Please ask me before using my translation

tl by JinHea

My Darling Miss Banchou
Special chapter 2

Boxed text: Chemistry division Year 1 Group 1
Classroom sign: Chemistry division Year 1 Group 1

Boxed text: A free period of so called “self-study”
SFX beside box: Gya—haha
SFX: Agya—
Text cutting bubble: unexpectedly calm…

Souka: [small text] Oh… [normal text] Wow—!!
Mirai: Hm?

- Ah! I’m didn’t mean to peek at your work. [linked bubble] But your drawings are really amazing.
Text cutting Souka’s bubble: awa awa
Text beside Mirai’s nose: stretch
- You think so? Tell me more. [text cutting bubble] So that my nose stretches as far as Pluto.

- Banchou, Mirai’s artwork is indeed good but his use of colours is even more amazing!
Text beside Reichi: Proud of his friend
Text above Katou: Indeed, amazing use of primary colours

- Well, I have a primary colour fate—?
Boxed text: The nose has grown to reach Mars.
Text below box: For some reason I feel no more desire to praise him
Souka: So you can draw such beautiful things with just colour pencils—
Text on case: Colour pencils

- Huh?
Text on case: Kimura Mirai
- Kimura… [linked bubble] Mirai?

- Ah— That’s the colour pencils I’ve been using since primary school.
Text beside bubble: Mom bought it for me
Text on shoulder: Actually the pencils have been replaced, only the case is the same/
- Kimura Mirai is the name I used to have.

Text beside Katou: Huh?

Text on Mirai: Attention. Maeda Mirai
- Kimura Mirai [linked bubble] is a really obnoxious guy.
Boxed text: This time

Boxed text: we have a story from Mirai’s middle school years.
- Bam

SFX: aaaaaaa
- What the—!?
Thought bubble: Hmph
SFX beside box: skid
Boxed text: When I was in fifth grade, mom remarried.

Text in box on Mirai: Kimura Mirai (2nd year middle school)

Boxed text: But I didn’t get along with my new dad, so I didn’t go home much.
- A… a fight!? [linked bubble] And, what a flashy middle school student! [text cutting bubble] A punk!?
- It seems like they bumped into each other…
Text below bubble: Po… police~~~

Boxed text: I deliberately picked fights over and over.
- Th… The little s***—!!
Boxed text: At the police station,

- Annoying high school students—
Boxed text: I heard that mom collapsed.

Boxed text: Mom’s death left me behind with an unfamiliar stepdad.
Boxed text: I didn’t know how to get along with him.

- Aah
- Unknowingly,
- a yawning hole has opened up in me.

- Next day

- Mirai, you’ve been called to to the faculty room today because— [smaller text] U—m
- What—?
Text beside Mirai: such a pain.

-That is [linked bubble] You know how you got into a fight in front of the station yesterday?
- Eh— I have no idea.

- [text cutting bubble] Thr… [normal text] Three high school students were beaten up, [linked bubble] There were quite a few broken bones.
SFX: whisper whisper
Boxed text: Other teachers

- And, the person who did that to them was apparently a red haired teenager…
- Sigh
- So?

- Eh!? [linked bubble] No— that kind of thing— [text cutting bubble] U—m
- Mi… Mirai, you went too far— [smaller text] hahahaha

- Big sis! [linked bubble] The poster is all do…
SFX: slide

SFX: clatter bam
- Gya—
- The chair—

- You’re talking in circles, teacher. [linked circle] So annoying. If there’s something you want to say then say it!
Text above arrow: ready to kick
- Ye— yes! I’m sorry!

- Why is the teacher apologising!
- But he’s too scary even the police can’t do anything about him!!
SFX: A~~~
- You wimp!
Text cutting bubble: weakling!

- Then have another teacher talk to him!
- No way! [linked bubble] He’s scary!
Text above bubble: hmph
- I’m going back

SFX: stare—

- Huge
- Move

- Ah! [normal text] Right, sorry.
- Flashy! [text cutting bubble] A punk?

SFX: shf

Author’s sidebar: Special chapter “Mirai and Reichi”
At this time Mirai’s height is 154cm. Reichi is 170cm. Reichi (high school 1st year) is 178cm. His final height will probably be over 180cm. As for Mirai, he probably won’t go past 170cm… Yuu and Shun Shun have pretty much reached their max height. (They might grow 1, 2cm more at most)
As for Souka… instead of growing, she seems to be shrinking (what the?). Well, that’s how she seems to have turned out. She just gives people this soft and round feeling.

