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Translations: Gintama 566 by kewl0210 , One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128

Seitokai no Ichizon 2

Don't write it with your head! Write it with your heart!

+ posted by js06 as translation on Sep 28, 2009 01:39 | Go to Seitokai no Ichizon

-> RTS Page for Seitokai no Ichizon 2

For DBR Scans only

Chapter 02


Cashier: With 3 items, your total is 1020 yen.

Cashier: But with a purchase of over 1000 yen, you can get a special price on this book. Would you like it as well?

Sugisaki: What's with this fast food restaurant like combo recommendation?
Sugisaki: But well, you're always smiling when you ring up my stuff, so I'll gladly buy it....
Sugisaki: Hm?

Sugisaki: Seitokai no...Ichizon?


Title: episode. 2 Don't write it with your head! Write it with your heart!


Sugisaki: Emergency, emergency!

Sakurano: What are you so flustered about, Sugisaki?


Sugisaki: P-president! What's with this novel called "Seitokai no Ichizon"!?

Sakurano: Hee hee hee. It's a mass-market paperback novel we got Fujimi Shobo to publish in order to let more people know about the student council's excellence and wonderfulness.
Text left of Sugisaki: But when did...?
Sakurano: It's a shame we weren't allowed to distribute it around the school after you worked so hard on it!
Sugisaki: Huh?
Sugisaki: I...worked so hard?

Sakurano: I'd heard from Chizuru that she had you write the novel...
Sugisaki: How could I not know about something I did!?


Chizuru: Could you have no memories left of when I manipulated you into writing it?
Sugisaki: Manipulated!?

Chizuru: Ki-kun, recall your true memories...


Sakurano: Wait!? Sugisaki!?

Sugisaki: I remember...

Sugisaki: That's right. I am the author.


Sugisaki: So how did...
Sakurano: Don't ask that.
Sakurano: The next deadline is coming up, so you need to write.

Sugisaki: Are you telling me to stay up all night again!?
Sakurano: That's today's topic of discussion!
Sugisaki: Damn it. Listen when people are talking to you!

On board: Get more and more people to know about it!!
Sakurano: What should we do in order to get more people to realize...
Sakurano: the wonderfulness of the student council?


Sakurano: I've thought about it and I think the best method would be to make a book that I would want to read.

Sakurano: When I read a book, I cry and laugh and get passionate.
Sakurano: I think we should share that feeling with others.
Sakurano: So if we put out a book that leaves those feelings in everyone's heart...
Sakurano: it'll go from person to person...

Sakurano: and one day those feelings and knowledge of the student council will be known...
Sakurano: by the young and the old, boys and, by everyone in Japan.


Sugisaki: Great idea, president! I really love how you are so forward thinking.
Sugisaki: You've moved me a little.

Sakurano: Th-that's right!
Sakurano: Now then, Sugisaki! Get to writing a story that will move me!

Sugisaki: Okay.
Sugisaki: I don't know how good I can do, so I'd like some help.


Sugisaki: Stop! What do you get from doing this!?
Sugisaki: Answer me, banchou!

Banchou: Vice President...

Banchou: Your student council really helped us out this time.
Banchou: But we're not going to listen to what you're asking us.
Banchou: We may be a group of trash...but we're comrades.
Banchou: We're family.

Banchou: And this guy forced one of our family members to death.
Guy: E-eee


Banchou: Making him pay for that...
Banchou: is something I have to do no matter what!!

Sugisaki: Stoooooop!!


Sugisaki: Pr...

Sugisaki: President!


Banchou: Why!?

Banchou: There shouldn't have been any need for you to come out for this.
Sakurano: I had to.

Sakurano: Stopping you is what Kazuma-kun would have wanted.

Banchou: He died alone embracing malice and hate!
Banchou: So we're carrying out his revenge for him!

Sakurano: Why do you think he went to his death without telling anyone...?


Sakurano: It was because he didn't want you to sully your hands...
Sakurano: He didn't want to drag his precious family into all this.

Sakurano: So...leave the rest to me. I'll deal with it.

Banchou: President...Why are you going so far for us...?

Sakurano: Because just as he was to you...


Sakurano: Kazuma-kun was a precious family member to me, too.

