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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Out Code - Choujou Hanzai Tokumu Sousakan 4

The Lord of Tesla

+ posted by js06 as translation on Jun 30, 2009 23:06 | Go to Out Code - Choujou Hanzai Tokumu Sousakan

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Chapter 4


Text in the center of the page: A shadow of unease cast by the setting of a dark sun! A new assassin bares his fangs!!
Title: File 4: The Lord of Tesla


Text at top and in right margin: Mana is kidnapped. The worst possible situation! Sakurazaka Nouto's evil intentions are eating into


Box: A panic fell on Teijin Hospital when patients were given a power that caused them to produce a poisonous gas.

Box: Kirio left his sister Mana to her doctor, Sakurazaka Nouto, who promised to take her to a safe place.
Box: And Kirio and the others took care of the situation.
Box: But...

Text: Sakurazaka Nouto...
Text: was the one behind the incident.


Hinako: That Doctor Sakurazaka did it...!?
Kirio: He tricked us.
Kirio: He took Mana with him; she's in danger!

Kirio: I have to go rescue her!
Hinako: Wait! You're already worn out...

Kirio: Who could it be at a time like this...?

Kirio: An email from Sakurazaka...!?
Box: Kirio-kun,
Cell Phone: From: Mana
Subject: From Sakurazaka Nouto
Let's celebrate an out of season Christmas at the place from 5 years ago.
Box: Let's celebrate an out of season Christmas at the place from 5 years ago.


Box: Mana-chan and I are waiting.

Kirio: Wha...?
Kirio: Mana...!

Hinako: How could he be so cruel as to abduct such a small child...?
Hinako: Kirio-kun, you mustn't go.
Hinako: This is a trap.

Hinako: Stay calm and use the power of PSI.
Kirio: Don't tell me to take this slow.


Kirio: I don't care if it's a trap or anything!
Kirio: I'm going to save Mana as quickly as I possibly can!!
Hinako: Kirio-kun!

Hinako: Acting on your own is dangerous!!

Yuunagi: Wait, Hinako-kun.
Yuunagi: Now you're the one trying act on her own.

Hinako: Yuunagi-senpai...
Hinako: B-but...if we lose track of him now, we won't know where Sakurazaka Nouto is.
Hinako: He's the only one that knows where "the place from 5 years ago" is...


Yuunagi: I already know where it is.

Hinako: ...Eh?
Yuunagi: Even you know what happened on Christmas 5 years ago, right?

Yuunagi: At 1278, it had the most deaths in the history of the Japanese Railroad.
Yuunagi: When a train derailed and crashed at the underground's Chikuyou Station.

Hinako: ...Ah...
Hinako: Does this have some connection to that?
Yuunagi: That incident was publicly referred to as an accident...
Yuunagi: But it was actually a bombing by a certain organization.
Yuunagi: And...


Yuunagi: The Kirisaki siblings were the only survivors of that terrorist attack.

Yuunagi: "The place from 5 years ago" has to be where that attack occurred.

Kuromu: Well, since everything's ready, I'll be going.
Sakurazaka: Do everything according to the plan, "No. 4".


Sakurazaka: Mana-chan.
Sakurazaka: You're brother is going to be here soon, okay?

Sakurazaka: You're going to make me blush if you keep looking at me like that.
Sakurazaka: Now, before I get ready to have fun with Kirio-kun...

Sakurazaka: How about I give myself a little bit of "insurance"?


Box: The Underground's Tokyo Line
Box: On the track heading to Chikuyou Station.

Kirio: So I've finally come back...

Kirio: to where the "incident" occurred 5 years ago.

Kirio: After that, Chikuyou Station was blocked off to keep people out.
Kirio: It may be sparse, but at least there's emergency lighting.

Kirio: ...Waah!?


Kirio: A...train?
Kirio: I don't like the looks of this...

Kirio: You want me to get in?
Kirio: Fine, I'll do it...!


Sakurazaka: Welcome to the place from you memories.

Sakurazaka: Obviously, it was a different train five years ago, though.
Kirio: You were there, too!?
Sakurazaka: Hee hee hee. Of course.

Sakurazaka: That incident five years ago was my experiment after all.
Sakurazaka: I was trying to develop someone with the power to disseminate my special "medicine".

Kirio: You're the one who did it!?
Kirio: I'll never be your plaything again.
Kirio: I'm taking Mana back!

Sakurazaka: Hee hee... Then come further in. I've prepared a guide for you.
Sakurazaka: Oh, the train's going to start moving, so be careful.


Kirio: The train...it's heading for Chikuyou Station...
Kirio: Shit! What a horrible person...

Kirio: Is he trying to make me remember the incident from five years ago...?

Kirio: If that hadn't happened...
Kirio: Mana and I...

Kuromu: 10 meters.


Kirio: H-huh? Are you the guide?
Kirio: I didn't notice you. When'd you get behind me?

