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Gamble Fish 1

"Truth" and "Lies"

+ posted by js06 as translation on Jul 22, 2009 20:15 | Go to Gamble Fish

-> RTS Page for Gamble Fish 1

Gonna start translating this series for OMFGG.

Chapter 01


Trucker: Here, boy, you can see it.
Trucker: This entire area is Shishidou Academy.
Title: Fight 01 "Truth" and "Lies"

Tomu: Thanks...this is far enough.

Trucker: Are you absolutely sure that Shishidou Academy's the right place?
Trucker: Only the rich and the elite are allowed in.

Tomu: It's full of suckers.


Title: Fight 01 "Truth" and "Lies"



Students: Morning.
Students: Good morning.
Students: It sure has been raining this morning.


Girl: Hey, did you hear?
Girl: The second year class is getting a transfer student today.
Other girl: A transfer student? That's rare.

Girl: I caught a glance of him.
Girl: He looks like he might be foreign.

Other girl: Where's he from? Azabu? Kaisei?
Girl: They say he's from a normal public middle school.

Other girl: You're kidding, right?
Girl: I wonder if he has connections or if he made a donation.

Other girl: He'll have run away in a week.


Satou: Umm...
Satou: So you're Shirasagi Tomu-kun, born in October and 14 years old.

Satou: I'm your homeroom teacher, Satou. Nice to meet you.
Satou: This is the headmaster, Shishidou-sensei.
Shishidou: Welcome to my academy.

Satou: Um, you've come from Kobe due to circumstances with your parents.
Satou: You don't have any courses you're especially good at.

Satou: You don't have any sports you're interested in.
Satou: And you don't have any particular dreams for the future...Hm?


Satou: What is it?
Tomu: Oh, I was just noticing all the trophies and awards.

Satou: Yes, our clubs and teams do quite well.
Satou: Our track and swimming teams consistently win and our tennis team was at the top of the nationals last year.

Satou: We also have medals from debate contests, English speeches, and mathematics contents.
Satou: Our concept is to raise leaders who will...
Satou: make Japan a world leader in both literary and military arts.

Tomu: So the rumor's true then...
Tomu: that this school doesn't allow idiots or poor people in.

Satou: What!?


Shishidou: Shirasagi-kun...
Shishidou: It's true that this academy is different from most...
Shishidou: Boarding schools are rare in this day and age and, if you compare us to public schools, it costs quite a bit more...
Shishidou: And because of this, we have a lot of sons and daughters of affluent families here.

Shishidou: But this also lets us hire excellent teachers and prepare the best curriculum.
Shishidou: Since we have no bullying or fighting, our level studies and athletics can't be found elsewhere.

Shishidou: Of course, starting today, you will be a student here...
Shishidou: No one will think less of you because you came from a public school.


Mizuhara: Excuse me!!
Mizuhara: You called for me?

Satou: Yes, we've been waiting.
Satou: This is Shirasagi-kun who will be joining 2-A today.

Satou: This is the class representative, Mizuhara-kun.
Satou: Luckily, you two will be roommates in the dorm.

Satou: You can ask him if there's anything you need to know.


Satou: I'm running a little late...Mizuhara-kun.
Satou: You can show him to the classroom.

Mizuhara: Nice to meet you!!
Mizuhara: So you came from Kobe? Is this your first time in Tokyo?
Tomu: I was born here.
Tomu: I've moved all around Japan thanks to my parents.

Mizuhara: You don't need to worry about anything.
Mizuhara: Transfer students are pretty rare, so people might be looking at you weirdly for a while, though.

Tomu: Thanks.
Tomu: But I am worried...

Mizuhara: It'll be fine!! The competition's tough, but they're all good people.


Tomu: Not about that.
Tomu: About whether I can get the fish in my net properly.

Mizuhara: Fish?

Tomu: Let's go...we're running late for class.


Tomu: Nice to meet you all. I'm Shirasagi Tomu.
Text on chalkboard: Shirasagi Tomu
Tomu: Call me Tomu.

Girl: Hmm, he's pretty good looking.
Girl: His name sounds a little foreign.
Girl: Is he only half Japanese?

Guy: Hmph. We already know who you really are.
Guy: You're just a commoner from a public school.
Guy: You can't reach our level.

