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Translations: Gintama 678 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128

Seitokai no Ichizon 1

+ posted by js06 as translation on Sep 6, 2009 19:05 | Go to Seitokai no Ichizon

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For DBR Scans only

Chapter 01


Box: Hekiyou Private Academy
Box: The members of the student council here are decided through what is basically a popularity contest.

Box: Good looking guys tend to get some antipathy from the other guys...
Box: but beautiful girls are admired by boys and girls alike.
Guy: See ya.
Sugisaki: Bye.
Box: So you can pretty much be certain that the person chosen to be a student council members will be a cute girl.

Box: And since all the most admired girls end up gathering there...
Sugisaki: Yo.
Box: Hekiyou Private Academy's Student Council Room became known as...


Box: Paradise.
On sash: Hooray! Seitokai no Ichizon has begun serialization.


Sugisaki: Huh?

Sugisaki: Is it just you, president?
Sakurano: Chizuru had day duty today.

Sakurano: More importantly, Sugisaki, I understand.
Sugisaki: Understand what?


Sakurano: This world isn't boring.
Sakurano: You've become a boring person.
Sugisaki: Has she been influenced by some book again?
Sugisaki: But...

Sugisaki: I see.
Sugisaki: It's true that nothing ever seems to be as fun as the first time.

Sugisaki: Your first love.
Sugisaki: Your first friend.
Sugisaki: Your first time breaking the rules.
Sugisaki: Your first success.
Sugisaki: And...


Sugisaki: Your first eroge.
Name on eroge (top left corner of text box): Yuka
Eroge text: "Um...I... I'm not too confident in my breasts...so...I'm too embarrassed to take off my top...

Sugisaki: Just as fruit loses its flavor as it loses its freshness, as your experiences pile up, you lose that freshness and things start to feel boring.
Sugisaki: In other words, "the first time" is a spice needed to enjoy life.

Sugisaki: And thinking along those lines...
Sugisaki: Being a virgin isn't that bad a thing after all.

Sakurano: How did you get that out of what I said!?
Sugisaki: You're naive, president.


Sugisaki: My train of thought always starts off heading in that direction by nature. There's a direct connection in my head.
Sakurano: Isn't that what's known as a short circuit?
Sakurano: And, Sugisaki, you need to be more aware of your position as vice-president...

Sugisaki: ...I am.

Sugisaki: I'm well aware that this student council is my harem.
Sakurano: Before you think about your position as vice-president, you need to get rid of that idea.

Sugisaki: Her name is Sakurano Kurimu.
Sakurano: Geez...Sugisaki.
Sugisaki: She's the student council president of our school.


Sugisaki: She amazingly cute even for someone chosen to be the student council president which is pretty much decided by a beauty contest.
Text left of Sakurano: And I had just gotten a refill of tea...
Sugisaki: She's short and has a compact stature.
Sugisaki: She desperately tries to compensate for that in her speech and actions.

Sugisaki: She always tries so hard even now that she became student council president.
Text on sash: I'm the student council president
Sugisaki: And she always earnestly strikes back at me and the ridiculous things I say.
Sugisaki: All of that adds to her cuteness.
Sugisaki: It's like she's "moe" itself.


Sugisaki: And that's why I...Sugisaki Ken...

Sugisaki: President?
Text left of Sakurano: The left hand merely guides it...
Sakurano: Hm?
Sakurano: What?

Sugisaki: I love you. Please go out with me.
Sakurano: Nyawaah!?

Sakurano: How can you make a confession like that so frivolously!?
Sugisaki: Because I'm serious.


Sakurano: You're lying!!

Sakurano: Don't tell me you've forgotten what you first said when you showed up here.
Sugisaki: Um...

Sugisaki: I'll stop his movements!!
Sugisaki: ...was it?
Sakurano: What were we fighting with!?

Sugisaki: Then...
"Haruhi": I have no interest in normal humans. If there are any aliens, time travelers...
Sakurano: Wait! You changed your character and that's dangerous!

"Keroro": We are here to take over the earth.
Sakurano: I said we have to stop with that kind of dangerous material!!


Sugisaki: I'm just kidding.

