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Translations: Gintama 566 by kewl0210 , One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128

Blood-C 3

+ posted by JinHea as translation on Oct 9, 2011 21:36 | Go to Blood-C

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*Only for use by Lazy Ass Scans

tl by JinHea

Text below 01: Blood C / Chapter 3
- Saya— Defeat the “Old Ones”.
- However, do not reveal this matter to anyone else…
- It is your…

- destiny—

- Chemistry prep room

Sensei: Put that over there.
Saya: Yes.

Sensei: Ha~~h, what am I to do?
Saya: Sensei?

Sensei: Kisaragi-san being late all the time… [linked] has to mean my classes lack appeal, right…?
Saya: Eeeeeh!?

Box: This morning
Text to Saya’s right: I apologiiise
Text to her left: for being late!

Sensei: Even Tokizane-kun…

Saya: I really like your classes, sensei! [linked] And Tokizane-san… there has to be circumstances out of his control, that’s why…!!

Saya: I’ll live at the school starting tomorrow~~~!
Sensei: Pfft

Sensei: [small text] Awww [normal text] Just kidding— I’m not angry at all!

Sensei: It is such a laid-back place after all.
Sensei: We should be laid-back too, don’t you agree~~?

Sensei: Plus you helped clean up!
Text beside sensei: What a bonus [heart]

Sensei: But why were you late today?

Saya: Th-That was—

Saya: Aah!
Father: What’s wrong, Saya!?

Saya: The tamagoyaki… got burnt…

Saya: I apologise!
Text beside bubble: And after I had Fumito-san teach me, too…
- It’s fine, it’s fine.

Fumito: Let’s have Tadayoshi-san eat it.
Father: Let me eat it.
Saya: Eh…!?
Saya: Pl… please don’t! For father to eat that would be …!! I shall eat it…

White SFX: swallow
Black SFX: hup

Father: It’s delicious.
SFX: cough

Saya: Father… [small text] you coughed…

Fumito: Tadayoshi-san wants to savour every bite of the food Saya-chan makes, after all.

Saya: To think father loves tamagoyaki this much!!
Text on roof: Saya shall strive to improve!
- Mn…

- Thank you for the meal.

Saya: Ah, father, would you like to have my coffee? [linked] I must be off.
Fumito: Ah, Saya-chan, he can’t. About Tadayoshi-san… [linked] Here.

Fumito: About Tadayoshi-san, he can only drink coffee that’s been watered-down.
Saya: I— see!

Fumito: Ah! By the way, Saya-chan, [linked] here you go.
Saya: [smaller text] …that’s!! [normal text] ! … Guimauve!!
Fumito: I wanted to try making it again. What do you think?

SFX: swallow
Text beside Saya: So tasty~~[heart]
Saya: This is really good!
Fumito: I’m glad. [linked] Tadayoshi-san, will you have some of it?

Father: I’ll pass…
Fumito: Oh?

Saya: This is incredible— [linked] To think sweets can bring such happiness…

Saya: Father’s share…
Father: Saya…

SFX: sneeeaak

Saya: ~~~~!! My apologies!!

Saya: To think father likes them too…! [text cutting bubble] that is… umm…

Father: Aren’t you going to be late?

Saya: Aaaaaah!

Saya: And that was what happened…
Sensei: Ahahaha

Sensei: Something like running late because of sweets…
Sensei: So Kisaragi-san is a maiden too!

Saya: Actually,

- Actually, I was late this morning because that happened…

Saya: That’s Inu-san…! [retaining Inu to maintain the cuteness]

Saya: …st!
- Stop! Over there is…

Saya: You shouldn’t do that! There is a road here.

Saya: lots of cars pass by…

Saya: so it’s dangerous…

Saya: Ah! [linked] Inu-san…

Saya: There aren’t a lot of cars today…

Saya: Something like that isn’t a reason though, is it?
Sensei: Aaah… it’s so hoooot.

Sensei: Japan’s summer is hot everywhere, even in the countryside, huh.
Saya: Sensei, have you always lived here?

Sensei: Yup! Ever since I became a teacher.
Saya: Did you have another job before that?

Sensei: fufu—
Sensei: Care to take a guess?

Sensei: Research.

Sensei: You know, once I want to know something…
Sensei: …I get an urge to find out everything about it~~
Text beside sensei: bliss
Saya: Ooh—! [normal text] What did you research?

Sensei: Something that can’t be understood unless one becomes a teacher.

Sensei: How about you, Kisaragi-san? Is school fun?

Saya: Yes!!
Sensei: Tell me right away if there’s something bothering you, okay?
Saya: Yes… [linked] Uh… um…

Saya: I wonder if I’ve been a bother to everyone.
Saya: Ah… um… father is always telling me off about it.

Saya: So maybe, just maybe… I’m a little lacking in [linked] common sense, and…

Sensei: That’s not it. [linked] Everyone is worried about you.
Saya: Huh?
Sensei: Because everyone likes you very much. And I…

Sensei: I like you
Sensei: too.

Saya: —? Sen…sei?

Saya: Tokizane-san…

Saya: Tokizane-san!!
Saya: Wai… Sensei, I’ll take my leave!

SFX: tmp tmp tmp
Saya: Tokizane-saaaaaaaaaan!

Sensei: What a shame.
Text above bubble: Hmm—

SFX: Oh!

- Nooooo!
- I wanted to get the 2 of them to help me~~~~

Saya: Not here.

Saya: I wanted to tell him that the wound healed …
- Saya!

Yuuka: Saya, you finished tidying up?
Saya: Yuuka-san!

Yuuka: Okay! [normal text] You were tidying up the prep room with sensei…
Saya: …huh? We finished, though.

