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Out Code - Choujou Hanzai Tokumu Sousakan 3

The One Enjoying This Laughs Within the Mist.

+ posted by js06 as translation on Jun 14, 2009 03:48 | Go to Out Code - Choujou Hanzai Tokumu Sousakan

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Chapter 03


Text at the top: A mystery hidden in darkness! Chasing down paranormal criminals in this dark crime mystery!
Text to the right: That thunder is for those who need protection!!
Title: File 3: The One Enjoying This Laughs Within the Mist.


Boy: Will taking this really cure my disease?
Shadowy figure: Of course it will.
Shadow figure: All the other patients took it and were cured.

Shadowy figure: Now, I'm waiting for...
Shadowy figure: The first survivor...Number 0.


Hinako: Wait.
Hinako: Kirio-kun!?

Hibiki: When I injured my leg I underwent an odd treatment.
Hibiki: If I'm not mistaken it was at...Teijin Hospital.

Kirio: There's someone with paranormal powers here!
Kirio: Please let Mana be okay!


Hinako: What's with him...?
Hinako: He didn't even notice that he dropped his badge...

Box: Teijin Hospital

Hinako: Ah, geez. Where'd he go!
Hinako: Why would he come here without giving his report after the last incident...?

Yuunagi: Hinako-kun, what are you doing?
Yuunagi: You can't even do your simplest but most important job of giving a report...?
Hinako: Y-Yuunagi-senpai!

Hinako: S-sorry. I'm in a hospital, so I'm hanging up!

Hinako: ...Hoo.
Hinako: Mabe I should turn it off.

Hinako: Kyah!
Sakurazaka: Oh, I'm sorry!


Sakurazaka: Are you okay?
Sakurazaka: I just got off the night shift, so I'm a little out of it...

Sakurazaka: Ah, it would be really bad if a doctor like me hurt someone...
Hinako: It's okay. I'm not hurt.

Hinako: He sure exaggerates things...
Hinako: ...Ah.

Hinako: Have you seen this person?
Hinako: He's wearing the same uniform and he has a horrible look in his eyes like this...

Hinako: Ah...that's right. His picture's in his badge.
Hinako: Him!


Sakurazaka: Oh, this person...

Sakurazaka: Is this Mana-chan's older brother?
Hinako: Eh?

Sakurazaka: If that's him, then he's sure to be with his sister Mana-chan.
Hinako: Kirio-kun has a sister...?

Kirio: Mana!?


Mana: O-Onii-chan...?

Mana: Why are you in such a hurry?

Kirio: Nothing looks out of the ordinary for now...

Kirio: Oh, uh, sorry. I just wanted to see you all of a sudden.
Mana: You're as careless as ever, onii-chan.

Mana: ...But thank you.
Mana: You're always coming to see me.


Mana: Sorry my body is so weak.
Mana: You come even though you're so busy...

Kirio: Mana...

Kirio: Don't worry about it. You've gotten a bit better.
Kirio: And...

Kirio: I'd come running from the ends of the earth...
Kirio: if it was for you, Mana.
Kirio: I'd break the sound barrier!

Mana: Ah ha ha. Oh, onii-chan!


Hinako: ...Who's that?
Sakurazaka: Eh? He's not the one you were looking for?

Sakurazaka: Mana-chan, it's medicine time!
Mana: Ah, onii-chan, this is Doctor Sakurazaka. He became my new doctor yesterday!

Mana: He just came to the hospital last week!
Kirio: ...last week...

Sakurazaka: Nice to meet you, I'm Sakurazaka.
Sakurazaka: So you're Mana-chan's brother.

Sakurazaka: I heard about you from Mana-chan.

Kirio: Hibiki's leg was treated a month ago.


Kirio: If this doctor only came to this hospital last week...is he...innocent?

Mana: Doctor Sakurazaka is a really funny person.
Mana: Yesterday he had his doctor's coat on inside out until I pointed it out!

Sakurazaka: Ah, well, I was just so excited from having just transferred here.
Kirio: Well, I'm glad you...
Kirio: have a fun doctor.

Kirio: Ah, Shirogane!
Hinako: Kirio-kuuun, I saaaw that.

Hinako: Who would've thought that you would have a sister complex?
Kirio: Heh... heh heh heh...

