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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Out Code - Choujou Hanzai Tokumu Sousakan 6

The Screams of Lovers Sound at Midnight


-> RTS Page for Out Code - Choujou Hanzai Tokumu Sousakan 6

Chapter 06


Text in the middle: The rebellious knight and the mecha-mania princess's undercover investigation begins!!!
Title: File 6: The Screams of Lovers Sound at Midnight


Box: It has been 10 days since Sakurazaka Nouto kidnapped Mana-chan.
Box: Kirio-kun is still in the hospital.

Box: He didn't just have the "Kahzam Effect" eat into his right arm.
Box: The potassium he consumed in exchange for using his power has caused some problems in his body.

Box: Who would have thought that using his power would bring about this much danger to him...?
Hinako: Kirio-kun, I'm coming in...


Mana: Say, "Ah", onii-chan!

Kirio: Ahh!

Mana: Sorry, I didn't cut it right.
Kirio: That was good enough!
Kirio: If it's peeled by you, Mana, anything's ok!

Hinako: Patients in the ICU aren't supposed to be messing around with their sisters!
Kirio: Oh? Shirogane, you're here?
Mana: Ah, Hinako-oneechan. Welcome.


Hinako: Is your right arm really all right!?
Hinako: Didn't your arm's cells change from you using your power too much!?

Mana: ...Onii-chan...

Kirio: ...Don't say things that'll worry Mana.
Kirio: You're overreacting, Shirogane.

Kirio: Sakurazaka said it.
Kirio: The Kahzam Effect can bring out amazing power...
Kirio: but if you use it too much it can destroy and alter human cells.

Kirio: If I keep using it too much, I could become something not human...


Kirio: But as long as I have this power...
Kirio: I can do something with it.
Kirio: I can use this power in my own way.

Hinako: Kirisaki-kun...

Kirio: ...Well, if I keep using my power like I have in the past, I'll be fine.
Kirio: PSI is going after Helios, right? I've got a lot of work waiting for me.

Mana: ...Onii-chan, you're going already?
Kirio:! I want to stay here having fun with you and your apples!
Yuunagi: With that attitude, it looks like you're about ready to get back to work, Kirio-kun.

Kirio: Eh?


Yuunagi: You're more energetic than I thought you'd be.

Kirio: Woah, Yuunagi-san!?
Mana: Ah, a video phone?
Yuunagi: Heh heh heh. This is PSI's latest equipment.

Hinako: It's called the PSI-phone!
Yuunagi: Since we've proven the existence of the enemy organization "Helios"...
Yuunagi: that is creating crimes with its paranormal powers granting drug, we've gained approval to use them.

Kirio: ...An anti-Helios item, huh?

Yuunagi: It's basically a multifunction cell phone with a touch panel.
Yuunagi: It of course has a camera and video functions, but it has many other useful functions for PSI investigations.
Text left of Kirio: Ohh...
Yuunagi: It can pick up voices well, so you don't need to put it up to your ear to talk with people.
Yuunagi: It uses a special communications network and doesn't emit any harmful signals, so you can use it almost anywhere.


Kirio: Then what about this.
Hinako: W-wait a second!?

Yuunagi: Ha ha ha. That one was special made for you, so it was made to resist lightning.
Kirio: PSI's amazing!
Yuunagi: It was made by PSI's 5th unit, the technological development department.

Yuunagi: PSI has received special rights from the National Public Safety Commission in order to resolve paranormal incidents.
Yuunagi: Those rights are best seen in the specializations that out units are separated into.
Yuunagi: Especially in our 3rd unit that specializes in "information gathering" and is our lead investigative unit.
Yuunagi: We have 5 different units.

Yuunagi: But ever since the subway incident from the other day, PSI has been having a lot of cases to deal with.
Yuunagi: All of the units are quite busy.
Yuunagi: So, Hinako-kun, Kirio-kun...

