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Seitokai no Ichizon 5

If you don't give form to your feelings, you can't convey them to others!

+ posted by js06 as translation on Dec 31, 2009 22:19 | Go to Seitokai no Ichizon

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Chapter 05


Kurimu: Hello, kids!
Kurimu: How are you doing? This is your idol, Kurimu-oneesan.
Box right of Kurimu: New Serialization!!

Sugisaki: President, what are you doing?
Kurimu: Oh...Sugisaki and the others.
Kurimu: Good timing.

Kurimu: You can help me announce the "Seitokai no Ichizon" manga starting next issue.

Text in the middle of the page: Seitokai no Ichizon

Chizuru: I guess we should at least give a summary of what it is.
Kurimu: Okay, start with that!

Chizuru: It's a manga version of the light novel series written by Aoi Sekina-sensei and with illustrations by Inugami Kira-sensei, "Seitokai no Ichizon".
Chizuru: The two entries in the series, "Ichizon" and "Futagokoro", are highly praised and on sale now.
Kurimu: That was an excellently nonchalant way of introducing the original work, Chizuru. Next, we need to explain the plot.
Kurimu: Let's talk about the drama between the members of the student council!

Sugisaki: Plot...?

Sugisaki: Isn't it just us messing around and eating in the student council room?
Minatsu: Pretty much...
Kurimu: Huh? Wait a second!


Kurimu: To do things in the manga world, it has to have visual impact as well as being interesting!
Sugisaki: I see.

Sugisaki: So that means, the manga version will have panty shots, swimsuits, and changing scenes all the time!?
Kurimu: Why does it have to be that kind of thing!?

Sugisaki: With a school story full of bishoujos, what else is there!?
Sugisaki: And do you have any other ideas, president?
Kurimu: Uh...

Kurimu: Um...

Sugisaki: Then hurry up and give me...I mean the readers, some fan service.
Kurimu: Wait!? Sugisaki!
Sugisaki: C'mon, c'mon. Our popularity is counting on you.
Sugisaki: Don't you want to be popular?
Kurimu: B-but...

Minatsu: Stop that!
Sugisaki: Heaven!

Chizuru: But if you get to the root of what Ki-kun meant, he's right.
Kurimu: N-not you too, Chizuru.

Chizuru: But in this day and age we can be one of the stalwart mangas that doesn't rely on fan service.
Kurimu: Chizuru...

Kurimu: Well, that's that! Look forward to the stalwart manga "Seitokai no Ichizon"!
Sugisaki: As long as I'm here, I'll make sure to put in some fan service. (For my own sake)


Title: Episode 5 If you don't give form to your feelings, you can't convey them to others!
Text along the right: The student council is turned into a manga


"If you don't give form to your feelings, you can't convey them to others!"
The president put her hand to her small chest and self-importantly announced this which she had gotten from some book.
Since this was yet another abstract phrase, we watched her having no idea what we would be discussing today.
She kept her hand on her chest and announced in an unusually loud voice,
"So the student council is finally going to have a manga!"
"... ... ...!? Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhh!?"
Everyone except for the president (that is, me, the Shiina sisters, and Chizuru-san) yelled in surprise.
The president continued to hold her hand to her chest.
"Surprised, aren't you?"
"Of course we are!"
"Chizuru, praise me, praise me."
"...Oh, um, okay."
Even the usually calm and collected Chizuru didn't know how to respond and stroked the president's head. The president looked incredibly happy.
I whispered to Minatsu who was sitting next to me and Mafuyu-chan who was across from me.
"(Hey, Minatsu. H-how should we respond to this as the vice presidents?)"


"(I don't know. I like manga, so part of me wants to rejoice at this like she is, but...that's just part of me.)"
"(Same with me...More of me is worried than is hopeful, onee-chan.)"
"(Should we oppose this? But then, it is the president.)"
"(She's already made her decision.)"
"(Yes, she has.)"
"(...We have no choice. Let's just continue the meeting for now. Well, it's probably good news.)
Since it was already decided, we couldn't help but be hesitant to voice our complaints. Also, I do enjoy manga. It's not like I wasn't at all excited to here we'd be making a manga. ...The problem was, we were all complete amateurs.
After we had all calmed down, I attacked the president with a question.
"So, what's this about, president?"
She arrogantly replied to my question.
"It's exactly what I said. We're going to have a manga."
"Where? How?"
"I requested a mangaka from a magazine called 'Dragon Age' to do it."
"Oh, so unlike the light novels, I wouldn't be writing it."
I was a bit relieved by that. She laughed saying, "Of course not." Well, there was the precedent of her making me write and produce the light novels.


