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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Hot Spring Meeting 8

+ posted by JinHea as translation on Jun 27, 2011 02:38 | Go to Hot Spring Meeting

-> RTS Page for Hot Spring Meeting 8

*Only for use by Shoujo Crusade

tl by JinHea

- Let’s meet at the Onsen
- chapter 8

- Welcome to Kasuirou!!!
- ……We are pleased to be of service to you.

- I…I, I’m the acting proprietress…
- Igarashi.
Text in box: Hello. [linked box] I’m Igarashi Ushio.

- No!!
- Fugya
- Not “I’m”! “I am”!! [bigger text] once more!!

- …A, Atsushi-chan, it really is too much to try to turn her into a proprietress overnight…
- You said something…?
- No… it’s nothing…

- Listen up, Ushio. [linked bubble] For one day only, you are the proprietress of this place.
- Doing this halfheartedly is not an option.

- Of course, for a novice to take on the responsibilities of the “face” of the inn who also has the duty to provide onsite supervision, even for one day, is—…

Text above Ushio: M, m, m, m, my feet, pins and needles…

- Are you listening—??
- Yeeeeeek
Boxed text: [small word] Re [normal text] Really… [linked box] Why…this kind of thing…

Boxed text: Thinking back to yesterday [linked bubble] Izumi-san snuck into the women’s baths and was seen by Yumoto credit union’s new representative Kyose-san.

Boxed text: She declared perhaps she should cut off the bathhouse’s funds—
Linked box: we couldn’t believe it…

- ……I see. [linked bubble] The new representative…

- Atsushi-san…?
Atsushi: …Then I suppose there is no need to conceal this. [linked bubble] …My little brother snuck into the women’s baths…

- because of work.

- Huh…?
- …It has been progressing in secret up until now. Actually, we are considering offering a new service this spring. [linked bubble] For that purpose, my brother was doing a test trial with the girl. [smaller text] Well, you saw the result yourself…

Ushio: R… really… [smaller text] I didn’t know that…
Kyose: …… That may be the case… but what’s the meaning of testing it out on a customer?
- Oh! [linked bubble] Forgive my rudeness in not introducing her earlier— this girl is…

- the acting proprietress of our establishment, Igarashi Ushio.
- … wha?

- … I do believe I heard Kasuirou’s staff are all male…?
- Right! [linked bubble] However because the number of female guest have risen in recent years [linked bubble] we thought a womanly touch would not go amiss…

- Such a liar!!!
Text beside star bubble: Ah~~ Running an inn is hard work!
Text on tie: Lying his head off

Text cutting bubble: Sigh [normal text] …I understand…
- Eh?

- I suppose it can’t be helped, since it was work.
- Kyose-san fell for it?
Kyose: I am embarrassed [linked bubble] to have made such a huge fuss.

- …well

- As a fresh start, if the acting proprietress would show me around the establishment tomorrow [linked bubble] and I shall decide on the matter of funding afterwards.
- …That

- Th…that is…how to say, she is still in training…
Text cutting bubble: Of [normal text] Of course! My pleasure!!

- I am still in training, but I will do my best to show you around tomorrow!

- Ushio!!
Text above Atsushi: This idiot…
Text above Ushio: Oh!

- I am looking forward to it!

Star bubble: I screwed uuuuuuuup!
Black box: …and thus
Linked box: did acting proprietress Igarashi come into being……
Atsushi: —right. That wraps up preparations for the inside of the inn. [linked bubble] Next is…Ushio?

- Are you… nervous…?
- Eh!? Not at all…

- You’ll be fine.
- I’m here to back you up.

- Atsushi-san…
- So…

- Anyhow… Do me a favour and don’t do unnecessary things!
- …Roger.

- You lot,

- don’t you dare put a foot out of place.

Text in small panel: terrified

Text beside Atsushi: Understood?
Text above crowd: Y… yes…
Text in front of Ushio’s face: Tyranny…
- …For Atsushi-san to say those things…
- Looks like this time we’re really in hot water…

- Master!!
- Kyose-san has arrived!!

Star bubble: She’s here—!!
Kyose: Good morning. [text cutting linked bubble] Oh my [linked bubble] I am very happy that everyone is here to welcome me.
Atsushi: Good morning, Kyose-sama.

- Were you able to sleep well last night?
- Yes, thank you for asking.

