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Translations: Gintama 698 (2) , One Piece 916 by cnet128

Out Code - Choujou Hanzai Tokumu Sousakan 5

The Golden Lightning Pierces the Darkness

+ posted by js06 as translation on Jul 13, 2009 07:02 | Go to Out Code - Choujou Hanzai Tokumu Sousakan

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Chapter 05


Text at the top: A mystery hidden in darkness! Chasing down paranormal criminals in this dark crime mystery!
Text around Kirio: The decisive battle approaches!!


Title: File 5: The Golden Lightning Pierces the Darkness

Sakurazaka: Number 0...no, Kirisaki Kirio-kun.
Sakurazaka: The ability you showed by cutting up that train and saving your sister was quite something.

Sakurazaka: But all the tests up to this point were merely hors d'oeuvres.
Sakurazaka: The main dish is yet to come.

Kirio: Sakurazaka Nouto...!
Kirio: What are you planning on doing!
Sakurazaka: Hee hee. You'll know soon enough.
Sakurazaka: But I'm so glad.

Sakurazaka: That seal that resides in your right arm.
Sakurazaka: And the great power that that seal unleashes.
Sakurazaka: That power shouldn't be residing in someone with manmade powers.


Sakurazaka: Kirio-kun, your cells...
Sakurazaka: have adapted to withstand the medicine I disseminated 5 years ago.
Sakurazaka: And you were reborn with the power of lightning.

Sakurazaka: And that's not all. For you to have managed to activate that seal that shouldn't be able to be made artificially...
Sakurazaka: You are quite elite.
Kirio: ...Shut up...

Kirio: I don't care if that experiment was meant to create powers or whatever.
Kirio: But to take the lives of dad and mom... and over 100 other people to do it...
Kirio: ...Sakurazaka...

Kirio: You alone I will never forgive!!!


Kirio: ...Kh!!?

Kirio: Gaah....!?
Mana: O-Onii-chan!?

Mana: Are you okay, Onii-chan!?
Kirio: What is this pain?
Kirio: It's like my bones are being broken from the inside...!?

Sakurazaka: Oh, how scary. Your lightning is being turned to plasma and taking the shape of a sword.
Sakurazaka: But having an over-reaction right after it awakened and having to control such great output must be quite a burden.
Sakurazaka: Thinking of actually using that power in this situation is reckless.


Kirio: Awaken...?
Sakurazaka: Hee hee. It would be a problem if you went and destroyed yourself.
Sakurazaka: I suppose I'll tell you a bit about your power and what's going on in your body.

Sakurazaka: We call people with paranormal powers like you Exceeds.

Sakurazaka: You Exceeds are beings who have strengthened your powers in accordance to a specific phenomenon.
Sakurazaka: It could be lightning or it could be fire... Hibiki-kun's teleportation was in accordance to the phenomenon of "movement".

Sakurazaka: But those phenomena exceed the limits of man. This makes what people try to organize unstable.
Sakurazaka: And the body works in attempt to make it stable by giving compensation.

Kirio: Compensation...Are you talking about the potassium that you give off when you use powers.
Sakurazaka: Correct.

Sakurazaka: But you had exceeded your limit for giving off potassium and wanted more power.
Sakurazaka: As you have manmade powers, it shouldn't be possible, but a power woke up in response to your own will.
Sakurazaka: You succeeded in drawing out an even stronger power in return for paying an "even more dangerous compensation".


Sakurazaka: And that is the Kahzam Effect!
Sakurazaka: The compensation is to remake your cells themselves.
Sakurazaka: The true paranormal power that surpasses all boundaries!!

Kirio: The Kahzam Effect...
Kirio: My cells...are being remade by my power...so that's what this is.

Sakurazaka: You should be proud of it!
Sakurazaka: You've personally gained the opportunity to obtain this wonderful power that surpasses the limits of man!

Kirio: ...Kh...
Mana: W-wait...
Mana: Then...


Mana: If Onii-chan keeps using this power...
Mana: he won't be human anymore...?

Kirio: ...Mana...

Sakurazaka: Oh, my. She may be young, but she has good judgment.
Sakurazaka: Come to think of it, your father was a researcher, wasn't he?

Sakurazaka: Well, don't worry. The pain he's feeling is proof that he's working at returning his cells to human.
Sakurazaka: If you push yourself any further, you may not be able to recover, though.
Sakurazaka: But don't worry, okay?

Sakurazaka: As long as I'm alive, even if it means ending some lives...
Sakurazaka: I'll do anything I can to get a complete specimen.


Yuunagi: That's as far as you go, Sakurazaka Nouto!

Yuunagi: We're arresting you for the Teijin Hospital incident and for involvement in a series of paranormal crimes.


Kirio: Shirogane, Yuunagi-san...!
Sakurazaka: Hee hee...So you've come, PSI.

