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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Seitokai no Ichizon 7

Passion isn't enough! It isn't true romantic love unless it is sublimated to pure love!

+ posted by js06 as translation on Apr 20, 2010 03:45 | Go to Seitokai no Ichizon

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For DBR only

Chapter 07


Title: episode. 7 Passion isn't enough! It isn't true romantic love unless it is sublimated to pure love!

On shirt: Shiina Minatsu


Text: The members of the Hekiyou Academy Student Council are chosen either by a popularity contest vote of those nominated...
Text: or by the excellence method where any student that gets top scores on the end of term examinations can get in if they so wish.

Box: Sugisaki Ken put in enough effort that he was practically oozing blood and got in via the excellence method so that he could create the ultimate harem.
Box: But no matter how hard he tries, not even a flag for a romance route has appeared, much less for the harem route.

Kurimu: Passion isn't enough! It isn't true "romantic love" unless it is sublimated to pure love!

Kurimu: Isn't that right, Sugisaki!?
Ken: Y-yes... You have to have the pure love.

Kurimu: Isn't that right?
Ken: Y-yeah.
SFX: Smile smile

Kurimu: Right?
Ken: ...Yeah.
SFX: Sweating


Minatsu: It's not often the president can talk you down, Ken.
Minatsu: But I guess you don't have anything to say back to her. Having a harem is about as unfaithful as you can get.

Ken: Well, it may not be faithful, but it does have "pure love".

Ken: But the president's such a kid that she doesn't know that. And most of all, she has logic on her side. Sometimes, there's no room to refute her.
Minatsu: I know what you mean. Logic can be a pain.

Minatsu: You know you're wrong, but that's not the point.
Minatsu: Those kinds of situations come up a lot.

Minatsu: But there are those people who love using that kind of logical argument.
Minatsu: And they get so cocky.
Minatsu: Not that I'm talking about anyone in particular.
Text right of Kurimu: Hee hee
Text left of Kurimu: I talked down Sugisaki.


Mafuyu: I know what you mean, too.
SFX: Raise hand

Mafuyu: I love video games.
Mafuyu: and my parents are always telling me...

Mother: What meaning is there in clearing that game if it makes your eyes go bad?
Mafuyu: I know they're right...
Mafuyu: and yet...

Ken: As long as you're not causing anyone any problems, you don't want to hear that kind of thing from anyone.
Ken: You know they have logic on their side, but you do it anyway.

Minatsu: I've done that, too. At the crosswalk, I'll cross when it doesn't look like there are any cars coming.
Ken: I know what you mean.


Ken: My home town is in the country and my eyesight is 1.5 so there are times when I can look in both directions and see that there are no cars all the way to the horizon.

Minatsu: I know they're right for being careful, so I can only accept their rebukes.
Minatsu: I'm the one at fault...
Minatsu: I'm the one at fault, but...

Chizuru: You shouldn't break the rules.
Text in background: Logical Argument
SFX: Close

All: Uh.


Chizuru: Video games are bad for your eyes, so you should play them in moderation.
Mafuyu: Ah.

Chizuru: You should wait for the light to change before crossing the crosswalk.
Minatsu: Uhh.

Chizuru: But, well, I play video games in the dark and trust my vision more than the traffic light.
SFX: Take off
Chizuru: That very vision that has been ruined by the video games!
Ken: You're the worst one!

Text above Kurimu: Ah

SFX: Squeak squeak


On board: Today's Topic: Concerning the lapse in public morals in the school.
SFX: Place

Ken: That's amazingly clichéd.
Kurimu: That's exactly the reason it's a topic the student council needs to earnestly make an effort on.
Ken: You're all about the logical arguments today, aren't you?

Chizuru: But isn't this something we should leave to the Public Morals Committee?
Chizuru: And I'd say we're much better than a lot of other schools in that regard...


Chizuru: I've heard that things are terribly rough at the nearby "Otobuki High".
Chizuru: And I haven't heard many good rumors about the other schools in the area.

Chizuru: We're fairly blessed compared to those other schools.
Chizuru: We have a certain standard of morals here.

Mafuyu: That's right...
Mafuyu: I don't think I've seen any lapses in public morals that would justify making it a topic worth discussing...

