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Dagashi Kashi 40

Baby Star Ramen

+ posted by JoCurryrice as translation on May 11, 2016 12:38 | Go to Dagashi Kashi

-> RTS Page for Dagashi Kashi 40

Reserved for Crossbreed Scans.


40th Sweet: Baby Star Ramen

Dagashi Kashi



Sorry, Kokonotsu...
I really wanted to tell you sooner...


trying to make a living as a YouTueber...
[TL note: typo on purpose, see the YOUTuebe logo on page 18]


Let's go a few minutes back in time...



Kokonotsu had woken up in the middle of the night.

I'm thirsty...


Is pops still up...?


Is he talking with someone...? Maybe he's on the phone...


And welcome to a new episode!

And, wow! it's already the tenth episode!
Time sure flies!

Okay, so let's get started!


Welcome to "You's Dagashi Channel"!

Alright, so today's dagashi is... "Baby Star Ramen"!

He's one of those YouTuebers who upload videos in which they review sweets!!

Right, so that's what I'm going to review today!




Huh?! What?! Kokonotsu, what are you doing up this late?!

That's exactly what I wanted to ask you!!

Back to the present.

That was a real shock.
I can't believe my own father's a YouTueber...

Ugh... Well, you see...
I thought it might help us earn a little something...

I heard that the most famous YouTuebers earn up to twenty million yens a year
and their videos are watched ten thousand times every day! Isn't it amazing?!

And how many times do your videos get watched?

About 13 times...
In total.

You're not made for it! Stop right now!!

Th-Then, since I was going to shoot a video right now, can you tell me what I'm doing wrong?

Well, I don't really mind...

Welcome to You's Dagashi Channel!

Are you gonna start again from the beginning...?



The dagashi I'm going to tell you about today is: the Baby Star Ramen!

Oyatsu Company

Baby Star Ramen

Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby Star




Bath Towel


His choice of dagashi looks good...

As you all know, it's a dagashi inspired by ramen! I'm sure all of you have had some, at least once.

It was... erm...


cheat sheet

created in 1959! Wow...! This one's an old-timer...

It was still called "Baby Ramen" at the time! Oooh...!


Chirp!! Chirp!!

Well, my dagashi store is even older than that, though!

Alright, so let's start the tasting.

*nom* *nom*

Hmm! It's good! Like... really good!

It's great! The... taste! It's like... erm... tasty!

The texture... and the taste...



You completely suck at thiiiis!!!


Are you even trying?! H-How can you suck so much?! There are so many things you could say here! It's the "Baby Star", damn it!!


For example... You could have said it was born from the production of instant ramen!

That's right! Ain't I awesome?

Oh, you mean how it's made from the noodle scraps the workers were given as snacks, and which they really loved...?


It's snack time!


Yeah, that.

Isn't it amazing?!

It has such an unexpected history... You could even say its existence itself is an accident... That's part of its identity as a dagashi!

Y-You're right...

And this character, everyone knows about him!

Ah, Ba-chan...



There's actually two characters! A boy called Ba-chan and a girl called By-chan,
and their mother is a designer! You could have said that!

Conceptual drawing

That the clothes they wear are cosplays designed by their mother...! Or that these clothes change with the flavor...!

Kung-fu cosplay
"Utsunomiya's Gyoza Senbei"
[TL note: utsunomiya is a japanese city that is famous for its gyoza]

Dosanko cosplay
[TL note: "dosanko" is the name of a horse breed from hokkaido, and also a nickname for people from hokkaido]
"Sapporo's Miso Ramen"

Marine cosplay
"Salt Ramen"

Maharajah cosplay
"Curry Ramen"

Oh, yeah! Now that you say it...!

If you know about it, then talk about it!!!

You know more than the average guy, so use that knowledge! Do you think people want to watch videos in which all you say is "it's good"?!

B-But basically all other videos are like that...

If you're gonna do it, then be serious about it! You're trying to live off it, right?!

still on

The "star" in "Baby Star" is...

the expression of the desire to become a star...

I'm a star!

to become the number one star of children's snacks!



This was the first episode of "You's Dagashi Channel" to ever reach a hundred views.

...to become the number one star...

You's Dagashi Channel - Episode 10

There were even a few discussions about it among dagashi enthusiasts.


Was the camera on all the time...?

I saw your movie!

I think it was really nice!


It got Hotaru's approval.

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