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Translations: One Piece 859 by cnet128 , Gintama 628 (2)

Needless 57

#57 Adventure Arc "Saint Rose Academy" II

+ posted by js06 as translation on Apr 15, 2010 04:49 | Go to Needless

-> RTS Page for Needless 57

Chapter 57

The group doing this hasn't released anything in almost 2 months, so I did this to try and get Needless going again.


SFX: Chatter chatter

Title: #57 Adventure Arc "Saint Rose Academy" II
Setsuna: Hey! Quit cowering like that!

SFX: Heart beat, heart beat


Text on bottom left: Adventure Arc

07 [past table of contents, story, and character introductions]

Cruz: B-but...
Cruz: I'll be executed if it's found out I'm a boy...
Cruz: And you two will be heavily punished for allowing a trespasser in...

Setsuna: You're making yourself stand out more by being so nervous!
Setsuna: For today, just slip into the class and don't bring attention to yourself. Okay?
Cruz: U-understood...!

SFX: Ding dong

Student: So to begin with...


Cruz: So this is...
Cruz: what school is like...

Girl: Hey, hey.
Cruz: Eh?
Girl: Are you a new student?

Cruz: Uh, yes....Something like that...
Girl: Ohh...

Girl2: Well, it's not that odd here.
Girl2: One student died last week.
Cruz: D-d-died!?

Teacher: You over there!! Be quiet!!
Cruz: Hyah!


Teacher: Okay, you with the green hair!
Teacher: Solve this problem!

Cruz: M...
Cruz: M-m-me!?
SFX: Clatter

Girl: Hee hee
Teacher: Umm...What was your name again...?

Setsuna: Sensei! That's Yamada-san.
Teacher: Oh...Was that it...?

Teacher: I've been forgetting things more and more as I get older.

SFX: Heart beat
SFX: Heart beat


Text: Midday
SFX: Ding dong

Setsuna: Well, how'd it go?
Kuchinashi: Did you make any friends?
Cruz: I-I thought they were gonna figure it out...
Setsuna: Well, they didn't, and that's what matters.

Setsuna: Just don't be so careless!
Setsuna: Next is combat training!

Cruz: Eh?
Cruz: Combat training...?

SFX: Threatening atmosphere
Small SFX: Chatter


Cruz: Pyaaaah!
Setsuna: Hey! Quit looking around!
Setsuna: Just hurry up and change!

Cruz: But...I don't have a power...I'll be found out immediately...
Setsuna: Don't worry. Not everyone here is a Needless!

Setsuna: So you don't have to worry about being found out because you don't have a power!
Setsuna: And we'll protect you!
Cruz: Th-th-this is the outfit?

Setsuna: Apparently, over 100 years ago, Japanese girls all wore this battle outfit! It has a long history!
Cruz: B-but it's so skin-tight. I'll be found out!!!

Setsuna: I-I see...


SFX: Pitiful

Setsuna: We have no choice...
Setsuna: We'll say you have a cold. Just rest here in the infirmary.

Cruz: I-I'm saved...
Setsuna: But be careful. If someone finds you and they find out you're lying, it's all over.
Cruz: O-okay...
Text left of Cruz: Hoo
Kuchinashi: Too bad

SFX: Close

Cruz: Hoo...


Cruz: Can I really last 3 days like this...?

SFX: Shouting

Cruz: What kind of...
Cruz: training is everyone doing?

Teacher: Training to have complete control over men. No. 116!!
Teacher: Do 20 pull-ups as if you were jumping with all your might to get a balloon out of a tree!!
Teacher: Start!!
Girls: Eh!
Girls: Eh!


Teacher: Your voices aren't cute enough!
Girls: Eh!
Girls: Eh!
Cruz: ...What is this?
Teacher: Anyone who can't do it must take 10 laps around the school!
Girls: Yes, ma'am!!

SFX: Knock knock

Girl: Excuse me.
SFX: Slide

Girl: Senpai.
Girl2: How are you feeling?


Cruz: Wah wah!! Wh...
Cruz: Why are you here...!?
Cruz: What about class?
Girl: Our class is self-study in the afternoon.

Girl: More importantly, we heard you had a cold. We were worried, so we brought some medicine for you.
Cruz: Eh? Th-that's not necessary. It's not that bad.

Girl: Don't be shy!
Girl: I may not look it, but I'm part of the health committee. I have training in first-aid and nursing!

