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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Detective Conan 712

The Azure Dragon

+ posted by js06 as translation on Nov 4, 2009 02:20 | Go to Detective Conan

-> RTS Page for Detective Conan 712

For Endless Youth and Co. only

Chapter 712


Genta: Did you see the news about Kid this morning!?
Text: The members of the elementary school Boys' Detective Squad are getting along...
Ayumi: I did! I did!

Ayumi: It said he left another letter!
Mitsuhiko: Yeah! He's going after this big jewel that Suzuki Jirokichi owns!

Mitsuhiko: The Qilin's Horn!
Mitsuhiko: Apparently it's a precious piece of amber with plants and stuff from tens of thousands of years ago mixed in!

Ai: But he sure got to this quickly... Wasn't that amber only just found in an old temple last week?
Conan: Well, they've been talking about it everyday on TV and in the newspapers. I guess it caught Kid's eye...

Genta: But...do giraffes have horns?
[TN: The term in Japanese for qilin and giraffe are the same.]
Ayumi: Yeah! They have two small ones...
Conan: That's the animal!

Conan: The qilin we're talking about is covered with yellow scales and it looks like a deer with a cow's tail, a horse's hooves, a dragon's head, and a single horn on its head...
Conan: It's a divine beast in Chinese legend!

Mitsuhiko: Then it's a companion of the Azure Dragon and the White Tiger!
Ai: So? Have you be called yet?
Conan: No, I haven't heard anything yet, but...


Conan: Eh?
Text in the middle: He's the center of attention.
Title: File 712 The Azure Dragon


Reporters: Well then, Edogawa-kun! You're about to have another confrontation with Kid...
Reporters: Do you have any kind of plan?
Conan: Ah...
Conan: Well...

Genta: Tch...It's just Conan again...
Ayumi: That must be nice...We want to have a confrontation with Kid, too...
Mitsuhiko: I can't be helped! Conan-kun's driven Kid away each time...

Reporters: Ah! Does the rest of the Boys' Detective Squad have anything to say!?
Genta, Ayumi, and Mitsuhiko: Eh?
Reporters: You're the Boys' Detective Squad, right?

Reporters: Could you tell us how enthusiastic you are about this?
Conan: Um, why are you talking with them, too?

Reporters: Oh? You haven't heard yet?
Reporters: Suzuki Jirokichi announced who his advisors would be at a press conference today!
Reporters: This time it isn't just Edogawa-kun he wants to help him, it's the whole Boys' Detective Squad...

Conan: Eh?
Ayumi: No way...
Mitsuhiko: Why?


Guy: A...
Guy: Advisors...?

Guy: I understand Edogawa-kun, but how can you bring those other kids to where Kaitou Kid will be coming...?
Suzuki: You'll understand after reading his letter!

Guy: Let's see..."At 7 PM on the next full moon, I will be coming to take the Qilin's Horn - Kaitou Kid". Is that what you mean?
Suzuki: There's a postscript! Read that!

Guy: P.S. This time, don't act so childish and let's settle this like adults...
On letter: At 7 PM on the next full moon, I will be coming to take the Qilin's Horn - Kaitou Kid P.S. This time, don't act so childish and let's settle this like adults.
Suzuki: That bastard has revealed one of his faults to us...

Suzuki: Asking us to settle this like adults is him saying not to call him a child!
Suzuki: In other words, children are Kaitou Kid's weakness!!

Guy: Ch-children are his weakness?
Suzuki: That's right! Think about it. Even he can't disguise himself as a child! If they're at the scene, they'll just get in his way!
Suzuki: So my plan is to call a bunch of children there!

Guy: I-I see!!
Suzuki: And the full moon is the day after tomorrow... That's the day a typhoon is going to hit that mountain temple!
Suzuki: The wind and rain will keep him from using that hang glider of his!


Suzuki: With his wings taken from him, Kaitou Kid is no different from a little child!!
Suzuki: I will command the Boy's Detective Squad and capture him before the TV cameras just like the famous detective Akechi Kogorou...
Suzuki: I'll make it the perfect thing to go in my autobiography!!

