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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Popcorn Avatar 17

Mother and Son

+ posted by JinHea as translation on Sep 6, 2011 01:38 | Go to Popcorn Avatar

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tl by JinHea

Text in square brackets: Popcorn Avatar

- Mafuyu and me are twins.
- Born on the same day,
- with the same blood running through our veins, having the same face.

- When I was a kid, I thought
- mother’s kindness was given to each of us equally.
- Until the day I injured Mafuyu terribly—

Text on left of page: The little sister left by mom’s side, the big brother who left mom’s side. There’s still a long way to go until they become “family” once more…

- Ever since that day, mother began to distance herself from me.
- Thinking back now, Mafuyu was habitually distanced as much as possible from anything that caused anxiety for her.

- But the distance between mother and me,
- in which Mafuyu was stuck,
- created a dark shadow in her heart.

- Even though both mother and I care deeply about Mafuyu, there was nothing either of us could do…
- but…
- When I’m with Lisa, and she tells me I can do something, I start thinking that I really might be able to do it…

Middle text: The unexpected meeting is leads up to a battle…

- Chapter 17: Mother and son

Text to left of page: Newest volume number 3 on sale now!!! Lots of goddesses are waiting for you [heart]

- That day, we headed to the hospital where mom worked so I could meet her. That’s when,
Box: me and Lisa met Vritra.
Text on building: Yakumo General Hospital
- Battle against Vritra! Which side will win!?

- The hell that’s immortality! It’s nothing more than your injuries healing faster than normal!!
- We can do this, Lisa!
- We’ll take them down right now and put an end to all this!!

- I can make the wind move according to my will now!
- I’ve become stronger!

- Anira! (wind’s breath)

- Anira!! (wind’s breath)

- It’s true Kurando is using the wind better than I expected…
- …but,
- this isn’t enough!

- You think I’d stand back and let you destroy the world Mafuyu’s in!?
- If you hate it so much, why don’t you siblings be the ones to disappear!!!

- Come out, Jagannath!!!

- Just call and I’ll come flying. Namasteee!! [Jagannath is so cute!]

- Wh, why’s he…
- Lisa!?

- It’s bin a while— [That ain’t a typo. Just tryin’ ta translate his accent ^_^]
- As fer the kiddies over yonder, nice ta meetcha.

- Geh, Vritra-yan! [note –yan is Osaka dialect for -chan]

- The one possessing complete jurisdiction over the management of the rules of battle, God Jagannath.
- I have something to ask of you, the God of Judgement.

- I request the outcome of the current battle be rendered null and void!

- You’ve gotta be kidding me. Lisa! What are you doing!?
- Just a little more… just a little more and we would’ve won!!

- Vritra! You were saying “we have no intention to fight”.
- Don’t ignore me!
- That is, it would be troublesome having me, a Deva, disappear when Kurando loses, am I right?

- In that case, will you agree to this for the sake of our mutual understanding?

- … you have a point. Jagannath, my request is the same.

- If Lisa…
- If Lisa tells me I can…
- If Lisa expects it of me, then there’s no way I can disappoint her. That’s what I thought, yet…!!
- Understood.

- I will not defeat you completely here. [linked] However, “immortality” is not the only ability Vritra has. I shall show you another.

- I’ve obtained permission from both sides, and that means [linked] be they Deva or Asura, the loser ain’t gonna be vanishing!
- That’s all settled. Fight nicely now, kids!

- …Lisa,
- surely you don’t think I can’t win…?

- squeeze

- What the hell is going on…

- Don’t underestimate me…!

- Everyone’s so... It’s pissing me off!!

- Sparsana! (wind’s touch)

- Kurando!

Text on building: Yakumo General Hospital

- Aaaaagh!!!

- Kurando!!

- Kurando!

- Blood is… [linked] don’t move!
- Ugh…
- Urk…

- Well then,
- we shall meet again.

- Wait, you! Are you serious!?
- Even though those precious to you are right by your side… why do you want to end the world so much!!?

- It has nothing to do with you.

Text on building: Yakumo General Hospital

- Nothing to do with…? You’ve gotta be kidding me!!
- Ugh…
- I’ll crush you!

