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Rave 2

Guiding Bell

+ posted by JinHea as translation on Nov 7, 2011 00:27 | Go to Rave

-> RTS Page for Rave 2

Just a quick note: I am aware this has already been translated, but this is a "purer" translation that adheres more closely to the original Japanese meaning
*Only for use by Imperial Scans

tl by JinHea

- That which controls all evil in this world, the demon stone Dark Bring.
- The sole force of light capable of confronting it, the divine stone Rave.

- Dark Bring once disappeared after being defeated in the war, but
- now, after 50 years, it’s on the move again.

- Unfortunately, Shiba, the sole Rave user in the world,
- was beaten after losing THAT POWER

- But… right then, the one beside Shiba…

Shiba: When I was beaten by that man earlier,
Shiba: I could not use Rave.

Shiba: Do you understand?

Shiba: It was because the successor appeared.
SFX: rustle…
Haru: Eh?

- [Rave]
Text after symble: Guiding Bell

Cattleya: Even so, I’m amazed he’s still alive after sustaining such a severe wound.

Cattleya: Haru… answer me, what happened?

Cattleya: Haru… listen properly to…

Cattleya: what big sister is saying!!!
SFX: stab
Haru: Yowch!

Haru: Something stabbed me!! Just now!!
Blood SFX: spurt—!!
SFX: guooong

Plue: Puuun
Haru: Don’t use Plue as a lethal weapon!!!
SFX: gawp

Cattleya: Plue?
Plue: Is that this little one’s name?
Haru: Yeah.

Cattleya: It’s a good name. [aside] Despite being soaked in blood.
Haru: Isn’t the blood big sis’ fault?

Cattleya: Haru…
Cattleya: Tell me what happened.

Haru: Okay.

- huff
- huff
- Ugh…

- huff
- huff
- huff
- huff

- rustle

- Beaten up pretty nicely, aren’t you, Fable?

Fable: W…why…
Fable: Why… are you in this place…

SFX: zam
Shuda: Whaaat, I just came to take a look at my underling’s situation.
Box: Demon Card Special Troops / Shuda

Shuda: What’s with that wound?
Shuda: Were you beaten by Shiba?
Fable: Uh..

- I was beaten by the likes of that kid…
- I’d rather die than tell him that…
Fable: Yes…

Shuda: I see.
Shuda: You can’t help that.

Shuda: …so is Shiba still on this island?
Fable: Yeah. Most likely… since he’s suffering from a grave injury.

Shuda: A grave injury?

Shuda: Hm— you did quite well.
Shuda SFX: lean—
SFX: jump

Shuda: I got it.
SFX: pat
Fable: Eh?

Shuda: While it’d be fine for me to go and finish Shiba off with ease …
Shuda: it wouldn’t do you any good.

Shuda: I received a new Dark Bring from the KING.

Shuda: Therefore

Shuda: I’ll give you my old Dark Bring.
SFX: shff
Shuda: Kill Shiba and bring me Rave.

SFX: tremble tremble tremble
Fable: F…for me to… the Dark Bring…

Shuda: Listen up.

Shuda: Failure when you have use of my Dark Bring is forbidden!!!
SFX: glare!

Fable: Yes…

Cattleya: Wow—
Bold SFX: munch munch
SFX: shiver shiver shiver

Cattleya: This little one was that special a dog?
Plue: Puuun

Cattleya: Then he must be returned to grandpa, right?

Haru: There’s still more to come.

Cattleya: More?

Haru: When Shiba got beaten,
Haru: there was something he passed to me.

Haru: A pretty stone.

Cattleya: Stone?

Haru: At first, I didn’t know what THAT was.

Haru: But,

Haru: Uwaaaa!!

- That stone had the power to cause explosions…

Haru: and I was able to use that power.

Haru: Apparently that power can only be used by one person in the entire world.

Haru: The sole user Shiba couldn’t use that power anymore.
Haru: And in exchange, I became able to use it.

Haru: That stone… he said it was called Rave.
SFX: shf!!

