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Translations: Gintama 566 by kewl0210 , One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128

Black Lagoon 78

The Wired Red Wild Card PT.2

+ posted by js06 as translation on Feb 23, 2010 01:33 | Go to Black Lagoon

-> RTS Page for Black Lagoon 78

For JAC only

Chapter 78


SFX: Blip

SFX: Press!

SFX: Type
SFX: Type
SFX: Type

Text at top: Volumes 1-9 are a huge hit!! The production of the 3rd Season OVA is going great!! New information next issue!
SFX all over page: Type type type

Title: #78 The Wired Red Wild Card PT.2


SFX in 1st and 2nd panels: Type type type

Feng: Hoo...

SFX: Flash
SFX: Flash

Feng: A blind scan patrol.
Feng: ...Completely by the book.

Feng: Telenet, "Door 23".
Feng: Test.

SFX: Grind

Feng: ...I'm shocked.


Feng: Even for a research institute, security shouldn't be this light.
Feng: It was set to the default port and there weren't any counter-measures.
Feng: They are really underestimating me. This will only take me half a day...

SFX: Rinnng!

Feng: ...Yeah.
Someone: Put on the coupler.
Someone: The "Owner" wants to talk with you directly. When you're ready, call back on extension 9971.

Feng: This is "Hong Qiang", Shang Xiao-dono.
[TN: Shang Xiao is a Chinese military rank meaning Senior Field Officer.]
Shang Xiao: It's me. It's been a while.
Shang Xiao: How has the plan progressed since we last talked.


Feng: My infiltration has gone perfectly well.
Shang Xiao: It was right to choose you from the third group of the ruling three. I'm proud.
Feng: I'm not too happy about how much it stinks.
Shang Xiao: Stinks?
Shang Xiao: What are you talking about?

Text: 9 hours earlier

Rock: Hey,
Rock: there's something I want to say before we start this discussion.
Rock: Doesn't this room...
Rock: stink?

Jane: ...I was actually thinking the same thing.
Feng: ...Yes, boss. So was I.
Jane: No one was saying anything, so I assumed there was just something wrong with my nose.
Benny: Oh, listen up for a second.
Benny: I noticed it too of course, but I had a reason for not mentioning it.
Benny: And it's that...


Jane: Ee...

Rock: Waah! Calm down!
Benny: Honey, calm down! She's just here for work!
Rock: Benny, take that chair from her!!


Jane: Y-y-y-y-you!
Jane: I remember you! I remember you, you pervert!!
Benny: Honey, I'm the one who called her here!
Jane: Who hired you!? Don't tell me it was Girolamo's men again!

Benny: Her primary occupation is cleaning.
Benny: When, for whatever reason, there are bodies or people who are arranged to be bodies...
Benny: she TAKES CARE of them.

Jane: Sweety, are you crazy?
Jane: You have to be kidding. She tried to kill me!
Benny: Well, you just got a bad first impression of her.
Jane: No matter how much you underplay that impression, it wasn't just bad.

Jane: You have to be kidding me!!
Jane: If you called that woman here to have a nice tea party with her, you're either a saint or on the level of Mother Teresa!
Rock: What?
Rock: Me?

Rock: Wh...
Rock: What is it?
Rock: Oh, letters.
Rock: Let's see... "I didn't bring my voice with me today...I'll speak like this."

Rock: Okay.
Rock: "I came back to deal with something I forgot to take care of."

Rock: "I've sterilized everything else...
Rock: so you should be able to use the room."
Jane: Wait just a second.
Jane: What is she talking about?


Benny: I'll explain it.
Benny: After we heard your story, sweety, we looked around for a room for a bit.
Benny: But we couldn't seem to find one.

Benny: This seasonal motel meant for the sex service was full of guests staying for a long period.
Benny: That said, even if we prepared a place around the outskirts of the market, getting to and from it would be a pain.
Benny: And luckily this room opened up.
Benny: That happened just yesterday.