Sakurazaka: Yes, he's the guide.
Sakurazaka: And unfortunately you've stumbled on his bad habit...

Kuromu: I won't forgive you.
Kuromu: You've committed a horrible "crime"...

Kuromu: 10 meters!
Kuromu: You went that far without noticing me!
Kuromu: That distance is unforgivable!!


Kuromu: You could say that I feel "displeased".
Kuromu: Why do you feel the need to ignore me! I. Am. Not. Pleased!!
Kuromu: My overflowing presence! My flooding sense of being a formidable opponent!
Kuromu: My boiling absoluteness!!
Kuromu: The second I enter your field of vision, you should start trembling!
Kuromu: You need to think the way I do!


Sakurazaka: Ha...ha ha...

Kirio: U-umm...
Kirio: What's up with this guy...?

Kirio: Is he an enemy? He's an enemy, right?

Kirio: I don't know what you're trying to do...
Kirio: but quit with the bullshit...
Kirio: and lead me to Mana!

Kuromu: I think you're misunderstanding something, Number 0. Shouldn't that be, "please lead me to Mana"?
Kuromu: Make sure to bow your head!

Kirio: I don't need to go with you!
Kirio: I used my power too much at the hospital.
Kirio: I need to take him out quickly!


Kirio: ...Huh?
Kirio: What...? He was all talk...?

Kirio: ...Hey, Sakurazaka! Why did you send that guy!
Kirio: Quite messing around and tell me where Mana is!

Sakurazaka: Ha ha ha. That quick temper isn't going to help you, Kirio-kun.
Sakurazaka: The fun is only just beginning.

Kirio: What...?


Kirio: !?

Kuromu: Hey, hey. Don't look away, Number 0...

Kirio: Ow...you bastard...
Kirio: The electric shock hit him...but he was able to shoot those rings at me like bullets...!?

Kuromu: Ha ha ha...Remember this.
Kuromu: I am the organization's glorious No. 4.
Kuromu: And I am their strongest user of paranormal powers.


Kuromu: My name is Isurugi Kuromu!
Kuromu: You could say that my power is as strong as they get!

Kirio: Kh. What exactly is your power...?

Sakurazaka: Hee hee. Kirio-kun, it seems you don't understand what his power is.
Sakurazaka: You'll never defeat him like tha-
Kuromu: My power is "Magnetism".

Kirio: Magnetism...?
Kuromu: That's right. The ultimate power for this age which is overflowing with metal!

Kuromu: And magnetism has an outstanding compatibility with electricity!
Kuromu: Therefore, you are no match for me!


Kuromu: Now, kneel before me and worship me!!!
Kuromu: As "The Lord of Tesla"!

Sakurazaka: Ha ha... Isn't it foolish to reveal your power to him? Are you an idiot?
Sakurazaka: And your explanation left quite a bit to be desired.

Sakurazaka: ...Well, whatever. Have you heard of electromagnets? It's a magnet that has its magnetism increased using electricity.
Sakurazaka: His power lets him magnetize himself by turning the electricity from thunder into magnetism.

Sakurazaka: In other words, your electric discharge only strengthens his magnetism...
Sakurazaka: Kirio-kun, he's the worst possible opponent for you.

Kuromu: So, how is "The Victor"? How's the plan going?
[TN: The kanji under "The Victor" reads "Taboo Scientist".]
Sakurazaka: Everything's ready.

Sakurazaka: Look, Kirio-kun, it's Mana-chan.


Kirio: Mana...!
Kirio: What are you people doing...!?

Sakurazaka: Mana-chan is at the end of the track at Chikuyou Station.
Sakurazaka: If you keep going, the train you're riding will hit your precious sister.

Kuromu: It'll be like smashing a tomato.
Kuromu: ...But don't worry. Those of us riding the train will survive.

Kirio: Kh...
Kirio: There should be a brake in the front car.

Kuromu: Hey, hey. I already told you, Number 0...


Kuromu: Don't ignore me!

Kirio: !?
Kirio: He's using the iron buckle!?

Kirio: Let me go!
Kirio: Why are you using your powers to commit these crimes!?
Kirio: What are you people thinking!?

Kuromu: Ha. You don't know anything about "The Organization", do you?
Kuromu: We are people who have powers that surpass those of ordinary people.


Kuromu: To the "normal" world we are "monsters".
Kuromu: You know what I'm talking about, don't you...?

Boy: This isn't normal!

Kuromu: So...

Kuromu: I use my power as much as I want...
Kuromu: to help out the organization that recognizes my existence.


Kuromu: You could say that this is "reason"!

Kirio: Gh...!

Kuromu: And reason also says that, with my powers that have absolute superiority, I will defeat you.
Kuromu: Don't worry. I'll guide you to your sister.


Kuromu: But she won't necessarily look much like a human anymore!

Kirio: Kh...
Kirio: Mana...

Kirio: I'm about to lose something precious to me again...
Kirio: Just like 5 years ago...

