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Translations: Gintama 566 by kewl0210 , One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128

Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 1

His Name is Aladdin

+ posted by js06 as translation on Jun 15, 2009 06:05 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

-> RTS Page for Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 1

Decided to translate the first chapter of this new series.

Chapter 01


Djinn: My king, I, the great magician, shall grant your wish.
Djinn: You can even wish for great fortune, to rule over millions of stars, or for eternal life.
Text at the bottom of the first panel: At that place that surpasses human knowledge, the door of adventure has opened!!

Djinn: Now...
Djinn: What is your wish?


Text: Uncountable meetings and partings, the mysteries hidden in the unknown world, the ultimate treasure that grants one's every desire...
Title: Chapter 1 "His Name is Aladdin"


Aladdin: Mister...
Aladdin: Help me... I need water... and food...

Box: Hyena's live in the desert.
Box: They prey on the weak who travel across the desert.
Box: They are bands of thieves.

Thief: You come to a den of thieves and ask them to help you?
Thief: Take everything he has and sell it.
Thief: Although I don't think we'll get too much...

Thief: It's just one weak little kid!
Text on the left of the panel: Gya ha ha ha ha


Middle panel: Gyaaaaah!!!

Aladdin: Food..
Aladdin: Give me food...!!
Thief: Nooooo! Don't eat me! Gyaaaah!


Box: Oasis City Utan


Box: "The White Beard Band of Thieves was mysteriously annihilated! Was it infighting?

Leila: Buy it, buy it!! We've got fresh watermelon, Hami melon, white apricot, and palm.
Leila: All things you can't buy anywhere else in the city!!


Leila: You with the kebab, how about you get that taste out of your mouth?
Leila: Do you want a drink, mister? You can make alcohol from this!

Leila: We're definitely gonna sell it all.
Sahsa: Amazing! It's all thanks to you, Leila!
Box: Merchant - Leila
Box: Caravan Leader's Daughter - Sahsa

Sahsa: I'm so glad that you joined our caravan.

Text right of Leila: Eh heh heh heh

Leila: Now then, we need to sell the rest of this!
Leila: This is our precious merchandise that we managed to transport all the way here!


Sahsa: Kyaaah!!
Leila: Wh-who the hell are you!?


Aladdin: Hey.
Aladdin: I'm Aladdin.
Aladdin: I'm a traveler.
Box: Aladdin

Aladdin: I was just having a meal of...
Aladdin: this sweeeet red fruit!
Leila: The hell you were, you sneak-thief!!

Leila: Those fruits are our precious merchandise!

Aladdin: ...Precious...?
Aladdin: Then I've done something inexcusable...
Aladdin: W-what should I do...?


Leila: You'll work without pay for 3 days!!

Aladdin: Wow, there are so many things for sale...
Leila: That's because this is a bazaar.
Aladdin: A bazaar?
Leila: You really don't know about them?


Leila: People gather around oases like this one so they'll have water.
Leila: And a town gets made.

Leila: Caravans like ours travel to those cities...
Leila: and bazaars naturally form.
Aladdin: Ohh...

Aladdin: A journey...It sounds fun.
Text above Sahsa: Hee hee hee.
Sahsa: It is fun.

Sahsa: But it's not all fun.
Sahsa: There are a lot of bands of thieves in the desert...

Aladdin: Bands of thieves?
Sahsa: They are scary people who...
Sahsa: hide out in the desert and steal the merchandise from passing caravans.


Sahsa: And the thieves live by...
Sahsa: selling that merchandise on the black market like that...
Aladdin: Ohh...
Leila: Don't go "ohh..." to that. How do you not know this?

Aladdin: What?

Leila: I don't trust you, kid.
Leila: Don't do anything weird to Sahsa.
Leila: I'll slap you!

Sahsa: Leila, this little kid isn't a thief.
Text left of Aladdin: Slap...

Sahsa: Sorry about that. Apparently, there is a thief who pretends to be dying in order to sneak into caravans...

Sahsa: Leila's kind, so she's worried about the caravan. Don't think badly of her.


Aladdin: Lady, you have a scary face...
Aladdin: but you care about your friends!
Leila: Well, thanks.

Leila: So, why did you head out into the desert?
Aladdin: Well, I'm...

Aladdin: searching for treasure.
Aladdin: With my friend!

