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Translations: One Piece 847 by cnet128 , Gintama 615 (2)

Black Lagoon 73

El Baile de la Muerte Pt.30

+ posted by js06 as translation on Sep 28, 2009 23:27 | Go to Black Lagoon

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For JAC only

Chapter 73


Caxton: What's going on, Captain?
Caxton: If we need to, we can seajack this ship.

Text: Rock's evil side comes out!

Rock: That won't be necessary.
Rock: He's just a kid, major.

Rock: He's up on the deck.
Rock: We're still a ways from our destination.
Rock: And he purposefully came out for you. I'm sure he has a lot to talk to you about.



Caxton: So it's you.
Caxton: I had a feeling I'd be meeting you again.


Garcia: ....Major.
Garcia: This belongs to you.

Caxton: So...
Caxton: you've...

Garcia: forgiven you?
Garcia: I can never forgive you.


Garcia: I'll never forget what you did.
Garcia: I doesn't matter if you personally wished for it or not.
Garcia: Every part of my family was completely messed up.

Garcia: None of it will ever be the same.
Garcia: It's all because of what you did.

Caxton: Then that's...
Caxton: all the more reason that you should shoot me. I'm prepared.

Caxton: Why?
Caxton: You have so much anger...
Caxton: and yet you aren't going to shoot me. Why?


Garcia: You really are...

Garcia: a proper and noble soldier, major.
Garcia: I respect you for that. I really do.

Garcia: But...
Garcia: for that very reason...
Garcia: you went down the wrong path just like she did.

Garcia: In following the virtue and pride that you personally believe in...
Garcia: you saved people who deserved to live.

Garcia: But...

Garcia: what you used to do so...
Garcia: was death and violence.


Garcia: It's the same...
Garcia: with Roberta.

Garcia: You and Roberta...
Garcia: have always held the philosophy of death.
Garcia: You continue to fight on the principles of pride and virtue.
Garcia: And yet the endings you two create...

Garcia: The ending is always death and destruction.
Garcia: And that...
Garcia: is repeated again and again.
Garcia: And I've seen that scenes like that keep happening.


Garcia: This...
Garcia: can only be used for violence, but that is why it can resolve it all.

Garcia: Atonement for the past and salvation from the past.
Garcia: It's all based on violence, major.

Garcia: You saw that immoral city...
Garcia: and it's outlaws, right, major?


Garcia: They're the same.
Garcia: They're all dancing the Dance of Death.
Garcia: They keep dancing that Dance of Death with a sneer on their face...
Garcia: You two have always been dancing, as well.

Garcia: And, major...
Garcia: that's why I'm returning this to you.

Garcia: Using this would mean I was joining...
Garcia: the "Dance of Death" that took everything from me.
Garcia: And why would I want to do that?


Garcia: You told me I had the "right to revenge".
Garcia: In that case...
Garcia: I will not use that right.

Garcia: I refuse to join in the dance or to make anyone else join in the dance.
Garcia: That's...
Garcia: my form of resistance...
Garcia: against the "Dance of Death".

Garcia: And I...
Garcia: won't let you die or let myself forget about you.

Garcia: If it's possible for you, I want you to suffer...no.
Garcia: It should be possible for someone as noble as you to suffer.

Garcia: I want you to suffer like Roberta did.
Garcia: I want you to have the core of your being worn down to the point that it seems like it will break like it did with her.


Caxton: She's...
Caxton: still...?

Garcia: Yes.
Garcia: She is a killing machine fueled only by...
Garcia: the thought of defeating you people.

Garcia: I came here to remove her from the dance.
Garcia: But...

Garcia: to do that, I need help.
Garcia: Help from...
Garcia: people who are also dancing the dance.


Caxton: Are you...
Caxton: fine with this?

Caxton: If you want a nice, pretty ending to this, all you can do is wait for a miracle.
Garcia: I would do that if I could.
Garcia: But I no longer have the luxury of time.

Caxton: ...There aren't many operations where this many unexpected things pop up.
Caxton: The truth is, I'm not sure what to do either.
Caxton: This really is a tough situation.


Caxton: But...
Caxton: both you and I...

Caxton: have things worth doing.
Caxton: Right?


