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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Black Lagoon 77

The Wired Red Wild Card PT.1

+ posted by js06 as translation on Jan 25, 2010 03:04 | Go to Black Lagoon

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For JAC only

Chapter 77


Text at top of page: The release date for Blu-ray 003 and 004 has been changed to February 10th. Sorry for the delay.
Text below that: The long-awaited serialization is back!!
Text on the left: The popular Volumes 1-9 are on sale!!!

Rock: Triple.
Rock: 15.
Text: What's left for Rock after Garcia and the others left Roanapur...?

Rock: That's a nice amount of points.

Title: #77 The Wired Red Wild Card PT.1


Rock: I've learned my lesson.
Rock: I'm not sticking my nose into other people's business anymore.

Benny: Why?

Rock: I know now...
Rock: that it almost never turns out well.
Benny: Oh, you're talking about what happened back then. I understand.
Benny: How's your rib?

Rock: It's cracked.

Benny: Well, my condolences.
Benny: But I see you can move around.


Rock: It's not about whether I can move around or not.
Benny: It isn't really something to complain about, Rock.
Benny: In that situation, you did quite well to have things end the way they did, right?

Benny: Everyone got away successfully...
Benny: and you protected Mister Chang's intentions.
Benny: To be honest, I didn't think you could do that well.

Benny: I thought you'd either...
Benny: no longer be here...
Benny: or be floating in a ditch somewhere.

Rock: I worked to get everyone out of there...
Rock: and all I got as thanks was a cracked rib.


Benny: There was no avoiding that cracked rib.
Benny: You could say it was like you took all of their assets and put them in an incredibly dangerous futures transaction.
Benny: From the perspective of those who didn't know the risk you undertook...
Benny: your reasoning looked like "Heads I win; tails you lose."

Benny: Don't give me that look, Rock.
Benny: I'm not attacking you.
SFX: *thunk*
Benny: It's just that...
Benny: to put unity and making sure of your intentions above results requires a certain kind of person.

Benny: If everyone's values were the same...
Benny: no one would complain if the only food left was Campbell's chicken noodle soup.
Benny: No one would care whether they liked it or not and the world would be at peace.

Benny: But, unfortunately, the world isn't like that.
Benny: Because of that, you broke a rib. That's all there is to it.


Rock: Have I...
Rock: changed?

Benny: Who knows.
Benny: Maybe you have, maybe you haven't.


Benny: Fabiola...


Benny: No...
Benny: All of them...

Benny: may have...
Benny: been afraid of you.

Rock: Is that her?

Benny: Yeah...
Benny: probably.


Benny: Despite how she looks...
Benny: she isn't careless about time.

Jane: Yah!


Jane: Oh, my sweetheart!
Jane: I've wanted to see you. We've only had contact through email for half a year now. Could you tell how tired of it I was!?
Jane: I kept wanting to dig myself out of my job and come see you!

Jane: When the chance finally came, I actually jumped for joy. Oh, look, look!
Jane: I bought a whole bunch of "Shame" lingerie!
Jane: It emphasizes the breasts and, look, it opens up here!

Benny: O...
Benny: Oh...
Benny: That's incredibly sexy.

Jane: ...Do you really think so?
Benny: Of course I do. Really.
Jane: Then why don't you look very happy?
Jane: Don't tell me you've gotten another woman while I was gone.

Benny: Stop it. I...
Jane: Agh, you're so infuriating!
Jane: I'm gonna strangle you! Mgyuuu!
Rock: Hey, hey.
Bao: Are you two planning on getting it on here?


Bao: Lady, if you're gonna do it, do it upstairs.
Bao: It's much more sanitary than those cheap bedbug ridden motels.
Jane: Oh.
Jane: I thought there was a brothel up there.

Bao: A women can choose the room based on what kind of play she's into.
Bao: I'll give you a discount today, so you can stay until tomorrow morning for 30 dollars.
Jane: Well, what do you think, my little bagel?
Jane: I'm fine with it.

Benny: ...Ahh.
Benny: Listen up, chocolate pie.
Jane: What is it, darling?

Benny: If we spent a night of loving here...
Benny: there would be videos of us being sold throughout town for 25 bucks a pop tomorrow.
Jane: What the hell?
Jane: Then shouldn't you be letting us stay there for free?