Box: Christmas 5 Years Ago
Box: Inside a train at Chikuyou Station on the Tousen Line.

Kirio: Geez, you're late.
Kirio's dad: Sorry, I had to finish my work...


Kirio's mom: Kirio, don't be so selfish!
Kirio's mom: Your father's research work isn't easy.
Kirio: He didn't have to work all the way up to Christmas, though.

Kirio: Tch. At this rate, you're gonna tell me you forget to get me a present...
Text above Kirio: The first step of my ambition...
Kirio's dad: Heh heh heh. You shouldn't underestimate your dad.

Kirio's dad: Look.
Kirio's dad: It's the special joystick-included version of the game I promised you!

Kirio: B-but you had to wait in line to get that.
Kirio: You really bought it for me...?
Text repeated thrice around Kirio: Special Version

Kirio's dad: Of course.
Kirio's dad: We made a promise between men, didn't we?


Kirio & Kirio's dad: A promise...
Kirio & Kirio's dad: between men!

Mana: A promise!
Left of Kirio's mom: Hee hee

Announcer: The train is leaving soon.
Announcer: Please do not attempt to enter the train at this point.

Sakurazaka: Now...
Sakurazaka: It's medication time...


SFX: Beep
SFX: Beep
Kirio: Dad, what's that?

SFX: Beep
SFX: Beep
SFX: Beeeeeeep


Kirio's dad: ...rio.
Kirio's dad: Kirio.
Kirio: ...Nn...

Kirio's dad: A-are you okay, Kirio...?
Kirio: ...Huh, dad...
Kirio: What happened...?

Kirio: W-waaaah!?
Kirio's dad: Calm down, Kirio.


Kirio: B-but, dad...
Kirio: Th-the people have blood all over them...

Kirio's dad: Run away with Mana.

Kirio: Dad, you're bleeding...

Kirio's dad: Let's make a promise between men.
Kirio's dad: Protect Mana.

Kirio: Okay, okay.
Kirio: I'll protect Mana! I promise!
Kirio: So...!


Kirio: Dad...?
Kirio: Dad...

Kirio: ...What is this...?
Kirio: Dad and everyone else...
Kirio: Why do they all have to die?

Kirio: This...This is...
Kirio: ...uh...ah...

Kirio: Aaaah...


Kirio: Uwaaaaaa
Kirio: aaaaaaah!!!


Kirio: I promised...
Kirio: that I would protect Mana...

Kirio: ...No, not just to protect her.
Kirio: ...I will fight!

Kirio: In order to drive away...
Kirio: you "irrational" people who toy with people's lives...

Kirio: I...
Kirio: can't be defeated here!!


Kuromu: Wh-what?
Kuromu: Number 0's mood has changed...?

Kuromu: Heh. But he's no match for "The Lord of Tesla".

Kuromu: Bow down to me, you powerless bastard!!


Kuromu: What!?

Kuromu: Ridiculous!? No matter how fast his thunder is...
Kuromu: To hit the rings that accurately...

Kuromu: But I have the armor known as magnetism!
Kuromu: Your thunder powers won't work on me!


Kirio: Hey, is "that"...
Kirio: all there is to your strength...?

Kuromu: Huh? What are you talking about?
Kuromu: I'm the only one with this ultimate power! No one's a match for me.

Kirio: Is that so?
Kirio: So you're not using that power...
Kirio: for anyone's sake.

Kirio: You're nothing but a weakling.

Kirio: I don't need my power for someone like you.
Kirio: There's a much simpler way of doing this, isn't there?
Kirio: For you...


Kirio: I just need my fists!!

Kuromu: Guaah...!!

Kirio: Stop, damn you!!

Kuromu: Kh...Just try it!
Kuromu: But even if you use the brake now, the inertia will be enough!


Kirio: I've long since passed my limit.
Kirio: And yet power has been flooding through me for a bit now.

Kirio: Please, for the sake of protecting Mana...
Kirio: Give me more power!!


Kirio: Give me the power to carry out my promise.
Kirio: That's right. I'm not like them.
Kirio: This is how I use my power!

Kirio: Isn't that right, dad...!?

Kuromu: W-what are you planning on doing!?
Kirio: Brace for impact, you magnet bastard!

Kirio: If I can't stop the train...
Kirio: I just have to make it not hit Mana.


Kirio: As long as I have the power of thunder...
Kirio: As long as there are people I need to save...


Kirio: I will cut through...
Kirio: any darkness!!


Mana: ...Ah...


Kirio: Sorry for keeping you waiting, Mana.

Mana: ...*sob*...
Mana: Onii-chan...


Sakurazaka: Oh, what a moving reunion after overcoming great danger.
Sakurazaka: And it looks like you managed to awaken that power.

Sakurazaka: But...the real "performance" begins now.
Sakurazaka: Kirio-kun.

Text: The confrontation draws near!
Kirio: Sakurazaka...!

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Awesome job speedy
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Speedy <3
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