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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Hayate no Gotoku! 252

From Now On

+ posted by js06 as translation on Dec 7, 2009 23:28 | Go to Hayate no Gotoku!

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Chapter 252


Nagi: What are...
Nagi: you doing out here?

Hayate: Milady...
Text: The Sanzenin family inheritance or Athena's liberation? What will Hayate do with this ultimate decision drawing closer and closer...!?


Text and title on the right: The master holds out her hand to her troubled butler. Their Chapter 252 "From Now On".


Nagi: Ah...
Hayate: Milady...

Hayate: Umm...
Hayate: How's the party going?

Nagi: You're horrible, Hayate!
Hayate: Eh?
Hayate: Wh-what makes you say that?

Nagi: I was pushed into the pool earlier...
Nagi: and you didn't save me!!


Hayate: Ah...

Hayate: B-but it looked like you were just playing with your friends...!!
Nagi: But the unexpected could always happen!!
Nagi: And didn't I tell you at Mykonos!?

Nagi: People...
Nagi: don't float!!

Nagi: Ahhh.
Nagi: If you can't save your master when she's in trouble...
Nagi: you're not fit to be a butler!


Hayate: I...
Hayate: I'm sorry...


Nagi: Hey, Hayate!!
Nagi: Can I see the stone you got from that old geezer?
Hayate: Eh?

Hayate: This?
Nagi: Yeah. Let me see it!!

Nagi: It's a really pretty stone.
Hayate: Yes... It is...

Nagi: The inside is shining.
Nagi: It's like a star.


Nagi: I was told that this was a stone of bonds.
Nagi: A star stone...
Nagi: that tests the bonds between people.

Hayate: A star stone...
Hayate: that tests bonds...

Hayate: That tests...
Hayate: bonds...

Nagi: Hey, Hayate.
Hayate: Yes...?

Nagi: Is it because of this stone?


Nagi: Do you look so troubled...
Nagi: because of this stone?

Hayate: ...Eh?

Hayate: Ah...
Hayate: Um...
Nagi: You don't have to put it in words.

Nagi: Words are imperfect.
Nagi: Putting it in words will just create misunderstandings.
Nagi: Words are the root of misunderstandings.


Nagi: Right?

Nagi: It seems that this stone is pretty valuable.
Nagi: That there are only a few left in the world...
Hayate: That's right.

Nagi: But if this valuable stone...
Nagi: is troubling you, Hayate...


Nagi: Then I have no choice...

Hayate: Milady, what are you doing!!!!

SFX: *squeeze*



Hayate: Ah...
Hayate: Ahh...

SFX: *crash*


Hayate: Milady, what have you done!!!?
Nagi: I've punished the evil man who was troubling you, Hayate.

Nagi: Now that old geezer's plans have come to nothing.
Nagi: That was really refreshing.
Hayate: What are you saying, milady!!?

Hayate: This stone...!!
Hayate: This stone is incredibly important to you!

Hayate: The Sanzenin inheritance...!!!!
Hayate: You need the stone to inherit the hundreds of trillions of your inheritance!!!


Hayate: With the stone destroyed...!!
Hayate: Your grandfather said he really wasn't going to give you your inheritance...!!
Nagi: Ha ha. That's fine.

Nagi: That pebble was troubling you...
Nagi: so I don't want it!!

Hayate: This isn't fine!!
Hayate: You're being protected by your money, milady!!

Hayate: It's your power!!!
Hayate: It's a precious thing...
Hayate: that is protecting your life from all sorts of things!!!


Hayate: This trip!! This party!!

Hayate: The helicopter, the boat, and the airplane...!!

Hayate: The villas and your mansion...!!

Hayate: All of it!! All of it is because you have money!!
Nagi: Ha ha... I guess that's true.

Nagi: Everything you've said is true...
Nagi: I may have been protected by money up until now...

Hayate: That's right...!!
Hayate: And yet...!!
Hayate: And yet...!!
Hayate: Why...!?

Nagi: Because...


Nagi: From now on...
Nagi: you can protect me.

Text: With that one sentence, he has seen the future.

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#1. by Watashiwa7 ()
Posted on Dec 8, 2009
It's the first time I like Nagi. She usually is (and/or act like) a spoiled brat, but this time she's just a girl in love.
The last sentence is her way to say "I prefer you rather than all money on this world", her way to say "I love you". A very touching chapter.
Thanks, js06 =)
#2. by wynnog ()
Posted on Dec 11, 2009
I don't come here to thank for your translations of HnG because I read the scanlations, but I know that you translated most of the latest chapters.
I'd like to place a translation request. Some chapters were skipped by scanlators because everyone wanted to go to the chapters involving Athena. FoOlRulez, the group scanlating it "in sequence", said that they can take up to two years to get current with the manga.
So, here I'm pasting a list of the missing chapters.
161, 165-168, 174-177, 207-213.
These are 16 chapters.
If you could translate one of those each month, it still would be faster than FoOlRulez.
And you would be my hero.
Thank you for reading this so far,
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