Haru: Also, he said I was the successor something or other.
Haru: He asked me to save the world in his stead now that he’s unable to use the power.

Haru: After saying all this, Shiba lost consciousness.
SFX: clatter

SFX: quiver
Cattleya: Rave…

Haru: Big sis, what’s wrong?

Cattleya: There’s no way!!
SFX: glare!!
Cattleya: You’re going off for a reason like that!!

Cattleya: I told you not to listen to what strangers say, didn’t I!!

Haru: I… I understand. What’s the big deal… don’t be so angry…
SFX: clatter

Cattleya: Haru!! My point is, you…
Haru: I… I’m going to Gemma’s for a bit!!

Plue: Puuun
SFX: dash..!!

Cattleya: Haru—

Nakajima: What has happened, Cattleya-sama?

Cattleya: Do drop the act. You heard, didn’t you?

Nakajima: Mweheeee!! You got me. Fwah fwah fwah!!

Cattleya: I… said things in the heat of the moment again.
SFX: lean

Nakajima: It is not something to worry so much over.
Nakajima: Everyone has a lot of moments when they get worked up.

Cattleya: You’re wrong… that child is incredibly earnest.
Cattleya: One sentence said in the heat of the moment will influence that child’s life, I tell you…

Gemma: … so you’re the lord warrior who saves the world, and

Gemma: this pointy-nose is the sidekick? [aside] fufu…
Big SFX: Puuun
SFX above Plue: crackle crackle
SFX around Plue’s middle: munch munch
SFX below Plue: shiver shiver

Gemma: Hyahyahyahya!!!
SFX: bwaha—!

Gemma: You sure that gramps ain’t senile?
Gemma: To say a kid like this will save the world…

Gemma: That LEMON SODA or whatnot organisation sounds suspicious too.
Haru: It’s Demon Card. You only got the “mon” part right.

Gemma: … so is lord warrior setting out on his journey? [aside] fufufu…
SFX: Eheehee…

Haru: Course I’m not going!! I can’t make head or tail of it, anyway.
SFX: clink
Haru: Anyhow, do you know this thing called “Rave”?

Gemma: Do I know, he asks hahaha!!
Haru: Is it that funny?

Haru: Now that I think of it, big sis got angry when she heard the word “Rave”.
Haru: Why’s that?

Gemma: That’s right— isn’t it cos she thought that once you leave the island you won’t come back anymore?
Gemma: Looks like she doesn’t want to be apart from you. Well, that’s understandable when you’re family.

Haru: I see.
Gemma: Once that gramps wakes up, tell him to come to my store.

Gemma: I’ll teach him not to talk about weird things to children.
SFX: pon
Haru: Ah, that’d be a big help.

Haru: Plue, we’re going back.

Plue: Puuun
SFX below bubble: crackle crackle
SFX below nose: crunch
Haru SFX: ga—pe
Haru: What’re you eating—!!

Gemma: It ate… pfft… the d… dff… doll… pfft…

Gemma: Ahyahyahya!!
Gemma: Is that really a dog?
Haru: Don’t die from laughter, Gemma.
SFX: slap slap slap

SFX: shut

Haru: Hey— Nakajima, you were in the Old City, weren’t you?
Haru: You must know lots of things the people on this island don’t.

SFX: looom
Nakajima: Wellll… somewhat…

Haru: Is the current world peaceful?
Nakajima: What’s this, how sudden.

Haru: Whatever, just answer me.
Nakajima: Hmm, it is complicated.

Nakajima: I cannot convey this very well, but…
SFX: wooooo
Nakajima: As things are, the world is in a state where we cannot discern whether it will fall to good or evil.

Haru: What does that mean?

Nakajima: An organisation called Demon Card and Dark Bring are the origin.

Haru: Then Demon Card are bad guys after all!?
Nakajima: …I suppose you can say that.
SFX: rummmmble

Nakajima: Few on this island know about DC or DB, but…

- Everyone in the world knows. You can say it’s common knowledge.
- They use armed forces and DB to demolish roads and culture heritages one after another.

