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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Zettai Karen Children 184

Dark Half (3)

+ posted by js06 as translation on Aug 19, 2009 21:37 | Go to Zettai Karen Children

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Chapter 184


Salmonella: Welcome.
Salmonella: I'm President Salmonella.

Salmonella: Daaaaah!?
Kyousuke: Hey,
Salmonella: you seem to be doing well.

Salmonella: Wh-why are you here!?
Salmonella: I was supposed to be meeting the president of a world-famous company!!
Kyousuke: Don't be so frightened.
Kyousuke: We've been here without assassinating you up until now. In fact, we've been secretly protecting you.
Kyousuke: And...

Kyousuke: That company is us.
Salmonella: Eh!? No way!? Really!?
Salmonella: You're that company!?
Salmonella: Haven't you pretty much taken over the world then!?
Box: To be continued.

Guy: We've received an emergency shipment...
Guy: of Chil Cerulean!!
Guy: You can buy 2 per person!!

Guy: Don't push...
Guy: Ahh!!

Aoi: Eh!?
Aoi: But the neighborhood store still had some...
Barrett: That was the one for little kids!!
Barrett: It's really popular with our older friends!!

Barrett: This one is made by the mysterious genius model maker "Mr. 9".
Barrett: They goe for 50,000 yen a piece and sell out the day they go on sale!!
Aoi: I don't really understand...
Aoi: But I don't care anymore.


Title: 184th sense. Dark Half (3)
Text on the right: Tonight, we'll invite you to a time of wonderful dreams with our music.
Text on the left: All together now...


Minamoto: Good...!
Kaoru: Psychiiiic...


Kaoru: Water Bridge!!

Mary: That's right! Excellent!!
Mary: And keep twisting it like that...

Mary: Figure 8!!
Kaoru: "Psychic Endless Eigh-"

Kaoru: ...t!?


Ken: Oops!!

Kaoru: I-it's no good. I failed again!
Mary: Don't worry, don't worry!!
Mary: The trick to controlling fluids is to guide the flow gently.
Mary: You have a lot of power, so you end up trying to force it.

Mary: Japanese samurais have a saying.
Mary: "Middle school fantasies can defeat an elephant"!
Kaoru: I see!
Kaoru: So it's important to think things like "One day I'll date an idol"!?
Minamoto: No!! It's "Softness overcomes hardness"!!
Minamoto: What you said is wrong on multiple levels!


Ken: But she really does have amazing power.
Ken: She's gotten way better at controlling it than before.
Grisham: Yes.
Grisham: At this rate, she'll grasp Mary's technique before long.
Grisham: It must be the result of your guidance.
Minamoto: Thank you for helping out.

Minamoto: "Guide the flow instead of forcing it"...
Minamoto: That's good advice that will help us out on a lot of missions.
Minamoto: Coming here was the right decision.

Shiho: If things flow towards the mission occurring on Kaoru-chan's birthday...
Aoi: We'll make tears of sweat and blood flow out of you, Minamoto-han.
Minamoto: At this rate, that should be fine too...I think.


Mary: Let's take a little break!
Mary: We have ice cream.
Kaoru: Eh, but I'll gain weight...

Minamoto: "Ice cream"...!!

Ken: What is it?
Minamoto: Nothing, I just thought of something...!!

Cell phone: Ding!
Aoi: Oh, an email from Minamoto-han.


Email header: 15:35 Minamoto-han.
Email subject: Subject: About the birthday cake...
Email body: How about we go with a cold desert type cake...! Personally, I think mousse would be good, but we could also make something with a pudding or jelly base. Then we could decorate it so it looks like a birthday cake. What do you think? If you think going with a normal cake would be better...

Aoi: Is he a girl!!?
Aoi: We're not even that bad, you middle-aged man!!
Shiho: Quit getting mad and let's get started, Aoi-chan.
Shiho: Ah, I got one too.
Text left of Shiho: Ding!

Chisato: U-umm...
Chisato: Mister...?