Sugisaki: Every student is part of her family with no discrimination...huh?
Sugisaki: She sure is generous.
Sugisaki: This, all of Japan needs her.


Sakurano: Great job!, Sugisaki. We can get Ultra with this!
Text beneath panel: A print out

Sugisaki: What do you mean "Ultra". Geez...
Sugisaki: I may have overdone things in order to stir things up.
Sakurano: Isn't it a little too dramatic?
Small text in the left of Sakurano's bubble: Tee hee

Minatsu: No, this is way beyond the level of dramatic!
Minatsu: This never happened! This depiction of the president is completely fictitious.
Mafuyu: And our school doesn't have a banchou.

Minatsu: No, we have one.
Mafuyu: Eh?


Minatsu: this level, we're a long way off from what can be called entertainment.
Sakurano: What!?
Minatsu: You don't know what's needed to make a light novel.
Minatsu: In order to get a work known, the author has to make some concessions.

Minatsu: Leave this to me. I've been reading Dragon Magazine and Dragon Age since I was a little girl!
Mafuyu: Onee-chan, Dragon Age has only been running for 5 years.
Text right of Mafuyu: And before Age it was known as Comic Dragon.
Minatsu: If you worry about such little things, you'll go bald, my little sister.
Text left of Mafuyu: Bald...?

Minatsu: On that note, Ken! Write based on my suggestion this time!
Sugisaki: Fine, fine. So what should I write if I'm targeting light novel readers?

Minatsu: Heh heh. That's obvious!


Minatsu: A nice punch...

Guy: Guoh...


Guy: I thought your powers were laughable...but that was a most wonderful battle, "Chicken Chicken"...
Guy: I was a bad match for your "Gorioshi".
[TN: Gorioshi means to "push through", but the kanji used means "strong service" which is referencing how Sugisaki does all the student council work.]

Guy: You're a crafty man...but you are fitting to be the one who stands above me...

Sugisaki: Will you accept our demand?
Guy: Yes. We of the Fiend School will join the Keyboard Alliance.

Sugisaki: Thanks.
Sugisaki: Now all the mainland schools can prepare for the invasion...


Guy: Guah...

Sugisaki: What...?


Sugisaki: What the hell is this!?

Minatsu: Get ready, Ken.
Minatsu: We're lucky they made there move first, but...
Minatsu: it looks like the fish we caught is a big one.


Guy: You...are...
Echo: Oh...You're still alive after taking my attack...Most impressive.
Guy: Why...are you here...?

Echo: It looks like my princess's sister is deeply jealous and doesn't want to let anyone have her.


Echo: But...Ken. I didn't expect for you to be with her...
Sugisaki (thought): This feeling...
Sugisaki: You...know me?
Sugisaki (thought): I...
Sugisaki (thought): know this man.

Echo: You've forgotten me?...No, perhaps your memories have been sealed.

Echo: Perhaps it was to keep you from awakening....That sounds like something those old men would do.
Echo: So, I...


Echo: My, my...
Echo: I was rude.

Sugisaki: What...?

Echo: Don't worry. I won't hurt him.
Echo: Not today, anyway.


Sugisaki: Who are you...?

Echo: Etch this name into your heart.
Echo: I am the first person to transcend humanity.

Echo: I am Echo of Death, your older brother.


Sugisaki: The title of this novel is "Seitokai no Ichizon"! This has nothing to do with the student council!
Minatsu: What if we make it about a student council that chooses the thorny path of becoming the great leader that governs over all schools to create a world without conflict?
Sugisaki: Are you trying to say that this is fine as it is!? It's wrong to think you'll find peace at the end of a path of violence!

Mafuyu: Th-that's right, onee-chan. The theme being written about now is "Love and Peace".
Text around Mafuyu: Insistence

Minatsu: But I thought the idea of "Echo of Death" was on the right track...

Mafuyu: On that note, senpai... Could you...write the plot that I came up with?
Sugisaki: Okay, I'm sure the plot you've come up with will be a good one, Mafuyu-chan.


Sugisaki: Wait, nii-san!

Echo: Forget about me.
Echo: Our relationship is no longer what it was.
Echo: We are no longer together...