Kurimu: What are you saying! Things are out of control!
Kurimu: Especially...um...
Kurimu: s-sexually!
SFX: Bam
Ken: ...Sexually?


Kurimu: It may be because of our Vice President, but lately it seems I've been seeing a lot more of guys hitting on girls around campus.
Ken: Hey, hey. Why are you setting a bad example for the students, Vice President?
Minatsu: Wait. The Vice President she's referring to is clearly you.

Ken: But I haven't seen any guys hitting on girls.
Minatsu: Are you just going to ignore me!?

Kurimu: I just have the feeling I've been seeing it more lately!
Kurimu: Like, um...

Kurimu: Guys and girls...holding hands...
Ken: Eh?
Ken: Holding hands is a lapse in morals?
Kurimu: Th-that's right!
SFX: Flirt flirt


Kurimu: I won't say it's wrong for them to do that when they're alone, but...
Kurimu: walking around hand in hand in front of all those other students just shows indiscretion!
Kurimu: How can they do that in the school...!?

Ken: Sigh...

Ken: The "good morning kiss" you often see in gal games is one thing...
Ken: but they're simply holding hands...!

Ken: Maybe people who play romance games like Mafuyu-chan or me have a better basis to judge these things on...

Ken: Or maybe not.


Minatsu: Oh!
Kurimu: Yes, Minatsu-san?

Minatsu: You may not know, president, but there are a lot of things worse then what you mentioned.
Minatsu: Just check out the school after classes have let out.

Minatsu: If you go to the more abandoned areas, you'll see people kissing...
Minatsu: and there's a good chance you'll even see people ****ing.
Girl: Yah...!
Girl: Yes, there...!
SFX: Flirt flirt

Kurimu: Wha-!?

Ken: No...that can't be...


Ken: There are some delicious events where I could get some wonderful "Other Ero CGs" going on and I didn't know about it!?
Text above and to the right of Ken: Oh, Jesus!
Ken: Has choosing to go to the Student Council Room after school day after day in order to complete the Student Council Members Route backfired on me!?
Text right of Minatsu: You want to see it? How much of a pervert are you?
Minatsu: May I continue?

Minatsu: But there's not really anything wrong with it, right?
Minatsu: It's not like they're causing anyone any problems.
SFX: Sit...
Minatsu: It's true it's really awkward if you happen across it, but doesn't it just mean they love each other so much they can't resist?

SFX: Nonchalantly
Ken: That's right, president. In a few months, I'll have completed your route and you'll be wanting me even at school-
Kurimu: ...pul...ion.
SFX: Tremble tremble
Ken: Eh?


Kurimu: Expulsion!
Kurimu: Wh-when people are caught doing that, they should be expelled. Immediately expelled!

Kurimu: Wh-what's wrong with them? What do they think this place is!?
Ken: Somewhere to activate flags-

Kurimu: Be quiet, Sugisaki! And stay quiet until Se*a comes out with a new system!
Ken: Are you saying I can never speak again!?

Chizuru: But, Aka-chan. There's no stopping it. There are lapses in sexual morality everywhere. It isn't something we can do anything about.

Kurimu: We won't just be stopping it! We'll be eliminating in!
Text in background: They shall receive divine punishment.
Kurimu: Evil shall meet a swift death.


Chizuru: But if we do that, won't we lose most of the students?
Kurimu: It can't be helped.
Text left of Kurimu: Hmph

Chizuru: ...Aka-chan.

Chizuru: It IS important for the student council to maintain public morals...
Chizuru: but we need to think of the students first.
Chizuru: You're the president of the "Student's" council.
Kurimu: Uh...

Kurimu: But...
SFX: Shake shake
Kurimu: We can't have people doing that at school!

Mafuyu: U-um...

Mafuyu: This isn't really my strong point...
Mafuyu: but...I think we should let the people who want to do it do it...


Ken: Do what?
Mafuyu: N-no. I didn't mean it like that... Umm, I meant...
Text left of Minatsu: Don't sexually harass my sister.