"Not to look down on the light novels or anything, but, for a manga, we really need the skill of a pro. I had to give up on doing it on our own."
That must mean she initially wanted to do it that way. We all sighed in unison.
The president cleared her throat.
"But it'll basically be the same thing as the novels."
"What do you mean?"
"It'll be about our everyday lives. That means it can be based off of the novels Sugisaki wrote."
"I see."
That put me at ease. But at the same time...it was a bit dissatisfying.
Upon seeing my expression, Minatsu asked me what was wrong.
"Oh, it's just that since we're finally going to have a manga, I wanted to do all sorts of things other than just our daily lives..."
"True. Well, we can do things that weren't in the novels."
"I know! Since it's actually going to have images, we should have our meetings in swimsuits!"
"No, we shouldn't!"
"Oh, you'd rather do it naked, Minatsu? You're pretty bold..."
"Why are those the only two options!? And what kind of manga would have people having a meeting in the nude!?"


"Yeah, that'd shock even Soft On Demand."
"Don't try to compete with them!"
"But we're finally getting a manga. You have to do something visual, right?"
"Yeah, but it doesn't have to be something perverted."
"Then do you have any suggestions, Minatsu?"
"Of course."
Minatsu gave a broad grin... Crap. I shouldn't have asked her for manga material.
"The manga version of the student council should have lots of battles!"
"Wow! It's surprising how spot on my guess of what you would say was!"
"We can just continue with the meetings like usual but have the illustrations showing a battle."
"The art and dialogue wouldn't match!"
"There can be sound effects like 'Don!' and 'Zashu!'"
"If we're just having meetings like usual, what would be making those noises!?"
"We can even put in a special attack scene on a fold out page!"
"I'm not going to let there be special attacks in our everyday student council life!"
Minatsu and I continued to argue and shoot down each other's suggestions. Seeing us seemed to motivate the other members to join in.
Mafuyu-chan raised her hand and spoke.


"I want to tell the mangaka to raise the percentage of bishounens!"
"But then the art wouldn't match the actual contents of the story!"
"There could be a background full of bishounens behind the dialogue from our meeting".
"Where are we having this meeting!?"
"If that's no good, then we could present it like it was a video game! Our stats could always be written on the side!"
"That presentation would be completely pointless for everyday life!"
"Occasionally, we could build up excitement by having someone's HP go to 0."
"Someone's going to die in our meetings!?"
"And we're all equipped with items. In the manga version we could be wearing armor."
"The light novels say nothing about that!"
"That's the point of getting a manga."
"We don't need that!"
Mafuyu-chan was thoroughly excited about the manga. Her eyes were shining. ...The entire student council was excited about this in one way or another.
And then Chizuru-san spoke out.
"A manga...huh? I wonder how grotesque we can make the art. Heh heh heh."
"Why does that cause you to laugh with a distant look on your face!?"


"With visuals, it'll be a lot easier to make shocking scenes."
"What's going to happen to the student council in the manga!?"
"On the previous page everything was normal...but Ki-kun never expected to see what he sees when he opens his eyes on the next page..."
"Why do you want a manga that will traumatize the readers!?"
"It's actually a kids book."
"We'd get a flood of complaints! You'd be scarring the children!"
Chizuru-san smiled and drew something disturbed in her notebook. She was mainly using a red pen so I didn't look at it too closely for the sake of my sanity.
Now, the rest of the student council was out of control, so it was only natural for the last person to make her opinion known.
"Wait! As the president I should get to choose what we do!"
This was the natural way for things to proceed with the loli president, Sakura Kurimu.
As the master of this harem, I had no choice but to hear her out.
"Well? What kind of manga do you want, president?"
"I need to stand out in it. I need to at least be in every single panel."
"Even in the ones you don't speak in?"
"Yeah. And I'll be drawn the biggest. Or maybe the art should basically just be me drawn beautifully from various angles. And the dialogue can all be people praising me."


"Isn't that pretty much just an idol's photobook?"
"In the manga version, I'll have a great figure, so it'll work."
"Oh, I'll be looking forward to that...Wait, why are you going to have a great figure!?"
"Apparently that's how the mangaka sees me, so we have no choice. Yup, no choice at all."
I picked up my cell phone and called the Fujimi Shobo editor.
"Hello? Oh, thanks for all your help...Oh, yes. No, this is about the manga. Yes. Can you transfer me to the mangaka who will be drawing it? ...Yes...yes. About the art of the president... Yeah, I thought so. So she got the mangaka with her fake crying, too, huh?"
Upon hearing my end of the conversation, the president stiffened.
I cancelled her request.
"Yes, say hello to the mangaka for me. ...Yes. Tell him to draw her as small as she looks. Yes....No, no need to thank me. I'm sorry about the trouble. Yes. Okay, I look forward to speaking with you again."
I hung up and looked at the president. She was clearly sweating.
I stared at her. She averted her gaze and, attempting to fool me, yelled,
"...E-everyone! We should have the manga version be drawn realistically!"