Jane: You should pay me what you would pay a porn star. This is a capitalist country, isn't it?
Benny: Um, honey?
Benny: That's not the issue here.
Bao: You greedy bitch.
Bao: I doubt anyone would even pay to see you two fucking.

Jane: I don't want to be called greedy by someone who was going to make money off of peeking on us!
Rock: Um...
Rock: Sorry, but aren't you two forgetting something?


Jane: Oh, are you still here?
Jane: You can leave.
Rock: Oh, okay.
Rock: Benny, I'm going. Have fun.

Benny: Honey, don't snap at him like that.
Benny: He's here for a reason.
Benny: I brought him with me so he could show your companion around.
Jane: My companion?

Jane: Oh!
Jane: My companion.
Jane: Crap, I completely forgot.
Rock: Give me a break.
Rock: I'm really gonna leave.

Jane: But...
Jane: She was supposed to be here by now.
Rock: Is she lost?
Rock: This isn't a city for someone to wander around their first time here.

Jane: ...Shut up.
Jane: She knows the address so she'll make it. She's an adult after all.

Rock: You really didn't put any thought into this, did you?
Bao: She may have...
Bao: gotten a hole blown in her in an alleyway somewhere as soon as she arrived.


Jane: Yeah, right.
Jane: ...She'll be fine no matter what.
Jane: Unless there's a civil war going on or something.

Rock: It'll really help you later on...
Rock: if you realize how naive you are.
Bao: How long do you think some good-for-nothing or idiot who isn't part of an organization is going to last in this city?
Bao: If you think everyone here makes a living working at pizza parlors, you're quite mistaken.

Rock: I'm sure you haven't forgotten what happened to you the last time you came here.
Rock: If you aren't careless about time, you should know what a bad sign her not being here yet is.
Benny: Honey, we may have to go looking for her.
Benny: Do you have photo of her or something?

Jane: Oh,
Jane: a photo!

Jane: That's right, a photo!
Jane: Hee hee hee. Wanna see it?
Rock: What's with...
Rock: that creepy grin?

Jane: One thing before I show you.
Jane: Don't tell anyone else about this photo.
Jane: Got it?


Rock: ...This is horrible.
Rock: I can only think that the person who took this had some kind of evil intention.
Rock: It reminds me of a monkey I saw at the circus as a kid.
Bao: It's like the Shichi-Go-San festival.
Bao: She was clearly put into these clothes.
Benny: I can only think that this was a Halloween costume. It's the perfect photo to make someone burst out laughing.

Rock: W...
Rock: Well, now we know what she looks like.
Rock: Even if it's just barely.

Benny: She won't be dressed like that now.
Benny: Anyway...
Benny: It would be best if we could find her before it gets dark.

Benny: She could have gone to Ransapp market.
Rock: I'll go, too. Things could be bad if she went to the slums, right?
Jane: Eh? Wait a second!
Jane: If we're going out, at least let me check out one of the floats!


Feng: All of my luggage...
Feng: was stolen.


Jane: Oh...
Jane: that was fast.
Rock: Ehhhhhhhhhh!!?

Rock: That's that same person?
Rock: No way!
Benny: Well I guess we won't be going to any floats.
Benny: Let's go elsewhere. I'll bring my car around.

SFX: Pshh!

Benny: It's just a warm Singha, but it's all we have.
Feng: Thanks.
Jane: Did those two steal all of your luggage?
Feng: No, boss.
Feng: I took a long-distance bus and a tuk-tuk from Bangkok...


Feng: But as soon as I got off the tuk-tuk, the biggest trunk was stolen.
Feng: And while I was waiting at the police station, my wallet was pickpocketed.
Jane: And when I had finally gone the rest of the way on foot, those two came.
Rock: Wow.
Rock: That sure was quick.

Jane: We can get money and machinery here, so don't worry about it.
Jane: Anyway, you know about me...
Jane: but all I know about you is the introduction you gave and your screen name on the "Electro Bandits Forum".
Jane: I'd like to hear a bit about your personal history.

Feng: Yes, boss.
Feng: I'm from Hong Kong and worked at the engineering department at Southampton. My specialty is FORTRAN.
Feng: I named myself "Violet Spear" on the forum, but my name is Feng Yifei.
Feng: Please let me be a member of your group!

Right margin: Another sacrifice has come to Roanapur...!?

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#1. by Arhazivory ()
Posted on Jan 25, 2010
I love you man. <3 Thanks!
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