Jane: That's enough of an introduction!
Jane: How does that relate to her...?
Feng: Oh...
Feng: I understand.

Feng: In other words, you could say that...
Feng: the person living here ended up in a state in which they needed to be dealt with by this woman.

Rock: "That forehead glasses woman.
Rock: Bingo."

Feng: Forehead glasses...!?
Rock: "A group of 4 small-time punks were shot to death here...
Rock: and that was 14 days ago."
Rock: "It was quite a job carrying them out of here.
Rock: The body bags weren't going to get the job done, so I called a number of people and we carried them out in buckets."

Jane: Buckets?
Rock: Uuugh...
Rock: I don't want to say that...


Rock: They were left alone for 14 days without air conditioning here in the tropics.
Rock: They had swollen up due to decay and exploded. They had turned to broth, so it was necessary to...
Jane: Stop!
Jane: I don't want to hear about those kinds of details!!
Benny: Yeah.
Benny: The burrito I had for lunch is coming up.

Rock: So...
Rock: The thing you forgot to take care of is what smells so bad.
Rock: Oh, looks like it's that mattress.
Rock: "Oh, you want to help?"

Rock: Wah.
Rock: It has something like oil on it.
Rock: What is it?


Rock: Eh?
Rock: What!?

Feng: I understand.
Feng: I don't want to, but I do.
Feng: That mattress is the bread...
Feng: and the butter is the peoples'...

SFX right of arrow in bubble: Gh.

Top Text: Oehhhhhh!
Bottom Text: Splatter splatter splatter

Shang Xiao: What a messed up group.
Shang Xiao: What a disaster, Wu Ji Shi Guan Li.
[TN: Wu Ji Shi Guan is a Chinese military rank meaning Non Commissioned Officer (Class 5).]
Feng: Don't worry about it.
Feng: Anyway, if I can finish what I'm working on now...
Feng: I will be able to advance to the next level as a member of the internet group she is connected to.


Shang Xiao: So ignoring the environment, things have started off well.
Shang Xiao: The communications officer will be reporting to me at regular intervals...
Shang Xiao: but tell me what the job you've been given is.

Feng: Yes, Shang Xiao Ma-dono.
Feng: Unfortunately it isn't a job for the "Counterfeit Club", but...

Jane: Yeah...
Jane: It isn't a very difficult task.
Jane: I'm just seeing if you have the minimum amount of understanding needed for this job.

Jane: I'm sure you know about the "Highwaymen".
Jane: We got a request from them to do some work.

Feng: The "Highwaymen"...
Feng: That's the underground forum that specializes in corporate spying, right, boss?
Jane: Right.
Jane: They're after some data on avionics being developed at...
Jane: the German electronics maker "Rainbach AG".


Benny: "Rainbach"!
Benny: Isn't that a bit much to be starting out with, honey?
Jane: Oh, sweety. This is a piece of cake.
Jane: And as for the target to capture...

Jane: There's a Rainbach software branch in Würzburg.
Jane: There's a program related to avionics on the main server there. Retrieve it and...
Jane: Well, how about you bring it all back to me?

Jane: You'll start by searching their DNS server.
Jane: Is that fine?
Feng: No.

Jane: There's a trading company called "Annenheim Distribution" in Leiden.
Jane: I borrowed their "chimney" for another case...
Jane: so you can use them as a "stepping stone".
Jane: They've had dealings with Rainbach in the past...
Jane: so it won't hurt to search their access logs while you're at it.

Feng: Are you saying there's already a back door?

Jane: Are you complaining?
Feng: Yes, boss. A little bit.
Feng: I'm not so inexperienced that I would trouble you.


Jane: Y'know what?
Jane: We don't have enough free time to play around with the newcomer.

Jane: So long as I haven't seen that this confidence of yours is warranted...
Jane: I want to make sure you're the only one I see crying because her name was put on the ICPO list.