Aladdin: Especially musical instruments and lamps made of metal...
Leila: Oh...
Leila: Does that count as treasure?
Text left of speech bubble: They sell that stuff everywhere...

Leila: Why are you looking for that stuff?
Aladdin: My friend is looking for something.

Aladdin: I want to find it and make him happy.
Aladdin: He's my precious friend, so if he's happy, I'm happy!

Aladdin: I'll introduce you to him!
Aladdin: my precious friend...


Aladdin: Ugo-kun!

Leila: Isn't that a flute...?
Aladdin: It's not a flute.
Aladdin: It's Ugo-kun.
Aladdin: Right, Ugo-kun?

Aladdin: Will you thank her for the fruit from this morning?


Aladdin: Hey, Ugo-kun!
Aladdin: Sorry, he's a little shy...
Aladdin: Especially around women..


First panel: Gyaaaaaah!!

Leila: Wh-wh-what were those arms...
Leila: Or were they snakes!?
Text left of speech bubble: There were two of them!?
Aladdin: No...
Aladdin: It was Ugo-kun!

Leila: This kid...he isn't just a normal kid ignorant of how the world works...
Leila: He's tamed some strange monster that's in that flute!!

Leila: Who is this kid!?


Man: Hey, look...

Man: That girl..
Man: Is she...?

Leila: Ahh, I had to work so hard thanks to that suspicious kid...
Leila: Well, it's for the caravan...

Leila: I won't let him try anything funny...


Aladdin: What are you doing...!!
Leila: What were YOU doing!!

Aladdin: She was warm, so I ended up sleeping next to her.
Text above Aladdin: Heh heh heh...
Leila: You call that sleeping next to her? I had to tear you off of her!!

Leila: No, you come sleep next to me.
Text left of speech bubble: I'm keeping an eye on you.
Aladdin: No,
Aladdin: I'll pass!


Aladdin: You've got all those muscles...
Aladdin: You look hard...

Text left of Aladdin: Gyaaaah

Leila: Never touch Sahsa again, okay!?

Leila: She's my "precious friend".

Leila: She saved me when I was dying in the desert.
Leila: She was so kind to me.

Leila: And she's the first person I've been able to call my friend.


Leila: That's why I want to protect her and the caravan and make them happy!

Aladdin: Oh...
Aladdin: So that's it.

Text above Sahsa: Hee hee.
Sahsa: Thank you.

Leila: Oh, so you were awake?
Leila: I feel so lame having said that...
Text above Sahsa: Hee hee

Sahsa: I knew it without you saying it.
Sahsa: You're so kind, Leila.
Leila: N-no I'm not!


Sahsa: You have a strong sense of justice...
Sahsa: And you care for your comrades.

Leila: That's not true...

Sahsa: No getting embarrassed.
Sahsa: Since we're so close, I know everything about you!

Box: The next day.


Caravan Leader: I was thinking we would take route three to the next city.

Caravan Leader: What do you think, Leila?

Leila: No, I don't think we should take route three...

Leila: A band of thieves has their hideout on route three...
Leila: Or so I've heard.
Leila: It would be safer to take a detour down route four.

Sahsa: Father, if that's what Leila thinks...
Caravan Leader: Hmm.


Sahsa: Leila knows the routes well and is always guiding us.
Aladdin: Ohh...That's amazing...

Caravan Leader: But taking route three would be much shorter...
Man: The thieves' hideout might not actually be there...

Leila: No!!

Man: What is it, Leila?

Man: Hey,
Man: Leila!

Leila: You...


Man: You're Leila, right?
Other man: So you survived.

Man: You've grown up!
Text left of speech bubble: Ha ha ha...
Other man: What band are you with now?

Aladdin: ...? Who are those dirty guys...?
Woman: Shh...!!

People: These ill-bred men...
People: They're thieves that were in the black market...
People: It looks like they know Leila...

People: What's going on...?
Man: You don't know...?
Other man: Really?


Man: She's a thief!


Man: A while ago, she was part of our band of thieves.
Man: She would pretend to be dying and sneak into caravans.
Man: Then she'd pretend to lead the way and lead them straight to our hideout...

Sahsa: "Apparently, there is a thief who pretends to be dying in order to sneak into caravans..."

Man: That was you...!?


Leila: No...

Leila: It's true I used to do bad things...
Leila: But once I made a "friend" I changed...

Leila: It wasn't an act anymore...
Leila: I decided to live without telling lies...