Yuuka: So she didn’t do anything…
Yuuka: phew—
Spiky bubble: Saya-chan!

Bubbles filled in from left to right: Sa- [linked] ya
- cha~~~N…!!!
Sign behind Yuuka: Fire extinguisher

Saya: Nono-san, Nene-san!! Is something the matter?
- Saya-chaaan! Hey um…

Bubble cutting panels: please…!
- Let’s hang out somewhere before going home today!!

- Pleeaaase!
- We wanna do something high schoolers do! [linked] Plus school ended before noon today. It’s a rare opportunity!

Yuuka: Somewhere, huh. You think we got a lot of choices in this town?
Text below bubble: Eeeeh!
Text above twins: Yuuka-chan is mean~~!

Saya: Ummm…

Saya: Class president.

Itsuki: Ah! Kisaragi-san! You surprised me.
Itsuki: What is it?

Saya: Um, that cake store you mentioned before…
Saya: will you take me there?

Saya: …This is

Saya: …Guimauve!!
Itsuki: Oh— no—

Itsuki: To think Kisaragi-san is a frequent patron of this place…
Yuuka: Well, the places in this town are severely limited, after all. [text in different font] It can’t be helped.
Text behind Itsuki: Cake?
Text before Itsuki: A cake store?

Itsuki: This is a shame. Saya, sorry for letting you dow…

Saya: Quickly!! Let’s go in!!

- Eh—? / Is going to a café what high schoolers do—?
- Hm—
Saya: Quickly now!

Yuuka: Looks like it wasn’t a let-down.
Text between bubbles: Ahahaha
Itsuki: Kisaragi-san, don’t upset my plans—

Text on cupboard: Oh my!
Fumito: Welcome!

Text on sign: Café Guimauve / Guimauve

- The refreshingly sour taste of flamboise
- in strawberry shortbread.
- Moist cheesecake.

Text above twins: Yummy [heart]
Yuuka: Whoa… this is good.

Yuuka: I’m not too fond of sweet things, but this is really good.

Itsuki: This is… mm, delicious. [linked] I wish I knew the recipe.
Fumito: Oh? So you cook!!

- Oh— is this appeal!?
- Like, I’m a guy, but I cook?
Itsuki: Weeell, I’d be happy if it’s taken that way, but the girl in question is…

- right? Kisaragi-san.
Text above bubble: Ah— It’s hopeless.
Saya: Yes! It is very delicious!

Fumito: Goodness, Saya-chan…

Fumito: Mind the crumbs.
One of the twins: achoo

Saya: Kyaa— wh-where…!?

Saya: If I knew we’d have such a great time, I should have brought Tokizane-san along too…!

Saya: We stayed behind to tidy up, but I let him get away. It really is a shame.

Saya: Awah!?
Itsuki: At this turn of events, should I give up? Or overlook it instead?
Yuuka: Saya… you’re so…

- I know, right—?
SFX: ding song

Fumito: Yes.

Saya: Who could it be?

- Apologies for the interruption. [linked] I would like to inquire… into a certain matter…

- The proprietor of Uguisu Bakery is…?

- Yes. Actually— it seems [linked] the owner of Uguisu Bakery hasn’t been home since yesterday…
- we have been ordered to search for him.

Saya: Uguisu— Bakery…?

- The baker-san? [linked] Now that you mention it, they’re closed today. [text in different font] Riiight?
- There’s been no contact from him.

- His wife said this has never happened before—

- To be on the safe side, we’re treating this as a possible missing persons case. Please be careful.

Fumito: Thank you very much for going out of your way to inform us.

- You guys better get home early too.
Text on twin: Yee~~s!

Itsuki: Ran away from home… maybe?
Yuuka: Maybe. [smaller text] Domestic troubles?

Sign: railway crossing

Yuuka: Saya!!

Saya: …Yuuka…san?

Saya: …huh?
Saya: Where am I!?
Yuuka: You’re half-asleep again…

Yuuka: You were almost late again today because you’re like that.
Saya: I apologise…

Yuuka: To be at your best every single morning, you need to go to bed early, [linked] and get enough exercise!!
Yuuka: And—
Twins: We know! And eat sweets~~ [heart]

Saya: I get it
Yuuka: Wrong!
Text above Yuuka: Did you not hear me say I’m not fond of sweet things?
- Geez, Yuuka-chan!!
- Don’t worry! You won’t get fat with just one piece of cake~~

Yuuka: Was it this mouth~~
- Kya— we fink hafing big boobs is a good fing~~
- good fing~~
Itsuki: Wasn’t it fun yesterday?

Saya: Class president…

- Yesterday—

Saya: Yes… it was.

Itsuki: We should all go again.

Itsuki: To Guimauve.
- Oooh? An invitation?

- Now that I think of it, yesterday…
- the baker-san—
Sign: Shopping street

Sign: Futon

Sign: Uguisu
Paper: Temporarily closed

- Eh? That incident yesterday?

- I’m sure I heard him say the baker-san disappeared, but…
- It’s probably no big deal. People run away from home all the time.

- I’d say forgetting to tape yesterday’s drama is a much bigger deal!
Text between twins: And it’s the only drama~~
- Saya-chan, did you watch it? Yesterday’s drama.

- Wha~~!? Saya-chan, you don’t have a TV—!?

- Yeesh. I don’t care if it’s an incident or whatever, as long as something happens~~
- Really— Nono, you’re so…!

- It’s sure to be exciting,

- if something does happen…!

Sign beside Inu-kun’s ear: Isumi Drugstore
Cut-off sign on left side of street: shop
Middle sign on left side of street: Uguisu Bakery

- Blood-C / 01 / chapter 3 / end

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