Sugisaki: I know that.

Sugisaki: And yet, I...


Sugisaki: My feelings haven't changed! No, they're much, much greater than they were...
Sugisaki: So!

Echo: Ken...

Echo: You'll be walking down a painful path.

Sugisaki: That's fine.
Sugisaki: If I'm with you, I can withstand it. No matter how painful it is.


Sugisaki: Because there's nothing more painful to me than not having you by my side.

Echo: Don't regret this.

Echo: Because I'll never let you go again...
Sugisaki: Echo of Death-niisan.


Sugisaki: What the hell kind of development is that!?
Sugisaki: The main character has the same name as me, but I can't understand his motivation at all!

Mafuyu: The way you waited until after writing it to say that shows that, surprisingly, you have the makings of a great comedian, senpai!
Sugisaki: What's surprising is that you're into that kind of thing, Mafuyu-chan!!

Mafuyu: Hot guy x Hot guy...Isn't it wonderful?
Sugisaki: In this world, you can't just add two good things together. It doesn't always end up as something good...

Sugisaki: Wait!? You just called me a hot guy, didn't you? So that's how you think of me?


Mafuyu: I would think you were absolutely wonderful if you wrote the bedroom scene.

Sugisaki: S-so cute!

Sugisaki: But I mustn't be tricked. This is just an act to get me to write it.

Sugisaki: I know that.
Sugisaki: I know that, but my body's acting on its own!


Sugisaki: He's changed a lot since I last saw him...


Sugisaki: But his face while sleeping hasn't changed a bit...

Sugisaki: Ah, sorry. Did I wake you, Echo of Death-niisan!?
Echo: It wasn't that....
Sugisaki: Eh?

Echo: There's something hard touching me down below...
Sugisaki: I-I'm sorry!!


Echo: It's fine...It's only like that...

Echo: because of how you feel about me, right?

Echo: I want to make you feel such passion even more.
Sugisaki: N-Nii-san.


Mafuyu: Thank you, senpai.
Text left of Minatsu: Wow...
Mafuyu: I'll treasure this.
Chizuru: Ki-kun...This is...
Text left of Sakurano: What, what?
Sugisaki: Don't look at me. Don't look at me like that! I'm unclean!

Chizuru: Calm down. I know that was scary and hard for you.
Chizuru: But it'll all be okay.
Sugisaki: Chizuru-san, I...

Chizuru: Because you were already about as unclean as you could be beforehand.
Minatsu: Ah. You broke his mind.

Sakurano: A chance!!


Sakurano: Ladies and gentlemen.
Sakurano: I wish for this academy to be one of peace.

Sakurano: Do you wish for an academy overflowing with kindness and respect?
Sakurano: Do you wish for an academy teaching you the finest in literary and military arts and with no illicit sexual conduct?

Text repeated around crowd: President

Sakurano: Good. Then let's have a general meeting of the students!


Sakurano: Hee hee hee...Excellent. It should definitely be a novel about the greatness of the student council president.
Chizuru: Aka-chan, no fair. It was my turn.

Chizuru: Hey, Ki-kun. You'll write my plot, too, right?
Sugisaki: Heh heh...If it'll free me from this hell, I'll do anything.

Chizuru: Ki-kun...You...
Chizuru: have been slacking on your duties for the student council.
Sugisaki: I-I'm sorry, Chizuru-san.
Chizuru: Chizuru...-san?


Chizuru: Refer to me as a princess!
Sugisaki: Yes, your majesty!

Chizuru: Hee hee...Good boy.

Sugisaki: Ah...

Chizuru: As a reward I give you permission to lick my boots.
Chizuru: C'mon, do it like you always do.
Sugisaki: Yes, your majesty!


Text left of Sugisaki in 3rd panel: Haa... Haa...

Text left of Sugisaki in last panel: Ahhhh...
Chizuru: Oh? Did I completely break him? But we still have some pages left.
Sakurano: Hey, Sugisaki? Are you okay!?
Chizuru: He's fine. I'll fix him.


Chizuru: Ho
Sugisaki: Aheh!?

Chizuru: Hmm? Did I do it wrong?
Chizuru: Ohohhhh
Sugisaki: Poh!

