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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Blood-C 4

+ posted by JinHea as translation on Oct 15, 2011 01:45 | Go to Blood-C

-> RTS Page for Blood-C 4

*Only for use by Lazy Ass Scans

tl by JinHea

Text below 01: Blood-C / Chapter 4

- pant
- pant
- pant

- Over there! Get in!

- pant
- pant
- …we should be… okay here.

- Takagi—!

- ugh
- damn

- A…aa

- Uwaaaaa!

- Y-

- You’re…!

- They’re eating their own!
Saya: Beasts…!

Saya: What’re you doing! Hurry and escape!!

- Y…yeah!!

Saya: Why are “Old Ones” at a place like this?

- Why is something like this…
- Don’t talk… your wound…

Saya: Huh?
- I heard… I heard nothing about this…

Saya: What’s going on—

- Eeeek…!

- …u
- gugh…

Saya: S

- Why
Saya: Stop it.

- Why are innocents being…!
Saya: Stop it…!!

- Why are you attacking humans—!?

- What…
- This voice…

- Are you the one who would annihilate us?
Saya: !! You can talk?

Bubble cutting panels Saya: Why? Why do you attack humans…!?
- …abide by the agreement…
Saya: —agreement—?

Saya: What is that—
- Saya…
Saya: …ugh, ouch!

- Saya, Saya…
Saya: Who…
Saya: Who is calling to me?

Father: Saya!

Father: !! Were you injured!?
Saya: Father…

Saya: I defeated the “Old Ones”.

Saya: But [linked bigger bubble] abide by… the agreement…

Saya: What could it mean… I

Father: Saya…!

- Yuuka-chaaan, look, look—!

- Tadaaa! [linked] We made these. [smaller text] Cute, right~~ [heart]
- …big, though, aren’t they? [normal text] Eh— …so?
- Here we go!

- Unite!
Text above Yuuka: … is that bread?

- Save me!
Saya: I couldn’t help those people…

- Abide by… the agreement…!!

- The blurry image
- I saw that time…

- Could that person… have been…

Yuuka: Sa~~ya!
Yuuka: What’s this? You’re not very energetic!

Yuuka: What’s wrong?

Saya: Nothing.
Text besideYuuka: Really?
Saya: It’s nothing.
Text cutting panels: Saya-chaaan!

Text beside bubble: Hey, hey—
- Saya-chan, you watch too—

- Unite!
Yuuka: You guys are really into that, huh..
Itsuki: Ooh—! What’s up?

- Ah! It’s raining.

- What’re we gonna do for P.E.? [smaller text] Who knows—?
Yuuka: Hear that? It’s rain.

Yuuka: Do you bring an umbrella, Saya?
Yuuka: Ah, you forgot? [text in different font] That face.

Yuuka: No problem. I forgot too!

Box: What do I do? If everyone were to know about that matter…

- Panic will…
Twins: Big news!
Twins: Big news!

Twins: This is a matter of grave importance!!

Twins: P.E. today is~~ self-study in the classroom!!
Text beside head: Eh—?

Itsuki: It’s raining, so I guess there’s no helping it.
Bold text: Nooo way~~
Text on shoulder: Eh—? I wanted to play basketball~~
Text beside chin: Nope, no helping it.
Itsuki: Hm?

Itsuki: What’s wrong, Kisaragi-san?

Saya: Um… I was wondering what happened to baker-san.
Itsuki: Aah, that.
Itsuki: Looks like he really did run away from home. [linked] Such things happen even here in the country, I suppose.

Sensei: O—y, what’re you all worked up about?

Sensei: Self-study means taking initiative upon yourself to study, does it not?
- Oka—y! [normal text] Kanako-sensei~~

Twins: Let’s tell scary stories! Scary stories~~
Sensei: Eh— Wait a… what about self-study?

- Please, Kanako-sensei!
- We’re taking the initiative to study scary stories~~

Sensei: Yeesh … What am I to do with you?

Sensei: Okay, then! [text in different font] It does seem interesting!
Bold text cutting bubble: Yaaay!
- Right-o! Move the desks to the back!
Text beside bubble: Are you for real~~?
Big blank text: Eh—

- Tokizane-kun!! You’re not getting away!

Tokizane: …tch.

- He was called to the lighthouse.
- Gripped by fear, he climbed to the very top. [linked] At that moment—

Itsuki: the child turned around and said,
Itsuki: “Dad,

- Please don’t fall over the cliff this time…”

Yuuka: How clichéd, you guys!

- Saya-chan, were you scared!?
Saya: I suppose I was.

Saya: It’s dangerous to take a child to a cliff, after all.

Itsuki: Ah— Kisaragi-san really is different! She’s above losing her confidence.
- [text cutting bubble] That’s not iiiit! [normal text] I wanna hear a more realistic story!! A story that hits home! Like one involving this town…
- A place in the country like this? Give it up—
Sensei: There is one, you know.

- Kanako-sensei…?

Sensei: What’s more, disaster will strike those who hear this story.
SFX: flash
Sensei: Want to hear it?

SFX: rumble rumble

- Hey— stop it. A story that hits home is too close.
Text beside shoulder: I’m scared.
- What’re you saying! It sounds like fun! Besides, everyday is so boring! If disaster does strike, I’m okay with it!!

- Sensei.
- Please go ahead.
Sensei: Nene…

Sensei: Geez— Can’t be helped, I guess.