Kirio: No brother doesn't think that their little sister is adorable!
Hinako: You really do have a sister complex!?
Mana: U-umm, that's not it. Onii-chan just...


Mana: He just worries about me ever since that incident...

Kirio: Mana! Don't speak of that!

Mana: I-I'm sorry...
Kirio: Ah...

Kirio: I'm the one who should apologize...
Hinako: Did something happen to them...!?


Mana: Um, are you onii-chan's friend?
Kirio: Hm? She's just an acquaintance.
Hinako: An acquaintance, huh...?

Mana: Onii-chan doesn't bring people with him very often.
Mana: He must be grateful for whatever you've done.

Hinako: Oh, you're very polite, unlike your brother.
Text left of Kirio: You've got that right.

Sakurazaka: Um, it's about time for her medicine.
Sakurazaka: Hey, have you forgotten that I'm here?

Hinako: There doesn't seem to be anything suspicious about the hospital...

Hinako: Since there's nothing out of the ordinary, we need to report to Yuunagi-senpai.


Yell: Kyaaah!!

Kirio: It looks like something is out of the ordinary.
Kirio: I'm gonna go check it out, Mana.

Hinako: W-what happened...!?


Boy: H-help me...

Kirio: Uh!
Kirio: What's this smell...?

Hinako: A-are you alright!?
Kirio: Wait, Shirogane! This isn't normal water!

Kirio: Does he have some kind of power?
Kirio: But...
Boy: Kh...H-help me...

Criminal: How do you like my experiment, Kirisaki Kirio-kun?


Criminal: I'm from the organization you're after.
Criminal: I've come to give a response to your enthusiasm.

Criminal: The truth is, I wanted to play a game with you.
Kirio: What...?

Criminal: I have bestowed a certain power on the patient collapsed in front of you.
Criminal: This power changes their blood into a highly volatile organophosphorus liquid that creates a poison gas.
Criminal: People with paranormal powers have a certain resistance to it, though.

Kirio: Organophosphorus...? Nerve gas!
Kirio: Is that what this smell is!?

Criminal: It causes vomiting, headaches, and worst of all stops the heart and lungs...If you don't deal with the gas, a lot of people will die.
Criminal: But there is a way to deactivate his power.


Criminal: In response to electricity, the organophosphorus compound will disassemble.

Kirio: You're saying that if I give him an electric shock, it'll save him?
Kirio: Why would you tell me that!?

Criminal: I've given a number of people this power.
Criminal: Will the gas spread throughout the hospital first? Or will you rescue all of those I've given this power to first?

Kirio: Show me your power, Number 0.

Hinako: Number 0? That name again...
Kirio: Kh...
Kirio: Why are you doing this...?

Kirio: Are you trying to repeat the incident from 5 years ago!?

Hinako: Incident?
Hinako: And the criminal knows about Kirio-kun's power...?

Sakurazaka: What was that announcement!?
Kirio: Stay in the room!
Boy: Uh...ahh!

Kirio: Sorry, but I need you to sleep!

Mana: Onii-cha-
Sakurazaka: N-no. This smell is...


Kirio: Mana! Doctor Sakurazaka!!
Sakurazaka: Mana-chan and I are fine.
Sakurazaka: I just saw what was going on and...

Sakurazaka: Kirio-kun, can't you do something about this?
Kirio: But...!

Sakurazaka: Kirio-kun, I know you're worried about your sister, but now...
Kirio: I can't leave Mana alone in this...
Mana: No, I'm fine.


Mana: Onii-chan, use your power to help everyone!

Kirio: Mana...
Sakurazaka: Won't you leave your sister to me?

Sakurazaka: I'll make sure to get Mana-chan safely from this hospital.
Sakurazaka: That's all I can do.

Sakurazaka: So you need to do what you can do.

Sakurazaka: I will make sure to protect Mana-chan.
Mana: Don't worry about me and do your best, Onii-chan.

Kirio: Okay...Doctor Sakurazaka.


Kirio: I leave Mana...to you.

Hinako: I'll call PSI for backup and capture the one who made that announcement.
Hinako: Is there a control center where someone can control the entire hospital?
Sakurazaka: The nurse center doubles as a control center, but...