Sugisaki: Ha...What was I just doing!?
Chizuru: You don't need to remember. You're the wonderful kind of guy who doesn't look back to the past and only looks forward to the future.
Sugisaki: Forward...

Sugisaki: That's right. I still have to write 6 more pages. Umm, from here it'll be...

Text right of Chizuru: Like that.
Text above Sakurano: Like this.
Text left of Minatsu: That's right.
Text left of Mafuyu: How about...


Sugisaki: Shut up!
Sugisaki: I've been listening to your suggestions this whole time. Now I'm gonna do what I want!
Sakurano: Are you going to ignore the president's orders!?
Sugisaki: This is a compromise.

Sugisaki: Either let me write what I want from here on or it'll end with the first volume...
Sakurano: Kh....Okay, just this once.

Minatsu: Hey, hey, president. If you let him write what he wants...
Text right of Sakurano: That's true, but...

Sugisaki: Don't worry, Minatsu. I'm just going to write things how they are.
Sugisaki: I want people to know the student council really is.

Sakurano: I guess it can't be helped, Sugisaki...I leave it to you.
Sugisaki: Yup, just leave it to me!


Mafuyu: No matter what senpai does, it'll be a work of art...
Chizuru: Of course. Everything Ki-kun does is perfect.
Sakurano: So true...Sugisaki's the best of the student council.

Sugisaki: What have you been discussing, my kittens?

Minatsu: Ken! I can't take it anymore!

Minatsu: You and I...!
Sugisaki: Wait now, Minatsu. I love all of you. I can't single any one of you out.

Minatsu: But...I can't stop my feelings of love towards you, Ken.
Sugisaki: Hey, now. If you say that...


Mafuyu: How can you, onee-chan! Even though you know about my feelings!
Minatsu: I'm sorry, Mafuyu. I...can't turn back now.
Mafuyu: I...I won't lose to you, onee-chan.

Sugisaki: Chizuru-san.

Chizuru: Ki-kun.
Text right of Chizuru: Eye Contact

Chizuru: The truth is, I too love you...So...You and I...
Sugisaki: Wait a second. I can't do that, Chizuru-san. That would be unfair. You're not the only one that loves me.
Chizuru: But I...I...
Sugisaki: You're trembling too much, Chizuru-san. She's going to notice our eye contact.


Sakurano: Chizuru and Sugisaki...You two stare at each other like that from time to time.
Chizuru: Y-you're reading too much into it, Aka-chan.

Sugisaki: What is it?

Sakurano: What I'm about to tell's an order I'm giving you as president.

Sakurano: Sugisaki...G...
Sakurano: Go out with me!
Sakurano: Wait a secooooond!?


Sakurano: What was with those last two pages?
Sugisaki: Eh? I was writing things "as they are".
Sakurano: It was all a lie from the very first panel!
Text left of last panel: Give me back my moving story!

Sugisaki: What...!? This is way closer to the truth than Echo of Death or Boys' Love.
Sakurano: It's way worse than that!
Mafuyu: I believe that Boys' Love truly exists in this world.
Minatsu: Don't use Echo of Death as your example of that...

Chizuru: Well, there's only 1 page left, so how should we finish it up?
Chizuru: The editor's already coming to pick up the manuscript, so we don't have time to redo it.

Minatsu: It's because of what you said, president.
Sakurano: But everyone was so onboard with the idea.
Text right of Sakurano: Uuuh...

Sugisaki: I know.
Sugisaki: I'll put in an ending to give it some cohesion and we can right how things actually are next time.
Sakurano: ...Okaaay.
Text above Sakurano: Why is it always me...?


Door: Gramps, what happened after that?
Gramps: Ahh, well, after that...
Someone: Door! Quit listening to gramps's old stories that might not even be true and finish up your homework.
Door: Okay.

Door: Gramps, I'll come for the continuation later, okay?
Gramps: Okay.

Gramps: Might not even be true...huh?
Gramps: Well, I am pretty senile...

Gramps: But I believe that all of the vivid memories of those days remaining in my heart are true.

Minatsu: This gives it cohesion?
Mafuyu: Who knows.
Text left of Minatsu: Indi*** Jones?

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