Yuunagi: It may be bad for Kirio-kun's recovery...
Yuunagi: but I want you to investigate a series of strange events that have been occurring at a certain institution.
Kirio: Strange events?

Yuunagi: There have been victims, so it doesn't seem like it's a mere urban legend.
Yuunagi: It's taking place at the school Hinako attends.
Hinako: I-it couldn't be...


Yuunagi: You need to investigate the "ghost story"...
Yuunagi: of Ganzfeld Academy.

Hinako: Ganzfeld Academy...
Kirio: Ghost story...?

Teacher: I'll introduce the transfer student.


Teacher: His name is Kirisaki Kirio-kun.
Teacher: I hope everyone can get along with him.
Kirio: meet...everyone...

Girls: He looks quiet...
Girls: Isn't he kind of cute?

Kirio: I have a bad feeling about this...
Kirio: Even under normal circumstances, having to investigate a ghost story would be annoying.
Kirio: But pretending to dress like this...

Text right of Hinako: Hee hee

Girl: You've been staring at him for a while, Hina-chan. Do you know him...?
Hinako: Eh? Yeah, sort of.


Girl: H-Hina-chan, you have a guy friend!?
Girl: Really!?

Girls: Wait, Shirogane-san knows him. No way!
Girls: I thought she was more interested in machines than guys...

Boys: And you've just transferred here. Not bad, transfer student.
Boys: Shirogane-san... And I was kinda interested in her...

Teacher: C-calm down, everyone...
Kirio: ...Hey, now. What kind of rumors are you spreading?

Someone: Hina-chan would never go out with someone like that!
Kirio: Someone like that...?
Haruka: Kirisaki-kun, was it?


Haruka: If you get everyone this worked up right after transferring in...
Haruka: you might end up getting hurt.

Kirio: What...?

Girl: M-Minazuki-san, don't threaten him...
Girl: Are you going to tell that ghost story again?
Haruka: Oh, but I'm just warning him.

Guys: Minazuki Haruka...she sure has some bad hobbies.
Guys: Is she going to bring that rumor up now...?

Kirio: Is it information regarding the mysterious case occurring at this school?
Kirio: ...Tell me what you have to say, Minazuki-san.

Haruka: ...Oh, how brave.
Haruka: Are you saying this out of a chivalrous need to protect Shirogane-san?

Kirio: Hm?
Kirio: No, not at all.


Kirio: There's is absolutely NO way...
Kirio: I'd go out with Shirogane!!!

Girl: Hina-chan isn't yours.
Girl: Don't be so rude!

Yuunagi: You're an idiot.


Yuunagi: This was supposed to be an undercover investigation, but you've already gotten yourself beat up.
Yuunagi: It's pretty pathetic to be kicked by a girl.

Kirio: Shirogane really has gotten used to going to school while working for PSI, hasn't she?
Yuunagi: She's absent when she has a mission, but she takes her school life seriously.
Yuunagi: Although she's not very good at social things.

Yuunagi: Her parents went missing when she was young.
Kirio: Eh...?

Yuunagi: She's working at PSI in order to search for her parents who mysteriously disappeared.
Yuunagi: She cares a lot about her school friends to make up for her missing parents.

Kirio: Is that so...?
Kirio: So she lost her parents, too...


Kirio: Shirogane...
Kirio: You're always ridiculously cheerful, so I didn't realize...

Kirio: Someone's gaze?

Kirio: D-do you need something?
Kirio: Who's she?

Inori: ...Do you...
Inori: have any interest in make-up...?

Kirio: Huh...?


Kirio: ...No, I'm a guy...
Inori: ...In this day and age, even boys use make-up.

Inori: ...You seem to have an interest in that ghost story.
Inori: ...Even though it's just a rumor.

Inori: Well, see you, transfer student.

Inori: ...I'm Yasaka Inori.
Inori: It was nice to meet you...

Kirio: She has an odd atmosphere to her...
Hinako: Oh? Did you talk with Yasaka-san?