SFX: shf

SFX: shf

SFX: shf shf
SFX: boing

- You’re ticking me off—!!
SFX: bam
- No— It’s just a series of coincidences—

- Reichi you okay!?
Text above head: ouchie
- Big sis, that’s Kimura Mirai right. [smaller text] from the rumours

- This is the first time I’ve seen him up close—
Boxed text: Little brother. Reiichirou (2nd year middle school)
Text beside Reichi: Only seen him from a distance.
- Cute, isn’t he. (chat) [linked bubble] But violent. Watch yourself around him.
Boxed text: Big sister. Art teacher.

- Oh, but if it’s you—
- Hm?

- [text cutting bubble] Hmph [normal text] So those high school students had broken bones, I might’ve overdone it.
SFX: wah wah
- But they started it. Well, whatever.
Text beside Mirai: You bumped into me!
Text below thought bubble: Give us medical fees—
Other text: or we’ll beat you up.

- What a pain.
SFX: kick

- It’s the first time I came to school in a long while too, I shouldn’t’ve come after all. [linked bubble] Since the troubles just keep coming.
Text beside girl: Why did he kick the rubbish bin!?
Text between girls: scary
Text on Mirai: Kicks whatever is nearby when irritated

- I have no family. I don’t wanna go home. They won’t leave me alone at school either.
- [text cutting bubble] whoa [normal text] I don’t have anything—

- Aaah…
- The hole is getting bigger
SFX: tmp tmp

- Kimura Future—!! [Mirai means future in japanese]
SFX: bff
- Ow—

SFX: plop

SFX: gyaaaa
- Reichi from group 6 is picking a fight with Mirai—!!
Text along panel bottom: run for your life—
- Reichi!! We know you’re an idiot, but we didn’t think you were this stupid!

- Reichi… from group 6?
Text below bubble: Ouch
- Yes!

- Ebihara Reichi, 2nd year group 6
- Nice to meet you!

- It’s not nice to meet you! Go away!
Text beside Mirai: roll roll
- Hey, you know in August the school holds a Summer Festival?
SFX below bubble: swish
SFX beside foot: evade

- He… he evaded me!
Text beside mouth: irk irk irk
- I drew this poster, but haven’t coloured it in yet.
Text beside bubble: since no one wanted to draw the poster, big sis (art teacher) gave him the task.
Text on poster: Summer Festival

- You have good sense with primary colours, wanna help out?
- Huh!?
- I want the colours to be eyecatching. So let’s do it!

Text beside arrow: sausage
Text above people: Reichi, I’ll give this to you if you come here.
Text above arrow: Disasterproof headscarf
- Aaah, sorry Mirai, Reichi is an idiot, please don’t mind him. [linked bubble] We’re begging you, don’t get mad…
- The colours I like are light and delicate shades, [linked bubble] so I’m not very good at mixing and matching colours—
Text along panel bottom: Not listening (cos he’s an idiot)

- So please! Red hair on an outrageous head, punk clothing, [linked bubble] you’ve gotta be the only one in this school!
- pomf

- Whaaa—!?
Text below arrow: head that’s been called outrageous
SFX: Gyaaa he’s angry
Text above arrow: uniform

- You making a fool outta me?
SFX: grip
- Eh?

- No.
- I was just saying you have good colour sense.

Linked bubble: I’m interested in hair colour and makeup, so I like to see the colours people don.
- Wha…

- You’re not making any sense.
- The mean things Mirai have done up to now.

- Upperclassmen who picked fights with him were kicked into the pool.
Text beside Mirai: hup
SFX: splash
Text beside student: Gya— no—
Text beside symble: winter

- High school students who came for revenge got a broken nose.
Text above head: Gya— it’s broken!?
Text along right side of panel: that hurts—
Text on head: Why is it hurting so much
Boxed text: and other similar episodes kept occuring, so much so that people began to fear getting mixed up with him…

- Next day
SFX: slide

- Future— [linked bubble] Good morn—
Text above head: Atmosphere of / art

SFX: bam
- shut.

- Why are you running away—!!?
- I never said I’d help out!
Text beside bubble: No way I’m wearing a beret

Author’s sidebar: Special thank you
My editor. Everyone at LaLa. All the people who helped in the process of making this volume. My family. Everyone at a certain industrial high school. People from Kitashou. Everyone from Kawano class.
Nakano Emiko. Izumi Asuka. Satou Natsumi. Hachiyahyaku. Yuzawa Eri.
Yuuko. Rie. Mikako. Rika. Aki. Fuu. Teacher.
Everyone who reads my work. Everyone who sends me letters.
Thank you so much. I am always greatful to have all of your support. I’ll work even harder…sniff…
Fujikata Mayu.

