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Black Lagoon 80

The Wired Red Wild Card PT.4

+ posted by js06 as translation on May 4, 2010 04:23 | Go to Black Lagoon

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For JAC only

Chapter 80

This took way longer than it should have because of the ridiculous amount of Chinese names and terms I had to look up romanizations and/or meanings of for this chapter.


SFX: Walking
Text: Seasons 1 and 2 of the anime will be airing on the anime-specialty channel "AT-X"! They will be airing each Friday at 11:30 and 23:30 starting May 7th and repeating each week on Tuesdays at 17:30 and 29:30 starting May 11th.
Right margin: For the latest information on the 3rd Season OVAs see the pinup!!

Title: #80 The Wired Red Wild Card PT.4


SFX: Slam!

Liu: Is Shang Xiao Ma here!?
SFX: Walking

Ma: Zh-Zhong Jiang Liu.
[TN: Zhon Jiang is a Chinese military meaning Middle General.]
Ma: Do...
Ma: y...
Ma: you need something?

Chang: Shang Xiao Ma!
Chang: What the hell have you been doing! This is-
Liu: Wait, Da Xiao Chang.
[TN: Da Xiao is a Chinese military rank meaning Grand Field Officer.]
Liu: I'll tell him.

Liu: Shang Xiao Ma, listen carefully.
Liu: Early this morning, someone rudely came asking after me like I am you.
Liu: Who do you think that was?


Ma: Who...
Ma: was it?

Liu: It was the 14th of Chang'an Avenue, Shang Xiao Ma.
Liu: The State Council and Ministry of State Security...

Wang: I am Wang Jingyong, assistant chief of...
Wang: the eighth division of the State Council and Ministry of State Security, great Zhong Jiang.
Wang: I have something regarding national security to discuss with you.

Ma: Th-
Ma: The Ministry of State Security...
Ma: What did they want to discuss...?

Liu: You idiot!
Liu: If I knew, why would I be coming to you!?
Chang: His greatness is right, Shang Xiao Ma!
Chang: Shao Wei Yeyin!
[TN: Shao Wei is a Chinese military rank meaning Junior Officer.]
Yeyin: Y-yes, sir!


Yeyin: U-
Yeyiin: Um...
Yeyin: It's still unofficial, but...

Yeyin: We have been contacted by an overseas firm,
Yeyin: the German Defense Corporation "Rainbach AG".
Yeyin: Um...
Yeyin: It was related to the theft of some important information related to avionics.

Yeyin: They suspect our military to be involved...
Yeyin: and they say they have some clear evidence...
Ma: Impossible!

Liu: Shang Xiao Ma, didn't you say you would finish up with "Rainbach Constructions"...
Liu: with a positive result?
Ma: That was 2 months ago...
Ma: and we made sure there wasn't anything missing from the company itself.

Liu: If there had been no problem, this wouldn't be happening!
SFX: Grinding teeth
Liu: Think about this for a second, you fool!
Yeyin: Um, if you don't mind...
Yeyin: I'll continue.

Yeyin: "From late at night on the 6th to just before dawn on the 7th, a hacker persistently hacked in from the "Annenheim Distribution" corporate server.
Yeyin: They have strong evidence that it was a current officer of the People's Liberation Army. (Paragraph Break)"...


Feng: It isn't a difficult mission, Shang Xiao Ma.
Feng: I'll be using a corporation in Leiden as a stepping stool and..

Yeyin: Two months ago, they underwent the same type of attack by way of the same corporation's server...
Yeyin: so they were able to obtain proof that "Annenheim Distribution" was a front corporation for the People's Liberation Army.
Yeyin: And, um, that sums it up.
Text at top computer: Rainbach AG
Text at bottom computer: Annenheim Distribution

Liu: "Annenheim Distribution"...
Liu: IS a front corporation of ours.

Ma: That's a false accusation, Zhong Jiang!
Ma: A technician inside "Rainbach Constructions" was bribed into taking the information.

Ma: In other words, the information was taken from WITHIN Rainbach.
Ma: The technician just used his exchange with "Annenheim Distribution" to conceal what he had done!
Ma: And it isn't true that "Annenheim Distribution" overlooked the previous attack!


Liu: Shang Xiao Ma,
Liu: the truth doesn't matter.
Liu: Their means of coming to the conclusion may be wrong...
Liu: but they DID REACH the correct answer.

Liu: We stole information from Rainbach two months ago.

Liu: And "Annenheim Distribution" is a front corporation of ours.

Liu: And there is proof that your subordinate, a soldier of the People's Liberation Army,

Liu: attacked Rainbach again.

Liu: With all that...
Liu: they have enough.

SFX: Slide down


Yeyin: Um...
Yeyin: There has been legal business between "Rainbach AG" and our People's Republic.
Yeyin: Looking at the profit of both sides, if monetary reparations were needed...
Yeyin: it wouldn't be made public and wouldn't be done officially.

Liu: It should be obvious that the Ministry of State Security would act.
Liu: If we screw anything up in dealing with this, it could become a huge international problem.
Liu: What the hell is the First District doing!?
Liu: If I find out you've been playing around with your interns or something...
Liu: you won't get off lightly!