Sugisaki: I love you all. I love you so much. If we all go out together, we'll all be happy.
Sugisaki: ...is what it was.

Sakurano: That's right. Because of that the student council knows how halfhearted you are about all this!
Sakurano: Who's going to be swayed by someone who just comes out with it and says that they want to go out with someone but they don't care who!?

Sugisaki: How rude!! I have no interest in anyone who isn't a "bishoujo".
Sakurano: That's not what I'm talking about!
Sakurano: By confessing to multiple people, you're being insincere.

Sugisaki: Isn't it better than being the indecisive main character?
Sugisaki: Aren't I more of a man by declaring that I'm aiming for the harem route from the get-go?


Sakurano: No.
Sakurano: Your standpoint and specs are way off for being the main character of a gal game.

Sugisaki: Even though I love girls this much!?
Sakurano: How does that make you the main character?

Sakurano: The character who's obsessed with girls is usually the main character's best friend, a side character!

Sugisaki: You know a lot about this.
Sakurano: Shut up.

Sugisaki: I see. So I'm being treated like a side character.

Sugisaki: I need to conduct myself a little better.

Sakurano: Sugisaki...


Sakurano: Um...
Sakurano: Occasionally you can be really thoughtful.
Sakurano: You're really kind. At least subconsciously.

Sugisaki: When there's an opening, you get more of a favorable impression that way, right?
Sakurano: That's part of your strategy!?

Sugisaki: I do it to get popular with girls and it's gotten to be a bit of a habit.
Sugisaki: Just like you said, it's gotten so that I do it pretty much subconsciously.

Sakurano: Th-that's not your usual ero power...
Sugisaki: When your destination is the harem route, normal means aren't gonna cut it.

Sakurano: I didn't ask why you needed it.
Sugisaki: Does that mean you've already figured it out?

Sakurano: Aah!
Chizuru: Ki-kun...


Chizuru: Don't tease Aka-chan.
Sakurano: Chizuru.
Sugisaki: We're not in elementary school. I don't tease the girl I like...

Sugisaki: I just humiliate her.

Sugisaki: Things seem to be worsening. Not many members of my harem are showing up today.
Chizuru: It isn't that bad.
Chizuru: And it's the student council, not your harem.
Box: Secretary Akaba Chizuru


Chizuru: And I don't think it really matters. It's not like we have any special events coming up.
Writing on board: Recreation

Chizuru: And, lately, when we do come here, we just end up eating snacks and talking.
Sugisaki: No!!

Sugisaki: It's true that you can up a girl's impression of you by calling her, but her impression of you won't rise too much unless you actually meet with her, right!?

Sugisaki: In gal games, where you go is decided by the heroine, right?
Sugisaki: Even if they just reject you...

Sugisaki: In other words, if they don't come to the student council room, we can't bring about our love!
Chizuru: Ahh...


Chizuru: So that's why those two aren't coming.
Sugisaki: Khhh!

Sugisaki: B-but...
Sugisaki: that means you came here to bring about our love, right, Chizuru-san?

Chizuru: Ah...yeah...that must be it.
Sugisaki: Ghghh!

Sugisaki: Gwaah!

Sugisaki: Ah, but cool characters like this are always quite intense once they do fall for you.


Chizuru: Correct.
Chizuru: I'm very intense.

Chizuru: When I was in elementary school, every morning I would give my first love a whole bunch of letters that just said "I love you" over and over again. I cornered him to the point of mental collapse.
Chizuru: He was more fragile than I thought, so my love cooled.
On letter: I love you. I love you. I love you. [Etc.]

Chizuru: What about you Ki-kun?
Sugisaki: Okay.
Chizuru: Eh!?

Chizuru: After hearing that story, you're willing to accept all of me?

Sugisaki: I'm...


Sugisaki: only aiming for a physical relationship with you, Chizuru-san!!

Chizuru: Okay...onto the next problem...

Sugisaki: Huh?
Sugisaki: Chizuru-san...

Sakurano: Mmmm...


Sugisaki: President...if you keep eating those, aren't you going to gain weight?

Sakurano: I-it's okay. It'll all go to my height and breasts.

