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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

Black Lagoon 72

El Baile de la Muerte Pt.29

+ posted by js06 as translation on Sep 26, 2009 23:10 | Go to Black Lagoon

-> RTS Page for Black Lagoon 72

For JAC only

After translating this, I can see why no one else has been keeping up with it.
This is a really hard series to translate.

Chapter 72


Text at the top: The serialization has started again!! It's heading straight to the climax!!!

Benny: That was well done.

Benny: Permissions to pass through the rivers,
Benny: permissions to operate in the three neighboring countries,
Benny: permission to operate as an NGO, and press cards.

Benny: Did the Church of Violence prepare all this?
Dutch: Half them, half the NSA.
Dutch: Otherwise we couldn't have gotten all this in such a short time.


Benny: It's only for a certain amount of time...
Benny: We don't have time, Dutch. Once we cross the border, we need to get all the way to Laos while it's dark.
Benny: The GPS and echo sounder are our last ray of hope. We simply can't go that fast.

Benny: There are a lot of places where the water line and the measurement data don't match up.
Benny: It's like we're groping along inside a grave or something.
Benny: I'm looking for the latest measurement data now.
Benny: It's from a civilian mining company, so it should be mostly right.

Dutch: I don't like this.
Dutch: From what Rock said, that maid is chasing after our payload even now.
Dutch: And with the effort and stubbornness I've seen from her, I want nothing to do with this.

Benny: Would you rather have refused?
Dutch: I already refused.
Dutch: But these are special circumstances.


Dutch: Right after Rock took in the that problem...
Dutch: I got a phone call from Mister Chang.
Dutch: He wanted to know for sure when Rock would become part of Iho Dianying Gongsi's business.

Benny: Our direct client is the NSA.
Benny: The pay's excellent and we're indebted to him, right?
Dutch: Of course.
Dutch: I gotta hand it to Chang-san. If it wasn't for his talk, I wouldn't've agreed to this.

Dutch: Just thinking about the fact that that "Cyberdyne Systems-made" maid is heading here makes me wanna piss my pants.
Dutch: We have to protect ourselves, but...

Dutch: With how...
Dutch: Revy is...


Revy: God damn it.
Revy: I just opened my wound a little farther again.

Revy: Fabiola, pass the Excedrin!

Revy: This sucks.
Revy: The doc says that in another 2 weeks these'll be useless.

Revy: How could Anego use up everything we had in stock?
Revy: When that damn four eyes gets here all we can do is have a fucking chat.
Fabiola: You'll get in trouble if you keep calling her that.
Fabiola: What does P-R-O-V-I-D-E mean?


Revy: Oh, provide?
Revy: It means to give or get people what they want.
Revy: I don't know if the spelling's right though. I quit school partway through middle school.

Revy: So you've studied this far, huh?
Revy: You sure are enthusiastic about this.

Fabiola: Thanks to this...
Fabiola: I can recognize your jokes you won't quit telling.

Revy: Odd.
Revy: You seem different.
Fabiola: In what way?

Revy: There's nothing wrong with it.
Revy: You've stepped back.
Revy: You change like that once you've shot someone.


Revy: Fabiola, there's...
Revy: one more thing I need to talk to you about before we begin.
Revy: It's about that young master of yours.

Rock: Garcia-kun.
Rock: They'll be getting on the boat soon.

Rock: If you meet them, you're gonna have to settle this.
Rock: But...
Rock: You alone can give this a peaceful ending.

Garcia: That's why...
Garcia: you called me.


Garcia: Isn't it?
Garcia: Senor Rock.

Rock: That's right.
Rock: I don't want anyone else to die.

Rock: I...
Rock: I failed to settle this in the city.
Rock: But...
Rock: You're alive and she's still alive.

Rock: I've reconsidered it and decided that the battle isn't over.
Rock: I'm going to make a pinpoint bet and make sure I win.
Rock: That's the best ending...
Rock: for this battle.


Rock: I won't miss this time.
Rock: You're...
Rock: the golden key.