Hinako: One of her relatives is the president of a cosmetics company that's gotten popular lately.
Kirio: Oh, she did seem pretty high-class.
Hinako: It's not just her.


Hinako: Minazuki-san from before is is the daughter of the president of a construction company.
Hinako: And Hiiragi-chan is the daughter of one of the managers of a major newspaper company.

Kirio: Wha...?
Hinako: And Osano-kun who sits next to you is the son of member of the Diet.
Hinako: And as for having assets, Muramatsu-san who sits in front of you...

Kirio: Is Ganzfeld Academy...
Kirio: a hangout for celebrities!?
Kirio: Mana...
Kirio: Your brother is sorry for being so poor...

Hinako: What is it, Kirisaki-kun?
Hinako: Do you not have much money?

Hinako: Oh, Hiiragi-chan.
Hiiragi: Hina-chan... you're flirting with this guy in broad daylight again...
Hiiragi: Even though you have me...


Hiiragi: I hope you get done in by the "Lover-Hunting Demon".
Hiiragi: Wahhhhh!

Hinako: The...
Hinako: Lover-Hunting Demon?

Hinako: C'mon, Hiiragi-chan, don't cry.
Hinako: I'm not in that kind of relationship with Kirisaki-kun, okay?

Kirio: So, what's this Lover-Hunting Demon?
Kirio: Umm, your name is?
Hiiragi: Uhh, I'm Hiiragi Kagome. And I don't care about you...
Hiiragi: but I don't want Hina-chan to be in any danger, so I'll tell you.


Hiiragi: There are a lot of ghost stories in Ganzfeld Academy.
Hiiragi: And there are a lot of urban legends, too.

Hiiragi: One of them is a legend saying that if lovers go to...
Hiiragi: the old school building at midnight, they'll be bound together forever.

Hiiragi: So occasionally a couple will have a date in the old building at night.

Hiiragi: But something has been appearing lately to get in their way.
Hiiragi: The Lover-Hunting Demon.

Hiiragi: It has done more than injure the lovers...
Hiiragi: Apparently it has also spirited some people away.


Hiiragi: The academy hasn't made an official announcement...
Hiiragi: but the rumor is that a couple of people truly have gone missing.

Hiiragi: The one spreading the rumor is Minazuki-san.
Hiiragi: She's been strong about it...

Hiiragi: but apparently the first person attacked by the "Lover-Hunting Demon"...
Hiiragi: was the boy she was in love with.

Hiiragi: It was a big blow to her that he took a girl to the old building.
Hiiragi: I feel kind of sorry for her.

Hiiragi: Not only was the person she loved hurt...
Hiiragi: but it meant he'd taken another girl there.
Hiiragi: It was a double shock.

Kirio: The first victim, huh...?


Hiiragi: You couldn't be planning on going to the old building, could you, Hina-chan?
Hiiragi: You're not interested in tying your fates together at midnight, right!?
Hinako: I-I don't care about a legend like that...

Kirio: People have been injured and gone missing in the old school building at night...
Kirio: Our job is to find out what's happening...!


Box: 11:00 PM Ganzfeld Academy Old School Building

Kirio: So this is the old school certainly has the right atmosphere.
Hinako: Kirio-kun, look...

Kirio: ...What are you doing?
Kirio: Why did you bring a toy along on a mission?
Hinako: How rude! It's not a toy.

Hinako: He's our bodyguard.
Hinako: His name is Genya.


Kirio: Genya?
Kirio: That's an odd name for a robot dog.
Hinako: He'll protect whomever is set as its master with his life!

Hinako: He'll respond if he senses a heat source besides us within 10 meter radius.
Hinako: He'll bark and, if ordered to, will spring on the enemy.

Kirio: So functionally it's just a heat sensor.
Kirio: ...Well, it might come in useful.
Kirio: If we're up against a physical being, he can protect Shirogane from an attack.

Kirio: ...And if we're really up against a ghost...who knows what'll happen.

Hinako: Okay, let's go in the building!
Kirio: Okay.


