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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Black Lagoon 81

The Wired Red Wild Card Pt.5

+ posted by js06 as translation on May 30, 2010 21:17 | Go to Black Lagoon

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For JAC only

Chapter 81


Woman: Shang Xiao Ma!
Woman: Shao Jiang Liu is calling for you.
[TN: Shao Jiang is a Chinese rank meaning Junior General.]
Text: Feng has been abandoned by the organization that sent her!!

Ma: Well...
Ma: That's about it.
Ma: I'm going to hang up now. Bye.

Margin: Volumes 1-9 are on sale now!!!

SFX: Click!

Text: See the previous page for new information on the 2nd novelization.

SFX: Run run run

Title: #81 The Wired Red Wild Card Pt.5


SFX: Run

SFX: Crash
SFX: Fall

Man: Hey, girly.
Man: Are you drunk this early in the day?
Woman: She's probably on heroin.


SFX: Raise

Feng: G-
Feng: Get the fuck away from me!
Text: Waah!
Man: Wah, she's got a gun!
Man: Shit!

Feng: Pant...
Feng: Pant...

Feng: Pant...
Feng: Pant.

Feng: ...Ta ma de!


SFX: Push through

Revy: I'm...
Revy: takin' the car.

Benny: Fine, but...
Benny: what about setting sail?
Revy: That woman of yours reserved it, right?
Revy: You're enough of a sailor.

Benny: Yeah, I'll be on the ship, but I'm supposed to be off-duty.
Revy: Hey, don't make me laugh, Benny.
Revy: If you're just going to be playing chess on your computer, you don't need any extra help.


Benny: I wish you didn't hate Jane so much, Revy.
Benny: It's true she can be a bit rude, but if you didn't focus on that alone, you'd see she isn't that bad a person.

Revy: Benny,
Revy: I don't care if you want to speak fondly of her and she's done a hell of a job...
Revy: but she's a hardcore fuck freak.

Benny: Don't speak so badly of her.
Benny: She may be a bit broad-minded as far as sex goes, but that's it.
Revy: If that's "a bit", then Death Valley is just a sand pit in a park.
Revy: I don't want to know any more about your all-night, never-ending fucking.

Jane: Okay, fine.
Jane: The profits this time were good, so I'd been thinking of hiring a purser.
Revy: Oh, you're quite the comedian.
Revy: Who the hell would take your charity, you four-eyed monkey?

Jane: Hmm.
Jane: Then...
Jane: I'll splurge even further and hire that Japanese boyfriend of yours, too.


Revy: Hey,
Revy: don't get carried away.

Revy: If you really just can't help yourself, I'll be your partner.
Revy: In prison...
Revy: I've won over some sex-starved dykes by playing the man's role. And...
Revy: after that, their fingers just weren't enough for them ever again.

Revy: Believe me. I know what to do much better than you.
Revy: Okay?
Revy: If you really do this...
Revy: you'll never go back to Benny.

SFX: Smack

Revy: That's all I have to say.
Revy: Have fun with Benny Boy.
Revy: And don't cause too much trouble for Dutch.


Benny: Hey,
Benny: are you okay?

Montero: Hey,
Montero: are you okay?

Paxon: It's because I haven't had alcohol in a while.
Paxon: Ugh.
Paxon: I'm drunk in a bad way.
Montero: Then get...
Montero: some tea, Paxon.

Yang: I hope you can actually do your job.
Yang: I've received an urgent request from my country. It would be a major problem if you failed.

Montero: Yo.
Montero: If you don't think we can do it, then ask someone else, Yang-san.
Montero: It's not like you're our only client.


Yang: I want you to get rid of this woman.
Yang: Feng Yifei.
Yang: She might also be going under her real name of Li Xinlin.

Montero: I've seen this at the Rio Carnival.
Montero: That's a General Huerta costume.

Rob: No, it isn't, bro.
Rob: That's from Halloween.

Paxon: It...
Paxon: ugh...
Paxon: looks like it's from a New Years play.

Yang: It's none of those.
Yang: She's a former spy of the ruling three.

Montero: Oh, and she'll, um...
Montero: be walking around...
Montero: dressed like that?

Yang: Obviously she'll be in her normal clothes. That's the uniform of the People's Liberation Army.
Yang: There's no way she'd be here in such a ridiculous outfit.


Yang: This photo was taken 5 years ago, so it's just to get an idea what she looks like.
Montero: Yo, Chines.
Montero: Isn't using us 4 brothers for one woman a tad overkill?

Yang: We like to be doubly sure.
Yang: And...
Yang: you're the only illegal contractors willing to act right away in this city.

Rob: It doesn't really matter, bro.
Rob: Let's just take her out.
Rob: Paxon,
Rob: what do you think?

Paxon: If you two are doing it...
Paxon: I'm in.

Montero: Yo, then it's decided.
Montero: My brothers and I agree. We'll do it.


Montero: Yuan would be a bit of a problem, so pay us in dollars, Yang-san.
Montero: Well, this looks like it'll be a quick job, brothers.
Paxon: Yes, brother.
Rob: Sure does, bro.
Yang: W-
Yang: Wait a second!

Rob: What is it, Yang-san?
Yang: I just have a little question.
Yang: Are you all...
Yang: "stepbrothers"?

Text: Wah ha ha ha ha ha
Rob: Brother Montero,
Rob: It took 34 minutes for the question to come up this time!

Montero: See, I'm really good at reading people.
Montero: It was just like I told you, Paxon!


Montero: I thought you would ask right up front...
Montero: but you're pretty slow.
SFX: Open
Montero: Give him the answer, Rob.

Rob: We really are brothers, Yang-san.
Rob: Each of us may have a different mother or father...
SFX: Slam
Rob: but it all overlaps.

Yang: Wait.
Yang: I get that, but I have one more-
SFX: Vrrrrrrr

Yang: You said you were "4 brothers'...
Yang: so why...
Yang: are there only 3 of you...?


SFX: Vrrrrrrr
Revy: ...is what I said.
Revy: We need to tell Dutch to cancel our setting sail tonight.
Rock: Yeah.
Rock: I feel sorry for Dutch, but it's the right decision.

Revy: Of course it is!
Revy: Do you want me to tell you what kind of predicament you were in?

Revy: That woman was really intending on...
Revy: getting you wrapped up in a "Full Mongol Army Charge".
Rock: What's that?

Revy: It's a "gang bang"...
Revy: An orgy, Rock.
Revy: I'm not joking. And there's no way I could let her do that.

Revy: We were actually scheduled to carry some bastard...
Revy: who was going to rob a bank in Indonesia.
Rock: Well, there's no helping that.
Rock: He did a spectacular job of screwing up and got himself killed.
Rock: With the client dead, we can't really do anything about it.

Margin: What awaits Rock and Revy as they ditch their job!?

Bottom: "Black Lagoon" Chapter 81 End

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#1. by darkiceknight ()
Posted on May 30, 2010
This has to be the oddest chapter of BL I've ever read...
#2. by Arhazivory ()
Posted on May 31, 2010
You're so hot js~!
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