Sensei: In return— don’t hate me for this, okay?

- It has been said that since olden times, things that are not human have been living in this town.

- At times, their forms are nothing like that of humans, [linked] and yet at times, they almost resemble us—

- However, all of them have one similarity—

- they feed on humans.

- They’re overwhelmingly strong,
- and humans are exceedingly weak before such power.

- Even if there is someone you cannot lose, even if there is a loved one,
- if they’re attacked and you sought revenge, you’d only end up being eaten.

- But, at a certain time, [linked] humans came up with the idea to communicate with these non-human creatures.
- Because, among these non-human creatures,

- there were some that could speak the human language.
Saya: Wh!!?

Yuuka: How dull.

Yuuka: Saya?

Yuuka: You’re really pale, what’s wrong…?
Saya: … I’m fine.

- Nothing changed, though.

- The humans made a certain promise.

- What was it?

- It was—

Saya: What? This…
- Someone is burning…

- Could
- Could that possibly be

Saya: Mo…ther…?

- Saya!
- Saya!!

Tokizane: Saya…!!

- Who…?

- —Someone is touching me…

- Who!?

Saya: …Ah
Saya: Fumi…to-san.

Saya: This is… Guimauve…

Fumito: Are you okay?
Fumito: You were crouched in front of the store, looking pale.

Saya: I-I’m fine!

Saya: Fumito-san…
Fumito: Saya-chan,
Fumito: you shouldn’t lie.

Fumito: I understand that you don’t want me to worry, but I get more worried if you keep quiet. [linked] Tell me if something happens…?

Fumito: Okay?

Saya: I’m
Saya: a little disoriented…

Fumito: A headache? [linked] You shouldn’t be drinking coffee then.
Saya: No…! …please.

Saya: Because Fumito-san’s coffee is
Saya: very calming.

Saya: Phew…
Father: Saya!

Saya: Father.
Father: You’ve only just recuperated. That’s enough. Now go rest.

Saya: It’s okay! [linked] The weather is so lovely today, after all. I have to seize this opportunity and clean!

Saya: Also, I find that moving around is relaxing.
Father: Is that so…?

Father: Don’t push yourself.
Saya: Okay!

- Saya!

Saya: That was probably the first time my name was called so directly by a man other than father. [note: here Saya refers to Tokizane calling her by her first name without using an honorific, which is usually only done by very close friends and family]

- Things that feed on humans…

- The “Old Ones” have always been here—

- Is there a connection to this place…?

Saya: Huh…? This book…

Saya: Nene-san!

Nene: Oooh! You knew I was Nene!
Nene: Other people are completely baffled!

- Maybe because we’re so similar?
- You think so? I can tell you apart though! Nono-san is Nono-san, and Nene-san is Nene-san, it’s that simple.

Nene: Ahaha, that’s so true. [linked] Ah! Almost forgot.

Nene: Um… sorry about yesterday!!

Nene: Yesterday, I encouraged sensei to tell the scary story, didn’t I?
Nene: Because of that, Saya-chan fainted, [linked] and Nono got angry, saying she did try to stop me.

Nene: Saya-chan, are you angry too?
Saya: I am not!

Saya: Thank you very much [linked] for worrying about me…

Nene: Eheheh— I should be saying that to you, actually.
Nene: I should’ve been the one to collapse, don’t you think? I’ve lots of time to waste, after all!!

Nene: So I say, disaster or whatever,
Nene: just come try me!

Saya: …! Nene-san!

- Blood-C / 01 / Chapter 4 / END

Saya: Wait—
- On a certain day, at a certain time

Saya: Wait— Inu-saaaan!
Text beside bubble: Wait—
Inu: …Nobody can stop me [star]

Saya: You dropped something~~
Inu: …Eh? I did?

Saya: Good! Now then [linked] bye~~ bye~~
Inu: Eh!?
Text to right of Inu: “Good” my ass!
Text to left of Inu: This ain’t right!
Inu: The heck is this!! Come and fix it—!!

- I often forget Inu-san’s appearance while drawing… I’ll be careful. Smile

- Hello, Kotone here. I am incredibly honoured to be captivated by CLAMP-sensei whom I like very much, supervisor Mizushima whom I also like very much, and Blood’s story which I like very much. I’m sweating from my eyes and nose and mouth. That’s odd. Even so Saya-chan is cute.Recover. I want her to have happiness somehow but I wonder how that’ll turn out? I am humbly drawing what happens next with bated breath. I hope to meet again in volume 2! Now then…
Signature: Kotone Ranmaru

- Congrats to Blood-C volume 1 being on sale
- We really looked forward to Kotone Ranmaru-sensei’s Saya coming to life. Also, Inu’s appearance…! (Ranmaru-sense’s Inu is too cute)
- CLAMP —altogether

- The shadow bearing down on Nene from behind.
- Divine blade in hand, the scene that appears before Saya is…

- “Old Ones” that keep appearing.
- The “agreement” they spoke of.
- Dark clouds cover the school and the town.
- Mysteries and instability surround Saya.

- She promised her father,
- and vowed to herself,
- that she would use her singular power,
- to “protect” something.
- Will Saya be able to keep that vow?

Text below Blood-C: Blood-C
Bold text: Continued in volume 2.
- Manga: Kotone Ranmaru / Original work: Production I.G/CLAMP

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