Revy: I'm...
Revy: not like that idiot Rock.
Revy: I don't think that young master of yours can do anything.
Revy: So...
Revy: if we run into any trouble, you're our final hope.


Fabiola: It's not me.
Fabiola: The only one who can do anything now...
Fabiola: is him.

Revy: What passes as reason here isn't logic or love.
Revy: It's the dark round hole left by a 9mm.

Fabiola: You think that...
Fabiola: that can help in this situation?
Revy: And if I do?
Revy: Should I have brought along a "Louisville Slugger"?


Fabiola: ...No.
Fabiola: You really...
Fabiola: don't understand.

Fabiola: First of all.
Fabiola: In this situation...
Fabiola: a gun isn't going to work against the head maid. Even if you're here.

Fabiola: And second of all.
Fabiola: You and I...
Fabiola: aren't looking at the same thing.


Revy: I think I know what you're trying to say, and it's ridiculous.
Revy: Whether you kill people or not...
Revy: we're just dogs in the ditch.

Fabiola: ...I know that. I'm not the one who's changed.
Fabiola: It's my young master who's changed.

Revy: Hmph.
Revy: The young master again.

Revy: It's always about him.
Revy: He's one hell of a kid.
Revy: He was born into a harem. It's like he's become history's greatest pimp, isn't it?


Fabiola: ...Ah, fine. I get it.
Fabiola: I'm not gonna get anywhere like this.
Fabiola: Talking to you is useless.

Revy: Don't say that, kid.
Revy: Do you see the world as a field of flowers even though you were raised in a dump?

Revy: You're free to call that young master of yours Jehovah or whatever you want...
Revy: but if you think he's gonna magically work all this out, you're quite mistaken.


Fabiola: ...That may be.
Fabiola: Okay, I'm done talking.

Fabiola: I thought it might be useful...
Fabiola: but your just an idiot after all.

Revy: Wait a second...
Revy: What the fuck are you-


Fabiola: What's wrong with calling an idiot an idiot, idiot.
Fabiola: You're an idiot through and through.
Fabiola: It didn't get me anywhere, but in the end I got to talk seriously with you.


Fabiola: I'm not the one who sees the world as a field of flowers.
Fabiola: Isn't it...
Fabiola: actually you?

Fabiola: You think you alone were driven out of the field of flowers...
Fabiola: so you're envious of anything and everyone.
Fabiola: What I wanted to say...
Fabiola: was that that is the difference between us.


Fabiola: I don't think of this world as a field of flowers or as a shitty cesspool.
Fabiola: This world is gray like a rat.
Fabiola: It's a somehow vague gray world that's neither good nor evil.

Fabiola: I know why you speak so badly...
Fabiola: of my young master.

Fabiola: And I'll tell you why.
Fabiola: You can't accept that people like him exist in this world.
Fabiola: You can't accept that there are people who don't act completely out of self-interest. Who put their lives on the line for someone else.

Fabiola: And that's because...
Fabiola: It would make it a lie.
Fabiola: It would make this shitty cesspool you say the world is a lie.


Fabiola: And, y'know...
Fabiola: I've seen tons of people who think of us as no more than the relatives of pigs.

Fabiola: It's horrible and I've thought of killing them time and time again.
Fabiola: But if you retaliate in the same way, the cesspool will just overflow with shit.
Revy: Is that so? I don't care.

Revy: Whatever.

Revy: Then just live a pure, poor, proper life.
Revy: Then when you finally bite it in your bed in the pig pen, you might find heaven.
Revy: But then, the day you find heaven might be surprisingly close.


Revy: The sole reason I was lookin' after you just disappeared.
Revy: Don't let the head maid kill you and that young master of yours,
Revy: chikita.

Fabiola: ...There's only a small difference between you and me.
Fabiola: It's just that we happened to meet different people.
Fabiola: If you had...

Revy: Discussing those "ifs" is a waste of time.
Revy: What happens in your life happens.
Revy: All of that has nothing to do with this anymore.

Fabiola: You often make that smile...
Fabiola: that makes you look like a fool.
Fabiola: Have you ever looked at that smile in a mirror?