- It may be something meaningful to DC, however,
- to us, it is no different from indiscriminate terrorism.

- Naturally, military from the government is also on the move.

- Right now skirmishes are occuring everywhere,
- and it appears to be breaking out into full scale war.

Haru: War…
SFX: wooo!!
Haru: Are you saying the world is gripped by war!!?

Nakajima: That is correct.

Nakajima: I… heard the conversation between young master and Cattleya-sama.
Nakajima: And I think a weapon like Rave should be entrusted to the government.

Nakajima: Now then, next, I shall tell you a love story from my youth.
SFX: blush

Nakajima: That was when I was a pharmaceutical company’s…
Haru: Actually, I’ll pass.
SFX: zubaaaan!!

- But I really wanted to tell it…
SFX: clack

Haru: Big sis, I’m home.
Plue: Puuun

Cattleya: Welcome back.

Haru: Big sis, it’s unfair to Shiba, but let’s have him go back once he recovers.

Cattleya: Yeah.

Nakajima: Young master!! Cattleya-sama!!
Haru: That Nakajima, what’s he fussing about? [aside] Is it feeding time?

Nakajima: P… please escape quick!!

SFX: -oar
Cattleya: Kyaaaaa!!!

SFX: r- [continued by p98’s SFX]

SFX: rmmmb

Haru: W… what happened!!?
SFX: woooo

SFX: rummble!!

Cattleya: Who’re you?!

SFX: turn

Haru: You!!!
SFX: clench

Fable: What a great feeling.

Fable: To think that breaking something…
Fable: would feel so good…
SFX: kachak

Cattleya: What’s with… that guy.

Haru: He’s the Demon Card guy I told you about at noon.
SFX: shff shff

Haru: His appearance is a bit different from earlier though.

Cattleya: Haru!!
Haru: You don’t need a weapon?
Fable: Nah, no need.
SFX: dm dm dm

Haru: You okay, Nakajima?
Nakajima: Yes.

Nakajima: Except feathers number 8 and number 9 were…
SFX above Nakajima: weep
Haru: You numbered them?
SFX: shock
Fable: Or rather… feathers?

Haru: I won’t forgive you for destroying my home [small letters] and Nakajima!!
SFX: bam

Fable: Ooh, I’m scared …
SFX: kekeke…

SFX: dash!!

Plue: Puuun

SFX: tup tup tup tup…

Plue: Puuun
SFX: brrrrr…

SFX: shiver shiver shiver shiver

Plue: Punpunpunpun
SFX: twirl twirl
Plue: Punpunpunpun

Plue: Puuuuuuun!!!
SFX: twirllllllllll!!

Shiba SFX: fssssh—
SFX: tmp
Plue SFX: shiver shiver

Plue: Puuun
SFX: tup tup tup tup…

SFX: rummmmmble!!

Haru: Oraaa!!
SFX: bash

Haru: Owwwwwwww!!!!

Cattleya: W… what happened?
Haru: Dunno. It was like punching iron!!

Fable: Shocked?
SFX: bam!!

Haru: What the!?
Haru: His body’s shining!!

Fable: Kekeke…

Fable: This is my Dark Bring’s power: “Fullmetal”!!
Fable: A power that transforms my body into metal!!

Haru: Th… that’s a Dark Bring!?
Fable: Hehehe…

Plue: Puuun

Plue: Puuuun!!
SFX: ta-da
Plue SFX: shiver shiver shiver shiver
Haru: Rave!!

Haru: I see… with this…

Plue: Puuun
Haru: You did good, Plue!!
Haru SFX: clench
Plue SFX: shiver shiver

SFX: grip
Haru: I’ll make you explode again!!

Fable: So you had it!?

Cattleya: Haru!!

Haru: Let’s go, Shiny!!
SFX: ruuuush!!
Fable: Geh!

SFX: kaboom!!

Haru: The explosion didn’t affect him…

Fable: Bwahahahahaha!! Amazing!!
Fable: So this is a Dark Bring’s power!!
SFX: tada—n!