Sakurazaka: But you certainly are grandiose.
Sakurazaka: Blowing up the entrance and bringing this many people to take in a single chemist.
Hinako: That's how seriously we're taking you...no, you all.
Hinako: We'll have you tell us about your "organization".

Hinako: Are you okay, Kirisaki-kun, Mana-chan!
Hinako: That train crashed into the wall and everything's a mess!

Hinako: We're you involved in the crash? Are you hurt!?
Kirio: C-calm down! I'm fine.

Hinako: Well, that's good...

Hinako: Geez, you were about to go berserk.
Hinako: I was so worried about you!

Kirio: ...Shirogane...

Kirio: Why were you that worried about me...?


Guy: We've heard the rumors, Lightning Boy.
Guy 2: This is too much for just one kid.
Kirio: Wha...?

Guy: Sorry for being late, rookie.
Guy: We'll be doing the fighting now!

Kirio: ...Wh-why?
Kirio: It's like you're rescuing me.

Hinako: It's because we're comrades of course!
Hinako: This is PSI's teamwork!
Text about Yuunagi: It was because I don't want to lose such a useful pawn.


Kirio: T-teamwork...
Hinako: Now we just have to capture Sakurazaka. You can rest, Kirio-kun.

Yuunagi: How about you stop trying to run and surrender?
Sakurazaka: Hmm, it's true that this is a pretty bad situation.

Sakurazaka: But aren't you forgetting about one of the actors?

Yuunagi: I didn't think you would be that cooperative.
Yuunagi: Use your tranquilizing rounds to take him out!

Sakurazaka: He hates being ignored...
Sakurazaka: more than anything else.


Yuunagi: !? He repelled the tranquilizing rounds!?

Kuromu: I'm the strongest, and I've been ignored twice in one day...
Kuromu: You could say that this is an "unforgivable crime".

Guy: W-waah! My gun's moving on its own!
Sakurazaka: Let me introduce you to my organization's warrior, No. 4.


Kuromu: I'm Isurugi Kuromu. People call me Lord of Tesla!
Kuromu: As the one known as "strongest", I'll have you atone for the great crime of ignoring me!!!

Sakurazaka: Lord of Tesla...You sure do like calling yourself that.
Guy: Waaaah!?

Guy: That guy's using the gun in midair!?
Guy: What does he mean by Lord of Tesla!?

Kirio: His power is magnetism.
Kirio: He can control metal!
Hinako: What...? Kh...

Hinako: This is bad. Bullets won't work and if he uses multiple guns at one time, he can completely reverse the situation.
Hinako: The number of guns our allies have has become the enemy!

Kuromu: You may have more people, but before my powers, they're useless.
Kuromu: You could say that this is my strength...!


Yuunagi: How about we say that you're incompetent and talk too much?

Kuromu: H-huh!?
Hinako: Yuunagi-senpai!?

Kuromu: Y-y-you bastard. What did you say to me...!?
Yuunagi: It's true that bullets won't work on you.
Yuunagi: But controlling that gun has exposed the limit of your power.

Yuunagi: Controlling a single machine as precise as a gun is your limit, isn't it?

Kuromu: Wha...?
Yuunagi: Even if you say I'm wrong...


Yuunagi: How about you control every gun here right now.

Yuunagi: You can't do it? ...Then you're outnumbered.
Yuunagi: If we attacked right now, this would be over.

Yuunagi: No matter how nonsensical a power seems to be, if I analyze it...
Yuunagi: it will then make sense to me.

Hinako: Yuunagi-senpai...

Sakurazaka: He saw through No. 4's power with that little information...?

Kuromu: Hey,
Kuromu: The Victor.


Kuromu: Hand over the Unlimited.
Kuromu: I want them to see what I can really do.

Sakurazaka: Sigh...I guess we have no choice.
Sakurazaka: ...Won't you be worn out afterwards? Your power is especially strong.

Hinako: What's that...some kind of medicine?
Kirio: Show us what he can really do...It couldn't be...!?

Kuromu: Number 0, in order to not kill you, up until now...
Kuromu: I've been suppressing my power.
Kuromu: But that ends now.


Kuromu: You bastard in the glasses, it's true that there's a limit to how many precise machines I can control with my magnetism...
Kuromu: But that's only a problem at my Micro Level.

Yuunagi: ...What is he planning on doing?
Yuunagi: Everyone, stop firing and get to cover!

Kirio: Wha...?
Hinako: N-no way...

Kuromu: To say it in reverse, if I'm controlling only one thing...
Kuromu: And if it's made of metal...


Kuromu: I can control anything!!

Yuunagi: Everyone, get out of here!!

Kirio: How much power does he have!?

Kuromu: You could say that you all...
Kuromu: are "fragile"!!

Men: Waaaah!