Hinako: It really is ominous in here...
Kirio: Ha ha... We might get the wrong impression from this atmosphere alone.

Kirio: I've always been bad at this kind of thing...
Kirio: That movie my old man showed me scared me to death...

Hinako: Don't worry.
Hinako: Things like ghosts and monsters don't exist!

Kirio: O-oh?
Kirio: You're surprisingly reliable, Shiroga-

Hinako: Th-th-the mechanism I made exists in order to see whether they exist or not-t-t...
Kirio: She's afraid because of him!!!

Genya: Bow boow!
Kirio: Genya's reacting!?


Genya: Bow bow bow bow!
Kirio: Hey, now. There's nothing over there.

Kirio: Isn't he supposed to react to sensing a heat source in a 10 meter radius?
Hinako: Is the enemy hiding in one of the nearby classrooms?

Kirio: ...There's nothing there.
Hinako: A-and Genya's calmed down...

Kirio: ...Hey, are you sure he's working properly?
Kirio: Shiroga-


Kirio: Ah!?

Kirio: W-waaah!?
Hinako: Wh-what's wrong, Kirio-kun!?

Kirio: Uh? Huh?
Kirio: Just now, your face was...


Kirio: Waah...
Kirio: Aaaaaah...


Kirio: Is this the demon!?
Kirio: Shirogane, run!!

Kirio: Kh. The electrical attack isn't working.
Kirio: Damn monster!

Hinako: The monsters are gathering!?
Hinako: Wh-what should we do, Kirio-kun?
Kirio: Even if you ask me that...

Kirio: G-Genya, you need to do something.
Kirio: If not spirits, can you at least fight against monsters!?


Kirio: This robot dog is useless...
Kirio: If he'd only fight.

Kirio: A-a-anyways, we need to run.
Kirio: If electricity doesn't work, I don't have much chance of winning!
Kirio: Once we get away, we can analyze the situation!
Hinako: O-okay!

Monster: Keh keh...
Monster: Ku keh keh keh keh


Kirio: D-damn it. They're surrounding us.
Kirio: We have to go up.
Hinako: Ow.
Hinako: Ow.

Hinako: Ee!

Hinako: Wah, there's a monster here, too!?
Kirio: What the hell's going on with this building!?

Hinako: K-Kirio-kun, I'm scared...I can't keep this up...
Kirio: I-I'm scared, too!! Just keep trying!!


Kirio: W-what's going on...?
Kirio: Th-this is like horror movies on parade or something...

Hinako: E-even if I'm this scared...
Hinako: I have to keep searching for mom and dad...

Yuunagi: Hinako-kun's parents went missing when she was young.


Kirio: ...Ah. If this is all, you don't need to worry.
Kirio: I'll settle this incident...
Kirio: and hunt down those guys from Helios.

Kirio: Shirogane, you have something...
Kirio: you have to do in PSI, too, right?

Kirio: I'll get us through this situation!
Hinako: K-Kirio-kun!?

Kirio: For now we have to get away.
Kirio: I'll punch through them!!
Kirio: Ohhhhhhh!!


Kirio: H...
Kirio: Huh?

Kirio: I thought I was charging at those monsters.
Kirio: Why did I just jump through a window...
Kirio: and dive out of the building?

Kirio: Waa...
Kirio: aaaaaaaaah!?


Kirio: Woah!?

Kirio: Ow ow ow...

Kirio: This is...
Kirio: an air cushion?

Kirio: Genya protected me...?
Kirio: So he's not just a robot that simply reacts to heat sources.
Kirio: ...Shirogane's mechanical skills are quite something.

Kirio: But the fact that he stuck with me...
Kirio: means that she set me as this robot dog's master.


Hinako: He'll protect whomever is set as its master!
Kirio: Even though she was that scared...
Kirio: She should've made it protect her...

Kirio: If you can come after me to protect me...
Kirio: then you should be able to stand up to those monsters, right?
Kirio: Geez, and all you've done is ignore them...