Chisato: I-is it really all right...
Chisato: for us to use such a nice studio?
Chief: Of course!!
Chief: You can use it to practice around the clock!!

Chief: If you need someone to pick you up or drop you off or to teach you how to use the equipment, just ask this guy.
Sakaki: Old man...
Sakaki: Are you trying to giving them a major debut?
Kashiwagi: Chie-
Kashiwagi: I mean, president!
Kashiwagi: The special instructors have arrived!


Chief: Oh, thanks for coming!
Chief: I don't really know who you are, but I called for the top-class pros!
Chief: For some reason, you need to keep your full names a secret...
Pros: I'm Eri*.
Pros: I'm Pau*.
Pros: I'm Mi**.
Pros: Nice to meet you.

Sakaki: Wh...
Sakaki: What did he do...!!?

Shiho: Oh, we don't need that. Have them leave.
Text left of Shiho: No, thank you.
Sakaki: We're sorry!!!
Sakaki: We're very, very sorry!!!
Right text above pros: What?
Left text above pros: Really?

Aoi: Let's see....

SFX: Beep


Aoi: I'm leaviiiiing!!
Aoi: I have no musical talent whatsoeveeeer!!!
Shiho: It's okay. You hadn't even gotten to the point that's an issue of musical talent.
Shiho: I'll tune it for you.

Shiho: Okay then...
Shiho: This is the song we'll be playing.

Shiho: Don't you think a new song is better than a cover?
Shiho: Our friend had this made for us.

On paper: "STRINGS" Lyrics: Mutsumi Sumiyo Chord Research: Himeno Yoshikazu


Chisato: A-a new song!?
Yuuri: Did you write this?
Sakaki: Um...
Sakaki: Well...

On paper: "STRINGS" Lyrics: Mutsumi Sumiyo

Chisato: Huh!? I...
Chisato: I've heard of her!? I've seen this name before!?
Aoi: Mutsumi-san of "Over The Future"!?
Text above Aoi: You requested this!?
Sakaki: Mutsumi-san of "Break+Your+Destiny"!
Shiho: And "Pre*ure" and "Nod*me".

Yuuri: "STRINGS"...
Yuuri: Wonderful...

Yuuri: I...want to play this!!
Yuuri: Hey, can we try it!?


SFX: *tap*
SFX: *tap*
SFX: *tap*

Sakaki: What's with these girls...!?

Chisato: Th-they're good...!
Chisato: They're like pros...!?


Yuuri: ...Amazing!
Yuuri: This is fun...!?

Yuuri: Jamming with everyone like this...
Yuuri: It gives me the feeling of being "alive"...!?


Aoi: Heh...

Aoi: I really am leaving!!
Aoi: My musical ability isn't like the rest of yours!!
Text above Aoi: Won't people complain if I play!?
Shiho: Don't worry. It'll be okay, Aoi-chan!!
Aoi: There wasn't any musical ability in that noise I made!!

Shiho: We'll teach you!
Shiho: Okay!?
Shiho: We'll change the score to make it simpler, too!
Aoi: I'm leaviiiiing!!!



Man: It's an hour until the predicted time.
Man: We did everything we could do.
Man: The special espers will handle the rest.

Shiho: You didn't get much of a tan, Kaoru-chan.
Kaoru: That's because I put on sunblock.
Text right of Kaoru's bubble: Ah ha ha ha.
Minamoto: Don't chat during the mission!!


Shiho: But you two have been leaving early and getting back late all week.
Minamoto: That was all to prepare for today!
Minamoto: If we let our guard down, Mary's help will be wasted!

Minamoto: We've all been trying our hardest...

Aoi: Eh heh heh...

Minamoto: I'm worked up...
Minamoto: for today too, so...
Minamoto: Do your best!


Children: Wah!!?

Phantom: What are you all doing!? You have a mission today...!?
Phantom: I wasn't expecting this!!
Phantom: Don't screw with me!!
Text: Phantom's really pissed!! This is bad!!

Kaoru: Ph...
Kaoru: Phantom Daughter!?

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