Girl: I'll do an examination!
Girl: What are your symptoms?
SFX: Lean over...
Cruz: Well, um...um...!!


Girl: Hm, your face is a bit red.
SFX: Press
SFX: Heart beat
SFX: Heart beat

Girl: Okay, I'm going to use the stethoscope, so open up your shirt!
Cruz: Ehh!?

SFX: Threatening atmosphere
Cruz: Wah
Cruz: Wah
SFX in bubble: Undo
Girl2: You don't have to be embarrassed.
Girl: We're all girls here.


Girl: Ah...

Girl: Are you injured?

Cruz: Th-this is from when the Simeon building exploded...
Cruz: Ah!
Girl: Eh!?
Girl: You were there!?
Girl: So you're a Needless!?

Cruz: Eh...um...you two...aren't Needlesses?
Girl: No! That's why we admire you for being one!

Girl2: What power do you have?
Girl: I want to know all sorts of other things about you, Yamada-senpai!
Cruz: Wah


SFX: Threatening atmosphere
Girl: Will you teach us all sorts of things?
Cruz: Wait.
Girl2: Onee-sama.

SFX: Blush

Girl2: Oh, no!! She has a terrible fever!!
Cruz: N-no, this is...
Girl: Eh!?

Girl2: We have to do something quickly!!
Cruz: I-I'm fine. I just need some rest...
Girl: You're not fine! The test is coming up, and if you're in poor health, you won't be able to study!


SFX: Threatening atmosphere
Girl: I have a really effective suppository, so stick out your ass so I can stick it in, senpai!
Cruz: Nooooo!!

Cruz: Ah...I was prepared for a lot of things...
Girl: Don't worry!! I'm on the health committee!
Girl2: C'mon, move your hands!
Cruz: but I never thought I would die like this...

Cruz: Eve-san... Holy Father... Mio-chan...
Cruz: Please forgive me in more ways than one for having such misfortune as to die before you...


Setsuna: Wait!!
SFX: Bam!
Setsuna: What are you doing!!!

Girl: Ah...Setsuna-senpai!

Cruz: S-Setsuna-san...!!

Setsuna: No one asked you to nurse her!
Girl: But I was worried about her...
Setsuna: I know that! Just get out of here!!


SFX: Skip skip skip
Girl: Too bad...
Girl2: Yes...

Girl2: Anyway...Only the regular unit should have been at the Simeon Building that day...
Girl: Hmm. But we checked the list for the regular unit and there wasn't anyone named Yamada.

Girl2: An injured mysterious bishoujo who wasn't on the list...
Girl: Hmm...Quite the mystery.

Girl: Heh heh heh...
Girl: I'll definitely expose her true identity!
SFX: Sparkle


Setsuna: We were worried, so we purposefully got injured to come here. It seems that was the right decision.
Cruz: Purposefully!?
Text left of Kuchinashi: This

Setsuna: Are you alright? They didn't see it, did they?
Cruz: No...somehow...

Setsuna: But they definitely suspected something.
Setsuna: Don't get near them anymore!
Cruz: U-Understood!

Setsuna: Did they say anything?
Cruz: No, not really...

Cruz: Ah! They did say something about a test coming up...
Cruz: What were they talking about...?

Kuchinashi: Ah...

Setsuna: Oh, shit!!


Setsuna: This is bad...!
SFX: Threatening atmosphere
Setsuna: I forgot we have the "Test" the day after tomorrow...!!

Cruz: Wh-what is this test!?
Setsuna: On the day before the gate is opened, we have a written test!
Setsuna: If you don't pass, you're forbidden from going out the next day...!

Cruz: N-no way!!
Setsuna: It's not just that...!

Setsuna: Anyone who fails the test...
Setsuna: gets "punished"...!

Cruz: Wh-what do you mean!?


SFX: Threatening atmosphere
Setsuna: I can't really put it in words...
Setsuna: but you'll definitely be STRIPPED NAKED.

Cruz: Ehhhhhh!? Wh-why...?
Setsuna: We're the Girls Unit that supports Simeon from the shadows. Okay?

Setsuna: The one's like us with a "Power" take part in actual combat.
Setsuna: Those of us with "Intelligence" work in information analysis, spying, and infiltration.
Setsuna: And those with neither execute their missions using a "Woman's Charm".

Setsuna: Do you understand what I'm saying?
Cruz: S-so...

Kuchinashi: You'll be switched to "that kind" of combat training.
SFX: Excited
Cruz: Eeeee!

