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Seitokai no Ichizon 4

You only tell people who won't try even if you do that they can do it if they try...

+ posted by js06 as translation on Dec 5, 2009 03:22 | Go to Seitokai no Ichizon

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Chapter 04


Title: episode 4 You only tell people who won't try even if you do that they can do it if they try...


White text above Kurimu: I am the president.
Black text above Kurimu: Heh heh heh

Chizuru: What are you doing, Aka-chan?

Kurimu: Heh hehn. Well, I'm...
Kurimu: Hey, why are you hugging me all of a sudden!?
Chizuru: Oh, don't mind me.
Chizuru: Go on.

Kurimu: I get the feeling that I'd be assaulted if you had been born a boy, Chizuru...
Text above Chizuru: Oh
Chizuru: That's not true.

Kurimu: S-sorry. I said too much.


Chizuru: Even as a girl assaulting you is a piece of cake!
Kurimu: Wait.
Kurimu: Chizuru!?

Kurimu: Helllp meeee!
Top SFX: *squirm* *squirm*
2nd from top SFX: *squeeze* *squeeze*
2nd from bottom SFX: *caress* *caress*
Bottom SFX: *grope*

Chizuru: See? A piece of cake.

Chizuru: So what were you doing?
Kurimu: Oh, yeah.


Kurimu: Tah dah! I made a poster for the election!
Chizuru: ...Oh.

Kurimu: What's with that look of complete disinterest!?
Chizuru: Well, it's pretty much a sure thing that you'll get student council president, Aka-chan.

Kurimu: Why do you think that?

Chizuru: The voters decide on who they'll vote for during their school life leading up to the election in the latter half of April, right?
Chizuru: We were chosen as members of the student council last year, too. We've had a lot more chances to have our faces seen by the whole school than other kids.
Chizuru: And your behavior makes you stand out more than a normal student...


Chizuru: Thinking about it objectively, it's pretty obvious we'll get chosen to be on the student council again, right?
Kurimu: No!

Kurimu: You're too naive, Chizuru!

Kurimu: First years vote right after they enter the school.
Kurimu: So we need to promote ourselves to those boys and girls who don't know anything about us!

Chizuru: I know that, but the newspaper club puts out special edition on the girl's to watch for right before the election every year.
Chizuru: That works well enough to promote us, so I don't think you have to go out of your way and do anything yourself...
Text left of the picture of Minatsu above the left bubble: Shiina Minatsu-san
Text on left of cover: Pre-Election School-Wide Survey
Right of cover: 2008 Special Edition: Girls to Keep an Eye On
Sash on cover: 2007 Student Council President
Bottom of cover: Special Article: Last Year's Student Council President


Chizuru: In the end, even if there are a few girls who stand out among the first years...
Chizuru: assuming that no one tries to get in through the excellence method, which they usually don't,
Chizuru: most of last year's members should continue on.

Box: Come to think of it...This year, he's trying for the excellence method.

Text right of Chizuru: Tee hee

Kurimu: What is it, Chizuru?
Chizuru: Nothing.


Chizuru: Anyway, Aka-chan.
Chizuru: Even if you want to appeal yourself to the first years, the newspaper club is putting that out, so there's no point in you...

Chizuru: Come to think of it...

Box: Last year, the president of the newspaper club found a certain failure of Aka-chan's hilarious and ran a special article on it, so they don't get along.
Text left of Kurimu: Ahh, she pisses me off!

Chizuru: You don't want to leave this to the newspaper club, do you?
Kurimu: No, I don't!
Text left of Kurimu: Hmph


Kurimu: I don't want people to decide based on that newspaper, so I'll make my own poster and hang it up in the hallway in front of the first year classroom!

Chizuru: Well, if you want to do that, you're free to do so.
Chizuru: It's not like it'll bother anyone...

Kurimu: I'm gonna do it! I'm so gonna do it!!

Kurimu: So help me, Chizuru!
Chizuru: She's bringing me in right after saying that!?

Kurimu: Okay!?
Chizuru: ...Okay.
Chizuru: Well, this looks like fun, so I'll go along with it.


Kurimu: Just now, I was coming up with a design.

Kurimu: I'll be changing the drawing to a picture later, but I got Mashiro-kun who's good at drawing to draw it so it's easy to imagine. Isn't it realistic looking?
Text right of "Takagi": You worked all the way until daybreak, didn't you?
Text above: "Mashiro": I'm done for...
Chizuru: Ah... There was victim before I even got here...

Kurimu: So look!!
Kurimu: This is the plan for my campaign poster!!

Kurimu: First is me standing in a melancholic pose!
Chizuru: Those breasts are packed full of lies!!
Chizuru: This girl is darker than I thought she was if she's willing to out and out trick people on a poster for a popularity contest.