Kirio: ...Ignore?

Kirio: Why would a robot this sensitive...
Kirio: not react at all when that many monsters showed up?

Kirio: Could it be that...?
Kirio: ...I see. So that's it.
Kirio: Thanks, Genya.


Kirio: Thanks to you, I think I've figured out the truth behind this incident.

Hinako: ...How many are there...?

Hinako: Am I done for?
Hinako: I can't save my school much less my parents...

Kirio: Shirogane!


Hinako: Kirio-kun!?

Hinako: Stay back!! You can't deal with all these monsters!
Hinako: You're still recovering and your attacks do nothing!

Kirio: Let's go, Genya.

Hinako: Watch out.
Hinako: Behind you!!


Hinako: Kyaaaaaaah!?
Hinako: Kirio-kun's gonna die...!!

Kirio: I'm fine.


Kirio: This was all an "illusion".

Hinako: An illusion...!

Kirio: Humans see and recognize things by the information from the light that reaches their retina, right?
Kirio: If someone could manipulate and change that light and information...
Kirio: they could show people illusions of things like monsters.

Hinako: B-but I definitely felt those monsters hitting me.
Hinako: If it was an illusion their attacks wouldn't be able to hit us.
Hinako: Ow.
Hinako: Ow.
Kirio: If the enemy can show us illusions, they can also hide their own form.


Kirio: Remember when we first came in here...
Kirio: and Genya was barking at thin air?
Kirio: He must have been barking at you.

Kirio: Which means you can't fool the eyes of a machine.
Kirio: Isn't that right, Miss Criminal?

Kirio: Now that your trick's been found out, how about you stop hiding and show yourself?
Kirio: Or do you need some shocking punishment?


Kirio: You can create false images.
Kirio: In other words you're an Exceed that can use the power of "Vision Hacking".
Kirio: Right, Minazuki Haruka-san?

Kirio: Minazuki-san.
Kirio: So, all of the incidents were pranks of yours...

Hinako: ...You injured that first boy, too?
Haruka: ...He was the one at fault...


Haruka: Even though I bought things for him...
Haruka: Even though I put on a bunch of make-up...
Haruka: Even though I'm better looking...
Haruka: He still ignored me and went out with another girl!

Hinako: Minazuki-san...
Kirio: ...Geez, what a stupid girl.

Haruka: Eh...?
Kirio: How about you think about how he feels?
Kirio: And why don't you tell him how you feel directly?

Kirio: Why would you hurt someone you love.
Kirio: If you love someone, you should protect them, right...?

Haruka: ...Kh...
Haruka: Uhh...


Haruka: ...I know...
Haruka: ...I didn't really want to hurt him...

Hinako: Minazuki-san...

Kirio: ...Well, we somehow settled this case.
Kirio: But it was caused by an Exceed again.

Kirio: That can only mean the involvement of Helios.
Kirio: So they've reached as far as the school that Shirogane attends...

Haruka: ...But I'm kind of jealous.
Haruka: Now you two have spent midnight in the old school building.


Haruka: Now your dream of being together forever will come true.

Kirio: That legend was real!
Kirio: I wish I'd just made friends with the monsters!
Hinako: Y-you'd go that far...?

Haruka: I'm shocked...Why would you come here if you weren't interested in the legend?
Kirio: Well, we'll explain more later.
Kirio: But right now I have something to ask you.

Kirio: Where did you get that power?
Kirio: Were you given Helios's powers granting drug?

Haruka: Helios? Powers granting drug?


Haruka: What are you talking about?
Haruka: I don't know about any drug.

Kirio: What?
Haruka: I just all of a sudden had this strange power one day.

Hinako: No way...but isn't Helios making more Exceeds using the powers granting drug?
Hinako: Is it possible for powers to appear without the drug?

Kirio: How did she...
Kirio: get the ability to use that power...?
Text: The mystery gets deeper the more they find out!! Has a third influence appeared!?

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