Sakurano: Gh...
Sugisaki: Isn't there a pretty big risk of it going to your stomach?

Text left of Sakurano in the panel of just her face: Grrr...

Sakurano: Take this!
Chizuru: Ah...

Chizuru: The answer to the next question is...
Chizuru: I know.
Chizuru: "Metabolic Syndrome".


Sugisaki: Don't worry, president. If no one were to take you...

Sakurano: Even if I stopped being a bishoujo...
Sakurano: would you still say "I love you" to that fat me?

Sugisaki: You can live through your work.
Sakurano: Realistic advice!?

Sakurano: So I'm not worth going out with if I'm fat!?
Text left of Sakurano: Wahhhhh
Sugisaki: That's just the kind of pep talk I give.

Sakurano: Ahh...
Sugisaki: Don't give up!! Fight to remain in my harem!

Sakurano: Ah! For some reason, I'm fine with being fat now.


Minatsu: Sorry for being late!

Mafuyu: S-sorry.
Chizuru: As usual, we're just chatting, so don't worry about it.
Mafuyu: What were you chatting about?

Text left of the cat between the panels: Nyaah

Mafuyu: The world isn't boring; it's you who have become boring...?
Chizuru: Yes. Did something happen with you two?

Minatsu: Mafuyu...had cosmetics issues.
Chizuru: Makeup?

Right Box: Shiina Minatsu
Left Box: Shiina Mafuyu


Minatsu: When she was a kid, she would watch our mother do it and longed after it...

Minatsu: When she was in middle school, she bought her own makeup for the first time and was really happy.

Minatsu: But if you think about it, Mafuyu doesn't really like to dress up...
Minatsu: Lately she's only been putting on the bare minimum...

Mafuyu: As a girl, that's kind of bad.

Sugisaki: It's perfectly okay.
Sugisaki: Mafuyu-chan, you're cute to begin with, so you can get by on your natural beauty.
Sugisaki: Just the little bit of makeup is more than enough.
Mafuyu: Senpai...


Minatsu: Don't seduce my little sister in front of me.

Sugisaki: Jealous?
Sugisaki: Don't worry. I'm well aware of your appeal, too.

Minatsu: Huh?

Sugisaki: That's right...You have great appeal in the fact that, if I marry you, Minatsu, then Mafuyu-chan will become my little sister!!
Rightmost name on chart: Mafuyu
Middle name on chart: Minatsu
Leftmost name on chart: Ken

Minatsu: That's just going after Mafuyu!

Minatsu: I've always wondered why you're so...
Sugisaki: So she's jealous that I won't look at her...
Sugisaki: What a cute girl.

Minatsu: Who the hell would be jealous!? The way you get the wrong impression so intensely is scary!
Sugisaki: We've finally achieved telepathy!? I'm so close to winning with her.

Text above Minatsu: I'm gonna kill him...
Text above Mafuyu: Calm down.


Sugisaki: Ahhh. No matter how many times I see it, this is such a nice view.

Sugisaki: Harems are the best! I'm so glad I entered the student council.

Chizuru: Come to think of it, Ki-kun got here via the excellence method, didn't he?
Chizuru: ...Although you'd never know it by looking at him.
Minatsu: That's true. No matter how you look at him, he's clearly just a girl-obsessed moron.
Sugisaki: I thought my face made me look like I was gifted with both intelligence and looks.

Sakurano: Um...What do you mean by the "excellence method"?

Chizuru: Oh...you don't know?
Chizuru: There are two different ways to be chosen for this school's student council.


Title of Chart: Student Council Members
Heading of right text: Voting Method
Right text: Being chosen in the popularity contest whether you were a candidate or not. Since people vote for those they admire in their everyday lives, charismatic students are easily chosen, but this doesn't limit them to people who are good at the things the student council does.
Heading of left text: Excellence Method
Left text: This system was created to compensate for the flaws in the voting method. If the student who gets the top spot in the end of year exams wants to, he or she may join the student council in the following year. This method can bring in some very talented people, but people who want to use it are rare, so it doesn't come up much.

Sakurano: I don't understand the basis behind these selection methods.


