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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Black Lagoon 79

#79 The Wired Red Wild Card PT.3

+ posted by js06 as translation on Apr 10, 2010 23:53 | Go to Black Lagoon

-> RTS Page for Black Lagoon 79

For JAC only

Chapter 79


Revy: Char Kwan's lodgings!?
Revy: That dump!? Ha!?

Text: Volumes 1-9 are on sale now and are huge hits!!! Blue-ray 007 and 008 went on sale March 25th!! OVA 001 of the anime's 3rd season is set to go on sale July 17th!! The writing of the 2nd novel is going well!!

Revy: The group who rented it out before...
Revy: was some new group that recently wandered here and needed a place.
Text: The entire Lagoon Company has gathered for the first time in a while. This time things begin with Revy's gossip.
Revy: It was started by some Aussie who went broke in a Western city in Cambodia and his lover.
Revy: He must really be at the end of his luck trying to get started here.

Title: #79 The Wired Red Wild Card PT.3


Revy: Anyway, on their first step into this new world, they had to find a way to make a living.
Revy: They decided to open a whorehouse.
SFX: Munch munch

Benny: How'd that work out?
Benny: This isn't just a city of chaos.
Benny: There are groups running whorehouses everywhere.

Revy: Exactly.
SFX: Sip
Revy: As you would think, they were idiots.

Rock: So?
Rock: Who took care of them in the end?

Revy: It was at a street stand owned by "Visconti Foods".
Revy: It's in the area under control of that well-known Italian group led by "Ronny the Jaws".
Rock: Oh!
Rock: That's harsh!
Revy: Yeah, I feel sorry for them.
Revy: They pissed him off.

Dutch: Oh!
Dutch: That reminds me.
Dutch: The Tamil group had something to leave with those Italians.

Dutch: PA East Container Yard. It's the container with the tag FDL 332.
SFX: Grab!
Revy: Got it.
Revy: We're not setting sail today, are we?

Dutch: We're at the limit of what we can take on. I've got the extra stuff here. Can you take care of it today?
Revy: Got it. After eating this stuff, I need some exercise to digest it anyway!
Revy: Ah, you didn't let me finish my story. Where was I?


Rock: You got to where the wandering Aussie...
Rock: made the biggest fuck-up of his life.

Revy: Oh, that's right.
Revy: Well then those idiots...

Revy: went at that street stand with a metal bat. Well, that night Ronny's messenger showed up.
Revy: He was the kind of guy who comes silently in the dark of the night.
Revy: And before they could even get to the second word of "Please forgive us"...
Revy: lead bullets had opened up holes in the Aussie and his wonderful companions that you could easily fit an umbrella in.

Revy: They chose the wrong people to cross.
Revy: That group is almost as bad as "Hotel Moscow".
Revy: Ignorance really is a crime. But that doesn't really matter.
Revy: You can't help but talk about how stupid they were.

Revy: The best part of the story is coming up.
Revy: You're gonna laugh your ass off. Heh heh heh.
Rock: Revy.
Rock: That smile is creepy.

Revy: There's a hilarious reason why they weren't found for 2 weeks.
Revy: It's about those lodgings...


Revy: The area around the bathroom there has always been all broken-down.
Revy: And the landlord's a heartless bastard, so he had no intention of fixing it in the next 200 years.
Revy: So the residents...
Revy: thought that it was just that someone had taken a really smelly dump.

Revy: But what it actually was was found out when...
Revy: maggots came crawling out of the keyhole.
Text right of Revy: Ah ha ha ha
Rock: Stop it!!
Rock: I'm trying to eat!!

Rock: We still can't get the smell out. This is horrible!!
Benny: Ah, damn it.
Benny: I've been breathing that in every day. I feel like I'm gonna turn into a merlion.
Revy: Come on. You guys are naive.
Revy: It gets better.

Dutch: But...
Dutch: that calculation lady is pretty tough...
Dutch: if she can work in that septic tank of a room without complaining.

Revy: Hey, hey.
Revy: The people who come wandering here...
Revy: are born of roaches and raised by roaches.
Revy: Right?


Rock: The one who brought her there was Miss Bhai, Revy.
Rock: Benny,
Rock: how's she doing?

Benny: Well, she's...
Benny: working at a net cafe on Nankwai road.

Rock: Hm!
Rock: We have one of those here?

Benny: "I never worry about the future. It comes soon enough."
Benny: Just like Einstein predicted, this city can't stay in the '70s.
SFX: Vrrrr
SFX: Honk honk
SFX: Vrrrr

SFX: Type type type

Jane: Mister.
Jane: Coffee.
Man: 100 bahts.
Jane: You'll take dollars, right? Here.

SFX: Screen goes blank


On screen:
The duck has entered its cage.
Keep a log of everything she leaves behind.
RSN It looks like the duck hasn't noticed.
I'm the invisible man. lol

SFX: Type type

On screen:
ART Rainbach's SE is on standby waiting for her, too.
If she gets anything but the dummy data,
the contract will be broken, so I leave setting the time to you.
I'll leave the data for her to look for before she escapes
on the usual server.

On screen:
It's beginning.
You set the pace.

Jane: All right.
Jane: The wolf pack's on standby, right?

SFX: Type type

On screen:
McGee has begun working.
The Rainbach operators have also begun moving.


Feng: The data retrieval's begun...?
Feng: Why so suddenly!?
SFX: Type type

On screen:
Ladies and gentlemen, we're in.
This server belongs to the Chinese Communist Army's cover company.
Just by digging into this place, we should find what we're looking for.
We have 3 minutes. Whoever's quickest wins.

On screen: BLACKSPOT > lol

On screen: flashback-gordon> ja

On screen: Bloodrunne> Wait. What about doom's RAS?

