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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)
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Rokudenashi Blues

+ posted by Johnny B Goode as translation on Jul 19, 2012 00:34 | Go to Rokudenashi Blues

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Chapter 94: Shimabukuro's Very Embarassing Secret

[cover page]

Person: Hey, did you hear? Sawamura-kun and his friends were caught smoking and got suspended!

People: No way...

Person: I heard him and that third year Wajima-san and a bunch of others all got snitched on!

People: Whoa...

Joe: ....

Person: So Ioka was all like...

Joe: ....

Kazumi: Hey!

Joe: WHAT!?

Kazumi: Chiaki's Maeda-kun's girlfriend! // So don't look at her that way! // Why'd you get Katsuji-kun suspended anyway!? // I hate you!


Kazumi: Katsuji-kun told me everything! He said you and your brother got everyone suspended!

Joe: So what are you going to do about it!? Huh!?

Kazumi: GYAAAAH! // Don't hurt me!

Chiaki: Katsuji-kun's in trouble, huh, Kazumi?

Kazumi: Yeah, Chiaki!

Chiaki: Oh, Toguchi-kun, your hand's healed already?

Joe: ....

Kazumi: Oh, you don't know, Chiaki? // He...mmph!

Maeda: Shut up.

Chiaki: Maeda-kun!

Kazumi: MMMMM...MMMMM...

Maeda: I'm done with him, so quit your bitching.

Chiaki: Maeda-kun, were you fighting again? // Your hand's gotten worse.

Maeda: None of your business.

Joe: ....

Maeda: So I don't know how big you were back home. // But those guys you got suspended were good guys. // When they come back you might want to say sorry to them. // And next time you start one of your stupid plans, they'll know. // I'm hoping you at least learn a little from this.

Seiji/Joe: ....

Maeda: And if you still want a fight, go ahead. // I'll kick your asses.

Joe: .... // M...Maeda...

Maeda: Huh?

Joe: Uh...are you really going out with that Nanase girl?

Maeda: Wait, what!? Who told you that!?

Joe: That really loud girl.

Maeda: Like hell I would. Don't just believe anyone who spreads that kind of shit!

Joe: Okay...

Seiji: What the hell, aniki!? He's got you actually caring about that shit? // Can't believe you actually want to quit this whole thing now.

Joe: You know he's a pretty big deal around here.

Seiji: Yeah, so?

Joe: No matter what school they're from, all the guys I talk to around here are scared of him.

Seiji: Screw them. // I don't care about those other guys, but I'll take Maeda down no matter what it takes.

Joe: Dumbass, we couldn't even win with two against one! How can you beat him yourself? // *click*

Seiji: I don't care about winning, I just want to make him pay.

Joe: Yeah, but this is Maeda. // He's beaten up almost every boss around here. // Right after he entered Teiken he already took over. // And then there was that whole Misako thing... // And even Kyoei and Kadoebi... // The only place around here he hasn't beaten up anyone is Yonekura Commerce. // But it's not like a business school would have anyone for him to...

Seiji: ....

People: Well, uh, you were really late getting back, Shimabukuro-san. // Looks like your head got really fucked up.

Shimabukuro: Hmph.

Person: ...what's got you so pissed off anyway?

Shimabukuro: ....

Person: Ugh!

Shimabukuro: ( I thought it would look weird on one side so I shaved the other to match, but it didn't work... // Goddamn you, Maeda's little brother! )

Person: Oh, yeah, I heard some guys from Kyoei got in a fight with Maeda a while back...

Shimabukuro: .... // I'LL KILL HIM!

Seiji: Ow...

Shimabukuro: Ah!

Seiji: You piece of shit...

Shimabukuro: I...I'm so very sorry!

Seiji: Wait, what!?

Shimabukuro: I apologize for my carelessness! I'm so sorry! So very sorry!

Seiji: ...What. // Cheh! Just look where you're going, dumbass! // *spit*

Person: HEY, ASSHOLE! He was actually BOWING to you!

Seiji: Uh...


Seiji: What!? // TEIKEN'S MAEDA!?

Shimabukuro: Hey!

Person: GWAH!

Shimabukuro: Don't talk to an injured person like that!

