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Detective Conan 734

Demon Dog

+ posted by js06 as translation on May 16, 2010 22:06 | Go to Detective Conan

-> RTS Page for Detective Conan 734

For Endless Youth and Co. only

Chapter 734


Title: File 734 Demon Dog
Text: That hat belongs to...


Hound: Grrrr...

Hound: Grrrr...

Kogorou: H-hey! Why is that dog glowing!?
Man: Wah!
Ran: D...

Ran: Demon dog!!
Ran: There really was a demon dog!!

Right margin: A new story! Kogorou and the others are focused on watching TV at the office as a visitor approaches...


Conan: It's phosphorus!

Ran & Kogorou: Eh?
Man: Waaaah...!
Conan: the dog's body was covered in phosphorus so it would glow and scare people.

Conan: That's what Holmes explains at the end!
Kogorou: C'mon, don't spoil the ending!

Conan: But Holmes' "The Hound of the Baskervilles" is really famous. I thought you already knew how it ended...
Ran: Just so you know...
Ran: Not everyone is a huge Holmes nerd like you and Shinichi...

Kogorou: Hmph! Now that I know the demon dog's a fake, I don't care!
Kogorou: Let's watch something else!
SFX: Beep
Conan: Ehhh!?

Heiji: Then how about you come exterminate a real demon dog?


Conan: Eh?
Ran: H-Hattori-kun and Kazuha-chan!!

Heiji: We rang the doorbell...
Kazuha: and we yelled when you didn't answer...

Kazuha: We were worried so we came in.
Heiji: It seems the TV was too loud...
Kogorou: That's no reason to come in uninvited...

Ran: W-well? What was that about a demon dog...?
Kazuha: It's a ridiculous story Heiji heard and why he's here!
Heiji: We don't know if it's just a story yet!

Heiji: Did you know that some old rich guy called Inubushi Tsunechika died 5 years ago?
Kogorou: Yeah. He was the chairman of the Inubushi Group...


Ran: Y-you don't mean he was killed by a demon dog, do you!?
Heiji: No, no!
Heiji: It was just disease! Apparently it was terminal cancer...

Kazuha: But the chairman is said to have slept around a lot when he was younger, and a bit after he died...
Kazuha: some people came saying they were his kids!

Ran: Illegitimate children?
Kazuha: Yeah! They all have photos of their mothers with the chairman.
Kogorou: They could just be lying to get their hands on his fortune!

Heiji: Yeah, the chairman himself is dead so he can't confirm anything and all of them say their mothers are dead so they can't say how the romance began.
Heiji: Normally, they'd just be turned away...

Heiji: but the chairman's wife, Satomi, has taken in all of them as her adopted children!
Heiji: All 8 of them.
Kogorou: E-eight!?

Heiji: And now that she's died of disease something's happened!
Conan: The inheritance...

Heiji: Yeah, the huge inheritance the chairman left to his wife was supposed to be split evenly between the 8 adopted children once she died...
Heiji: but two of them have died in odd ways.

Heiji: One fell of a cliff and his dying words were...
Heiji: that he was attacked and pushed off the cliff...


Heiji: by what seemed to be some kind of ghostly apparition covered in a crimson flame that seemed to grow the more you looked at it.
Heiji: He said it was a monster that looked like a dog!!

Ran: Ehhhh!?

Kogorou: Hmph! It was probably just someone chasing after him with a plastic doll they'd lit on fire.
Heiji: But he said he ran away from the dog on his bicycle for an entire kilometer.
Heiji: Don't you think he would've noticed if that's what it was?

Conan: So were you called to the Inubushi house?
Heiji: No, one of the adopted children knew Kazuha's mother.
Kazuha: Apparently they were classmates in elementary school!
Kazuha: He used to live in Kansai.

Kazuha: And he said that the 2 who died were killed because of the curse.
Ran: Th-the curse...?


Kazuha: Apparently one of the 8 adopted children is a fake who has a grudge against the Inubushi family...
Kazuha: and he's using a cursed demon dog to exterminate the Inubushi bloodline.

Ran: E-exterminate...
Kazuha: He actually wanted to call in my dad, Chief of the Osaka Prefectural Police...
Kazuha: but he can't leave Osaka.

Kazuha: He wanted to talk it over with someone so he had no choice...
Heiji: but to call me!

Kogorou: So you ARE going to the Inubushi house!
Heiji: No, when he realized what was going on, he was afraid of being killed and abdicated his right to the inheritance and left the Inubushi house.

Heiji: Now he's living in Tokyo having switched back to his mother's family name. I'm going to go see him tomorrow.
Heiji: Wanna come with?
Ran: Ehh!?

Heiji: I'm sure...
Heiji: you'll get a laugh out of his name.


Conan: K...
Sign: Kudou Shinichi
Conan: Kudou Shinichi?
[TN: Shinichi is spelled with different kanji than in the name of the Shinichi we all know and love.]

