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Popcorn Avatar 10

An idiot couple beyond redemption

+ posted by JinHea as translation on Jul 12, 2011 06:06 | Go to Popcorn Avatar

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*Only for use by Muda Scans

tl by JinHea

- Look, it’s as if the stars are in my hand.

- They are. And not just stars.
- Every corner of the universe will become ours.

- …no matter how powerful one is,
- time will not return, nor can it be manipulated…

- Time continues on its course.
- How cruel it is, Vritra.
Text along panel bottom: A battle fantasy portraying the battle between gods and the demon race!!

- “Asura Vritra”, the origin of calamities. An Asura created by Asura.
Text on figure: A tale begins…!!
- Chapter 10: An idiot couple beyond redemption

Text on Lisa: Circling Asura Vritra
- Eons ago, no matter how many times she fought the warrior god Indra – she was defeated.
- However, an ability of Vritra’s allowed these battles that embodied the fury of nature to be endlessly repeated. It’s known as
- Amrita (immortality).

- Information is key! [linked] Asura girl! Please tell me about the current Vritra! What do they look like and how old are they?
- Oh, cola for me. Calorie free, with a slice of lemon.

- They wear school uniforms, if it isn’t cosplay then they’re probably around the same age as you guys.
- Their faces were shadowed so I couldn’t see very well.
- Vegetable juice for me, no ice.

- The site through which contact was made was shut down. [linked] No clues will be found at the place where you directly met up since it’s a public facility.
- Hot darjeeling tea. The cup should be warmed first.

- I’m…
- …no, um.

- Too much trouble.
- It’s water for everyone!!

Text along right of page: Holding a strategy meeting for dealing with Vritra, but the gathering place is the…!?

- This doesn’t count as taking requests for drinks!
- Infrared, infrared… [musical note]
- Hold on, don’t play around with someone’s phone without their permission!
- S, sorry. It’s best that I go…
- It’s fine for me and you to sit. We’re injured after all.
Text beside Kai: I’m entering a store naked again…
- Explain to me why the Asura we were just fighting is here with us!?

- …But isn’t that immortality ability a joke?
- After all, even being immortal, Vritra was defeated so many times by Indra.

- Don’t underestimate the power of regeneration. [linked] Even when scattered into bits no bigger than an atom, she still comes back to life—
- According to the rules, can’t you make her admit defeat and solve everything that way?

- You think an immortal being with their own agenda… would admit defeat so easily?

- I guess not…

- Hmmmm
- Amano-san?
- Then…

- Gather all 8 members of “Lokapala”, was that what you were going to say? [Lokapala – Guardians of the Directions]
- Oh my, we’re on the same wavelength for the first time ever [heart]

- It’s gonna be hard work. They could be anywhere in the world, if we’re unlucky.
- In the world?
- Loka… [linked] pala?
-Lokapala, get the 8 of us together and we’ll achieve the desired end by fair means or foul!

- I don’t care what means you use.
- So there’s Lisa and Indra, and once the other 6 are gathered [linked] the Asura will all be vanquished, right?

- I wish you wouldn’t make Asura out to be such bad guys. [linked] There are also those like me who, after being born as Asura, feel that there’s something they must do.
- Asura’s memories instil duty…
- Quit acting like you’re the victim here.

- Kurando!
- Down!!!

- Down?

- I’m fight because I have people I want to protect, not because I feel duty bound to do so.
Text above Indra: Wooow, just like a dog
- Don’t misuse “power” just because you’re Asura.

- Asura girl! I have your personal details so don’t even think about running away, okay [heart]
- Yakuza.
- Just like Lisa.

- My name is Kuramochi Kanae.

- I just remembered something.
- Vritra said, [linked] “time is running out”, that’s it.
- See you!

- Time…?

- Try finding them through the internet?
- 6 people in 6 billion…
- If only, they’re flashy idiots like Lisa, then they’d be easy to find—
- Whaat!?

- It’s the result of hard work!
- But you know—
- …ght?
- Aww— Fuji-kun!

- Eeek, that guy’s naked!
- Don’t stare, now—

- …it’s been a while, Agni.
- Like moths to a flame!! —no that’s not right, three cheers for divine intervention!!!
- God came~~[samall text]though I’m a god too.
- Huh? You know them?

- A long time ago,
- a time that humans have forgotten.

- In actuality, both Deva and Asura are essential to the formation of this world.
- Deva for evolution, Asura for elimination.
- Creation and destruction.

- Most of the time Deva dominated the struggle between them,

- Unrestrained, the world’s plants and animals flourished and evolved.

- But with the appearance of the Asura Vritra,
- The power balance between Deva and Asura became very delicate.

- This balance led to a standstill.
- In the meantime humans prospered, and came to dominate the world as its master.

- And now, once again—
- The world is teetering between continuance and oblivion.
- The battle between Deva and Asura, [linked] into which humans are now drawn, moves toward its conclusion.

- Who on earth is Agni!? My name is Kotohara Ren!
- You have to believe me, Fuji-kun! [linked] These people belong to a new religion that believes in crackpot ideas like gods being reborn!

- Quit feigning ignorance, Agni!!
Label: Desperate
- Plus you’re with a guy who looks like Avatar material!

- Fuji-kun isn’t an Avatar, he’s my boyfriend! [linked] Why does a high school girl in the flush of her youth have to fight, anyway?

- Why, she says.
- Seems even a fellow Deva who’s been reborn needs a reason.