Shinkai: Oh...
Shinkai: You all look great...

Shinkai: in those Detective Boys parkas!
Genta, Ayumi, and Mitsuhiko: Thanks!!

Shinkai: Allow me to introduce everyone to you!
Shinkai: I'm the reporter, Shinkai Juri!
Box: Shinkai Juri (37) Reporter

Shinkai: The one sitting next to me is the cameraman, Masui-san!
Masui: Nice to meet you!
Box: Masui Shougo (41) Cameraman

Shinkai: And the one in front of me is...
Shinkai: Umm...


Hisumi: Hey...
Hisumi: I'm Hisumi. I'm in charge of the mic...
Box: Hisumi Isao (38) In chare of the microphone

Shinkai: Oh...But I'd heard the microphone guy was gonna be young...
Hisumi: That person couldn't be contacted, so I had to go...

Masui: There's a typhoon coming...
Masui: I wonder if that guy's gonna get cold feet or something...

Genta: It's really coming down...
Suzuki: Oh! I've been waiting, Boys' Detective Squad!

Suzuki: Well? Do you like the clothes I got for you!?
Ayumi: Eh?
Ayumi: You had these parkas made for us?

Suzuki: Yes! I thought you'd feel more like a detective squad if you had matching clothes!
Ayumi: Thanks!
Ayumi: I really like them!!


Conan: So? Where's the Qilin's Horn?

Conan: Looking around all I see is the big pillar in the middle...
Conan: and the white, black, green, and red pedestals in the four corners...

Ai: The pedestals are made of copper...
Genta: The color's faded and the top's all rough...
Mitsuhiko: It looks like there was some kind of statue on top that was taken off...

Ayumi: Ah, look, look! There's something that looks like a key hole!!
Genta: Oh, you're right!

Guard: Ah, wait!!

Genta: Ow, ow...
Nakamori: Don't touch it!
Mitsuhiko: Inspector Nakamori!

Nakamori: At least tell the kids that the pedestals have a weak electric current running through them!
Suzuki: Children will only remember when they get hurt!

Conan: Well? Where's the Horn?
Suzuki: I'll give you a look!


Suzuki: You have to use these four...
Suzuki: white, black, red, and green keys!!

Suzuki: Inspector Nakamori! I'd like your guards' help...
Nakamori: Okay, that's fine...
Nakamori: but make sure to turn off the electricity!

Suzuki: Turn off the electricity for a moment!
Phone: Roger!
Conan: Do you use each key on the same colored pedestal?
Guard: Yeah...

Mitsuhiko: What's that noise?
SFX: Beeep
SFX: Beeep
SFX: Beeep
Nakamori: It means that the electricity to the pedestals is turning off...
Nakamori: When one sounds the electricity to one of the pedestals turns off in the order of green, red, white, black!

SFX: Beeep
Guard: Inspector, give us the signal!

Conan: What's that noise...?
Mitsuhiko: Oh, that's...
Nakamori: Okay. 1, 2...

Nakamori: 3!!


SFX: *click*

SFX: *click*

SFX: *click*

SFX: *click*

SFX: *rumble*

Ayumi: Ah! The pillar in the middle is...
SFX: *rumble*
Mitsuhiko: s-splitting open...

SFX: *rumble*
Genta: Th-there's something...
Mitsuhiko: inside...

Genta, Ayumi, and Mitsuhiko: Ohhhh!!


Mitsuhiko: That's the Qilin!!
Genta: So cool!!

Ai: That must mean the yellow jewel on its head is...
Conan: the amber known as the Qilin's Horn!

Nakamori: Okay, close it!
Guards: Yes, sir!!

Suzuki: As you can see...
SFX: *rumble*
Suzuki: If you don't turn the keys in all 4 pedestals at the same time, you can't get to the qilin statue!

Suzuki: In other words, it can't be stolen as long as he doesn't get these keys from me and he can't split into four people!