Mizuhara: Did I imagine that...?
Mizuhara: It was like his atmosphere changed for a second back then...


Teacher: Well then, make sure to review up to this point.
Guy: Okay, time for some food.
Girl: I'm so hungry...

Mizuhara: So what do you think of things!?
Tomu: Class rep!!

Mizuhara: Just call me Mizuhara.
Mizuhara: C'mon!! I'll show you to the dining hall.


Tomu: As expected of Shishidou. And my old school was supposed to be the best.
Tomu: Its curriculum was nothing compared to this.
Mizuhara: Ha ha ha. We're not like a public school.

Mizuhara: What we're taking now is pretty much high school level material.
Mizuhara: If you want, you can take courses in German or French.

Tomu: German!?
Mizuhara: If you're planning on going out into the world, you need to know a few languages.

Tomu: This place certainly is thorough.
Tomu: It must give you a lot of pride.

Mizuhara: What's with that remark?
Mizuhara: Aren't you glad you came here?


Tomu: To be honest, I didn't care where I ended up.
Tomu: My parents are the ones who wanted me to go here.
Mizuhara: Ha ha ha.
Mizuhara: Any family would be proud of having their kid in a good school.

Tomu: It's not that.
Tomu: They said that if I was gonna spread my net, the bigger the fish, the better.

Mizuhara: ? ...You said something like that this morning, too.
Mizuhara: But we don't have a fishing club.

Girl: Oh, look!!
Girl: It's Mika-san.
Guy: Mika-san!!


Guy: You're as beautiful as ever.
Guy: Your skin is so smooth.
Guy: You're like a French doll.


Tomu: Who's that?
Mizuhara: Shishidou Mika-san, a third year.

Tomu: Shishidou...
Mizuhara: That's right!!
Mizuhara: Mika-san is the headmaster's great-granddaughter.

Tomu: Yes...
Tomu: She has the exact same distinguished aura to her.

Mizuhara: But she doesn't live just by coasting off of her parents.
Mizuhara: Her grades are top class and she's the shining ace of the tennis team that won the nationals.
Mizuhara: She may be a bit presumptuous, but she truly was blessed with all those things.

Tomu: And the people around her?
Mizuhara: Her hangers-on.
Mizuhara: They pretend to be her bodyguards and always stick with her and suck up to her.


Tomu: Perfect.
Tomu: I got lucky on the first day.

Mizuhara: Tomu!?
Mizuhara: Hey, Tomu!!?

Tomu: Hello.


Tomu: I'm Shirasagi, a transfer student.
Tomu: Pleased to make your acquaintance.

Mika: Is that so...? Welcome to my academy.
Mika: So...do you have some business with me?

Tomu: There's something I want to show you.

Mika: I'm...trying to eat.
Mika: You certainly have no manners.

Guy: Hey!! Didn't you hear her?
Guy: You're being rude. Get out of here!!


Tomu: Too bad...
Tomu: And I had something that no one has ever seen and no one will ever see again...

Tomu: Have a good meal.

Mika: Wait.

Mika: What...
Mika: did you just say?

Tomu: That I had something that no one has ever seen and no one will ever see again...
Tomu: I thought you'd be interested in it.


Mizuhara: Tomu!?
Mizuhara: What are you saying!?

Mika: What could it be? I want to see it right away.
Mika: Is it a thousand carat diamond? A relic of an ancient civilization?
Mika: I won't accept it if you're lying.

Tomu: If it's true, will you go on a date with me?
Mika: Fine, just hurry up and show it to me!!

Mizuhara: A boiled egg?
Mizuhara: It's from his lunch...


Tomu: Now then...the contents of the shell had never been seen before this instant.
Tomu: Right?


Tomu: And now they can never be seen again.


Tomu: See? It was true?
Tomu: So about the date you promised...

Mika: How stupid!!! Let's go.
Guy: Mika-san, can we really just ignore him?
Guy: Just give us the word, and we'll put him in his place...

Tomu: It worked...


Mizuhara: Tomuuu!!

Tomu: Don't get so mad...it was just a joke.
Mizuhara: That depends on who you're dealing with!!

Mizuhara: How could you use that kind of childish trick on Mika-san!!
Mizuhara: If something had happened, I would be responsible as the class rep!!

Tomu: I actually had an objective in doing it.


