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Rokudenashi Blues 93

Mixed Emotions

+ posted by Johnny B Goode as translation on Jun 17, 2012 23:53 | Go to Rokudenashi Blues

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Chapter 93: Mixed Emotions

Maeda: *cough* // Goddamnit, that hurts... // It's cause I beat up those guys yesterday...I'm still sick...

Wajima: Maeda-san...

Maeda: Uggghhhh...

Wajima: We need some backup after school today... // Can you help us?

Maeda: Agghh...shut up...

Wajima: You know Yamazaki, from the cheer squad...the fat guy? // Some assholes from Kyoei have been really beating on him lately... // It's not a huge deal but I figured we should show them who's boss...

Maeda: Wh...what?

[Cover pages]

Maeda: Ugghh... // ..... // Hell no.

Wajima/Mutou: WHAT!?

Maeda: Sorry, but you guys can deal with that yourself. // I'm gonna sit this one out.

Wajima/Mutou: MAEDA-SAN! // ..... // Goddamnit... // He's fucking pissing me off...

Person: Yeah, he has changed.

Other: He won't do shit.

Yoneji: But yesterday he beat up some guys for that Joe guy...

Wajima: Dammit...now I'm really pissed off!
// Why won't he help US!?

There's gotta be some reason...

Seiji: .....



Seiji: ...

Ioka: What's with that attitude? Huh!?

Mafuyu: .... // ....

Ioka: Uh... // You...you wanna say something? Say it!

Mafuyu: Are you even looking at me?

Ioka: Hey...what are you... // ....

Mafuyu: Dumbass...

Ioka: Hey! I'm not finished with you yet!

Seiji: Heheh... // I heard you really don't like that second year Maeda.

Ioka: Hey...you! What's with that hair!?

Seiji: I got a secret to tell you...it's not about Maeda-san, but it's still juicy... // Please don't tell anyone what I'm telling you.

Ioka: What is it!?

Mafuyu: .....

Seiji: There's chloroform in there. // Stealing this was a real bitch. // With this we can make some gaps in his memory. Here you go, aniki.

Joe: Got it. What about you?

Seiji: No problem. Those teachers really like a snitch. // And they're smart enough to keep it a secret.

Joe: What do I do with this?

Seiji: Let it soak into the handkerchief... // Then... // Aniki!

Joe: ZZZZZ...

Mafuyu: What the hell are these guys up to?

Maeda: What, Ioka?

Joe: Yeah, he says he's got some questions for you...

Maeda: Huh? He's got questions for... // *cough* *cough*

Joe: Oh...you're sick? Use this. // Here.

Maeda: Huh... // Wha... // .... // ZZZZZ...

Joe: Nighty night...

Joe: Heheh... // Hh... // GWAH! // OWWWW!

Maeda: ZZZZZ...

Seiji: WE'RE IN DEEP SHIT! // Wajima-san! Hamada-san!

Hamada: What is it, Seiji?

Seiji: Hff... // hff... // we're in deep shit...

Seiji: You're all going to be suspended for smoking...

Wajima: S...SUSPENDED!?

Yoneji: How'd they find out?

Seiji: It...it was... // Maeda-san who told them.

Everyone: WHAAT!?

Seiji: I didn't believe it either...

Ioka: Ok, I get that you don't smoke. // I'm just asking you who does. // Huh? You want me to hurt you some more?

Maeda: I...I won't tell.

Ioka: TELL ME!

Maeda: GWAH! // UGH! // Kh... // GWAH!

Ioka: Not talking, huh? // Then you can say goodbye to that precious fist of yours!

Maeda: UGGGH... // AAAAAH... // UGH...AAAH... // I...I'll talk... // I'll tell you.

Ioka: Right.

Maeda: Some of the third years...Wajima...Hamada...Mutou... // Ohashi too...


Maeda: Ugh...

Maeda: In my class there's... // Yamashita Katsuji and Sawamura Yoneji...

Katsuji: There's no way Maeda-san...

Yoneji: He wouldn't tell...he wouldn't!

Seiji: Well, Maeda-san's a boxer...so he needs his right fist... // I guess he had to talk... // But I still don't understand...

Wajima: .... // You get it now, Katsuji? Yoneji? That's what kind of man he is.