Sakurano: It should at least be so that the excellence method isn't just about grades, but also include a evaluation of their mental state.
Sakurano: Otherwise, people with ulterior motives like Sugisaki will end up getting in.

Minatsu: Yeah, but there normally wouldn't be anyone willing to get the top place on the exams just to get in the student council.
Minatsu: Ken, that's actually impressive.

Sugisaki: If it's for the sake of a community made up of only me and beautiful girls, getting the highest grades is a piece of cake.
Sugisaki: Even if I was almost at the bottom when taking the entrance exam.

Mafuyu: Sometimes...Sugisaki-senpai actually seems like an amazing guy.
Minatsu: That's a delusion. Open your eyes!
Sakurano: That's right! There's nothing to admire in that problem child!!

Sugisaki: A...problem child...huh?
Sugisaki: It's true that everyone sees me that way...


Sugisaki: Everyone in the student council is so head over heels for me.
Sugisaki: It's like I'm a problem child of love!!

Sakurano: Don't be stupid. Your harem hasn't been completed.
Text left of Sugisaki: Eh!?
Sugisaki: You mean you're the only one who's fallen for me so far!?
Sakurano: How rude!! I haven't fallen for you either.
Text above Sakurano: And stop making that face

Sugisaki: Th-that can't be.
Sugisaki: Then what was that night all about!?

Sakurano: Wh-what are you talking about?


Sugisaki: You came calling for me so many times in my dreams.
Sakurano: How the hell would I know about that!?

Sugisaki: How cruel.
Sugisaki: How could you toy with my pure heart like that?
Sakurano: Aren't you the one toying with us!?

Chizuru: Ki-kun, I don't hate you...
Chizuru: but if you want to create a harem, wouldn't it be smarter to conduct yourself in a more serious manner?

Sugisaki: Hmm...you may be right.

Sugisaki: But no matter how you try to sugar coat it, I'm just dripping with desire.
Text in background: Desire
Minatsu: You're disgusting.


Sugisaki: What an...excellent tsun.

Sugisaki: Oh, how happy I'll be as I see that tsun slowly change into dere.
Minatsu: No one's gonna be dere over you.

Sugisaki: If there's no dere, I'll just have to make one by training you with disgrace!!
Minatsu: That's a refreshing level of perversion.
Text left of Minatsu: And that wouldn't really be dere.

Sugisaki: But don't worry.
Sugisaki: You have time to think about it.

Sugisaki: With this kind of story, instead of slowly raising everyone's affection towards me at once, I'll methodically raise it in one girl a chapter.\
Label on Guy: Main Character
Label next to leftmost girl: Chapter 1's Heroine
Label next to next girl: Chapter 2's Heroine
[TN: And on in that fashion.]
Minatsu: Huh?


Sugisaki: And that isn't just what happens in gal games. It happens in school dramas, too.

Sugisaki: In each episode, the teacher solves one of the students' problems.
Sugisaki: And he slowly works through the class.

Sugisaki: And in the final episode all of the students thank him.

Sugisaki: It's a form of harem end.
Minatsu: I feel like you're really dishonoring school dramas with that last remark.

Sugisaki: In other words, to create my harem, I have to apply that concept to the student council.


Sugisaki: I'll start with the one who is most favorable towards me, Mafuyu-chan. Then the president, then Minatsu, and then Chizuru-san.
Sugisaki: I'll take away their worries, problems, and wounds of the heart in an order that seems to be of increasing difficulty.
Sugisaki: And then, seemingly magically...

Sugisaki: before you realize it, you'll be prisoners to my love!!
Minatsu: Yeah, right.
Mafuyu: You're going to make me a prisoner?
Sakurano: I don't understand!!


Sakurano: Why am I the second easiest one to get!
Sugisaki: Because you've reached the stage of starting to be interested in me.

Sugisaki: For example, you get upset when I'm walking with a beautiful girl, right?
Text left of Sakurano: Who's that girl?
Sakurano: When I see that, I call the police so they can protect the girl.

Sugisaki: You have so much jealousy...
Sakurano: Sugisaki, I want to send you to the most brutal bad end ever.

Sugisaki: For me the bad end...

Sugisaki: would probably be what you first said, president.
Sakurano: Huh?