SFX: bam
Shiba: Haru!! You unhurt!?

SFX: do—n
Haru: Shiba!!

Haru: What do I do!? My attacks don’t work on this guy!!
Fable: Hehehe…
SFX: rummmble

Shiba: You can’t fight a Dark Bring bare-handed!!
SFX: unravel

Shiba: Use this!!
SFX: vmmm

Haru: A sword!!?
SFX: stab!

Fable: You mean to cut iron with an out-dated weapon like that?

Shiba: There’s an indentation with the same shape as Rave in the sword.
Shiba: Insert Rave in there!

Haru: Like this?
SFX: click!

SFX: bwoosh!
Haru: It… it changed colour!!
SFX: doom!!

Shiba: That sword, Ten Commandments, is something that draws out Rave’s power.

Shiba: Now then, Haru!! Run wild to your heart’s content!!
SFX: boom!

Haru: Actually, I can’t use a weapon like this.
SFX: bwo—ing

- Wha…
SFX: shock!

- True, expecting him to completely grasp the use of Rave in one day is asking too much…

Fable: What’re you spacing out for!!!
Haru: Ugh!
SFX: bash

Cattleya: Haru!!

SFX: stab

SFX: slide!!

Fable: What’re you doing…
Fable: This is boring me.

Fable: I’m looking forward to more destruction!!
SFX: wooooo

- His heart is filling with malice.
- The symptom of someone wielding DB for the first time…

Fable: Who should I crush next?
SFX: shff

SFX: bam!

Fable: You’ll do.

SFX: kick!
Shiba: Gughack!
SFX: sway

Shiba: Ughh…
SFX: slump
Fable: You’re already injured.

Fable: I’ll take my time crushing you later.

Fable: Anyhow, crushing this girl here looks more challenging.
SFX: rmmmb
Cattleya: Don’t come any closer!!
SFX: shff

SFX: woooo…

SFX: tup

Haru: Big siiiis!!

SFX: whoosh!
SFX: trip!

Fable: You got lucky.

Fable: But…
Cattleya: Ah
SFX: grip

Fable: I’ll crush you next.

SFX: tremble tremble
Cattleya: Ugh…

- Haru…

- Haru—!!!

SFX: dash!!
Haru: Uwaaaaaah!!!!

SFX: -om!! [continued from p119’s SFX]

Fable: Gyaaaaaaah!!!!
SFX: kabo- [continued by p118’s SFX]

Cattleya: It exploded.

Haru: The sword is changing shape!!?
SFX: rmmmmb!!
SFX: plop

Shiba: The Ten Commandments is a sword that changes into 10 forms with Rave’s power.
Shiba: That is the Explosive Sword “Explosion”!!

Haru: Hunh, it’s incredible.
SFX: kachak!!

Haru: Ah, it shifted back.
Shiba: That’s the default form, the Metal Sword “Eisenmeteor”.
SFX: fwoosh—!

- To have already grasped the use of the Explosive Sword in only a day…
Haru: Big sis, you okay?
Cattleya: …yeah.

- This kid…
- will likely become a Rave Master who surpasses me.

Shiba: Haru… that was brilliant.
SFX: grip!!
Haru: Just leave it to me!!

Haru: Shiba…
SFX: shff

Haru: Sorry, I’m returning this.
SFX: stab

Shiba: Wh…

Shiba: What are you saying!? Rave’s power is absolutely necessary if you want to go defeat the Dark Bring!!

Haru: I can’t go.
Shiba: What!!?

Haru: In order to protect big sis,
Haru: leaving this island is out of the question.

Haru: So I won’t be leaving this island.

Shiba: You can’t!! You’ve already become the only one who can use Rave!!

Shiba: If you leave Demon Card like this, there will definitely be war!
Shiba: The military will be defeated in the face of Dark Bring.
Shiba: Finally, the world will plummet into the dark ages under the Dark Bring’s rule. [linked] At that time, even this peaceful island won’t be spared!