Yoneji/Katsuji: ....

Seiji: Ioka's wants to see all six of you. // He's probably going to suspend you. // ( Heheh...dumbasses...I'm the one who snitched on them... // Now nobody's got Maeda's back. )

Seiji: Heheh...

Mafuyu: Bullshit.

Joe: Well...looks like your friends will be here soon. // And haven't you forgotten something important? // Ioka really got your hand, huh? // A little chloroform so you won't wake up... // I could probably kill you now... // But I'll save that for later. // Crushing your other hand would be a little... // Easier.

SFX: *thump*

Maeda: GAH! // Wha...What the... // Owww... // The hell...my hand...what... // Owwww...fucking hurts...

Wajima: Don't "what", Maeda-san. // You forgot that Ioka crushed your fist?


Joe: You really don't remember!? Ioka called for you and he crushed your fist / And you told him that Wajima-san and the others were all smoking!

Maeda: Wha- // Like hell I would say that! // So what happened to my hand!? // I don't remember much but... // Owww... // Katsuji... // Yoneji...

Katsuji/Yoneji: .....

Seiji: Heheh...

Wajima: I'm disappointed, Maeda-san. // Let's go.

Others: Yeah...

Maeda: H...HEY!

Hamada: Come on.

Katsuji/Yoneji: .....

Maeda: .....

Seiji: Wajima-san.

Wajima: Huh?

Seiji: What if I came here to take care of Maeda-san?

Wajima: Yeah?

Wajima: He'd kill you.

Seiji: But what if I win? // That's why I've been sucking up this whole time.

Mutou: Just try it.

Seiji: Thanks.

Ohashi: Katsuji, Yoneji, come on!

Katsuji/Yoneji: Uh...uh... // .....

Maeda: !!

Seiji: Hey, Maeda-saaaan...Why are you so alone? // Nice to meet you. I'm Toguchi Seiji.

Maeda: TOGUCHI!?

Joe: Uh-huh. // And I'm his older brother. Joichiro.

Maeda: Joe...your arm's...

Joe: Oh, that? It healed just now. Just now.

Maeda: You were trying to get me the whole time...

Joe: And we did! // No matter what you tell the others, they'll just say it's excuses. // And we'll defeat you and take over Teiken. // Just as planned.

Maeda: Go ahead and try.

Seiji: Huh? // How's a boxer like you going to fight without his fists?

Maeda: Just try it. // Thanks to all that sleep you gave me, my head's feeling a lot better.

People: What do we do? Should we just go to Ioka? // .....

Yoneji: .....

Katsuji: What is it, Yoneji?

Yoneji: Something's been bothering me... // Seiji's a fighter, right?

Katsuji: Yeah? // You said the same thing yesterday... // !! // Wait up, Yoneji!

Yoneji: Seiji said Ioka got his right fist... // But... // THAT WAS HIS LEFT!

Katsuji: !!

Mutou: Wait, wasn't that Katsuji and Yoneji?

Wajima: Dunno.

Ohashi: Those dumbasses...why'd they go back?

Mafuyu: Who are you calling dumbasses?

Hamada: Huh? // Mafuyu!

Mafuyu: Who do you even think Maeda is? // You've been hanging out with him this long and you can't even tell? Dumbasses!

Others: WHAT!?

Joe: YOU...!

Maeda: UGH! // Kh...

Joe: GHO...!

Joe: Ugh... // He's stronger than... // You never said he could kick...

Maeda: Heheh... // you bastards... // Whoa... // Ow...

Joe: Oh!

Maeda: Ow! You bitch!

Seiji: Heheh...

Maeda: GWAAAAH! // Ow...Ah...

Joe: Hahaha...dumbass!

Joe: Hahaha... // Ow! // OW! THE HELL! // LET GO!

Seiji: Aniki! // B...

Maeda: Kh...

Katsuji/Yoneji: MAEDA-SAN!

Maeda: OOOOH!

Maeda: Quit bowing, dumbasses.

Hamada: Sorry, Maeda-san...We didn't know until Mafuyu told us... // We didn't know you were sick...

Others: Uh...we told you that...

Wajima: Where are you going, Maeda-san?

Maeda: Kyoei. // We have to take care of those guys who beat up Yamazaki, right?

Joe: Or we could be underlings too...


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