On screen: Alligator 8897 > I'll check it again.


On screen:
There's an email addressed to Rainbach's betrayers.
The records of the money sent for the instruction book
from the Chinese Pentagon is the big item.
The member that gets that will be lucky.

SFX: Type type type
Fang: Damn it.
Fang: It's too fast! It's too fast!

SFX: Grind grind

On screen:
Maybe it would be better if we got paid by the byte.


On screen: All right. Whoever gets it first wins.

On screen:
Don't get in the way, n00b.
I'll spread those perverted emails of yours.

Jane: No matter what I nab, there won't be any problems in the future.
Jane: "Miss Peking Duck" will take care of everything afterwards.
Jane: Now then, everyone. Make sure not to leave any trace behind.

SFX: Press


SFX: Screen goes blank

Feng: I somehow managed to get out...but...
What was that...?

SFX: Vrrrr
SFX: Brake!


Revy: Hey, Emilio!
Revy: Is Tomaso here today?
Emilio: Signora, Falcone isn't part of Sicily, our organization. He's a member of Camorra.
Emilio: The boss just hangs out with him like they were friends.

Emilio: The boss is busy.
Emilio: Just wait until he's done.
Revy: We won't be long. We'll make it quick.

SFX: Open

Ronny: Hey.
Ronny: Emilio, you dumb ass.
Ronny: Why did you let them up here!?


Emilio: Sorry, boss. But...
Ronny: Okay, Emilio.
Ronny: I'll explain to you what I'm doing right now.

Ronny: First, I'm holding a phone.
Ronny: Palermo is on the other side of the phone. I shouldn't have to tell you that that's my boss and your god.

Ronny: Luciano is in the back room in order to resolve any trouble with guests.
Ronny: Now crank your tiny brain up to full power and figure this out.
Ronny: And if you can't figure it out from that, I'll beat the solution into your head with a metal bat.

Revy: Wait, signore.
Revy: Do you think we came here to play gin rummy with you?
Revy: We're here with the goods from the Tamil group. If you don't need it, we can get rid of it for you.

Ronny: Don't fuck with me.
Ronny: If you did that, you'd be-
Guy: Do you understand, my Italian friend!?
SFX: Open
Guy: If you just retrieve "Ali Dragua" I'll have no complaints!
Guy2: Okay, okay. Don't get so worked up.

Guy: We will definitely keep the Kanun and Besa.
Guy: Please ask your Capo!
Guy: I'm truly glad we came across you all.
Guy: We could use the LBMA, but who knows what would happen.

Revy: So they're proposing to be either your partner or the Russians...
Revy: depending on if you search for "Ali Dragua" or not.
Text left of Revy: Heh heh heh
Revy: I'm sure you know, Mustafa,
Revy: that the "Golden New Moon" wasn't given to Ivan's rednecks. You people...


Revy: Hey!
Revy: Are you telling people about our work, too!?
Revy: If so, you should probably start walking around with a megaphone. Okay?

Revy: Hey, hey, Ronny.
Revy: Aren't your soldiers a bit lax?
Revy: Quiet, Two Hand, or I'll smash your teeth out.
SFX: Grip

SFX: Aim!


Guy: Hey!
Guy: Why are there chinks here!? Don't tell me...!

Revy: What's it to you?
Revy: Got a problem with me, you piece of shit?

Emilio: Revy!
Revy: You damn bohunks.
Revy: C'mon, answer me!

Emilio: Calm down! Put those away!

Emilio: Tubronic! Put your gun away!
Emilio: They're not Chinese. One's a Chinese-American and the other is Japanese!

Ronny: Yes, Capo. It seems that way...
Ronny: Sorry, but...
Ronny: those dumbasses are making a fuss, so I have to deal with it. I'll call you back in a bit.

Ronny: Hey.
Ronny: You bastards.


Ronny: I wouldn't care one bit if I had to stick lit dynamite in your asses so it sticks up like a candle...
Ronny: and redo this all from the beginning.
Ronny: What...
Ronny: do you think I should do?

Ronny: Hey, you from Lagoon.
Ronny: Give that to the floor manager and take your payment.
SFX: Holster
SFX: Holster!
Ronny: Now I've paid you the precise amount. So...

Ronny: Get the fuck out of my kingdom...
Ronny: and forget everything you heard here.
Ronny: Have you heard the rumors about me?
SFX: Press


SFX: Vrrrrr
Rock: This time it was Albanians.
Rock: This place is turning into some kind of ridiculous international trade fair.

Rock: They...
Rock: seemed to be in a bit of a hurry.

Rock: What was the "Ali Dragua"...
Rock: that that Albanian mentioned?

Revy: Hey,
Revy: Rock.

Revy: He had a bad look on his face.
Revy: It was like the face of someone who tried to earn a lifetime's worth of money at Vegas...
Revy: and ended up with an arrangement to have a pistol stuck up his ass late at night.

Rock: I know that.
Rock: So stop talking to me like you're my mom.
Revy: If I was your mom, wouldn't I talk with a little more class?


SFX: Vrrrr
Revy: Wouldn't I be so classy...
Revy: that I'd make sure to cover it up with a handkerchief if I took a shit? Wouldn't she?
Rock: That's none of your business.
Rock: I don't want to talk about my family.

Feng: It's still before dawn in Würzburg...
Feng: That server shouldn't have had that much security.

Feng: That's unnatural for it not being during the work day.

Feng: Odd.
Feng: Why did such a suspicious counter-measure occur with that timing?
Feng: I can't figure it out.
Feng: There's something odd going on...!

Right margin: Lagoon Goods will be sold at Tokyo International Anime Fair2010! Details on the next page.

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Thanks js <3
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