The president suddenly saying something responsible like that made us all sigh, but we agreed with that opinion. None of us had actually thought that our crazy ideas would be used...Well, except for the president.
Chizuru-san raised a finger in a way that showed she was taking control of this.
"For now, let's try out how we want to represent ourselves in the manga."
"Try out?"
The president asked this, cocking her head to the side. "That's right," Chizuru-san smiled back.
"Let's have a manga made of the rest of today's meeting. I know. We can connect to our mangaka over the internet and have him send the manga roughs here in real time as the meeting progresses."
We all liked Chizuru-san's suggestion. She contacted the editorial department and got the plan started. She gave us a thumbs up. It looked like it was going to happen.
When we finished the preparations, the president perked up.
And, as if she had just been on standby the entire time, she stood up from her chair and yelled,
"Now that that's decided, let's begin! The student council manga...Start!"


Minatsu: Oh, so this is the manga world.
Mafuyu: H-has it started?
Chizuru: I guess it's obvious, but this has a different atmosphere to the light novels.
Sugisaki: Woah. My harem is finally in 2D!
Kurimu: Everyone! The character introductions for the manga version have arrived.

Chizuru: Oh, it even has our official positions.
Mafuyu: This will be a great thing for first-time readers.
Sugisaki: Let me see...


Under Kurimu's picture:
Student Council President
Class 3-A
Sakurano Kurimu

Under Chizuru's picture:
Class 3-A
Akaba Chizuru

Under Minatsu's picture:
Vice President
Class 2-B
Shiina Minatsu

Under Mafuyu's picture:
Class 1-C
Shiina Mafuyu

Under Sugisaki's picture:
Vice President
Class 2-B
Sugisaki Ken

Sugisaki: Heeeey!

Sugisaki: Why am I dead in the very first chapter!?
Text left of Sugisaki: That's not nice.
Chizuru: Ki-kun, you were crushed by a falling chandelier...
Text left of Chizuru: Hee hee
Kurimu: It's time for "Sakura Kirumu and the Opera House Murder"!!
Sugisaki: That has nothing to do with the student council!

Mafuyu: I don't like gore...
Mafuyu: but since we finally have visuals, I think we should do something instead of just talking.

Sugisaki: I see... We are in a manga after all.

Kurimu: Hey, hey, Sugisaki.


Kurimu: Well? What do you think of my gorgeous proportions?
Sugisaki: What!?

Chizuru: Aka-chan...That looks incredibly stupid from this angle.
Kurimu: H-hey, look at it from the front.
Minatsu: Interesting. So we can use the visuals like that?
Minatsu: I'm gonna do it, too!!

Sugisaki: What are you doing, Minatsu?
Minatsu: Just watch. I put this here.
Sugisaki: Okay.

Minatsu: Stand in front of it...
Minatsu: and do this.
Sugisaki: The pain!!

Minatsu: It makes my punch look like it has incredible force.
Minatsu: Isn't that cool?
Sugisaki: No, it isn't. And that punch really did have incredible force.


Mafuyu: I-I'll do it, too!!
Mafuyu: If this is what you do in a manga, I'll do it.

Mafuyu: Palmtop Onee-chan.

Kurimu: What? What's she doing?
Sugisaki: I don't know.
Mafuyu: Huh!? You don't get it?

Kurimu: It looks like we all enjoyed this manga.
Kurimu: I guess we'll end it here.
Sugisaki: Eh!?

Sugisaki: Wait a second. We haven't done a sexy scene yet!
Kurimu: We're not doing one even if you try to force us.

Sugisaki: I don't need to force you.
Sugisaki: I'm the main character, right?

Sugisaki: That means, as long as there's at least a page left...


Sugisaki: I can make an embodiment of my paradise.
Kurimu: C'mon, Sugisaki. We're waiting.
Chizuru: Ki-kun.
Minatsu: C'mon, Ken!
Mafuyu: Senpai.
Sugisaki: That's my, Sugisaki Ken's, Ge*ss.

Sugisaki: I'll have even greater imaginings in the real manga.
Sugisaki: The female readers will fear me!!

Sugisaki: The male readers will ask more of me!!
Sugisaki: This world will be mi-

Kurimu: Stop it.

Chizuru: Mafuyu-chan, tie up Ki-kun.
Mafuyu: O-okay.
Sugisaki: Bondage, huh!? Okay, I get it. Come at me!!
Minatsu: How can you see everything in a positive light like that?


Kurimu: So...?
Kurimu: What did you think of the manga version of "Seitokai no Ichizon"?

Minatsu: Not enough violence!
Mafuyu: I didn't get any good parts.

Kurimu: I was talking to the readers.
Kurimu: Don't worry. This was just trying it out! There will be plenty more violence and chances to show off in the real thing.

Kurimu: And with that...
Kurimu: "Seitokai no Ichizon" is serialized in the monthly magazine, Dragon Age.

Kurimu: From the manga version, we would like to say...
All: Hello.

Sugisaki: Hello.

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