Person: I...I'M SORRY! I'm sorry!

Seiji: Wait... // You got something against Teiken's Maeda? // Tell me about it.

Shimabukuro: Huh?

Shimabukuro: I got it. // So you transferred in and thought you'd stir some shit up, but he beat you up like a little bitch. // Well, you gotta fight fire with fire. // I want to help you, but I can't right now.

Seiji: Why?

Shimabukuro: If I could I'd be going over there right now, but... // It's a long story.

Seiji: Yeah?

Shimabukuro: I got a little sick and last week I had surgery on my stomach. // They told me to hold back on anything intense for a while.

Seiji: You're pretty good at bullshitting.

Shimabukuro: What do you mean bullshit!?

Seiji: I talked to some of your guys. // Wasn't it your head that got hurt?

Seiji: I think you're just scared of Maeda. // I really doubt you just "haven't settled things."

Shimabukuro: ARE YOU SERIOUS!? Who's afraid of that idiot?

Seiji: Ok, then tell me what you're sick with.

Shimabukuro: A...appendicitis.

Seiji: Oh, yeah?

Shimabukuro: What? What's that supposed to mean? You want me to show you the scar I got?

Seiji: You're just going to show me some two or three year old scar, huh?

Shimabukuro: The hell!? They just took the stitches out! It's fresh! Very fresh!

(T/N: He says very fresh in English.)

Seiji: You're pathetic. // Why don't I just tell everyone what a liar you are?

Shimabukuro: .....

Shimabukuro: Ok, then I'll show you some real proof.

Seiji: That didn't mean actually show me.

Shimabukuro: I'll show you in the bathroom.

Seiji: You go ahead. I need to get something at the register.

Shimabukuro: Okay, don't tell anyone.

Seiji: What are you going to show me?

Shimabukuro: Once you see this, you'll know I had an operation.

Seiji: Hey...hey, what are you doing!? // Stop it!

Shimabukuro: Before they operate on your appendix they have to get rid of all the hair in the way. // Just take a quick look.

Seiji: They do what to the hair?

Shimabukuro: HAI-YAAH! // See that? You see that? // Huh? Huh? It's no lie! // I really can't help you out, so... // I....huh? // AAAAAAAAH!

Seiji: Heheheh...

Shimabukuro: You...you took a picture!?

Seiji: I figured it out when you said you were going to show me something. // So I got a camera at the register.


Seiji: Whoops. // Wahaha, over here!

Shimabukuro: YOU GET THE HELL OVER HERE! // Ugh...

Shimabukuro: Bitch...

Seiji: Oh, yeah. You can't really run around or you'll hurt yourself.

Shimabukuro: Wh...what the hell do you want?

Seiji: Where should I start?

Joe: So this picture is Yonekura's Shimabukuro from the waist down?

Seiji: Yeah, aniki. // He's as strong as Maeda. // With him on our side, we can win.

Joe: You still want to fight Maeda?

Seiji: Don't worry about it. He'll be the one fighting.

Shimabukuro: What? // Don't make a sick person fight!

Seiji: Take some of your guys with you. // What, you don't want to?

Shimabukuro: Kh...

Seiji: Maeda's guys are suspended now... // And he's out one hand. Never been a better time.

Joe: We broke that fist and we still couldn't beat him. // And once those suspensions are over, Wajima and the others are going to be out for us.

Seiji: Like I said, don't worry about it. // You just have to do it in a way that won't harm us.

SFX: *Hssssh*

Seiji: You and the rest of Yonekura will take care of it, right?

Joe: What?

Shimabukuro: The hell? What gives you the right to pull that kind of shit?

Seiji: Or I can go develop those photos...

Shimabukuro: Right away! // ( Wh...what am I doing? // Goddamnit... )

Seiji: Heheh. If everything goes according to plan, they'll both take out each other.

Shimabukuro: ( Shit...If only I hadn't let him... // If only I hadn't... )

Kazumi: Hey, Maeda-kun!

Chiaki: You looked lonely walking to school by yourself.

Maeda: Shut up. // If only I had Neo Chavez with me...

Joe: Maeda!

Maeda: Huh? // AAH!

Shimabukuro: Yo.


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