Kurimu: No!
Mafuyu: Ee!
SFX: Jump

Kurimu: That's exactly why I'm saying that today's youth are out of control sexually.
Kurimu: You have to draw the line somewhere!
Kurimu: At this rate, we'll be living in a world where it's more and more normal for kids in school to be having children!

Ken: But I've heard that, up to the early days of the Meiji era, it was completely normal for 12 and 13 year olds to do it together...
Text left of Ken: Like having orgies during the break periods at the temple schools.
Ken: A-anyway, as long as I'm the student council president, I won't let this kind of thing happen!

Ken: Well...I suppose that's true.


Ken: I can't see a school under your leadership being anything like that...

Ken: But, that said, like Chizuru-san said, this is the kind of thing where it will only get worse the more we try to force people to stop.
Ken: It kind of feels like we have no way of dealing with the problem.
Ken: I mean, whatever we do, it'll just make it "taboo", right?
Kurimu: Eh?

Ken: It's just like with ghost stories. There are people who enjoy the thrill.
Ken: So if we start banning it, isn't it possible it will have the opposite effect?

Kurimu: Mhh. You're being rather honest and helpful with your opinions on this, Sugisaki...
Ken: Of course I am.
Text left of Kurimu: Mh


Ken: If you can't **** at school, what do you have left to dream for!?
Ken: How disappointing would it be to buy an eroge with a school setting and then have none of the ero CGs be in the school!?
Ken: Actually...there have been a lot of those lately...
Kurimu: ...Anyway, I get the feeling that if Sugisaki was expelled, the school's morals would improve.
Text on eroge: Ahh, it went in. Ken-kun...not so rough.

Ken: Come to think of it...
Ken: You've never fallen in love, have you, president?

Kurimu: That's right...
Kurimu: But even if I did, I'd be able to tell what was appropriate.
Text left of Kurimu: Hmm...


Mafuyu: B-but um...it's not like they're making out during classes or anything.
Mafuyu: I think we should make some boundaries...
Mafuyu: but the school building is supposed to be used for the student's various needs after classes end...

Kurimu: I think you should still act like a proper student until you change from your uniform into your normal clothes.
Mafuyu: Uh...
SFX: Recoil...

Ken: It's true that causing problems while wearing your uniform is completely different from causing problems while wearing your normal clothes.
SFX: Scratch scratch

Ken: So what do you want to do, president? Ban romance?
Kurimu: I don't want to go that far...

Kurimu: ...Yeah.

Kurimu: I just want to set some boundaries.


Chizuru: Then why don't you distribute a flyer with a notification from the student council?

Kurimu: I don't want to put out a notification, I want to ban it.
Chizuru: It's already banned according to the school rules.
Chizuru: Even now, if a teacher catches you, you'll be suspended.
Kurimu: Uuh...

Ken: This is tricky...
Ken: It's said that if you love each other, you can do whatever you want, but that isn't true. Rules are rules.
Ken: But I also understand the viewpoint of those asking what's wrong with doing something that doesn't cause anyone else any problems.

Ken & Kurimu: Hmm...


Minatsu: B-by the way, had you heard that the captain and manager of the soccer team are going out?

Minatsu: They've been going out for 2 months now and they apparently haven't even held hands yet.
Kurimu: ...See, that's a wholesome relationship.

Ken: I see. So that's the president's ideal romance.
Ken: So, president, do you think it's okay for college students to have sex?

Kurimu: Hmm... I still think they shouldn't do it at school.
Kurimu: No matter how old you are, you shouldn't do that kind of thing at work or school.
Ken: What about holding hands?
Kurimu: No.
Ken: What about on the way home?
Kurimu: That's fine.
Ken: For a high schooler?
Kurimu: I'd say no.
Ken: For a college student?
Kurimu: Hmmm, I guess that's fine.


Ken: I see...she's a bit too strict, but she does seem to be close to how the general populace feels...
Text: Thinking

Mafuyu: I feel the same way as the president...
Mafuyu: b-but there are people who have different opinions on it...
Mafuyu: So...um...we shouldn't restrict them.

Kurimu: Mhh...
Ken: Ah, this is bad.