- Then let us proceed to giving you a tour of the establishment.
Text on Ushio: frozen.

- Ushio?
Star bubble: [bigger text] eeek [normal text] This is really scary~~
Ushio: Y… yes. [linked bubble] Welcome…

- [larger word] L— [normal text] Let us begin with a showing of the main entrance…

- …Ushio-san [linked bubble] Good luck…!

- …Will Master be alright? [linked bubble] Though that girl seems capable…
- But… if today’s negotiations break down…

- Negotiations break downFunding cut offKasuirou out of businessRedundancy

- [bold text] No~~~ [normal text] Just when I found a proper job~~~
- I’ve got my parents and siblings, 16 people back home in the country depending on me—
- And I was gonna follow the Master for life~~
- E… everyone calm down please! [linked bubble] Nothing’s decided ye…

- Everyone…

- I just got an idea…
- … Izumi-chan…!

- …so that was the showing of the guest rooms, [linked bubble] the showing of the baths come next.
- Er… are there any questions…?

- No, nothing in particular. Thank you.

Text on Ushio: …Everything’s gone according to plan up till now [smaller text] though it took a bit more time
Text on flower: Kyose-san seems normal…
Text on glasses: …Maybe she no longer thinks anything of what happened yesterday?

Text cutting panels: Being beautiful and talented, she doesn’t seem like a scary person. If the rest goes well the funding should keep coming…
Star bubble: Right! Everything will go well!!
- Igarashi-san.

- Yes! [small text] what is it?
- I came by car, [linked bubble] which road should I take to get to the carpark?
Text below bubble: I can’t see it through the snow
- Ah! [linked bubble] That would be—

- ……C, can’t see anything…
- Um… [linked bubble] let’s see…

- [text cutting bubble] Wow! [normal text] You really can’t see anything for the snow, [linked bubble] it shall be cleared later.

- To get to the carpark, take those stairs, [linked bubble] then…
Text above head: Atsushi-san…

- …I’m shocked.
- Hm?
- The employees really are all men.

- The previous representative felt it was interesting…
- But I’m different.

- It’s obvious when you think about it. [linked bubble] Females are more suited for this profession.

- That is because…

- Women possess delicacy, [linked bubble] gentleness,
- and attentiveness,
- as well as [linked bubble] providing an uncomparable feeling of peace, as if one is home.

- For the guest’s needs be answered, [linked bubble] those should be the fundamental elements for an inn.
- I cannot possibly acknowledge [linked bubble] an inn that has lost those vital elements!!

Atsushi: [text cutting bubble] haha [normal text] Well well [linked bubble] for Kyose-san to say such a thing…
- Wow… Atsushi-san is keeping his cool. That’s right, this can be settled in a friendly…
- Oh my…

- Friendly…

- N…not good! If this heavy atmosphere doesn’t lift…
Ushio: Kyose-san! It gets even better! [linked bubble] You are about to see the pride of this inn—
Text on signs: Women’s baths

- Welcome!!!

Text on Kyose: Wha

Star bubble: What the heck is this—!
Text above bubble: Bare.

- To the large open air bath!!!

- Let me scrub your back
- This is Kasuirou’s traditional service time
Text below bubble: Now please enjoy~~
Atsushi: [text cutting bubble] Hey! [normal text] What on earth are you thinking…
- N… No way…

- Why is everyone…
Thought bubble: Whoa

- [bold text] A [normal text] Atsushi-san, calm down. [linked bubble] Kyose-san, let us move to the next…
Star bubble: Eeek—

- Th… this is bad… And it was going so well (?) too…
Ushio: Kyose-san, let’s go! [linked bubble] Let us quickly move on to the next showing!

Linked bubble: … Kyose-san…?
- …Allow me to take a rest for a little while…

- Hey someone get a room ready where she can rest.
- Yes! Right away.

- Kyose-san, are you okay?
- Yes… just a brief rest…
Text on plate: Matsu

- H… hey, what kind of preparations are these!?
- I told you to prepare a room for rest, [linked bubble] but didn’t say anything about a meal…
- Take it easy Atsushi-chan!

- Ushio-san, you sit too
- Yuu-chan…!?

- I told them…those guys…
- Atsushi-sa…

- K…Kyose-san’s mood is getting even worse…
- [text cutting bubble] kay [normal text] Now everyone’s here
Star bubble: What does Yuu-chan intend to do~~~

- Clap!

