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Dotou no Yuushatachi 1

Dotou no Yuushatachi (Heroes of Fury)

+ posted by JinHea as translation on Mar 9, 2012 02:36 | Go to Dotou no Yuushatachi

-> RTS Page for Dotou no Yuushatachi 1

tl by JinHea

Goldish title: Heroes of Fury
Pink circle: Making the 2012 Manga world! The raging New Year’s preemptive strike!!!! [below line] First strike!!
Red text: Legend of a faraway land.
Box: A certain era
Blue text: The hero of the web comic world!!
Diamond: Original story / ONE [square brackets] Wanpanman
Blue text below that: Super popular Jump veteran’s first work for a youth magazine!!
Diamond: Art / Murata Yuusuke [square bracket 1] Eyeshield 21 [s.b. 2] Donten Prism Solar Car
Blue text: Special One-shot

- Country of Dokka [NB. literally “Somewhere Country”, “dokka” means “somewhere”]

- Castle of Nanka [NB. literally “Somehow Castle”, “nanka” means “somehow”]

Box: King Rushkheet
- King!
- Yes?

- King Rushkheet!!
- The princess was taken away by the Demon King!!

- What!?

- Damn you, Demon King!
Paper: Greetings, King / I have taken your daughter. [below arm] Yours, / the Demon King
- You dare take away my only beloved daughter…!!!

- Go find me a hero!! According to legend, the legendary hero who defeats the Demon King should exist somewhere!
- I will prepare the most mind-blowing reward for rescuing my daughter!!

- Recruiting a legendary hero!!!
Below pic: Buseino
- The one who successfully rescues her from the Demon King will be allowed to HAVE THE PRINCESS’ HAND IN MARRIAGE.

- It says they’re looking for a hero.
- Hunnh
- To rescue THAT? No way.
- She’s perfect for the Demon King.

- Not a single person has applied to battle the Demon King.
- Why?! I prepared the most generous reward…!

- Fine! Get me those heroes by any means necessary!
- I better see results, or it’s off with your head!!

- You serious?
- If I use that item, heroes will be drawn for sure… Alright! Just don’t blame me whatever happens!

- The princess awaits the legendary hero [heart] / Place / The Demon King’s castle
Below pic: Princess Buseino-chan (18)
- The warrior who rescues me from the Demon King will- wh-wh-what? MARRY ME!!? / Best dish / Nikujaga / 3 sizes are / B89W57H82

- Whaaat…!?
- Kuh! That bastard Demon King!
- Abducting a frail princess – unforgivable!
- I will…
- No, you’ll be up against the evil Demon King… leave this to me!
- No! Hold up! I will…

- Actually, I’ve been thinking that I might be a warrior since a long time ago. I’m quite certain.
- I am the warrior.

- Well, my father said that before he was a hero before becoming a dentist, so I reckon I’M the hero.

- I’ve heard that my distant relative was a hero. It’s highly likely that the blood of a hero runs through my veins.

- You people have been saying a lot of seemingly reasonable things… / Listen up. Being a hero has nothing to do with heredity or blood. A hero is Chosen.
- …and just now, I heard the voice of God. The legendary hero is, without a doubt, me.

- So the time has finally come…
- I’m sorry for hiding this from everyone. Actually, I am the hero.

Soldier: I see…
Soldier: Maybe I went overboard.
- You’ve gotta be kidding me! It says we just gotta win!!
- You think we’re gonna believe that a hero who hasn’t been seen for centuries just conveniently shows up now? Fool!
- Shut up! The one who saves her wins! I’m off!
- Wait up, that’s so underhanded! You’re after the princess!
- Y-y-y-you’re mistaken! It awakened my sense of justice, that’s all!
- Dammit! I’m gonna defeat the Demon King!
- I am!!

- He’s late…
Box: The Demon King’s castle
- The King’s soldiers still haven’t come?

- That timid, incompetent king…
- Just hearing rumours of his corrupt politics riles me up.
Box: Demon King Osekkai [NB. This is a play on words. “Osekkai” sounds like “Osekai”, meaning “World”]
- I had to teach that king a lesson and set him straight. I even went to the lengths of taking the princess, yet he still hasn’t come to save her.

- It seems that the king’s begun looking for heros.
- There are posters up around the country.

- He’s using outside help at a time like this… you say!?
- Unbelievable… Does he fear me that much?

- And what’s more, there is not one soul brave enough to defeat me and save the princess!?
- What a sorry state of affairs… I am flabbergasted by the depths to which human morals have sunk in these past few centuries!!!

- It’s cuz the princess isn’t pretty.
- It’s impossible to work up the courage to rescue that thing.
- And she does nothing but eat. I wouldn’t be surprised if they abandon her.

- You imbeciles!!
- It’s awful to judge someone by their looks!!

- Y-yes. I sorry… [NB. grammar mistake intentional]
- Demon King-sama… he’s evil when necessity dictates… or should I say he’s become good…

- Enemy attack—! Enemy attack—!
- Demon King-sama!! People who seem to be heros are attacking!!

- Hmph! So there are still some humans with backbones left!
- Ha! Interesting… Panic not! Assume battle positions!

- It’s useless!
- The demon army’s vanguard has been wiped out!

- There are a lot of them!
- They’ve broken through the main entrance! They’re surging into the castle!

- I-impossible!
- How many of them are there!?

- So the hero this time possesses a great unifying power!? / Demonic Mirror Monitor, show him to me!

- I cannot! Every single one of them calls himself a hero!
Linked: Why the!?

- It’s incomprehensible! The demand “return the princess” is deafening!
- So their sense of justice has been roused…

- Interesting… It’s been centuries since I’ve felt such excitement…!
- Humans these days are so good at plunging into depravity that I haven’t had anything to do…!

- I shall face you in my true form…!

- Haha… cute little lambs…
- I’ll teach you one thing.
- Against me, the Demon King, no matter how many of you there are, the despairingly huge difference in power will not disappe…

- The numbers were a bit too overwhelming.
- I have learned my lesson.

- Fuh… I lost.
- The princess is safely secreted beyond the hidden door…

- Rather than safe…
- she’s so healthy that she was just eating fried rice and sides a moment ago.

- In all honesty, I sorely underestimated you people…
- Though I had no intention to do anything to her … This is a complete defeat.
Paper slip: Be sure to return this to its original position! / Demon King
- You can take her back now, valiant warriors.

- Hehehe… Time to get a gander at the princess.
- Hey, aren’t you too worked up? Mind your language.
- I’m so excited… finally, we shall meet.

- H-Hey, why did she close the door?
- Ah, pardon.
- I think something’s wrong with my eyes. I caught of glimpse of something demon king-like.
- The Demon King’s been defeated, you know.

- Castle of Nanka

- King! It’s terrible! The horde of heroes is attacking! They look extremely angry!
King: Why?
Box: Country of Dokka / annihilated.
Double circle: Please anticipate Murata-sensei and ONE-sensei’s next work!!!

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