Box: There's no definitive answer to this topic.
Box: And we thoughtlessly told her opinions differing from her own. Now she's lost her absolute confidence in her own view.
Box: Now this meeting is going to end without us coming to a conclusion.
Ken: And when that happens...
SFX: Glance


Ken: I get what you're saying, president.
Ken: You're right. You have logic on your side.
Kurimu: Y-yeah...

Chizuru: That's right. You're view is right, Aka-chan. We should distribute a flyer and tell everyone to be careful at the next school assembly.
Chizuru: We can also contact the teachers and get them to crack down on it.
Kurimu: Yeah.

Minatsu: That's right! It's true that there are some things that are intolerable, so it'll be perfect if we gave everyone a reminder.
Mafuyu: Y-yeah. I don't want to see anything like we were talking about.
SFX: Clap...

Kurimu: That's right! Everyone's been too lax!
SFX: Grip
Kurimu: I'll fix that at the next assembly!

Ken: Eh?
Ken: You will...?


Kurimu: H-hello, evwyone.
Kurimu: Ah, I-I messed up...

Kurimu: H-hello everyone. I'm Sakurano Kurimu the Student Council President.
Kurimu: Um, the weather sure has been spring-like lately, hasn't it? Umm, the leaves have been turning green and...no, never mind that.

Kurimu: Lately, um...we've noticed people doing inappropriate things in the school. We think you shouldn't be doing those fings.
Kurimu: Ah, I messed up again.
SFX: Annoyed

Kurimu: A-anyway, you shouldn't be doing those things! Everyone, I-I beg you to have wholesome relationships!

SFX: Bow
SFX: Smack
Kurimu: Ow, I hit my head!
Guy: So moé...


Ken: That won't work. The atmosphere she would end up creating would have the opposite effect.

Ken: H-how about I make the address at the next school assembly?
Kurimu: You? Why are you so eager about this all of a sudden?

Ken: With someone like me telling them these things, I think it'll have a greater effect.
Text: Super Ultimate Flirter

Ken: If a harem guy like me warns them, won't they listen all the more?
Kurimu: I-I don't know...

Ken: They will! So let me do this!
SFX: Lean in
Kurimu: O-okay, okay. Not so close.


Text: And the conclusion

Girl: And next is a notification from the student council.

Guy: We've been waiting, president!

SFX: Walk out
Ken: Hello, everyone. This is Vice President Sugisaki Ken.

SFX: Silence

Ken: Wh-why am I getting a storm of booing right off the bat!?
Text: Boo Boo


Ken: Is it because of the president!? Did they think the president was going to come out like usual and were disappointed that it was me!?

Ken: There's nothing wrong with me. In fact looking at a bishonen instead of a bishojo is fine every once in a while.
Ken: Isn't it important to keep an open mind?
SFX: Twinkle

Ken: Woah. The entire school is booing me at once!

Ken: Heey! Stop booing!!
Text: What is this, the Stadium of National Sport!?

Ken: Hey, Minatsu!
Ken: Why are you agitating them so they'll boo me?


Ken: Whatever, just calm down. I said calm down, you fools!
SFX: Woosh
Ken: Woah!?

SFX: Thunk

Ken: That was a shuriken!!
Ken: Are there mob characters or ninjas in this school!?

Ken: Anyway, who threw it!? Come forward...Wait, was it you!?
Ken: You're clearly a ninja! How individual can you be!?
Small text in bubble: Actually, that outfit is quite impressive.

Ken: Wait, why isn't any around him saying anything about it!? He's clearly only wearing it to get comments!!
SFX: Blush
Text left of girl: Really?
Ken: With this kind of thing it's kinder to comment on it. Someone please open your heart and comment on it!


Ken: If you don't know what to say, just lecture him. If you leave things as they are...
SFX: Shiver

Text right of Ken: Ah

SFX: Stare...
Text in background: Sugisaki, you begged me to let you take my place, and now you're wasting time on this kind of pointless stuff!?
[TN: Or something like that most of it is obscured.]

Ken: Damn it. Thanks to you guys, I got off topic and now the president's pissed. I have to get back on topic now.

SFX: Silence
Ken: So you quiet down as soon as I bring up the president...?
Ken: Well, whatever.


