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Fairy Tail 298

Heart-pounding Ryuuzetsu Land

+ posted by JinHea as translation on Sep 7, 2012 09:49 | Go to Fairy Tail

-> RTS Page for Fairy Tail 298

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tl by JinHea

- Chapter 298 “Heart-pounding Ryuuzetsu Land”

- June 30
- Arrive in Crocus / Qualifiers

- July 1
- Grand Magic Games / Day 1

- July 2
- Day 2

- July 3
- Day 3

Box: This time

- July 4
- Day 4
Box: this volume

Circle: July 5
- Day off

- July 6
- Day 5

Final panel: July 7
Beside 2nd to last and last panel: This time it’s the Grand Magic Games: side story!!

Box: Time turns back, to the night of Day 3 of the Grand Magic Games.
- Yeah yeah
- yeah yeah
- chatter chatter

- A pool, you say?
- Wow [heart]
- There’s one nearby?

- It’s a prominent summer leisure spot in Fiore called Ryuuzetsu Land.
- We hafta go!!
- It’s hot, after all.
- Aye aye sir!

- Is it ok to not tell the master though?
- If you’re worried about Master, he went out with Laxus.

- Master and Laxus? The two of them?
- That’s something unusual.
- I wonder what they’re up to…

- We’re here!!
- It’s so big.
- Hnn— feels good.
- Erza, are your injuries ok?
- She’s Erza, you know. Don’t worry.

- Look!! It’s a sea train!!

- Urgh / blargh
- Why’d you ride it!!?
- Don’t hurl in the pool, I’m begging you.

- There’s an aquarium over there!! / Let’s go!
- I guess there’s no other choice.
- The Kiwi Juice they sell here is yummy.
- Shall we go too?
- Ah? You’re kidding me! Like I’d go to a place like that!

- Aw geez, I should’ve brought my swimsuit along.
- Lingerie!? That’s not allowed, is it!?
- Aren’t you always dressed in swimsuit-like clothes anyway?

- We should have invited big brother Elf along too.
- Yeah. It’s kinda sad that he got left behind.

- Well, I never! I’d die rather than have them know we came here together.
- Shh!! It’s no joke if we get found out!!

- What!! You’re the one who said we should come here!!!
- Don’t be a fool!! I just wanted a change of pace!! It’s not what you think!!

- Well well.
- They’re hooking up.

- Gray-sama!! Let’s go on that Love Love Slider together!
- What’s up with that weird name?

- I heard that you ride it while hugging each other. / Ehehe
- No way I’m riding that!!

- In that case, I’ll ride with you.
- Lyon-sama!!?
- You little!! Where did you come from!!?

- Wendyyyy!!
- Sheria! You guys came too?

- That was a good fight today. / How are your wounds?
- Much better!! Thank you for asking!

- You’re being overly polite again.
- Ah… I can’t help it…

- Let’s play over there.
- Ok!

- Do I spy angels over there?
- Look over there for a completely different picture.

- Men are always wild!!
- Fuohhhh!!!!
- Yuck!

- Hey, you guys! From now on it’s the age of “real men”!

- When it comes to “real men”, I’m reminded of this guy called Geese who used to be a fellow guild member…
- he used Bacchus’ name without permission to commit thefts…
- We’ve heard that story a thousand times!

- There!
- Kyahh!
- Big sis Mira!!?
- fwoosh

- Payback for yesterday!! Thanks for giving me some really embarrassing memories!

- You went too far, Jenny—

- Payback!!
- Not the bottom!!

- By the way, Lucy…
- What is it, Erza?

- These guys are a real nuisance.
Sparkly speech: Ohh!! I smell a divine fragrance!
- You’re even more beautiful today, Erza-san.
- You… you’ve gotta be kidding me. What’s with that lovely figure!?
- I’ll be your pet if you would have me.
Lucy: You don’t have to tell ME that…

- What were the MPF ratings today? You don’t have enough fighting spirit!
- Ugh!

- Don’t you have Sherry already!?
- Kuh…
- You shouldn’t be playing around with those big injuries!
- Augh!

- Let’s go, Lucy.
- Scold me too!!

- What are you doing?
- It’s just as you see.
- Yayyy!! Pools are fun, aren’t they!
- We’re catering to her whims.

- And what are YOU doing over there…

- Apologies… I tracked the magical power here…
- You stand out too much. I suggest you stop.

- Carla, look!

- So? Does it suit us?
- What kinda fish is this?
- Ahahahahaha!!!

- Blondiiie.

- You’re the one from Raven!!!

- Weren’t you captured by the military?
- I broke the rules. / But that doesn’t mean I broke the law. I was just interrogated.

- Wh-why are you here?

- Sorry.

- That’s all I wanted to say.

- I’m having so much fuuuun!!!!
- This is the perfume of youth!

- natsu!! It’s dangerous to run around!
- Ichiya-san too, think of your age!
- It’s the handsome uncle!

- This is a trifle!

- Meeeeeen!
- Ngha!

- Watch out!!
- Kya!!

- Wowzers…

- Ah… no… sor…ry…
- No… it’s ok.

- Let’s ride the Love Love Slider, Gray-sama!
- Leave this guy and ride with me, Juvia.
- Geez— what a pain!

- Natsu!!?
- Natsu-san!?

- You!
- S-sto…

- Why am I doing this with you?!!!
- That’s my line!!!!

- Is this the B.L. one hears rumours about!!? [NB. B.L. stands for boys love]

- Freeze!!!!
- YOU freeze!!!!

- Ngh!

- Waita…
- Cold!
- What are you doing!?

- Idiots!! Who would ever…

- Natsu… stop it!

- …freeze a pool?!!!

- What is that?
- Dunno.

Natsu aside: Hah hah hah hah!!
Text below panel: Too free for their own good, and they never learn… that’s the Fairy Tail way!!

- The repair bill will be charged to Fairy Tail.
Lucy: I knew this would happen…
Panel bottom right: Continued in Chapter 299 “A solitary journey”
Panel bottom left: The next chapter will be a Grand Magic Games side story as well!! Look forward to Fairy Tail’s first trial(!?) !!

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