Mitsuhiko: By chance, is the one who made this...
Suzuki: Yes, it was the master device maker from the Bakumatsu period...


Conan: Samizu Kichiemon, right?
Suzuki: Y-yes...

Conan: It's written at the bottom of the pillar!
Conan: It says, "Those seeking after the Qilin by unjust means should give up and go somewhere else - Samizu Kichiemon".
Carving: Those seeking after the Qilin by unjust means should give up and go somewhere else - Samizu Kichiemon

Conan: Do you know what this means?
Suzuki: No, not yet...
Suzuki: But as long as I have these keys, it's fine!

Suzuki: He can't steal it!
Text below Suzuki: Ah ah ah!
Nakamori: He sure is optimistic...
Nakamori: If he has 3 companions among us and he can make it dark and steal the keys, he can easily steal it...

Ai: That's right. And the illumination is artificial, so Kid will easily be able to cause a blackout...
Nakamori: Yes...and that'll shut off the electricity to the pedestals, too...

Nakamori: At least we have people to guard the keyholes even if it goes dark...
Nakamori: but my guards could have been switched out with Kid's subordinates at any time...

Nakamori: And we can't trust those three from the TV crew either...

Nakamori: Damn it! If there was just 1 keyhole...
Nakamori: I could protect that by myself...


Ayumi: Then we'll guard them for you!
Genta: Kid can't disguise himself as us!
Mitsuhiko: We're the ones you can trust the most!
Nakamori: I see...

Ai: And...if we're protecting the jewel from Kid, Edogawa-kun can work on his own...
Genta: Th-that's right!

Nakamori: But will you be okay? If you touch the pedestals before the electricity's shut off, you'll get shocked!
Mitsuhiko: It's fine! We won't forget the order.
Ai: When the alarm sounds, it goes out in the order, green, red, white, black...

Shinkai: Now then. It's 10 minutes until the time Kid announced!
Shinkai: Will Kid really show up at this mountain temple where the Boys' Detective Squad is lying in wait!?

Shinkai: Okay. Make sure you capture Kid!
All: Okay!!

Ran: Conan-kun and the others are really on TV!
Suzuki: Don't change the channel!
Sonoko: Must be nice...

Mouri: It would've been fine if you all went!
Mouri: Hic.
Sonoko: I called Uncle Jirokichi, but he said we couldn't! He said he was only calling in children this time and that he didn't want anyone like us who Kid could disguise himself as to come!


Shinkai: Let's take a 5 minute break!

Shinkai: We'll be on standby starting 3 minutes before hand!
Masui: OK!
Hisumi: Got it!

Ai: Okay, we'll be on standby, too!
Mitsuhiko: Okay!
Genta: Yeah!

Conan: Hey! Where are you all going?
Ayumi: To guard the pedestals!

Nakamori: The problem is whether you can protect those keys or not...
Suzuki: You don't have to worry about that!

Suzuki: If I put them on the wall like this, he can't do a thing about it!!
Suzuki: I win!!


Nakamori: A-a blackout!?
Suzuki: Don't panic. I predicted this!!

SFX: *whoosh*

Conan: Rain and wind...
Conan: Did someone open the window!?

Shinkai: Are you getting this!?
Masui: Y-yes! But it's pitch black, so you can't see anything...

Shinkai: And the sound!?
Hisumi: I'm gettin' it...


SFX: *crackle*

SFX: Beeep

SFX: Beeep

SFX: Beeep

SFX: Beeep

Suzuki: That's the sound of...
SFX: *rumble*

Nakamori: It couldn't be!?
SFX: *rumble*

Conan: Waaaah!
SFX: *zap*
Ayumi: C...

Ayumi: Conan-kun!?


Conan: Conan-kun, hang in there!!
Conan: Conan-kun!?

Mitsuhiko: Ah...
Mitsuhiko: Ahh...
Ai: Eh?

Mitsuhiko: Th-the Qilin's...

Mitsuhiko: The Qilin's Horn...
Mitsuhiko: is gone!!

Text in right margin: Conan was taken by surprise!! What happened during the blackout!?

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