Caravan Leader: Leila, we can't trust what you say.


Caravan Leader: If you're going to do that act, do it elsewhere.
Caravan Leader: Never get near us again.

People: So she was tricking us into going down route four instead of route three...

People: If we'd done as she said, we would've been caught by thieves.
People: Let's use route three!


Aladdin: Lady...
Aladdin: They're all going down route three.

Aladdin: You have to...
Aladdin: save your "friends"...

Leila: Friends, huh...?
Leila: I was mistaken.

Leila: I remember now.
Leila: When they found out who I was, I would end my act of friendship.
Leila: It happened so many times.

Leila: Well, that girl was just another mark.
Leila: It's the same as all those other times...


Aladdin: Do you really mean that?

Leila: Yes.
Leila: If I care too much, I can't do my job...
Leila: Ahhh...
Leila: I guess I'll go back to being a thief...

Aladdin: You'll die.

Aladdin: Having your friends lose their trust in you just once makes you so sad you want to die...
Aladdin: And it's happened to you so many times...
Aladdin: You'll die of sadness.

Aladdin: Didn't you change?


Aladdin: You decide to live...
Aladdin: without telling lies!!


Leila: It hurts so much!

Leila: But it's too late to save them...!!
Leila: We can't catch up with them...!

Aladdin: It's okay!
Aladdin: Leave it to me!

Aladdin: I'll make sure we catch up with them!
Aladdin: Okay!?



Thief: We have some marks, head.

Man: What Leila said...
Caravan Leader: Was true...

Sahsa: I'm sorry...!

Sahsa: Leila...!!

Aladdin: Wait!!!!!!


Thief Head: Tch, who's that!?

Aladdin: I won't let you hurt...
Aladdin: this lady's precious "friends"...!!!



Thieves: Higyaaaah!!

Thieves: Wh-what's with that kid...?
Thieves: H-his body's huge...It's disturbing!!

Thief Head: No, look closer. That huge body's coming out of that golden flute!
Thief: Wh-what is that, head!
Text left of Aladdin: I won't let you!!
Box: Side View
Arrow on the left: Leila
Middle arrow Aladdin
Top arrow: Flute
Left text: Ugo-kun

Thief Head: It's a djinn...
Thief Head: That's a djinn's flute!


Thief Head: I'm sure you've at least heard of them.
Thief Head: "Djinns", the spirits that appear in all the legends!!

Thief Head: Everyone knows the tradition of sealing them in metal objects...
Thief Head: B-but I never thought that they were real...!!



Leila: Wooow! I've never head of...
Leila: just two people taking out a whole band of thieves...

Leila: but they might be able to do it...!!


Aladdin: Aaaah!
Aladdin: No, lady!!!

Aladdin: Don't touch Ugo-kun!!!
Leila: Eh?

Aladdin: Oh, noooo!!
Leila: Why!?

Aladdin: Ugo-kun's shy...
Aladdin: so if a girl touches him, he faints.


Aladdin: Now he can't move!!

Aladdin: Give back Ugo-kun's pure heart!!
Text above Aladdin: Stupid, stupid, stupid
Leila: H-how is this my fault!?

Thief Head: Ha ha ha. It's over. Die, you damn brat!

Aladdin: It's not over yet. Ugo-kun's still strong even when he can't move!


Thief Head: Ha ha ha. He threw away the flute now that it's of no use to him!!
Text left of speech bubble: Wa ha ha


Thief Head: Ohhh...
Thief Head: Ohh.. Ahh...
Thief Head: Aaaaaah!!



Djinn: Your wish is merely that?


Djinn: Even though you could wish for fame, fortune, or eternal life?

Aladdin: Yeah, that's what I want. That's my one and only wish!!


Aladdin: Be my friend!!

Aladdin: Hmm, it's not here...

Aladdin: See you, lady.
Aladdin: If you find something with a djinn living in it...
Aladdin: be careful because djinns can be cowards.
Leila: Oh?


Aladdin: Make sure not to scare them...
Aladdin: With that scary face of yours!!!

Box: "Another band of thieves destroyed."

Text in left margin: And here is where the great adventure begins.

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#1. by Doragon (Scanlator)
Posted on Jun 15, 2009
Great series, glad you translated it. Hope someone releases it in HQ.
#2. by puremadniss (Registered User)
Posted on Jun 15, 2009
o thank ou so much i REALLY wanted to work on this
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