Haru: I’m sorry, Shiba.

Shiba: I see.

Shiba: I’m disappointed in you.
SFX: fwap
Shiba: You can just stay on this island and watch this world’s final moments.

Shiba: Plue, we’re going.
SFX: shff
Plue: Puuun

Plue: Puuun
SFX: shiver shiver

Plue: Puuun!!
SFX: glance glance

- Puuun
SFX: shiver shiver shiver

Shiba: Plue, hurry up!!

Haru: Plue…
- puuun

Haru: ‘Kay, big sis, let’s start fixing the house.
Cattleya: Y…yeah.

Haru: Nakajima, this is a rare opportunity, why don’t we remove all those petals?
Nakajima: H! How brazen!! [aside] and these are feathers!!
Haru: Brazen?
Text beside Nakajima: Grr!
Text: Nwha—

- Haru’s staying on this island for me...
- … but am I… okay with this?

Plue: Puuuun

Plue: Puuun
SFX: shiver shiver
Bold SFX: plop

Gemma: Welcome, what will you have?

- Rave.
SFX: doom!!

Gemma: Customer, your sarcasm is beyond me.
SFX: Ehehe…

- There’s no way you don’t know, right, Gemma?

Gemma: Why do you know my name?

- …since you’re Gale’ friend.

- Could that be… Dark Bring?

Gemma: Get out of this island!!!
SFX: shwiing!!

Gemma: There’s no Rave on this island.

- Oh?

SFX: gachak

- Shuda-sama, a report.
SFX: tmp tmp tmp

- Fable was defeated!!
- Looks like the Dark Bring got destroyed too!!
SFX: salute!!

Shuda: Fable?

Shuda: Hunh… that guy. Well, as I expected.

Shuda: My, my.

Shuda: I’ll have to search for it myself…
SFX: doom!

- 2nd Rave Master: Haru

- Weapon: Rave & Sword (Ten Commandments)
- Birthday/age: 0050. July 7th/16 years old
- Height/weight/blood type: 168cm/55kg/type B
- Birthplace: Garage Island
- Hobbies: going for walks, star gazing
- Special talents: all-rounder athlete, carpentry (he used to do a part time job)
- Likes: Big sis
- Dislikes: Bad guys

- The main character of this manga. I’d already decided on his appearance and name before serialization. The only change was his using a sword.
- At first the premise was to have him be an alchemist who can freely manipulate metal.
- However, since he had such a maniacal offensive style, it became a sword. Except a normal sword isn’t interesting. So I made it a little bigger, but it was still boring. Well then, how about a sword with 10 transformations!! And so this sword was born.
- Somewhat kind and earnest and compassionate, and, strong! I thought “if only I could draw such an ideal boy”… and so on.

SFX: bwoing
Arrow text front of Haru: manipulating
Arrow text behind: Metal

Arrow: It’s written “Eisenmeteor”. It means “Iron Meteor”.

- Rave’s bearer? : Plue

- Weapon: Nose…or maybe horn… [arrow text] this
- Birthday/age: unknown/unknown
- Height/weight/blood type: 40cm (when standing) / 2.6kg / unknown
- Birthplace: unknown
- Hobbies: sleeping and eating, it seems
- Special talents: can prevent the deterioration of wounds and injuries (healing is not possible)
- Likes: candy, it seems
- Dislikes: an empty stomach, it seems
Plue: puuun

- …I never thought a character I thought up whilst doodling during middle school would appear in my own serialized manga.
- Even I don’t know if he’s a dog or whatever, since I can’t remember anything about the model he’s based on or the catalyst for drawing it, it’s an inconceivable feeling.
- “Mogra”, is what most readers say. I wonder what it was really?
- On a side note, it’s hard to draw him from memory without referring back to his appearance.

- Q. Why is Plue always shivering?
- A. That’s a SECRET [heart]
- Q. How many Rave are there in total?
- A. 5 of them. One of them is Shiba’s.
- Answering questions about Rave that pop up the most!!

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