- This is bad!!! [linked] To bump into Indra and Vayu like this…
- Ren-chan.

- I believe you! [linked] This is fate.
- Because I was born for the purpose of protecting you!!

Text above Kai: Ohhh—
- Too hasty.

- This guy has no idea what he’s getting into…
- Oh well.
- Who cares.

- Some days later—

- Wellll, our feelings for each other became even stronger since that happened.

- Do, do, dori⃝’s…
- Ah, it’s from Indra.
- No fair! Leaving me alone with them!!

- Yes, I am the angel who protects his goddess.
- Our love will create a “miracle” for the world to witness!

- Senpai, senpai!
- Senpai?

Linked bubble: Avatar senpai. Just leave the rest to me!
- After all, senpai doesn’t seem like a main character.
- What’re you babbling about?

- Kurando! We’re going.

- Indra intercepted the police radio, she says there’s an eyewitness account of a non-human entity at the scene of the accident.
- intercepted…

Car: Police

- Indra!
- …Call me Amano when there’s others around.

- With 6 counts of traffic accidents where the car suffers the worst, it’s this city’s most restricted place.
- It’s definitely an Asura’s doing. The objective is…

- That would be…

- a trap set by Vritra to lure us out?
- It’s despicable to contemplate, but you’re probably right.

Sign: Demolition works
Text on left of plus sign: safety
Vertical sign: No entry

- Gehahahahaha!
- You got here ealier than I thought, smart kiddies!!

- Overcoming the turbulence of society is the easiest work in the world for me~~
- Wow papa, such serenity, that’s the charm adults have~~ [heart]

- That’s…
- definitely the leader of Houjinkai, who was just released from prison… But why is he here?

- Idiot couple [clef]
- You can talk.

- Now, what shall I make…
- Hmm?

- They ain’t Vritra!! [small text] They’re not students.

- Hey, you know, Vayu is the god of wind. [linked] That Avatar is able to use the wind to fly and attack!!

- What did you do that for!?
- Just try and harm a single hair on my cute Mahisha-chan’s head.
- Your parents, siblings, I’ll sink the whole lot of them in Tokyo Bay. [more angular text] Get ready!!!
- The princess carry was amazing~~ do it again~~ [heart]

Asteriks: {note} Fuji-kun

- I’ll teach you the terror of adults!!

- This is where everyone should work together right? Then, without further ado, [linked] Kai-kun!

- Buooo~~
- Papa!

- Indra is the god of thunder. [linked] Before being reborn, she had the worst personality and the strongest ability.
- Vayu was pretty violent too, so they’re birds of a feather!

- As for me, Kotohara Ren aka Agni, I am the god of fire…
- I originally had no intention of getting involved in these sort of battles… but if I’m with Fuji-kun… [linked] A girl with the fire of love burning in her heart is invincible!

- Go Kurando go go Kurando!!

- Make sure you stay within Ashram’s sphere!
- I’m used to it …
- That outfit just feels normal now.

- Even though most of the building is in Ashram’s sphere,
- make sure to watch out for obstacles when flying!

- Anira!! (Wind’s breath)

- It itches!!

- Sparsana! (Wind’s touch)

- ugh…

- Tch… it sure is hard to move around inside…

- I can’t focus the thunder… [linked] also it’s faster than I imagined!

- Kai-kun!

- You can’t beat me with a toothstick like that!!

- Ugh!

- Anira!! (Wind’s breath)

- Let me explain,
- he was helping him…I think.

- Yes… yes I’m sure that was it. I’ll just make a note in my Revenge Notebook though.
- Huh!? Revenge!?
- Ashram is the sphere in which our ability can be used by our Avatar, mine has a 37.5m radius.
- But as I’ll be sticking close by you like always, there’s nothing to worry about [heart]

- Well, Mahisha-chan, this is an adult’s strength.
- Papa’s so cool! I love you!

- You know…
- I’m sorry! I’m sorry!
- Nah, on the other hand, [linked] can you stop holding back when you release the thunder? [linked] It doesn’t matter if I get hit too.

- That’s not… there’s too much metal in this place and the thunder gets scattered… [linked] also, my power is lacking.
- If I stop holding back, it’s likely that everyone will get shocked.

- That’s a problem.
- So, what now?

- Can’t think of anything…

- Go for it, Kurando!!
- I’m going.
- Think, Kurando!!
- I’m thinking.

- Hmmm!?
- What a dull reaction. Maybe I should try a different approach.

- Seeing Kurando~~ working so hard for her~~~[clef]
- Lisa Lisa is super happy [heart]

- I’m sorry. [linked] I dunno why, but I’ll apologise. I’m sorry.
- Unforgivable!
- That reaction is unforgivable!

- Kai-kun is a good boy too.
- Yes!

- What’s with them!? [linked] Is it that? The girly man that’s in vogue lately!!
- Papa is a completely manly man [heart]

- Young men today! A Japanese male, being made to follow three steps behind a female!!
- I’ll pound what it means to be a man into you!!!

- I don’t wanna be preached to by a guy I’m gonna defeat.
- We’re now completely off topic.
Text beside Lisa: Is it my fault?

- Aah, I kinda understand. A guy who allows me to drag him around is good too!

- Like Fuji-kun…
Text in outline: gone
- Eh?
Panel bottom: The fire of a girl in love, where’s it going?

- Continued in chapter 11

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