Hinako: Is everyone okay!?
Kirio: Kh...he's just throwing around his power...
Mana: Onii-chan...

Kuromu: Take that, and that. I'll kick you around a bit!!
Text left of Kuromu: Ah ha ha ha

Sakurazaka: No. 4 Isurugi Kuromu. Calls himself "the strongest"...
Sakurazaka: In truth, the output of his ability is by far the strongest within the organization.
Text right of Kuromu: Ha ha ha ha ha

Sakurazaka: The reason he suppresses his power is partly due to his personality. But with that much output, he would wear out quickly.
Sakurazaka: But at this rate, he should mow down PSI before he wears himself out.

Sakurazaka: It looks like my "insurance" won't get to play its role.


Yuunagi: This is bad. We don't have the power to deal with this with our current equipment...

Yuunagi: We'll have to retreat... but against a wild train, even that won't be easy.
Yuunagi: And... if we run away here, there will just be another incident where civilians are harmed...
Yuunagi: Like at Teijin Hospital or 5 years ago.

Kirio: I have a way to deliver a decisive blow, Yuunagi-san.

Hinako: ...Kirio-kun.
Yuunagi: Ohh...do you think you can win?

Kirio: According to Sakurazaka's theory, if I can draw out the power of the Kahzam Effect...
Kirio: I should be able to cut through that train again.

Hinako: Are you saying that the one who cut through the front of that rain was you?
Kirio: ...I can stop that train on my own.
Kirio: Leave this to me.


Mana: You can't, Onii-chan!

Hinako: Mana-chan?
Mana: That person said it!

Mana: He said that if you use that...
Mana: your body will become not human!

Hinako: W-what...? What does she mean?
Hinako: And besides that, your body is beat up.
Hinako: I won't let you do anything else reckless!

Kirio: If there's something here that only I can do...
Kirio: If doing so will help PSI who came to rescue me...
Kirio: then I'll use it even if it's reckless.


Kirio: That's my style...
Kirio: of teamwork.

Hinako: Kirio-kun, you...
Mana: O-Onii-chan...

Kirio: ...Sorry, Mana.
Kirio: I'll finish this up quickly.

Yuunagi: Geez... you really are going all out for a pawn.

Yuunagi: But you won me over with that speech.


Kuromu: Hey, hey, hey...
Kuromu: Why are you hiding and sneaking around during my show time?

Hinako: !? Did he find us!?

Kuromu: Did you think I'd let you run!?

Kirio: I need time to control my power.
Kirio: I need you to distract him, Yuunagi-san!
Yuunagi: Geez, and I'm the leader!


Yuunagi: Everyone, disperse! Evade the train and fire at those two as a distraction!
Yuunagi: Don't do too much. Just distract him!

Kuromu: Tch. They're so annoying. Since I'm concentrating on controlling the train, I can't deal with the bullets.
Kuromu: The Victor! Can't you try a little harder!?
Sakurazaka: I specialize in desk work.

Sakurazaka: With your train distorting the air, I can't disperse my medicine.
Sakurazaka: Well, even so, there's something I can do.


Sakurazaka: Is dealing with PSI too much of a burden without my assistance?

Kuromu: Ha... ha ha ha
Kuromu: Ha ha ha ha

Kuromu: I. Can. Handle. Everything.
Kuromu: Myself!!

Yuunagi: The diversion is working. Team 2 move to a point where you can fire!
Someone: Kh. It's no good! The train is stopping us!


Yuunagi: A freely moving, giant train really is astounding!
Yuunagi: ...Kirio-kun, hurry up!

Hinako: Kh...This really is too much.
Hinako: ...Kirio-kun, how goes it?

Kirio: Concentrate on him!
Kirio: I'm the one who proposed it. I'm gonna try it...!

Kirio: Okay, just a bit more.
Kirio: I need to draw out the power of the seal.


Kirio: C...
Kirio: Calm down. That was just a hallucination...


Kirio: Something is spreading...
Kirio: from the back of my hand.
Kirio: It feels like my arm is being destroyed from the inside.

Kirio: This is...
Kirio: the sign that I'm becoming "not human".

Kirio: But this is no time to lose my nerve.
Kirio: If I don't form the seal soon...
Kirio: my comrades will be taken out...!

Mana: Onii-chan, no! Stop!
Mana: You shouldn't force yourself!
Hinako: Don't get impatient, Kirio-kun.


Hinako: You're not fighting alone.
Hinako: We're with you.

Hinako: Mana-chan, I know it's hard...
Hinako: but believe in your brother.

Mana: Hinako-oneechan...
Kirio: ...Shirogane...

Hinako: He's coming!
Hinako: We've bought you time. The rest is up to you Mr. "Decisive Blow"!

Kuromu: I found you, Number 0! You could say...
Kuromu: That this is "Checkmate"!!


Hinako: Everyone fire at the target simultaneously!