Caxton: I've gotten new information on the situation.
Caxton: We are heading towards a crucial point...
Caxton: and I want your opinions concerning it.


Rock: Where's Garcia-kun?
Rock: He's not on the deck, so I thought he'd gone back here.

Fabiola: ...Quit sniffing around for him. It's depressing.
Fabiola: It's like he's under observation and it's creepy.
Rock: Well, sorry, but...
Rock: there's no one on this boat who's unrelated to this matter.

Fabiola: He went down from the deck with Fox a second ago.
Fabiola: The mood didn't seem right to call out to him and...
Fabiola: he went into the room where the soldiers are without saying anything...


Rock: ...I see.
Rock: So that's it.

Rock: ...So that's what happened.
Rock: It this goes well...

Rock: ...Fabiola.
Rock: Listen. Garcia-kun...
Rock: intends to get them involved in this.

Rock: But it isn't enough.
Rock: In order to bring your confused princess back to her senses...
Rock: we need something more.


Soldier: Major.
Solider: I understand the situation from what you just said, but...

Caxton: That's right.
Caxton: We have to pull off Operation "China Pit" at the same time.
Caxton: There's pretty much no chance she'll give up on her pursuit.
Caxton: That's why she's a major factor in the changing of our plans.

Soldier: She's pursuing us alone and was able to survive under that much gunfire without any kind of protection.
Soldier: She's too uncertain a factor. Are we changing our plan or making ourselves powerless?
Soldier2: Hey, stop!

Soldier2: ...Shane.


Caxton: It may have turned out horribly for him...
Caxton: But...
Caxton: We have always fought for the sake of justice and we always will.
Caxton: So...

Caxton: We will this time, too.
Caxton: That's all this is.

Soldier2: Let's do this,
Soldier2: Shane.

Fabiola: Like hell we can do that!
Fabiola: Are you serious?

Rock: Of course I am.
Rock: If you have a better idea that isn't just pure optimism, I'd love to hear it.


Fabiola: This isn't magic or anything.
Fabiola: One mistake and people die!

Rock: What about the reverse, little girl?
Rock: What happens if we don't bet anything?

Rock: Let's get back to the point.
Rock: You two know her a hell of a lot better than I do.

Rock: If you're going to put on a play, the ones on the stage'll be you two.


Fabiola: You...
Fabiola: anticipated things this far ahead...?

Rock: Painting out everything that isn't based on luck is an established tactic.
Rock: Doing so fills in all the gaps.
Rock: And then when all that's left is luck...
Rock: you can make the ultimate bet.

Announcer: We truly thank you for flying...
Announcer: with Bangkok Airways.

Announcer: This flight will be arriving at Siem Reap International Airport via Suvarnabhumi at 2:30 PM...


Woman: Hey, you.
Woman: You really stink.

Woman: I know the foxes are waiting for you...
Woman: but did you not even have time to take a shower?


Woman: It's lucky you got through the gate without incident.
Woman: You were warned ahead of time, but...

Woman: if you get violent, things will get bad.
Woman: They're going to reach their destination within 36 hours, so be careful.

Woman: I'll arrange a car for you from a low security area and I'd like for you to take me up to the police cordon. The coordinates are...

Roberta: ...Who are you?
Roberta: What are you plotting?
Roberta: Are you one of America's pawns or...


Woman: Shut the fuck up.
Woman: None of that matters.
Woman: Just shut up and listen, bitch.

Woman: You prey is the foxes, right?
Woman: If you make a mistake against people as competent as them, they'll get away.
Woman: I'm well aware that you're crazy...
Woman: but you're even more broken than I thought. You're not even worth being a volunteer.

Roberta: I thank you for what you've done for me, gringo.

Woman: It's most admirable...
Woman: of you to say that.
Roberta: As long as you let me enjoy my hunt, I don't mind at all.

Woman: Yes.
Woman: I'll let you enjoy it.
Roberta: In that case...


Woman: Once the hunt is over...
Woman: I'll kill you painlessly.

Text in right margin: Next chapter: Clash in the Golden Triangle!

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#1. by Arhazivory ()
Posted on Sep 29, 2009
<3 Arigatou~! I'd send you chocolates or cheese if I knew where you lived. XD
#2. by Mikessc88 ()
Posted on Sep 29, 2009
thanks much
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