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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Dagashi Kashi Omake 2

Volume 2 Bonus

+ posted by JoCurryrice as translation on Dec 18, 2015 21:17 | Go to Dagashi Kashi

Reserved for Café con Lenin.





Volume 2

Volume 2,

it's volume 2.

It's volume 2, Kokonotsu-kun.

... Yes, it is... So what...?

Since it's volume 2 we'll probably gather the 7 balls of the dragon.

A girl's panties!

Stop!! That's from another company!!

Maybe SOL will fire too?

That's from another company too! And why such a niche reference?!
[translation note: in Japan, copyright issues are usually handled by publishers, so it's not uncommon to see references to another manga published by the same company, but referencing a manga from another company might create copyright issues. Here, Dagashi Kashi is published by Shogakukan, while Dragon Ball was published by Shueisha and Akira by Kodansha, hence Kokonotsu's warnings.]

I am deeply sorry.


Oh, I forgot to tell you, but the house I invited you in the other day is one of our resorts, Kokonotsu-kun.

Ah, okay, I see.

So you had a resort here in the middle of nowhere... I guess that shows just how rich the Shidare company is...

No, no.

Father had it built just for me.

I... see...

That's not just rich anymore...





I know it's kind of out of the blue, but I bought a motorbike.

For real?!

We can go as far as we want now that we have one!

Let's get out of this back country as fast as possible!!

No matter how far we rode, we did not manage to get out of the forest. Then darkness fell, and so did the temperature.

We tried to turn back, but it was so dark we could not see a thing. Countryside is a truly terrifying place.


Thank you very much for teaching us (about dagashi) today again, Boss!

You did well. You may go.

When did you become acquainted with them, Hotaru-san?

Erm, that was...

when I was looking at them eating dagashi in the park one day, and they gave me one.

She looks like a pain to deal with...

Since they're such good boys, I decided to guide them...

You may call me "Boss"!!

Huh? What?!

Who is she?!

She asked them to call her "Boss" herself...?!




This is something I heard from Saya-chan...


She said that Hotaru-san used your shower. Is that true?

Huh? Erm, yeah...



I wish I were you...


He's actually much more of a perv' than he looks...


While we're talking about, Saya...


She's flat as a board.

Huh?! Well, yeah...

How do you feel about it, Coconuts?

In my opinion, Saya-chan is more about...

the legs... I guess.

I'm so proud of my little sister.

I know.



Inside /Shikada Dagashi/.

The air conditioner. Looks like they bought a new one.

The chabudai. Here, you can eat the dagashi you've bought.

It's hard to tell in the manga itself, but you have to take your shoes off to go there, and there's a small step.

Pillar. It's in the way.

The counter where Kokonotsu always is.

Dagashi shelf. There are also strange plastic models and stuff here.

Dagashi shelf number 2.

The door from which Hotaru always enters.

I think this space to rest where people can eat their dagashi just after buying them is a wonderful idea.

Though you always end up eating your dagashi in front of the counter, Hotaru-san.


Since I only draw eight pages a week, it takes long to gather enough material to put in a book.
"It's going to be a while before volume 2 comes out... Wait, before that, will volume 2 actually come out one day...?" Or so I was thinking, but time sure flies faster than I can notice.
Thank you very much for buying the second volume of Dagashi Kashi.
It's going to be a while before volume 3 comes out...


Many thanks to "Yuitama Tatsuhiro" for drawing the author's picture.



Kabushiki Gaisha Heart
[Translation note: the company that produces Waku Waku Smartphones.]

Maruyoshi Seika Kabushiki Gaisha
[Translation note: the company that produces Seven Neons.]

Kabushiki Gaisha Miyama Shokuhin Kōgyō
[Translation note: the company that produces Sakura Daikon.]

株式会社 やおきん
Kabushiki Gaisha Yaokin
[Translation note: the company that produces Monster Stamps and Cabbage Tarou.]

株式会社 明治
Kabushiki Gaisha Meiji
[Translation note: the company that produces Yanyan Tsuke Bou, Chou Himo Q, Wata Pachi, and Choco Babies.]

Jack Seika Kabushiki Gaisha
[Translation note: the company that produces Yatta! Men.]

Seika Shokuhin Kabushiki Gaisha
[Translation note: the company that produces Bontan Ame.]

Matsuyama Seika Kabushiki Gaisha
[Translation note: the company that produces American Cola.]

Meiji Chewing Gum Kabushiki Gaisha
[Translation note: the company that produces Suppai Budou ni Goyoujin.]

株式会社 大和製菓
Kabushiki Gaisha Yamato Seika
[Translation note: the company that produces Aji Curry.]

Imuraya Kabushiki Gaisha
[Translation note: the company that produces Melon Balls.]

Kracie Foods Kabushiki Gaisha
[Translation note: the company that produces Neru Neru Neru ne.]

Marutake Shokuhin Kougyou Kabushiki Gaisha
[Translation note: the company that produces Omosiro Boys.]

Sanritsu Seika Kabushiki Gaisha
[Translation note: the company that produces Choco Bats.]

Tirol Choco Kabushiki Gaisha
[Translation note: the company that produces Go En ga Aru yo.]

Thank you for all these wonderful dagashi!!!

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