Hinako: I might be able to do something about the poison gas.

Hinako: Okay, let's go, Kirio-kun.


Hinako: We can't let the damage spread any further!
Kirio: Right!

Mana: Onii-chan...
Sakurazaka: So you won't worry about your brother...
Sakurazaka: Let's escape together.

Mana: Okay, Doctor Sakurazaka...!

Boy: Help me...

Boy: The water won't stop...
Woman: What's wrong?
Woman: Did you get separated from your mom...?

Woman: Uguh!


Woman: G-ghhhh!

Boy: A-ah...

Boy: Is this really my fault?
Boy: Everyone's collapsing because I'm here...

Boy: Why...!?


Hinako: The evacuation is already under way...
Hinako: But there must be people who haven't gotten out.

Hinako: For now, I need to call for backup from PSI HQ.
Hinako: Yuunagi-senpai, I'm at Teijin Hospital and...

Yuunagi: We know.
Yuunagi: An incident has occurred at Teijin Hospital from someone giving people powers.

Hinako: How did you know?
Yuunagi: We've been checking the contents of Hibiki's investigation in real time.

Yuunagi: And any information on incidents thought to involve paranormal powers within the Tokyo District quickly reaches us.
Yuunagi: You should know more about the power of the organization known as PSI.


Yuunagi: This is at a large hospital and a lot of people are witnesses to the poison gas power.
Yuunagi: We're controlling the information on the incident.

Hinako: Yuunagi-senpai...
Yuunagi: In order to find common factors between the people given powers...
Yuunagi: I want you to get the clinical records of all the patients that are using powers.
Yuunagi: You might have to use your authority as a member of PSI.

Hinako: I've already been given permission to go through the hospital director's patient data.
Hinako: I'm about to transfer it, so confirm that you got it.

Yuunagi: I see, not bad for you.
Hinako: And...


Hinako: I've gotten permission to use the control center.
Hinako: If I can gain control of the hospital, I can stop this from getting any worse.

Yuunagi: Oh...you plan to use "that"?
Yuunagi: That gives me some hope, Shirogane Hinako-kun.

Yuunagi: I'll send backup immediately, but you and Kirio-kun need to gain control of the situation as soon as possible.
Hinako: Yes, sir!

Hinako: I have to do what I can!


Hinako: This is horrible...So the criminal went this far...

Hinako: You did this, didn't you?
Hinako: Why did you do this horrible thing!?


Hinako: Kyah!

Recording: How do you like...

Hinako: This is what was broadcast throughout the hospital...
Recording: How do you like...
Hinako: It was just a recording?

Hinako: Then where...
Hinako: is the real criminal...?

Woman: Uhh...


Hinako: Saving lives takes priority right now!
Hinako: I may not have Yuunagi-senpai's intellect or strong powers like Kirio-kun...
Hinako: but I have a skill I've been honing since I was little.

Hinako: I will gain "control" over...
Hinako: all the equipment in this hospital!

Boy: Eee!! What's happening to my body!?

Kirio: Concentrate! Control your power!
Boy: B-but this isn't normal!

Boy: Water won't stop coming out of my hands...


Kirio: "Not normal", huh...?
Kirio: I'm well aware of that.

Kirio: I've gone around every floor...
Kirio: but have I stopped all of them..?


Kirio: Using my powers destroys the potassium within my body.

Kirio: I've used them too much, huh...?

Hinako: Kirio-kun!? Can you hear me!!?

Kirio: That voice...Shirogane?
Kirio: Wait she's using the intercom. She can't hear me.
Hinako: No, I can hear you. I've gotten control of the security system.

Hinako: The broadcast from the nurse center was a fake.
Kirio: What!?


Hinako: It's regrettable, but right now we need to focus on gaining control of the hospital!
Hinako: According to the hospital cameras...

Hinako: There's still someone with the power that hasn't been knocked out!
Hinako: Room 306!

Kirio: 306, okay!
Hinako: Wait, don't rush this!
Hinako: Make sure not to keep breathing in the gas...


Kirio: It's so thick.
Kirio: This is dangerous for even the person making it!

Boy: S-stay away!
Boy: Don't worry about me!

Kirio: A child!?

Kirio: They even did this to a little kid...!