Tomu: There's something I need to do in this school.
Tomu: And to do it, I need to create a lot of interest in myself.
Tomu: And on the other hand, I need to keep the elites of this place from noticing me too much.

Tomu: So I spread my net.
Tomu: I'm prepared to get into a little bit of trouble.

Mizuhara: Mika-san is the fish?

Tomu: No...she's the bait.
Tomu: The fish are behind you.


Aoto: Hello, transfer student.
Aoto: I hear you had some fun earlier today.

Mizuhara: Aoto-san...!!
Mizuhara: Why are you here!?

Aoto: I'm the same as you. I'm responsible if any trouble occurs within this academy.
Aoto: It's my job to nip it in the bud before it becomes anything major.

Tomu: Who's he?
Mizuhara: The third year public morals committee member!! You shouldn't go against him.

Tomu: Oh, I thought he was one of that snob's bodyguards.


Guy: What did you say!?
Aoto: Stay back.

Aoto: You seem to have quite the sense of humor.
Aoto: But I'd like for you to stop doing things that will disturb this academy's atmosphere.
Aoto: Don't get near Mika-san again...
Aoto: Okay?

Tomu: I love those eyes...
Aoto: What?

Tomu: The eyes of someone who thinks others should always obey him and that he is always right and always the most powerful...
Tomu: Such proud, beautiful, shining, elite stars of eyes.


Aoto: It would be best for you if you stopped trying to provoke me...
Aoto: You might end up regretting it.

Tomu: Hmm...I wonder about that.
Mizuhara: W-wait, Tomu!!!

Tomu: How about this? The one who loses this fight will do whatever the other wants.
Tomu: But it won't be a fight of violence...
Tomu: It'll be a most appropriate fight for this school: one of intellect.

Aoto: A fight of intellect?

Tomu: Do know the game of "Truth and Lies"?

Tomu: It's a treasure hunt using a 100 yen coin.
Tomu: First, you hide this coin somewhere in this classroom.


Tomu: At the same time, you write where you hid it on a card.
Tomu: Then everyone else writes fake spots on other cards.
Tomu: There're 10 of you, right?
Tomu: So there'll be 1 "truth" card and 9 "lie" cards.

Tomu: If I find the "treasure" using those cards, I win.
Tomu: But I have a time limit of 1 minute.
Tomu: If I can't figure out which card is "true", I won't be able to find the "treasure".

Aoto: I see.
Aoto: So it's a 1 in 10 gamble.

Tomu: I can read your hearts.

Tomu: People can't fool their own hearts.
Tomu: When you write, whether you're writing the "truth" or a "lie" will disturb your body's energy.
Tomu: And I can read that energy!!


Guy: Read the energy!?
Guy: There's no way you can do that!!

Aoto: If you lose, you'll do anything I say?
Tomu: The same goes for you.

Aoto: So if you fail to find the treasure within a minute, you lose?

Tomu: I've never lost this game.


Aoto: Fine, I'll play.
Guy: Aoto-san!! You don't have do play against this idiot!!

Aoto: But only on a few conditions.
Aoto: Double the number of cards to 20.

Mizuhara: 20 cards!?

Aoto: This isn't your first time playing this game, so it's only fair to give you a handicap, right?
Aoto: The odds drop to 1 in 20...but if you can read our energy, that doesn't matter, right?

Tomu: And the others?

Aoto: Prepare the paper and pens here.
Aoto: We'll use my coin and I'll put a secret mark on it.
Aoto: You'll wait in a classroom downstairs while we prepare everything.
Aoto: If you have a cell phone, leave it with us.


Tomu: I'm surprised.
Tomu: I've never had an opponent this cautious.

Aoto: Do you know what a perfectionist is?

Tomu: The rain's getting heavier... let's hurry up and start.
Mizuhara: Tomu!! This is reckless!!

Tomu: I'm a perfectionist, too...

Tomu: Let's go, Mizuhara.
Mizuhara: Tomu!!

Aoto: ...What are you slacking off for?
Aoto: Search the classroom!!
Guys: Huh?


Aoto: He might have set up cameras or a bug.
Guy: I-I really don't think he'd go that far...
Aoto: Just do it!! Check every nook and cranny!!