Jane: But don't worry.
Jane: You'll pass this test if you use your head when you need to and don't make any mistakes when it matters.
Jane: We'll all be happy. You'll be happy. You'll get a warm reception into the club. Do you have a problem with anything?

Feng: ...No.
Feng: That's good enough, boss.
Jane: Oh, good.
Jane: I thought you were going to bite my head off with that look you were giving me.

Jane: Now then,
Jane: Miss Fu Manchu.
Jane: Show me that you're not just...
Jane: a script kiddie.


Shang Xiao: ...I get the gist of it, Wu Ji Shi Guan Li.
Shang Xiao: I guess this is what they call an impudent thief. It's angering.
Feng: It definitely is, Shang Xiao-dono.

Shang Xiao: Wu Ji Shi Guan Li.
Shang Xiao: Our army is beginning to rush towards creating a Wang Jun.
[TN: Wang Jun is Chinese for "online army".]
Shang Xiao: The work you are doing now is for the coming 21st century.

Shang Xiao: We want you to make us the forerunners...
Shang Xiao: in the fight that will be ruled by cyber warfare.
Feng: I'll give us that title, Shang Xiao-dono.

Shang Xiao: The technology and skills we acquire from the work being done at the 2nd group's 1st location...
Shang Xiao: will be compiled together into the drill book that will be the foundation of the Wang Jun.
Shang Xiao: And you all are the honored first troops of the drill commander.


Shang Xiao: The central party and the military committee will gladly accept our requested budget.
Shang Xiao: I wouldn't be exaggerating if I said that the future of the People's Liberation Army is counting on your work!
Shang Xiao: Your dedication is...
Shang Xiao: of the level of the pro-Korea anti-America volunteer army during the Korean War.

Feng: I'm honored,
Feng: Shang Xiao Ma-dono.

Shang Xiao: Yes.
Shang Xiao: I hope I will receive even more diligence from you, Wu Ji Shi Guan Li.
Shang Xiao: You are from...the Hubei province, right? Let's see...
Shang Xiao: It was, Shen...
Feng: ...Shennongjia, Shang Xiao-dono.

Shang Xiao: Oh.
Shang Xiao: That's right, that's right. Sorry, sorry.
Shang Xiao: There are a lot of technology officers from central China.
Shang Xiao: But the fact that such excellent officers are born even in the remote areas truly makes me proud of our people's republic!


Shang Xiao: I'm sure that...
Shang Xiao: your family is delighted, too.

Feng: ...Not really.
Feng: Not that I care.

Shang Xiao: ...Um.
Shang Xiao: Did I say something I shouldn't have?
Feng: ...Not at all, Shang Xiao-dono.
Shang Xiao: W-well, good.
Shang Xiao: I'll contact you later. Work towards getting a suitable mission.

Benny: So that's the reason behind the costume parade.
Benny: When did you realize she was an agent, honey?


Jane: When?
Jane: Since she came to the forum.
Jane: The trick to attacking the American Department of Justice she brought as a gift...
Jane: was exactly the same as the one used by an unknown hacker that had been seen going through Beijing.

Jane: I did a bit of poking around just to be sure and I found a photo that was clearly her in...
Jane: the student records of the Liberation Army's Xi'an communication academy.
Benny: How unfortunate.

Jane: It's unfortunate for her, but lucky for us.
Jane: Thanks to her coming, the "Highwaymen" guys...
Jane: have tripled the reward for the Rainbach stuff.

Jane: Now then...
Jane: I should be getting some information about now.
Benny: From a partner?
Jane: Yup.
Jane: McGee D in Lyon is observing her work.

Jane: Once her "Dictionary Attack" succeeds and she gets in...
Jane: every one of her actions will be recorded.
Jane: Oh, poor Miss Peking Duck.
Jane: She isn't the one stealing, she's being stolen from!

Right margin: People's Liberation Army Spy Feng vs. Jane. Is she really a sitting duck!?

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