- Th, this is…
Text above bubble: We’ll clear away the unnecessary items then…
Yuu: This is Kasuirou’s “beautiful group of three”

Spike bubble: Eeeee~~~
- [bold text] Come [normal text] Kyose-sama, please enjoy a cup of tea.
- [smaller text] Wait [normal text] I’m working right n—
- It’s okay, it’s okay [small text] in one gulp

Text cutting panel: Ah!
Star bubble: Tea!?
Text on neck: Cou… could it be…
Text beside chin: Kyo—se! Kyo—se!
- …… I suppose a cup won’t hurt…

Big text: Big celebration.
Hollow text above Kyose: Take it off! Take it off!
Spike bubble: Nooo—! I knew it!
Atsushi: Y, you guys used sake…

- …Don’t stop me, Ushio… I’ve hit my limit…
- But!!

- Kyose-san, are you alright!?
- No good... I feel sick…
- This is bad! You should lie down…
- Ushio-san! A futon has been prepared in the next room.

- Thank you Yuu-chan. [linked bubble] You’ll feel better soon…

- okay…
- Welcome [linked bubble] I have been waiting for you.
- Today’s main dish is me, [linked bubble] Yuge Izumi.

- We’re done for……

- …No!
- K…
- Kyose-san! Let us go back at once!
- Crack

- …Izumi…I knew it, everything was your doing…
- [text cutting bubble] Ugh [normal text] Why is big brother here!?

Spark bubble: Not good! If they fight in front of Kyose-san then…
- Wa

Linked bubble: wait a moment! Atsushi-san, don’t make any rash moves!
- [text cutting bubble] grab! [normal text] Ushio, let g—

Creator’s sidebar: I love music. I’m into both western and eastern music, but the problem is how I listen to music./ I wear headphones and turn the volume up really loud, so I can’t hear anything else… One time I didn’t come out no matter how many times my landlord rung the bell, who got worried and contacted my family; another time the residence’s security guy couldn’t found me no matter how much he ran around… such unfortunate experiences keep piling up…/ And, the scariest (laugh) thing was, when I realised it mom was in the room (since I live alone)…
Text beside mom: Ah, you finally noticed~
- Whoa!
Text along panel bottom: …My heart stopped.

- Ah!

- …What [linked bubble] was I doing up till now…

Linked bubble: I wonder if Izumi-chan succeeded…
- …What was that sound just now? Yuu-san…

- Kyose-san wait! [linked bubble] Please listen to me!
- Atsushi-chan!

- …There is nothing to discuss.

- I understand completely now.
- This kind of unseemly establishment should be closed down immediately.

- Funding will cease immediately.
- Thank you for your hard work.

- …well then, [linked bubble] I shall officially contact you after I return to the company.
- …Kyose-san

- …I am very sorry about what happened today. [linked bubble] Allow me to at least accompany you to the carpark.
Text on Ushio: …what to do?
- Don’t go out of your way. [linked bubble] ...Since nothing more I see will change my mind.

- …Kasuirou is going to be…

- Atsushi-sa…
- I must do something…
- something—

- Master… Um, about us…
- Atsushi-chan…

- …Big… brother I…

- Sorry! It’s all my fault… so
- please to punish the others!!
- Izumi-san!

- It… [linked bubble] It’s my fault Kasuirou is being closed down

- Discipline… [linked bubble] Discipline me however you…

- You idiot.
- Master!

- Geez. How many years do you think we’ve been brothers for?
- I understand where you were coming from.

- …Next,
- we should look for a new company to fund us, don't you think?

- Of…

- Of cour…se…!

Creator’s sidebar: About historical dramas…/ The next chapter is/ Suddenly, a historical drama (laugh) This was when I first drew topknots. I like topknots. It really is a unique hairstyle. Speaking of unique, the braided hairstyle from China’s Qing dynasty is unique and interesting…/ Topknot/ [left to right] front back/ braided/ front back/ …something like this…? [sweat drops] I drew it from memory, sorry if it has mistakes [sweat drops] But why do both styles… why did they have to shave off the bits they did? It’s a mystery./ …convenience maybe?/ Culture is amazing (laugh)

- Good!! She’s still here!
- Kyose-sa…

- Something… isn’t right…

- Kyose-san, open the window!! [small text] cut the engine
- Kya! [linked bubble] Igarashi-san, why— mmf

- Snow’s blocked the muffler! The exhaust fumes are leaking into the car! [linked bubble] Hurry!