Setsuna: Of course, there are specialized classes for that division too...
Setsuna: so it's not that big a deal for us.


Setsuna: But for you it would be fatal...!
Text above elephant: Paohhn
Setsuna: If you get stripped naked...it's game over!

Cruz: Wh-what should I do!? I can't fight at all and I can't pass the test either...
Cruz: What's on the test anyway...?
Setsuna: I don't know! We're exempt from the test...!!

SFX: Threatening atmosphere
Setsuna: I guess...
Setsuna: we'll have to use "that method".

Cruz: Eh?


Rel: Hello!
SFX: Tah-dah!
Rel: I'm the cheating pro, Ogaki Rel!
Box: Girls' Unit Ogaki Rel

Cruz: Eh? Are you mad?
Rel: No.
[TN: The line "I'm the cheating pro, Ogaki Rel" sounds similar to a Japanese phrase meaning "I've run out of patience with ***"]

Cruz: Wait...You don't mean..."That method" is cheating!?
Setsuna: That's right. No one's better than her at cheating.
Rel: Oh, I'm not THAT good.


Rel: Since this was a request from Setsuna...
Rel: I'll give you a discount.
Cruz: Please do.

Rel: Here you go!
SFX: Dramatic
Rel: This is Rel-sama's special "Cheating Paper"!!
On book: For all subjects

Cruz: Wow...
Setsuna: That's not a paper, that's a book!!

Setsuna: Do you always use this?
Text above Rel: Oh ho ho ho ho
Rel: That's right! That's why I'm the top student in the school!!
Rel: Those of us without powers have to do this.

Rel: With this, you can hide it in your panties so they won't find it!
Cruz: In my panties...?
Text on Cruz's finger: Finger

SFX: Rustle...
Rel: And that's not all.
Cruz: Eh?


Rel: Tah-dah!!
Rel: The "Emergency Escape Capsule"!
SFX: Dramatic

Cruz: Wh-what is it?
Rel: Heh hehn.
Rel: You use it if it looks like the examiner might find the Cheating Paper!

Rel: Simply put, you can put the Cheating Paper in the capsule and hide it in your body!
SFX: Threatening atmosphere
Cruz: Dehhhhh!?
Setsuna: Th-that's a pro for you..

Cruz: B-but wouldn't it be found out if you swallowed it right in front the examiner?
Rel: Yeah, that's why you do it down below.

Cruz: ...Down below?


Cruz: Hyaaaah!! No!! I don't wanna!!
SFX: Scooting back
Rel: What!? You've gotta have the guts to do at least that!
Kuchinashi: For you, it would be a suppository.

Rel: It's only for if you need it.
Rel: You can hide it in your pen case.
Cruz: B-b-but I'm not sure I can do it!
Cruz: I'm not suited for cheating...

Rel: Y'know what...?
Cruz: Ee!
SFX: Threatening atmosphere
Rel: I've just about run out of patience with you.

Cruz: Eh? Were you introducing yourself?
Rel: No.
[TN: A reversal of the previous pun.]


Cruz: Sigh...
SFX: Write

Kuchinashi: How's the cheating studying going?
Cruz: Well...
Cruz: Even with the Cheating Paper, I have to be familiar with what's written in it...
Cruz: I really do have to study.


Cruz: Um...are you worried about it?
Setsuna: Eh?

Setsuna: No...it's not that.
Setsuna: You heard earlier, right?
Setsuna: We've been summoned by Madame.

Cruz: Ah...
Cruz: The teacher from this morning...

Cruz: But why...?
Setsuna: That's the thing...

Setsuna: I've thought about it...
Setsuna: but I just can't figure it out.


SFX: Threatening atmosphere
Setsuna: It's possible...
Setsuna: she KNOWS ABOUT YOU...

Cruz: N-no way...!
Setsuna: Well, we don't know anything for sure.

Setsuna: Anyway, we're going.
SFX: Step
Setsuna: Stay here.
Cruz: O-okay...

Sign: Dormitory Leader's Office
SFX: Knock knock
Setsuna: You called for us, Madame.


Madame: Enter.

Setsuna: E-excuse us...
Setsuna (thought): There are other teacher's here...!?

Madame: Do you...
Madame: know why I called you two here?

Setsuna: N...
Setsuna: No...


SFX: Threatening atmosphere
Madame: There's a possibility...
Madame: someone has infiltrated this academy.

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