Kurimu: The background is a clear, blue sky!
Chizuru: Why a blue sky!?
Chizuru: I don't understand why you would be melancholy under a blue sky.

Kurimu: And next to me is - tah dah! - my famous line!
Text on poster: I will become the god of the new world!
Chizuru: You can't aim for any higher than that!!
Chizuru: But that isn't your famous line, Aka-chan; it's Ya****-kun's.


Kurimu: And above me is the party I'm affiliated with.
Text on poster: Independent
Chizuru: If you're independent, you don't have to write it so big.
Text right of last bubble: It looks more like you're saying you're not in any clubs than specifying your political party...

Kurimu: And below me is the stereotypical phrase!
Text on poster: Vot for me!
Chizuru: The meaning is clear enough, but that typo is a bit regrettable. How am I supposed to read this?

Chizuru: Those are the comments I want to make!
Chizuru: I want to make fun of every part of it.
Chizuru: But...

Kurimu: What do you think!?
Chizuru: (If you were going for amusing) It's perfect, Aka-chan. I have nothing to tell you!

Kurimu: I know, I know! All that's left is to get my picture taken and edit it together!


Chizuru: Speaking of that, can you do something as technical as photo-editing?
Kurimu: Don't you know, Chizuru?

Kurimu: My parents always tell me that I can do anything if I try!
Kurimu: So it'll be simple even without any technical knowledge.

Kurimu: Cause I can do it if I try!
Chizuru: That's right. You can do it if I try! Now go do it!
Chizuru: And make a poster that'll make me laugh.

Kurimu: Yeah, I'll do my best.
Chizuru: That's usually something you say to people who won't try even if you do...

Kurimu: Now that that's decided, let's go take over the computer lab!
Chizuru: I think I should sit out for that...
Text around Chizuru: I'm not good at going easy on people.


Kurimu: Mh! The lunch break is almost over. We'll just have to do the rest after school, Chizuru!
Chizuru: You definitely seem sure I'm going to stay and help you with this.

Kurimu: The two of us will edit together a wonderful poster!
Chizuru: That's right.

Kurimu: After we're done, the first years won't be able to keep their eyes off me.
Text left of Kurimu: Hee hee hee
Chizuru: Yes, that's true. (For more than one reason.)

Kurimu: And I will of course become the new student council president.
Chizuru: ...That's right.
Chizuru: (No one could pass up a chance to vote for someone as interesting as her.)

Kurimu: Ah...but...


Kurimu: What if there's a really, really cute girl among the first years?
Chizuru: Good point.

Chizuru: Minatsu's little sister is starting this year.
Kurimu: Oh, yeah. She did say that.

Kurimu: But it's fine. If she's Minatsu's sister...
Minatsu: I'm hot-blooded and ready to go!
Kurimu: she'll be something like that.

Chizuru: It doesn't sound like it. I remember hearing her say that she's afraid of boys and introverted.
Kurimu: Mmh!

Chizuru: I'm pretty sure you heard her say that too, though.


Kurimu: I may have a new rival.
Chizuru: True...

Chizuru: I haven't met her, but if she's Minatsu's sister, she must have a good-looking face.

Chizuru: I think she said her name was...Mafuyu.
Kurimu: Minatsu's sister...I need to check her out.
In notebook: Rival: Shiina Mafuyu
Chizuru: Well, a first year isn't going to become the student council president all of a sudden.

Kurimu: Shiina Mafuyu...

Kurimu: I won't let you have the seat of god!


Kurimu: I am...

Mafuyu: A...

Kurimu: the student council president!

Mafuyu: Achoo!

Mafuyu: It may be spring, but it's still chilly...

Kurimu: Now that that's decided, I'll update the poster!
Chizuru: She's getting all worked up by herself again...

Chizuru: That's one of the reasons I never get bored of hanging around with her.

Kurimu: And...there!
Chizuru: But with this...
Chizuru: Aka-chan may be smiling...
Chizuru: but now she's gotten this Mafuyu girl who she's never even seen wrapped up in this.

Left text on poster: I will become the god of
Right text on poster: A tropical girl who won't lose to the winter.
[TN: The "fuyu" in "Mafuyu" means winter.]


Chizuru: Hoo...

Chizuru: I'll lead her to the right path like usual.
Chizuru: I'll turn this into a poster she can actually show people.
Chizuru: I guess I have no choice.

Kurimu: Did you say something?
Chizuru: No.

Kurimu: The election sure is fun.

Chizuru: truly is.

Box: There are no ends of worries about this year, but it looks like it won't be a boring year.

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