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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Black Lagoon 74

El Baile de la Muerte Pt. 31

+ posted by js06 as translation on Oct 11, 2009 05:07 | Go to Black Lagoon

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For JAC only

Chapter 74


Dutch: This is Laotian territory.
Dutch: That's Myanmar territory.

Dutch: For 90 miles around here, everyone's at a stand off...
Dutch: We're right smack in the middle of the contested area.
Dutch: This is...

Dutch: the "Golden Triangle".
Dutch: This is the end of the line, folks.


Caxton: Begin disembarking!

Soldier: Check your equipment.
Soldier: Fill up your canteens without making a noise!

Soldier: Have you confirmed the frequency and how is your watch?
Soldier: It's all fine. No problems.

Soldier: Echo Unit, begin disembarking!


Benny: We'll wait for you until you're done with your hunt, major.
Benny: We'll be on standby 3 miles downstream until the hunt is over...
Caxton: Okay, understood.
Caxton: The captain and I exchanged frequencies already.

Benny: Then I have nothing more to tell you.
Benny: Have a good hunt.

Caxton: There's one thing I want to ask you.
Caxton: Your...

Caxton: No...
Caxton: Your boss...
Caxton: he's a Nam vet, right?

Benny: I don't really care, but that's what he told me.
Benny: What of it?


Caxton: I was in Vietnam until '71.
Caxton: He said he was a member of the BWN's TF116 and took part in Operation "Crimson Tide"...
Caxton: but TF116 didn't take part in that operation.

Caxton: Also...

Caxton: He didn't understand the GI slang.
Caxton: Simply put, the history he gave is all fake.

Caxton: People don't lie for no reason.
Caxton: There is always an intention behind deception.
Caxton: You're young. You should be on your guard.


Soldier: Preparations to disembark are complete.
Soldier: Everyone is present!
Soldier: Major, get off the ship!

Caxton: Yes, I'm going now...?

Garcia: We're going, too.
Garcia: Major.


Caxton: No.
Caxton: We don't know whether your "target" will show or not.

Caxton: And if the operation gets under way, this area will become a kill zone.
Caxton: Until we have more information, we can't bring a child to the area.

Garcia: She WILL come, major.
Garcia: And...
Garcia: you people might be able to subdue Roberta.

Garcia: But...
Garcia: The only one who can stop her...
Garcia: is me.


Caxton: ...Ray, can you hear me?

Soldier: Yes.
Caxton: Those two children will be accompanying the command unit.

Caxton: After moving to coordinates X-ray 23, go on standby along with the command unit.
Caxton: We'll act according to how the situation develops.
Soldier: Roger.
Soldier: Master Sergeant Horner has prepared the strike force. He can be assigned to protect him.

Caxton: ...So there's no stopping you, boy?

Garcia: That's correct.
Garcia: Thank you, major.

Garcia: ...Major.
Garcia: While we're at it, I have one more request.
Caxton: What is it?


Garcia: Give that to me...

Benny: Hey, Rock.
Benny: Where have you been?
Rock: I was just in contact with someone.
Rock: Where are they?


Revy: They've already gone.
Revy: They've all gone out for their midnight picnic.
Revy: Wanna make a bet on how many make it back alive?

SFX: *snap*
SFX: *snap*

Rock: What about the "gun"?
Benny: ...What?

Rock: Did he...
Rock: take the gun...
Rock: from the major?

Benny: Yeah, it seems he did.
Benny: What of it?


Rock: Yes.
Rock: Yes, yes.
Rock: It's in.
Rock: The key's in the lock!

Rock: Mister Chang made an uninformed bet.
Rock: But if he took that, then the two pieces have been gathered.
Rock: The jackpot will definitely come.
Rock: Serves you right, Chang-san.

Rock: He's lost, Benny.
Rock: He's lost!


Delta: Alpha, this is Delta. We've reached the sentry line.
Delta: All clear. The RP point is still at coordinates Z 62.
Alpha: Alpha here. Roger. We'll stay on standby.


Echo: This is Echo. We've reached the sentry line.

Echo: No movement. No traps. We'll stay on standby at coordinates X 33.
Alpha: Alpha here. Roger that. Both units are to wait until 0230 hours and then begin scouting out the area.

Echo: Echo here. Roger. When will the LUP arrive?
Alpha: 0300 hours.

Echo: 0300 hours, roger.

Delta: This is Delta. Roger.