- Let me tell ya…
- a little of the world…

- Humans have always bin complicated and awkward creatures.
- Well. [linked] It can’t be helped that they’re hard to love.

- Bye-bye!

- Ugh…

- Kurando… wait,
- what should I do…

- Someone… ambulance…

- Hospital~~~!!!
Text on building: Yakumo General Hospital

Text on building: Yakumo General Hospital

- … gh,
- Ugh…
- Hrggh

- Urg…

- … mm…

- Hello.

Text on badge: Yakumo General Hospital / [can’t make out the words below] / [biggest text] Wada Natsumi
- Ah.

- … could she be?

- Lisa…

- Kurando!
- You’re awake?

- What a relief~~ It’s a good thing the hospital was close by.
- …you stayed all this time?
- I came back just now after contacting your grandmother.

- Hm?
- Then what was that just now? [linked] Someone was singing “pain pain fly away—“…

- Actually, why am I in a hospital?
Text beside bubble: Daze—~~
- Ummm…

- What’s wrong?

- I remember!!!

- I’m sorry… Lisa!!
- Even though I knew you’d vanish if I lost!! [linked] What…

- What gave me so much confidence in myself…?
- The way I am now…
- asking Lisa to believe in me is too much…!

- I believe in you.
- We’ll win next time for sure!

- Frankly, we can’t win right now. But they were stopped because Kurando wouldn’t accept their reason for battle.
- …I can hear Lisa’s heart thumping…
- b-dmp [x 3 more bubbles]
- I’ll find out what they’re really thinking the next time we fight.

- Those guys ran out of luck the moment they got me and Kurando involved.
- I won’t let them say that it’s nothing to do with us anymore!!

- Wahyah!?

- Erm~~ Kurando-kun
- What is it? [linked] That tickles…

- Hey~~~!!

- …ah!
- …mm…
- Don’t make strange noises, Lisa.

- Haah?
- I want to be strong.

- Much, much stronger than I am now.
- Then, I’ll win for sure. I’ll think of a way!

- So you’re back to normal now, are… you!!
- I’m injured here!?

- What’re you mad about?
- It, it’s fine if you don’t get it!!

- Anyways! To reiterate,
- We’ll gather the 8 members of Lokapala. [linked] Apart from me, Indra, and Agni, there are 5 more left.
- This is the best tactic we can take right now if we wish to triumph!!

- Kff…
- Koff koff…

- Big sister, you must be worn out from today’s events. You should rest. [linked] I’ve finished making arrangements at another hospital.
- Thank you, Taiga.

- …heehee.

- Big… sister?

- Just remembering when we were playing the part of Vritra before those two. [linked] I couldn’t help wondering if my acting was awful.
- How odd. [linked] This incident made me realise that I am just a girl, after all.

- To me, big sister may be Vritra, but above all she is
- a 17 year old girl.

- But a 17 year old is still a child,
- and a child cannot change the world.

- That is why in place of big sister,
- I will battle the world as Vritra’s incarnation.

- The humans manipulating us, the world, fate, [linked] I’ll crush them all to pieces… no,
- Not a single scrap will be left behind!!

- Our plans have moved up after today’s exchange. [linked] No doubt they will gather Lokapala immediately.
- And when all 8 Deva are gathered…

- The world will end for real.

- Next day.
Text on building: Yakumo General Hospital

- Wait a minute, your bones were broken just yesterday! [linked] You sure you want to leave the hospital like that?
- I’ll go to another hospital. [linked] It’s a pain when they ask too many questions.

Text outside panel: The distance between mother and son draws a little closer…

- Yeesh~~~ [linked] …you’re not going to meet your mother?

- …It’s fine.
- Even if I don’t do it now, I feel like I’m able to come by whenever.

- … When I do, will you come with me again?
- Of course [clef]

Text on badge: Wada Natsumi

- Continued in chapter 18

Text above silhouette: Next time
- A new fellow Deva is found!
- Usually, the combination of Deva (Asura) and Avatar are boy-girl pairings, but these new comrades are…
- a grouping of two girls!

Text below logo: New developments next time in Club Sunday, 9/10 (Fri) issue!!!!!

- Newest volume 3 on sale with great popularity [heart]
- Beautiful goddesses (and Avatars) and their battle, make sure they’re satisfied!!!!!!!!!!!

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