Boy: Cough
Boy: Cough!
Kirio: Wait, I'll help you.


Hinako: Kirio-kun, wait!
Hinako: I can control the hospital's systems from here!
Hinako: Once I do that, I can take care of this...
Kirio: You want me to wait? If I don't do something now, that kid could die!

Kirio: If I disassemble the gas with my electricity, it'll become harmless.
Kirio: If I electrify my whole body, the gas won't affect me.

Kirio: Kh...this overuse of my powers is making me dizzy.
Kirio: Not yet. I just need a little more...

Boy: Cough.
Boy: Cough, cough, cough!
Kirio: Don't be afraid. It's okay!
Kirio: Come here!

Boy: No, leave me alone!
Boy: Get out of here!
Kirio: What!?


Boy: I've had enough. Since I was little, my body's been weak.
Boy: I've only ever been a burden on my parents.
Boy: And now this is happening...

Boy: I don't want to be a burden anymore!

Mana: Sorry my body is so weak.
Mana: Don't worry about me.

Kirio: You idiot...
Kirio: I don't want to see a kid like you acting tough.
Boy: Eh?


Kirio: If being a burden is hard on you...
Kirio: Then in exchange for being a burden...
Kirio: get a little bit better.

Kirio: Show them your smile.

Kirio: No...just be with them.
Kirio: That's all you have to do.

Kirio: So...
Kirio: So I beg you.


Kirio: Don't give up on living.

Boy: M-mister...

Boy: I...I...
Boy: I really...


Boy: want to live and get better.
Boy: Help me...

Boy: Of course.

Boy: I couldn't stand to let what happened...
Boy: to Mana and me happen to you and your family...


Kirio: Now I need to get out of this room...

Kirio: Kh...
Kirio: N-not yet.

Kirio: I have to save this kid.
Kirio: No matter what.

Kirio: I don't want anyone else to die.
Kirio: Like during that incident.
Kirio: On that Christmas.

Kirio: Dad, mom...
Kirio: ...Mana...


Kirio: ...ah...
Kirio: I can't...move...

Kirio: This is bad...I'm...
Kirio: blacking out...

Kirio: They're mark...
Kirio: The organization's crest!


Kirio: Gh...!
Kirio: I will never let them...
Kirio: take people's lives like that again.

Kirio: If I release all the electricity at once...
Kirio: it'll disassemble all of the gas at once!!

Kirio: I don't care if it destroys my body.
Kirio: I will save this child.


Kirio: What?
Hinako: Kirio-kun, I made it in time!!!

Hinako: I blew all the poison gas away with the air conditioner.
Hinako: I just had to reprogram it to a super powerful ventilation mode.

Kirio: You blew away the gas...
Kirio: But then the gas will leak outside...

Hinako: Heh heh heh. The evacuation's over and the whole area's blocked off.


Hinako: I altered the ventilation and air conditioning system's circulation path to eject the poison gas in an area with no people in it.
Hinako: With the latest air conditioning system and my ability to control machines, it was a piece of cake.

Kirio: Ha ha...Really?
Kirio: Way to go...

Yuunagi: Good job.
Yuunagi: It's thanks to you no one died.

Yuunagi: From the clinical records of those who gained the power, we've figured out who prescribed them medicine.
Yuunagi: They all had one doctor in common and he was sent here from the pharmaceutical company that prescribed Hibiki's medicine.

Kirio: That doctor has to be the criminal.
Kirio: Who is it?


Yuunagi: Doctor Sakurazaka.


Sakurazaka: Heh heh heh... Your power shouldn't be like that yet.
Sakurazaka: I want the blood of the sole survivor of that incident.

Sakurazaka: That's why I prepared this "stage" and this "actress".
Sakurazaka: If the lead actor doesn't get here soon, someone he holds very dear will be destroyed.
Sakurazaka: ...Kirio-kun.

Text: The feelings of the betrayed Kirio!! Next chapter: A new enemy appears!!

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#1. by Searinghawk ()
Posted on Jun 16, 2009
Thanks for the trans, and glad to see you pick this series up.
#2. by Arhazivory ()
Posted on Jun 18, 2009
Hmmm...a trans is out. Now JAC can get the cleaned pages off our PC and out to the world.

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