- Come on!
- Why

- So mean!
- Why

- Why…!
- Lets work together~~
Text on head: Lunchtime broadcast

- Why’s this guy so hung up about one poster!?
SFX beside text: Gyaooo
Boxed text: We’ve been playing this cat and mouse game for a week now.
SFX above Mirai and linked to text beside Reichi’s leg: Persisteeeeent

- Why won’t you help!?

- Cos you’re annoying!
- Harsh!!
- It isn’t

- It isn’t that I don’t want to help (I like art)

- But I run away on reflex.
- I run away, he gives chase.

- Just when I think I have nothing,
Text on shoulder: You have good colour sense
- He tells me I do “have” something.

- He keeps giving chase
Thought bubble: weirdo

- Didn’t I decide not to come to school anymore?
Text on bush: somehow is coming to school everyday.
Text above arrow: Hiding from Reichi

- Lately,

- Kimura Mirai seems to be growing up— He’s obediently attending school. [text cutting bubble] Wonder what happened

- That boy doesn’t really have any friends at school.
Text beside bubble: Well, since he’s so violent and mean
Mirai: Reichi’s big sister
- So I told my little brother

- To strike up a good relationship with him.
- Reichi is a kid who can get anyone to open up.

- I guess this is the result?
Text above big sis: Nice Reichi!
- No one can stand against Reichi’s cheerfulness—
Text beside bubble: wow—
- Though he’s an idiot
Text below bubble: inner voice

- Strike up a good relationship with him.

- So that’s it.

- Do I seem so lonely that
- I need someone’s pity?

- Ah, Mirai [linked bubble] found you…
Text beside Reichi: now, the poster…

SFX: bam

- I’m ending this.
- Pity and sympathy

- I don’t need it.

- Ah— [linked bubble] I’m so stupid—
SFX: daze

- Guess I’ll go buy something—
SFX: cling
- He’s here he’s here.

- Mirai.
SFX: shfft
- You’re flashy as usual—

SFX: jolt
- Long time no see [linked bubble] You doing well? Mirai. [text cutting bubble] We looked all over for you

Linked bubble: Yes…
Text below arrow: reply with something first
Text on head: high school students?
Text above heads: Oooi
- You forgot us!?

- For this arm and
- these teeth

- We have yet to show our appreciation.
SFX: Cro /wd

- Not good. I’m surrounded. [linked bubble] Who are these guys again?
Boxed text: Read page 122

- What did I do…
- Wait up—!!

- Huh? This voice…

- Hitting me out of nowhere, you’re mean, Mirai!
SFX beside Reichi: rustle
SFX: jump

- Tsk [normal text] Reinforcements!?
Mirai: Rei
Text above Mirai’s bubble: So
Text beside bubble: you were here
- Geez~~~

- The poster is still completely without colour!
- The deadline’s tomorrow and it’s already evening!!

- What to do now? Stupid! [text cutting bubble] wah~~~
- Tears…on cue…
- Po…

- Poster? Text above head: Ummm
SFX: anger anger anger anger
- You’re…

- still going on about that thing—!?
SFX: bam
Text beside arrow: delinquents
- Gya—
Text on Reichi: Sir Mirai, who kicks anything nearby when mad.

- Why’re you still chasing me? I already know the poster is an excuse for getting close to me!
SFX: bash
- Hey!

- Worming into someone’s good graces just cos your sister told you to is cheap!
Text below arrow: The one who got defeated by that cheapness

- Eh… [linked bubble] Really? Maybe I should’ve drawn it better? Calling it cheap…
Text on Reichi’s shoulder: sniffle
Text beside bubble: No, that’s not what he meant. It’s very good.
Boxed text: The delinquents are still alive even after being kicked.
SFX: ragged
- Think about something other than the poster for once!

- I can’t do that! It’s due tomorrow!
Text on head: Poster!

- Get your head on straight! When are you gonna get off my case about that poster!!
Text on head: No poster!

- Come on, think of which colours to use!
Boxed text: Poster!
- Who cares!! Go away!
Boxed text: No poster!
Text above crowd: Hey hey you’re too loud / you’re disturbing the neighbours…
- Never!