Fabiola: That smile of yours...
Fabiola: is just like...
Fabiola: the esqueletos from the "Día de Muertos".

Revy: ....Ha ha.
Revy: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Revy: Yeah, that's right.
Revy: You figured it out, little girl.
Revy: We come from a far off land of the dead.


Revy: We came from the depths of a dark crypt bearing guns.
Revy: We did, your head maid did, those soldiers did, and eeeeeeveryone in this town did.
Revy: So, little girl...
Revy: dedicate the marigold and tequila to us.

Revy: If you do...
Revy: a pitiful little girl like you who's going to die in this end of Asia...
Revy: will at least get some chocolate dedicated to her.
Revy: Kah ha ha ha ha.

Benny: Look, Dutch.
Dutch: Yeah, they sure are a punctual lot.
Dutch: Switch with me; I'll go help Revy.


Soldier: Begin boarding!

Caxton: So you're the captain?
Caxton: I'm the leader of the Caxton Group. We're counting on you for this journey.
Dutch: I'm Dutch. I've been informed of the situation. Welcome to the Lagoon.

Caxton: An Elco type?
Caxton: This really is an antique.
Dutch: We've got water jet equipment loaded and the deck has been replaced with steel plates.

Dutch: Also, you can think of the inside as a completely different thing.
Dutch: At least, well...
Dutch: Even with everyone here I don't think we'll have to row or anything.
Caxton: I see.


Benny: I know you're all tired, but we don't have enough cabins for all of you.
Benny: One group's gonna have to take the engine room and you'll have to take turns sleeping.
Caxton: Understood. I'll pass that along.

Caxton: I got the captain's explanation...
Caxton: but can we really travel the rivers at night?

Benny: We've checked out the depth, so it's all dependent on how big the waves are.
Benny: And well...
Benny: He's used to the terrain in this area and, with this boat, we'll be fine.

Caxton: He's used to it?
Benny: He's a Vietnam vet. He used to be on your side.
Benny: Well, I'll be heading back to my room now. Have a pleasant cruise.

Caxton: A Nam vet, huh? What a coincidence. I am, too.
Caxton: What unit were you in?

Dutch: I honed my skills in the fourth military district in the BWN TF116.
Caxton: You're pretty young, though.
Dutch: I lied about my age when I enlisted.


Caxton: The BWN really saved us. That's most admirable.
Caxton: Did you take part in Operation Slingshot?
Dutch: Yeah.

Caxton: I was in LARP at the time, but we would often use you all to taxi us around.
Caxton: If you were in TF116, you would've been in Operation Crimson Tide, right?

Dutch: Yeah.
Dutch: Taking you guys on and getting you to the contested land was terrifying.
Dutch: I never thought I'd be heading for the Mekong delta by boat again.
Caxton: That's my line, captain.

Dutch: And this time, it's not in a swift boat but an ocean-going torpedo boat.
Dutch: This is completely insane.
Caxton: Ha ha ha.
Caxton: Don't let your "mom and dad" cut off "DR".

Dutch: What?

Caxton: ...You don't get it?
Caxton: Well, don't worry about it.
Caxton: It's just our slang.


Rock: Are you in the middle of something, Dutch?
Dutch: No.
Dutch: I'm just being bothered by how much our guest likes to talk.

Rock: That's just perfect,
Rock: Mister Caxton.

Rock: We have another guest onboard tonight.
Rock: And that guest would like to speak with you.
Rock: You don't need to worry.
Rock: He's just a kid.

Text in right margin: Rock and the others are finally heading to the "depths of darkness"...

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#1. by Mikessc88 ()
Posted on Sep 27, 2009
o/ ty
#2. by neovenom ()
Posted on Sep 27, 2009
thanks you're awesome
#3. by Arhazivory ()
Posted on Sep 27, 2009
Thanks js06. That's the info I got too, that the series is a monster. I really appreciate this. <3
#4. by TwEeD ()
Posted on Sep 27, 2009
You are my hero !!!! Many many thanks, after more than 6 months I almost had given up on anyone translating the remaining chapters

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