Chang: Shang Xiao Ma.

Chang: Tell me what has been accomplished so far on the project.
Chang: There is a chance you have a double spy working on it.

Ma: Don't be ridiculous!

Ma: We've infiltrated a group that mainly works on counterfeits and forgeries in order to understand the electronic technologies!
Ma: It has nothing to do with this incident!


Chang: Then why did that soldier...
Chang: know about "Annenheim Distribution"?
Ma: Eh?

Liu: That's right.
Liu: That officer has no connection to "Rainbach Constructions", right?
Liu: That's odd.
Chang: Indeed it is.
Chang: If she knew about it, perhaps she was part of Rainbach all along.

Ma: That's impossible!
Ma: Wu Ji Shi Guan Li is unparalleled in her loyalty for our People's Liberation Army. Her distinguished services have-

Liu: Listen,
Liu: Shang Xiao Ma.

Liu: The People's Liberation Army intends to use this as a chance to spy inside Military Intelligence.
Liu: The regulations are out-of-date, but they'll have enough of a chance to convince the Central Military Commission of all sorts of ridiculous things.
Liu: What's most important is to not seek the truth...
Liu: but to do what will get us out of this situation the fastest.


Ma: ...Meaning...?

Liu: "Annenheim Distribution"...
Liu: should have nothing at all to do with us.
Liu: And...

Liu: The kind of soldier who would commit treason against his or her motherland and betray the people...
Liu: DOES NOT EXIST in the People's Liberation Army.
SFX: Snap together!

Liu: If that's not how things are...
Liu: all of us will be going through drills against camels in Chengdu District.
SFX: Salute!
Liu: I won't let the People's Liberation Army do anything halfheartedly.
Liu: I want our withdrawal from this operation complete within 72 hours!


SFX: Vrrrrrr
Jane: Oh,
Jane: the phone.
Benny: Yeah, sounds like it.
SFX: Beep deedly deep
SFX: Deedly deep
SFX: Beep
Benny: It's dangerous to do it while driving, so let's answer it when we get to the motel.

Jane: What the hell?
Jane: I'd rather you didn't act like I'm a mink or something.
SFX: Beep
SFX: Deedly deep
SFX: Beep

SFX: Deedly deep
SFX: Beep
Jane: I'm not going to be here for all that long.

Jane: Hiii.
Jane: How are you doing, Miss Fu.
Feng: Fine, boss.
Feng: I have something to ask you about my work.

Jane: Oh, about that.
Jane: It's a bit sudden, but you're fired.


Feng: ...Why?
Jane: I made sure to monitor you.
Jane: It really was too bad. You made it pretty far!

Jane: I have a few tips for you.
Jane: Yeah.
Jane: I bet they could be useful for you in the future.
Jane: Normally, I wouldn't give you any tips, but I'll make an exception.
Jane: Think of it like you won the "National Lotto".

Jane: First.
Jane: Avoid using techniques beyond the textbook ones.

Jane: Because you can tell at a glance where someone learned them.


Jane: Second.

Jane: When going in through a backdoor someone else opened, be very careful.

Jane: You don't know if they've set up any tricks in it.

Jane: And, most importantly, third.
Jane: If you don't hurry up and flee,
Jane: you'll probably die.

Feng: Tamade!
Feng: You tricked me...

SFX: Vrrrrr
SFX: Smash


SFX: Dooo...
SFX: Dooo...
SFX: Dooo...

SFX: Chnk

SFX: Collapse...

Feng: Pant
Feng: Pant...

Feng: No.
Feng: I can't vomit yet...!
Feng: Think.
Feng: Think think think!


Feng: Wa
Feng: aa
Feng: aa
Feng: aa
Feng: ah!

SFX: Click


Ma: It's me.
Ma: There's no time, so I'll keep this short.

Feng: Shang Xiao Ma!?
Ma: Are you a Mojian who is an enemy of your motherland?
Ma: Because that's what people here believe.

Feng: Ridiculous!
Feng: I was careless and that counterfeiting group set me up.
Ma: I believe you, but this is no longer an issue where the truth matters.
Ma: The higher ups have begun actions to completely erase everything related to this.

Ma: I'm sorry, Wu Ji Shi Guan Li.
Ma: I can no longer save you.

Ma: To be honest, I shouldn't even be making this phone call.
Ma: Think of this call...
Ma: as my personal tribute to you.


Feng: What's...going on?

Ma: Wu Ji Shi Guan Li.
Ma: I will take responsibility and inform your family of your loyalty and distinguished service.
Ma: But well...
Ma: I can't make it public.

Ma: I know. I'll move them to a high-class apartment in Shanghai with the funds for the classified mission.
Ma: And, umm, I'll get them a Benz.
Ma: And so that our People's Republic may maintain its peace, take your dirtied name as a Mojian...
Ma: and disappear into Roanapur.

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#1. by Arhazivory ()
Posted on May 4, 2010
I...had a bad feeling about it. I was telling the staff earlier that I'm sure the delay had something to do with the mangaka's tendency to use different languages with no interpretation. -_-'

*bows* Thanks for the effort js06~! I WISH I could give you a BIG cookie for being so awesome. <3
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