Sugisaki: Becoming a boring person.
Sugisaki: No longer thinking that this blessed environment is so blessed.

Sugisaki: I've been in the student council for a month...I can't help but find this situation enjoyable...
Sugisaki: But if I ever started feeling like this was just how things are...

Sakurano: I kind of understand.
Sakurano: But I'm not sure what will happen if you try being careful about it.

Sakurano: It's the same as with your "rank" in life.
Sakurano: If your standard for life goes up, it won't go back down again.

Sugisaki: Joy, happiness, passion, pleasure. It's the same for all of them.

Sugisaki: Once you experience more of them, you aren't satisfied with just a little bit, and you keep needing more and more.
Sugisaki: But you'll eventually reach a limit.
Sugisaki: And once that stagnates, you'll start feeling that the world is boring and become a "boring person".


Mafuyu: How can you keep that from happening?

Chizuru: You have to reach the greatest mental state you can. It's something like "enlightenment".
Minatsu: That's so boring.

Chizuru: Well, some people keep climbing their whole life...
Chizuru: But most people make a compromise somewhere and manage to be fairly happy.

Sugisaki: I may end up like that, too.


Sugisaki: I'll have a job in a medium-sized company, not caring about the salary when I start.
Sugisaki: If I get promoted, I'll be, at best, the head of one section...

Sugisaki: No matter how hard I work, the world won't change...
Sugisaki: There will be countless people who could replace me...

Sugisaki: But...I won't have the courage or willpower to get out.
Sugisaki: I'll live thinking, "Well, this is fine..."

Sugisaki: I can't have that.


Sugisaki: I'll create a bishoujo harem!!


Sugisaki: If I'm going to compromise, it's going to be somewhere near the top.
Sugisaki: I'll compromise after I've climbed to the point of being bored with having beautiful girls serving me.

Chizuru: Going as far as you can...huh? I like that.

Minatsu: If you ignore the harem, that's not a bad stance.

Mafuyu: That's way, way better than worrying about everything you do.

Sakurano: I'm tired of striving for things like that.

Sugisaki: She's hopeless...


Sakurano: I ate them all!

Sugisaki: That you did...
Text right of Sugisaki: Ha ha

Sakurano: What?
Sugisaki: Nothing.

Sugisaki: If she can be happy without striving for anything greater, then that's fine.
Sakurano: Since the snacks are gone, I think we're about done here.
Mafuyu: I guess that's one way to live.

Sugisaki: Now then, I guess I'll get to work, too.


Sakurano: Oh...Sugisaki is staying behind in the student council room?

Minatsu: That's why I'm worried about how to deal with him.

Minatsu: In order to chat with us, he does all of the work himself as if it were nothing.

Mafuyu: I...
Mafuyu: like Sugisaki-senpai.

Sakurano: There isn't a single person in this school who hates him.


Sakurano: If he wasn't always going on about that harem of his, he could easily get a girlfriend.

Chizuru: Oh, Aka-chan. So you do like Ki-kun.
Sakurano: I-I didn't say that!

Chizuru: But speaking of his harem, he is kind of like our central pillar.

Chizuru: While chatting, we can forget about all of the sad and painful things and just have fun.
Chizuru: It's kind of like the warmth you get at a family dinner.
Chizuru: Even if it's fake.
Chizuru: And he's definitely the one who makes that possible.
Chizuru: So he's our central pillar.

Sakurano: So he really is like the teacher in a school drama.

Minatsu: No, he just gives us a place to relax.


Mafuyu: I'm...really thankful for what he does.

Mafuyu: But...is this really okay?

Sakurano: Yeah, it is.
Sakurano: This is what he wants, so don't worry about it.

Sakurano: But in exchange, we need to do our best to help him if he ever needs it.

Minatsu: We're not going to go out with him.
Sakurano: That's a different matter entirely!!

One of them: Bye...
Sakurano: See you tomorrow.


Sakurano: Being a boring person isn't that bad.

Sakurano: If you gather together people who find their everyday lives boring...
Sakurano: things can get really fun.

Sakurano: Hekiyou Private Academy Student Council
Sakurano: Everyday, boring people have enjoyable conversations there.

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