Ken: Lately, the morals of people at this school...
Ken: have been slipping. Especially sexually.

Ken: Yeah, I completely expected to get that "You're one to talk" look.

Ken: I mean, I love eroges.

Ken: The other day, I managed to clear every route in a game of pure ecstasy even though I was busy with student council stuff.

Ken: But...


Ken: I'm sad to say that I haven't done anything sexually wrong in reality.
Ken: No matter how hard I try to get the flags, I just can't seem to do so!
Ken: It's not just that I can't get them; I don't even have the opportunities to get them!
Text: His days of rushing about

Text left of Ken: Ah

Ken: S-stop.
Ken: Don't look at me with such pity.
Ken: It's painful. I'm really going to cry...
SFX: Stare...

Ken: Well, anyway...
Ken: Even for me, it's a problem having people getting so intimate at school.


Ken: When you come across someone doing it, it makes you want to kill them.
Ken: Isn't that right?
Ken: I'm sure even those of you who aren't single have some idea what I'm talking about.

Ken: What I'm trying to say is...
Ken: whether it's romance or something else, you need to do it in moderation.

Ken: I understand you want to do these things.
Ken: I mean, my goal is for the student council room to be a place for the five of us to do all sorts of thin-

SFX: Woosh


SFX: Grab
Text under shuriken: Ohh!

Ken: Hey, ninja. Give it a rest.
Ken: If I hadn't read Fist of the North ****, that would've hit me!

Ken: Whatever, I'll deal with you later.
Ken: I'll fight you to your heart's content so do some chakra training or whatever.

Ken: Anyway...
Ken: If things stay as they are, the student council is going to have to act.
Ken: We'll have no choice but to make some rules.


Ken: We may have to ban anyone being in the school after hours for anything except for club and committee activities.
Ken: Worst case, we might even have to set a specific distance guys and girls had to keep from each other.
Ken: No one wants that, right?
Ken: You would prefer for this to end in a polite manner, right?

Ken: Then I'm sorry to say that all you can do is remember to have some restraint.
Ken: If you can restrain yourself, you'll be given more freedom.

Ken: And don't you get more fired up over it when you've been holding back?

Ken: You know what a kamado is, right?
[TN: A kamado is a type of traditional Japanese stove.]


Ken: Because it emits heat in a restricted space and in a restricted direction, it's perfect for cooking things.
Ken: It's not like an open fire where the flame spreads everywhere.

Ken: So if you're going to play with the fire of love, do it in a kamado.
Ken: Simply burning like a campfire is fine, but then it'll burn out quickly, right?

Ken: Don't just do everything you want without restraint.
Ken: I understand that feeling of wanting to do something, but remember to keep yourself in check.
Ken: Don't do it just to follow the rules; do it for your own sake.

Ken: Isn't it better for things to continue for a long time for both those who enjoy the "passion" and those who have reached a "pure love"?
Ken: You don't want it to end over some quibble, do you?


Ken: Then have some self restraint. If you do, others won't have to put limitations on you.

Ken: You'll be in a much better mood without those limitations.

Ken: Don't you hate it when others warn you about things you know are wrong?
Ken: The cleverest way to avoid being attacked by logic like that is to only do logical things yourself, right?

Ken: I'm not saying you can't let loose and be completely unrestrained from time to time. I'm just telling you to not forget the word "moderation".
Ken: Romance is a fever, so a lot of the time your self-restraint doesn't seem to be working, but, if you want to be a student, keep trying.
Ken: If you're willing to quit school for romance, then go nuts. I'll leave that to your discretion.

Ken: And that's all I have to say.
SFX: Click


Ken: Hey.
Ken: Why does everyone look so serious?
Ken: Just ignore me like usual. Was I acting weird or something?

SFX: Clap clap clap clap
Ken: Ah, hey, stop applauding.
Ken: What are you doing, ninja!
Ken: This is embarrassing!

SFX: Panicking
Ken: What is this atmosphere? It's like you're applauding a graduating student.
Ken: C'mon. Now I'm going to cry for a different reason than before.

Ken: Argh. I'll remember this!
Girl: That was the Student Council Vice President, Sugisaki Ken, with a "Notification from the Student Council".

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