Aoto: Hmph...that damn transfer student.
Aoto: I don't know what stupid trick you've set up, but the fact you're using those cards is suspicious.

Aoto: So I'll get rid of all of your possibilities.

Aoto: I'll take advantage of those 20 cards.


Mizuhara: Tomu!!
Mizuhara: Why did you start this ridiculous game!?
Tomu: Don't worry, I won't cause you any problems, Mizuhara.

Mizuhara: Aoto-san is this academy's greatest prodigy!! Do you think you can win?
Tomu: Calm down... It's not like I'll lose my life if he wins.

Mizuhara: Geez...
Mizuhara: You certainly are calm!

Tomu: I love this.


Tomu: Beat or be beaten...
Tomu: That instant where it feels like you've gone numb...

Mizuhara: This is just like when I met him this morning...
Mizuhara: His atmosphere changed for a second!!

Tomu: It's true that if I was playing this game one on one, I'd have no way of winning.
Tomu: But because it's many against one, I have a chance.

Tomu: An instantaneous chance to see the "truth"!!


Aoto: We're done, go call him in!!
Guy: Okay!!


Aoto: What's this?
Aoto: Are you going to search for it with a blindfold on?

Tomu: Didn't I say I'd be reading your energy?
Tomu: With this on, I can easily see the movements of your hearts.

Guy: Can this guy really read energy...?
Guy: Idiot!! He's gotta be bluffing.

Tomu: Are all the cards ready?
Aoto: Yes.

Tomu: Help me out, Mizuhara.
Tomu: Line all the responses up on the desks.


Mizuhara: O-okay, I'll read them in order.
Mizuhara: Card one...

Mizuhara: Below the cleaning locker
On card: Below the cleaning locker

Mizuhara: Card two: Below the lectern.
On card: Below the lectern

Mizuhara: Card three: Above the fluorescent light on the ceiling.
On card: Above the fluorescent light on the ceiling

Mizuhara: In the chalk holder.
Mizuhara: Above the chalkboard.
Mizuhara: The air conditioner panel.
Mizuhara: In the vase.
Mizuhara: On the TV monitor.


Mizuhara: Above the bulletin board.
Mizuhara: Between the curtains.
Mizuhara: Below the globe.
Mizuhara: In the potted plant.
Mizuhara: Behind the certificate frame.
Mizuhara: Above the speaker panel.
Mizuhara: Between the class books.
Mizuhara: In the groove in the window's frame.
Mizuhara: In the trash can.
Mizuhara: In the drawer on the teacher's desk.
Mizuhara: In one of the student desks.


Mizuhara: Last one, card 20!!
Mizuhara: Above the sprinkler!! That's all!!
On card: Above the sprinkler

Mizuhara: So only one of these is the real one written by Aoto-san...
Mizuhara: How will he figure it out?

Mizuhara: No...he can't possibly figure this out...
Mizuhara: Unless he actually does have special powers...

Aoto: Okay!! You have 1 minute...
Aoto: Start!!

Aoto: Hey?


Guy: What is it!? Hurry up and find the real card!!
Mizuhara: T-Tomu!?
Guy: It's too late to admit it was a bluff and apologize!!

Tomu: I can hear the pounding in your chests...
Tomu: There's a lot of unease in there that belies how you're acting...

Tomu: Determining the difference between the "truth" and a "lie" is actually a simple thing.
Tomu: It's not based on reasoning or deduction...It's an issue of human instinct.

Guy: ...What does he mean!!?
Aoto: Don't let him trick you!!!
Aoto: He's just saying random things out of desperation!!

Tomu: Mizuhara.


Aoto: What...?
Aoto: What is he saying...?

Mizuhara: Eh?

Aoto: Does he...
Aoto: know something...?


Mizuhara: Ah...you're right!!!

Aoto: What!?
Aoto: What is he right about!!?

Tomu: Now then...


Tomu: Let's finish this.

Aoto: R-ridiculous!?
Aoto: Y-you have 20 seconds!!!


Aoto: That's...not possible!!!
Aoto: Why is he stopping there!!?

Aoto: Y-you have 10 seconds!!!


Aoto: S-stop...

Aoto: Stoooooop!!!


Aoto: Game over.


Guy: Ah...
Guy: Ah...

Aoto: Th-that was a coincidence...
Aoto: You just happened to have a lucky guess...!!