Hinako: We've managed to find a safe position to fight back from! Now we just have to seize the target!

Hinako: Not yet. To complement the impact point, we need to let it get closer!

Hinako: Not yet...not yet!

Hinako: Here!


Kuromu: Oh!? Not bad!
Kuromu: But you can only keep me confined that way!

Hinako: That's all we need to do...
Hinako: Isn't that right, Kirio-kun!

Kuromu: What...!?

Kirio: Yes, you've done enough preparation...
Kirio: My body is being taken in by this power...I'm scared.
Kirio: But...


Kirio: If it will keep even one person from having that done to them...!

Kirio: If it lets me drive back those unforgivable people...!!

Kirio: And if the people who let me carry out those feelings are here...!!!

Kirio: I'll use it as much as I can!!


Kirio: This is my lightning!!


Sakurazaka: Magnificent...
Sakurazaka: Even though you just awakened the "Kahzam Effect"...


Sakurazaka: Ahhhhh! You let me see that lightning!!
Sakurazaka: I want you! I want your geeeeeenes!!

Kirio: Quit saying disturbing things...It's over.
Hinako: Prepare yourself. Now that that magnetism user is down...
Hinako: You have no way of winning.

Sakurazaka: Yes, we were utterly defeated! PSI's and Kirio-kun's power were even greater than I thought!
Sakurazaka: I underestimated you...!

Sakurazaka: Which is why I'm soooo very glad I prepared a bit of "insurance".

Kirio: Eh...?


Mana: Ah...uh...

Kirio: M-Mana...!?
Hinako: Mana-chan!?

Hinako: S-Sakurazaka! What did you do!?
Sakurazaka: Just to be safe, I gave her a delayed effect poison.
I'm just soooo very glad I did that!

Sakurazaka: I have the antidote prepared here.
Sakurazaka: I want a guaranteed path of escape.
Sakurazaka: And...


Sakurazaka: To satisfy my spirit of curiosity...
Sakurazaka: I think I'll have you give me your blood, Kirio-kun.

Kirio: Y-you did this to Mana for that...
Kirio: How could you...!?

Yuunagi: Kh. What should we do? If we don't arrest him and get information on the "organization", these things will keep happening.
Hinako: But we can't just let Mana-chan die...!

Mori: We'll accept his demands.
Yuunagi: ! Chief Mori!?

Mori: It's true that we can't just leave them to their own devices...
Mori: But protecting even a single girl from them is PSI's job.

Sakurazaka: Oh, Mori-kun sure is direct.
Sakurazaka: The negotiations are over.

Kirio: Kh...!


Kirio: You people... The hospital, 5 years ago, and now this.
Kirio: What are you trying to accomplish...?

Sakurazaka: Hee hee. I guess I'll show some respect for what you and PSI have done.
Sakurazaka: I'll give you a little bit of an answer.

Sakurazaka: We are people gathered under "that person".
Sakurazaka: We open up knowledge of "powers" to this world.

Sakurazaka: We are a group of Exceeds that expose "secrets" that the government attempts to hide.
Sakurazaka: Helios!!


Kirio: Helios...

Kirio: Helios.
Kirio: How is doing these things for the sake of the world!?
Sakurazaka: Oh, that's all for today.
Sakurazaka: Isn't it better to keep things mysterious?

Kirio: Don't screw with me...! We will track you down...
Sakurazaka: Hee hee. I look forward to meeting you once you've grown even further.

Sakurazaka: Well then, take care, everyone.
Kuromu: Remember this, Number 0.
Kuromu: You could say that I will definitely pay back this "debt"!


Hinako: It looks like the antidote is working...
Kirio: Thank goodness... Mana...

Hinako: ...Kirio.
Kirio: ...Hm?

Kirio: !? What are you doing?
Hinako: This is your badge.
Hinako: I'm returning what you dropped.

Hinako: Don't drop it again.
Hinako: And rely on us a little bit.


Hinako: Because we're comrades.

Kirio: ...I'm not good at getting close to people.

Hinako: How can you say that after making your arm go like that?
Hinako: Everyone was there. We might have been able to do something!!

Hinako: You don't want to make Mana-chan sad, do you!?
Kirio: Ow, ow...
Kirio: Well, um...


Kirio: ...I'm counting on you for next time...as...
Kirio: ...As my comrade.

Hinako: Heh heh, are you blushing?
Kirio: No.
Kirio: Geez. Who would...

Kirio: Blush at something...
Kirio: ...like... that...


Hinako: Kirio-kun!?
Hinako: Are you okay...?

Hinako: Geez...He's even self-centered when he's asleep.
Text right of Hinako: He's always causing trouble.

Hinako: You wore yourself out this much...
Hinako: But...


Hinako: Right now, it's okay for you to rest.
Hinako: Good night.
Text: He can finally rest!!

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