Conan: Seriously...?
Heiji: See! Told you!
SFX: Ding dong

Abukawa: Wh-who is it?
Heiji: I'm the detective Shinichi-san called...

Conan: Huh? That was a woman's voice.
Conan: Didn't you say he lived alone?
Heiji: He has a bad back, so 2 or 3 times a week he has a nurse come over.

Heiji: This is the house he lived in with his mother before he was adopted by the Inubushi family.
Heiji: When his company was about to go under, he had to sell it...
Heiji: but, with the aid of the Inubushi chairman's wife, his company recovered and he bought it back.

Heiji: But, well, with his bad back he can't even go to his company anymore...
SFX: Slide


Abukawa: U-um...
Abukawa: Shinichi-san is asleep...
Box: Abukawa Funae (39) Home Helper

SFX: Knock knock

Abukawa: Shinichi-saaan?
SFX: Knock knock
Abukawa: You have visitors!

Heiji: He's sound asleep...
Conan: Isn't this room a bit hot...?
Abukawa: Yes...he's had a slight cold.

Abukawa: And he said he was up late last night thinking, so he didn't get much sleep...
Box: Kudou Shinichi (43) Adopted Child of the Inubushi Family

Abukawa: I think it's almost time for him to wake up...
Heiji: Then we'll just wait until he does.

Abukawa: Make sure to talk some sense into him!
Abukawa: I can't do anything about him anymore...
Conan & Heiji: Hm?


Heiji: He wants to just die in peace?

Heiji: That man...
Heiji: really said that?
Abukawa: Y-yes...

Abukawa: He said it would be better than to be devoured by the cursed demon dog...
Conan: He may have seen that dog, too.
Heiji: Yeah!

Abukawa: Well, I have to go buy some things for dinner, so can I leave you here alone?
Heiji: Yeah, we don't mind!

SFX: Close
Heiji: Cursed demon dog, huh?
Conan: Well, it kept Ran and Kazuha from coming...

Heiji: Yeah, but old Mr. Detective at least should've come, right?
Conan: He said there's a daytime drama with Okino Yoko in it he couldn't miss!

Heiji: But just waiting is pretty boring...

Conan: Hey, did you here anything else about this case?
Heiji: Just the names of the 8 adopted children...


Heiji: Let's see, they're Shinichi, Takako, Saki, Tomoaki,
Heiji: Miwako, Yoshiya, Keiji, and Miyuki.
On phone:

Heiji: Apparently, Chairman Inubushi Tsunechika gave all of them their names!
Conan: Ohh...

Conan: And? Which two are the ones who died?
Heiji: Let's see, I think it was...
SFX: Boom

SFX: Zunchaka zunchaka
Heiji: What's that noise...?
Conan: Maybe he has a timer set to play music instead of an alarm clock.

SFX: Zunchaka zunchaka
SFX: Knock knock
Heiji: Hey, old man!
Heiji: There's quite a racket coming from in there!

Heiji: Hm?
SFX: Grip

Heiji: Th-the door...
Heiji: it's sealed with packing tape...
SFX: Rip


SFX: Slam

Conan: The window's sealed too...

Heiji: There's a charcoal grill in the middle of the room...

Conan: Carbon monoxide poisoning!!
Conan: Charcoal suicide!!


SFX: Close
Heiji: I'll take off the tape on the window and open it, okay?
Conan: I'll take the grill outside!

SFX: Inhale...

SFX: Slam

Heiji: Damn it! It's stuck on there good!
Heiji: I thought he had a bad back!!

Heiji: He made a stepping stool out of books...

Heiji: Hm?

Conan: Huh?
Conan: This grill...

Abukawa: Wha-...?


Abukawa: What is this?
Abukawa: What's going on!?

SFX: Slide
Heiji: Carbon monoxide poisoning!!

Conan: Don't move!!
Conan: Don't come in here!!

Abukawa: Eh!?
Conan & Heiji: Puhaaa

Heiji: We got here about half an hour ago, right?
Abukawa: Y-yes...


Conan: His jaw has begun to stiffen...

Heiji: His back has a slight postmortem lividity to it...

Heiji: And with that stepping stool made of a pile of books...

Conan: And this charcoal...

Conan: There's no mistaking it...
Heiji: Yeah...

Abukawa: A-anyway...
Abukawa: I'm going to call the police!
Heiji: Before that...

Heiji: There's something we want to ask you.
Abukawa: Eh?


Conan: Why did you kill him?

Abukawa: E-
Abukawa: Ehh!?

Abukawa: Wh-why!?
Heiji: That's what we're asking you.

Conan: And saying you never thought he was actually cursed by the demon dog...
Heiji: isn't gonna cut it!!

Right margin: On what basis did they conclude that the murderer was the house helper!?

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