Alpha: After rendezvousing, stay in standby in attack formation.
Alpha: We'll begin infiltrating the enemy territory with the sunrise at our backs. We'll attack at 0425 hours.


Caxton: Echo and Delta Units.
Caxton: Things will most likely get messy once we attack "Target R", our secondary target.

Caxton: We may make contact during the charge or after we've secured the area...anyway...
Caxton: Alpha, the command unit will act as bait and a diversion while you fight.
Caxton: As explained in the briefing aboard the ship, you are to adapt to the situation and act as you see fit.

Echo: Echo here. Roger.
Delta: Delta here. Roger.

Soldier: Major!

Caxton: What?
Caxton: Is it a trap or some kind of sensor?

Soldier: No, this is...
Soldier: Look around.
Soldier: Look at this, major!


Caxton: ...Echo, Delta!
Caxton: Any changes in your area? There are 20 inch....
Soldier: We're checking it out, major!

Soldier: They're wooden...cylindrical objects. They're stuck in the ground in the area.
Soldier: I can see a couple dozen lined up with about 3 feet of space between them.

Soldier: I don't see any explosives or wires.

Echo: Alpha, this is Echo. It's the same over here.
Echo: They might be some kind of indicator or something...What should we do!?


Caxton: ...I don't know.
Caxton: Anyway, continue reconnaissance of the area. Prepare yourself for what you could find.

Soldier: Roger.
Caxton: Shane.
Caxton: Look. They don't even have noise makers on them. They're just sticks.

Caxton: Could it be some kind of...
Caxton: Shan or Va religious art?

Shane: In the basic briefing, we covered the cultures of the tribes in the area.
Shane: But I've never heard of something like this.

Caxton: It's just...

Caxton: I've seen something...
Caxton: that looked like it somewhere.
Caxton: Where was it? ...Damn it!


Fabiola: ...Young master.
Fabiola: That's...

Garcia: I don't know what it is, but...
Garcia: It's her.

Garcia: She's already here.


Echo: Alpha, this is Echo!
Echo: Major, respond!


Caxton: This is Alpha. Respond, Echo.
Echo: This is Echo. We've reached the reconnaissance point, but...
Echo: Something's not right. We can't detect any kind of motion.

Caxton: Is it deserted?
Echo: That's right, major. There are no guards and we don't see any movement around the fence.

Caxton: Did we miss them?
Caxton: Delta, what's the situation?

Delta: This is Delta. We haven't seen any movement.
Delta: We can see the plant, but no people.

Echo: A body!
Echo: Alpha, this is Echo. We've spotted a body!

Echo: There are 2...3 bodies next to the gate as well. And in the central plaza...


Echo: It's "Target R"!

Caxton: Echo, Charlie!!
Caxton: The narcotics plant has already been taken out.

Caxton: The only ones in this jungle...
Caxton: are us and "Target R"!!


Caxton: Shane!
Caxton: Is Shwe Yan safe!?
Caxton: "Target R" is on the move. Charlie Unit, take up formation!!

Shane: Until the next scheduled report, inform the force of anything occurring in this village.
Shane: If we can't capture him, this operation will have been a failure!

Caxton: I've taken that into consideration.
Caxton: The traps aren't just claymores.

Caxton: In order to get our hands on Yan, we have to stop her.
Caxton: She's put a time limit on this fight!


Garcia: ...Major.

Caxton: It's too soon, boy.
Caxton: Securing the target takes priority.

Soldier: Alpha.
Soldier: The target is moving to your 1 o'clock. We're tracking her and will give her a warm reception!

Echo: This is Echo Unit FTL.
Echo: We'll work with Alpha to guard your flank!
Echo: This is Echo. Alpha, respond!

Soldier: We're at coordinates R6 and have lost sight of the target. We lost sight of her at 4D.
Soldier: Can you see her from there!?
Delta: This is Delta FTL. Can you see her from there!?


Soldier: ...Echo!
Soldier: Echo, can you hear me!?

Soldier: Ah, damn it. I've spotted her! She's...

Text: Roberta the demon appears!!!

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#1. by Arhazivory ()
Posted on Oct 11, 2009
<3 Thanks js. XD And boy...you must've rested up really well...3 trans in one day. XD
#2. by Mikessc88 ()
Posted on Oct 11, 2009
thanks Sir, you should get some rest
#3. by hayateblitz ()
Posted on Oct 12, 2009
Awesome translation! xD
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