- ? Kyose-san!
- …I’m trying to! But… it’s not opening! [linked bubble] The window and the door both won’t open!
Burst bubble: Eh… Why…?

- … Is it… because of the cold—?

- The gas is filling the car.
- There’s no time to call the others—

- Kyose-san! Listen to me. [linked bubble] I’ll pull the door from outside so please push it from inside!

- One— two!

- Yowch!
Text bubble cutting panel: Igarashi-san!

- S [normal text] Sorry, try again.

- Gya!

- Once, once more!

- Gah! [linked bubble] Again!

- [smaller text] huff huff [linked bubble] Kyose-sa…n. Again…

- Kyose-san?
- …er
- Eh?

- Don’t bother.

- Wha…
- I said don’t bother. [linked bubble] …Anyhow

- Isn’t this a good thing for you guys?

- Kyose-san… what do you mean…
- Well, [linked bubble] isn’t it?

- If I die like this
- they’ll send another representative and Kasuirou might be saved.

- Plea… [linked bubble] se don’t say something like that!

- Igarashi-san…

Linked bubble: You… your hands…
- Huh? [linked bubble] Oh this…

- No worries!
- I have confidence in my strength

- Okay, let’s do this again!! [small text] we’ll get it open this time

- Come on! Kyose-san! [text cutting bubble] One— two
- Unh

- Open

- Open—!!

- Ah…

- It opened—
Text above Kyose: thank you—!!

- Kyose-san?

- …About the funding…
- Oh! [linked bubble] It doesn’t matter anymore.

- Huh?
Text below bubble: doesn’t matter…

- I… was so caught up in the necessity of funding for the inn [linked bubble] I completely… forgot something.
- That this is…

- Kasuirou, after all…
Flashback bubble: Let’s go back
Flashback bubble 2: to Kasuirou.
Flashback bubble 3: I’ll never forget!!

Linked bubble: You really believe it…
- Um… It’s a bit different from what you’re thinking, those guys will definitely come up with something
- That’s what I believe.

Text above Ushio: Y… yeah, I suppose that’s it
- Right

Text above sleeve: Oh! It’s stopped snowing [heart]

- Igarashi-san…
- [text cutting bubble] Ah! [normal text] That’s right! [linked bubble] I have something I have to tell you before you leave!

- Actually… I’m… [linked bubble] Exactly—
- not the acting proprietress

- Ri—ght!? [linked bubble] How did you!?
- I knew from the outset. [linked bubble] There were flaws everywhere but for some reason the showing around was flawless
Text below bubble: In the end everything else were riddled with flaws

Text on dot screentone: My… my hard work…
- …But I do have one question.

- Why… are you, someone with no ties to them, going so far to help them…? [linked bubble] Surely a customer need not do something like this.
- Huh…?

- That is—
Text above crowd: There she is—
- Ushio-saaaaan!
Text above Izumi: Geez— we looked all over— Ushio-chaaan!
Text on forehead: … that is
Text beside chin above Atsushi: because… I too…

- love onsen. I love Kasuirou!

- Ushio-san, you… [linked bubble] have what it takes to become a good Okami.
Text below bubble: Kyaa, Ushio-san’s hands
- Huh?

- That’s…

- because she’s my Okami, after all [heart] / of course.

Bubble beside chin: …Hold on big brother, didn’t you say you understood me?
- So how about you just give up on Ushio-chan already?

- Why don’t you be the one to give Ushio up?
- Right of the eldest.
Text bubble cutting panels: What’d you say—

- K, Kyose-san [linked bubble] This is a big misunderstanding
- I’m no brother of yours!
- That’s my line!
- … Really [linked bubble] I’m looking forward to the future.

- Eh… just now…
- Igarashi-san… [linked bubble] Also, Master Yuge…

- can I… come here again? [linked bubble] To Kasuirou.
Text beside bubble: That means…
- But not just for work…

- Well then everyone

- Of course!!
- Let’s meet at the Onsen!!
Text on building: Banzaaai Banzaaai

- Thank you for coming to this establishment [heart]

Let’s meet at the Onsen/End

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