- Only you can do this! [linked bubble] I like your use of colours!!

- I have no colour sense!
- Only you have it!
- This guy…

- Really wasn’t thinking about anything other than the poster…?
SFX: boohoo
- Hey, strike up a good relationship with Mirai.
Boxed text: Really not thinking of anything other than the poster.
- He’s so good at using colours— I want him to do the poster with me.
- You listening?
Text on arm: Not listening.

- … Reichi is a true idiot.
SFX: shock
Text beside upper arm: How awful, calling someone an idiot to their face
- Eeh!?

- Haha…
- Once again he tells me I “have” something.
- No father, dead mother

- Ahahahaha [linked bubble] What an idiot.
- What kind of fight is this!
- I have a huge hole inside me.

Empty SFX: Keh keh keh
SFX beside SFX: Ahahaha
SFX on hat: confused
Boxed text: A bunch of mystified delinquents
- [smaller text] He… [normal text] He’s laughing hysterically…
- The guy’s gone mad… [text cutting bubble] He was angry just now
- Sadness, anger, everything pours into the darkness

- I’m scared
Text above shoulder: Laughter of tears?
Text beside ear: Tears of laughter?
- Mirai?

- Ah— I’m laughing [normal text] Reichi
- It’s been illuminated…

- Sorry about everything.
- I like primary colours.
Poster text at top: Summer Festival
Poster text at bottom: Yokohama Hajime Middle School

SFX: chatter chatter
Signs starting from the right: Shaved ice / Hot dog

- Wow— [normal text] Heaps of people came—

- Hey, our poster!
- Oh— quite eyecatching.
- Everyone came because they saw this.

- Dispatch messengers are [linked bubble] Mirai and Reichi [smaller text] yup

- Dispatch me… hm—

- “I don’t want mom to remarry.”
- “I want to get along with my new dad.”
- “But I don’t know how to do that.”
- Words and thoughts swirl within me, but I can’t express them.

- But that doesn’t mean I’m unable to express anything.
- Since Reichi was able to become aware of my colours.

- Because I understand that…
- Hey— I [linked bubble] want cotton candy.

- Same pose.

SFX: shf shf shuffle

- Why are our movements so synchronised?

- Dunno, but it’s really funny!
- I began to laugh more and more.

Boxed text: Autumn, 2nd year middle school
Text beside box: Mom’s younger sister found me
- Big sister has a son!? [text cutting bubble] Gya— cute punk boy!
Text under screentone: Big sister left home when she was 20.
- She took me in (we get alone really well)
Text along panel bottom: super punk clothing

- A change of name / a change of environment
Text above aunt: Fu— ture—
Text above Mirai: New mom’s name is Maeda Nancy.
- Lots of things changed.

- The dark emotions that had filled the hole began to disappear little by little
- And…

- This is the guy I am now.
Boxed text: Maeda Mirai (high school 1st year)
- And that’s what happened! [linked bubble] Wasn’t I obnoxious back then?

SFX: ahahahaha
SFX beside Shun’s cheek: hmph
- Mirai… [linked bubble] You…

- Used to be such a cool guy…
- But you went and got dyed in Reichi’s colour… [smaller text] how sad
- Wait a min you make it sound like such a bad thing!! [smaller text] so mean—
Text along panel bottom: He’s smartened up a bit (but still an idiot at heart)

- Ahahaha Reichi’s colour
- What is that

- I…
- rather prefer the current Mirai…
SFX: flip

Text above Mirai: Oyo
Text above crowd: Gya— gya—
Text on Souka’s head: Ah this one has pretty colours~~
- The dark feelings are gone.

- But the hole is still there.
- Banchou, I heard that
Text beside bubble: So you like me— there’s no helping it—
- Huh?
- If you feel that way
- Maybe it’ll be there my whole life.

- How about becoming an artist’s bri- [displaced text] de?
SFX: bash

- Even so… even if that’s the case,
- I’ll gather lots and lots of happy primary coloured feelings
- and fill that hole up for sure!

- That’s what I think.
Katou: Are you trying to pick a fight?
- Mirai, you want to be an artist? [smaller text] amazing
Boxed text: Quite fitting
- Not really I wanna be a designer. [text cutting bubble] But working at a musical instrument store is good too—
Text on Mirai’s head: Too uncertain a life
- This little—!! [smaller text] he’s ignoring me!

- Aa Itoshi no Banchou sama 3 / End

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