Tomu: There's something we need to talk about first, isn't there, Aoto-san?
Tomu: You didn't write a "true" card.

Mizuhara: Wh-what do you mean?

Tomu: Think back.
Tomu: There wasn't a card with "In the clock" written on it.


Aoto: Wh-when did you realize it?
Aoto: If you hadn't found the "treasure" you would've lost...
Aoto: And I would have been under no obligation to tell you where it actually was.
Aoto: It was the perfect plan that took advantage of a blind spot in the rules!!

Guy: That's what we thought, too.
Guy: It may have been against the rules, but he should've won!!
Guy: If you weren't using the cards, how did you know it was in the clock!?

Tomu: Didn't I say it was an issue of instinct?
Tomu: Mizuhara knows the answer.

Aoto: Mizuhara!!! What did he whisper to you!?
Mizuhara: Eh!?


Mizuhara: I-I don't know anything.
Mizuhara: He just...
Mizuhara: said that one of your flies was down.

Aoto: Eh!?
Guy: Eh!?
Guy: Ah!!!

Tomu: That was "direction."

Tomu: "Direction".
Tomu: It's a term used in reference to magic tricks.


Tomu: To divert attention to the side is known as "misdirection".
Tomu: And to point it in the direction you want is "direction".
Tomu: And especially with "direction", your attention is pointed without you realizing it.

Tomu: That's because it's a natural action for humans.
Tomu: When I told Mizuhara about that guy's fly, he looked at his pants, right?

Aoto: I-it couldn't be!?

Tomu: What I whispered to him could've been anything.
Tomu: As long as it put a surprised look on Mizuhara's face...
Tomu: a bunch of you would have checked to see what it was by looking at the "true" card.

Tomu: But, at that time, none of you looked down at the cards.
Tomu: You all just stared back at Mizuhara.
Tomu: You only get that kind of reaction out of robots.


Aoto: You used where we were looking?
Aoto: So that blindfold was just a trap to put us off guard...
Tomu: Once I got that far, the rest was easy.

Tomu: I already knew 20 spots that were "lies".
Tomu: The lights, air conditioner, and sprinkler on the ceiling.

Tomu: The books.
Tomu: The potted plant.
Tomu: The chalk holder.
Tomu: The speaker panel.
Tomu: The desks.

Tomu: The chalkboard.
Tomu: The vase.
Tomu: The TV monitor.
Tomu: The curtains.


Tomu: The "lies" were scattered all around the classroom...
Tomu: but there was one place no one wrote.

Tomu: And that was that clock.


Tomu: If there had only been 10 cards, I wouldn't have been able to narrow it down within the time limit.
Tomu: I was saved thanks to your shallow thinking as a perfectionist.

Aoto: Heh...
Aoto: Ha ha...

Aoto: By doubling the cards to ensure my victory I was digging my own grave...
Aoto: I strangled my own neck...!!!

Mizuhara: W-wait a second, Tomu!!
Mizuhara: What would you have done if they had actually had a "true" card?
Tomu: That's even simpler.
Tomu: All of them would have been looking at that card.
Tomu: And then I'd just look in that place.


Tomu: Now then...remember your promise?
Tomu: The loser would do anything the other said.
Aoto: Uh!!

Tomu: First of all, I'll be taking this initial 100 yen coin.

Tomu: One of Shishidou Academy's elites cheated at a game with an underclassmen and still lost.
Tomu: I'm sure that will be the talk of the town if you ever become of doctor or politician in the future.

Aoto: Are you threatening me!?
Tomu: If you want it back, we can have a rematch.

Aoto: A rematch!?


Tomu: I won't run from any game.
Tomu: But the amount riding on it will double to 200 yen.
Tomu: And the next will double again to 400 yen. And 800 after that.

Mizuhara: Doubling each game!!
Mizuhara: Before long you'd reach astronomical figures!!

Aoto: You bastard...you're not just a transfer student, are you!?
Aoto: Why did you come to this academy!?

Tomu: This will make the third school I've crushed...


Tomu: In one month, I'll change this hundred yen into ten billion.

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thanks man, I'll have the release out ASAP
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How funny, we were looking for a translator for this one...
Well, we got otherwise occupied now, but we still will probably toss out the first chapters, though not sure wheter we keep it up...

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