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Translations: Gintama 679 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128

Zettai Karen Children 223

The Maiden's Policy (1)

+ posted by js06 as translation on Jul 9, 2010 21:38 | Go to Zettai Karen Children

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Chapter 223


Bullet: Supervisor Minamoto!!
Bullet: Could you come here a second!?
Minamoto: Hm?
Minamoto: What is it?

Tim: We were playing this online game...
Tim: and someone who knew who we were said to "call Minamoto".
Minamoto: Is there an intelligence leak...!?
Minamoto: Who is it!?

SFX: Jingling
Box: Major: It's me, Hyoubu Kyousuke. Let's go hunting together (^^)/

Minamoto: Don't use emoticons!!! (Pissed)
Tim: Ah!!
SFX: Smash

Shiho: Everyone always says I'm really "dark"...
Shiho: but being dark has plenty of advantages.
Aoi: Like what?

Shiho: Like when I have a different type of expression, it gives an even greater impression.
Shiho: It makes things easier.
Shiho: The problem is the opposite.
Shiho: Like when a "good person" has a dark expression.

Hyoubu: But everyone's out today and I'm lonely.
Hyoubu: How about chess?
Minamoto: Why do I have to play with you...!?
Hyoubu: I guess you're right. I would just win anyway.

Text: Heh heh heh...
Minamoto: Okay, I took his knight!!
Minamoto: You fell into my trap, Hyoubu...!
Children: Aah!!
SFX: Beep
SFX: Beep

Margin: The Middle School OVA ~More Love Creates Hate! A Stolen Future?~ will finally be released on July 16th!! And a autograph-signing event is being held!! You have to sign up for the events at Tokyo &

Sapporo by July 7th!! Hurry up and check Web Sunday for details!!!!

Bottom: The special limited edition of Volume 22 with extras will be released on July 16!!


Left Text: We're adding to our femininity so wait a bit!!
Bottom text: July 16th is when the limited special edition of Volume 22 with the Supplement collection is released!! Look for the 2-book pack with summery covers!!
Bottom left text: Shiina Takashi
Title: 223rd sense. The Maiden's Policy (1)


Chisato: Eh?
Chisato: Over the long weekend?

Chisato: I don't really have any plans.
Kaoru: Then can you come with us?

Box: Previously: After the earthquake on Hacchou Island, the rehabilitation continues while The Children take a break. Fujiko brought Feather along and told Minamoto and the others that someone is causing a fluctuation in the future...


Chisato: Where are you going?
Kaoru: Hee hee hee.

Kaoru: "Spa Hawaiian Gaia"!!
Text at top: Kyaaah!
SFX: Squeeze
Kaoru: Summer may be over, but it's a natural place to wear swimsuits!!
Kaoru: Oh, what an age we live in!

Yuuri: What's that?
Shiho: It's a huge indoor heated pool.

Kaoru: It's become kind of like an amusement park, so you can spend the night there.
Kaoru: C'mon, let's all stay a night there!


Kaoru: The truth is, the other day was Minamoto's birthday...
Shiho: Happy birthday, Minamoto-san!!
Kaoru: Happy birthday!!

Minamoto: Thanks, everyone.
Kaoru: Here's our present for you!

Minamoto; Oh, what is it?
Minamoto; "Spa Resort Invitation Tickets"...?
On tickets: Special Invitation Ticket (For 2)


Aoi: My dad got one from a client of his.

Shiho: And we paid for the other.

Kaoru: You should really just take it easy sometimes!

Kaoru: You can invite 3 people you care about to go with you.
Shiho: People you care about.
Aoi: 3 of them.
Left of Shiho: Eh heh
Left of Aoi: Hee hee
Minamoto: Oh, you're letting me choose?

Minamoto: Then I guess I'll go with Tim, Bullet...
Minamoto: And Sakaki.

Minamoto: Fine, let's go!! Let's all go together!!
Minamoto: I'll take you along with me!!
SFX: Grrr grrr grrr


Shiho: And so we decided to bring more people along.
Aoi: He said we should invite some other girls to go with us.
Kaoru: And we might as well bring some new tits-...I mean people along.
SFX: Stare
Yuuri: Ti-...!?
Chisato: Akashi-san!!

Kaoru: Ah.
Kaoru: C-crap..!!

Kaoru: I need to stop that!!
Kaoru: I'm just so used to doing it.
Aoi: Eh?
SFX: Slap
Kaoru: Oh, uh, nothing!

Chisato: I'm glad you invited me and I want to go...
Chisato: but isn't it pretty expensive?
Chisato: I'll get in trouble if I let people spend too much on me...

Yuuri: Is that how this works...?
SFX: Disappointed
Yuuri: Then I guess I'll turn them down, too...

SFX: Heartbeat


Grand Prize - All Expenses Paid Trip to Hawaii 8 days 7 nights (For 2)
1st Prize - 1 night invitation to Spa Resort Hawaiian Gaia (For 2)
2nd Prize - Choose a prize from the 2nd Prize corner
3rd Prize - Choose a prize from the 3rd Prize corner
4th Prize - Choose a prize from the 4th Prize corner

Yuuri: Hey, come with me for a second.
Kaoru: What?

SFX: Pull out
Yuuri: I have some tickets for the drawing I got while shopping.


SFX: Spin spin spin
Attendant: Winner!!

Minamoto: Okay...
Minamoto: We're there!!


Yuuri: Wow...!!
Kaoru: Let's go check in.
Chisato: Thanks for taking us!

Sakaki: You guys are lucky!
Sakaki: Those 2 are cute, too!
Bullet: Um...uh.
Tim: Please don't do anything unnecessary this time.


Bullet: If something happens, the chief will kill us!
Tim: And he ordered us to keep an eye on you too, Sakaki-san!
Sakaki: That's not surprising
Sakaki: But don't worry.

Sakaki: I'm on your side.

Sakaki: So who do you want?
Sakaki: I think Chisato-san has a boyfriend, but I guess that doesn't really matter!!
Sakaki: Or what about Yuuri-chan?
Bullet: You're ignoring your orders and morality!?
Tim: You're horrible!!
Tim: You're simply horrible!!

Shiho: Okay.


Shiho: Let's change into our swimsuits and meet by the beach!!
Left of Shiho: Hee hee hee
Aoi: Oh, it's so cute!!
Left of Aoi: Kyah kyah
Left of Yuuri: Geez
Yuuri: Oh, c'mon, Aoi-chan. So's yours.

Chisato: Hm...?

Chisato: You seem a little more low-key than usual, Akashi-san.
Chisato: And you were so full of energy just a bit ago.
Kaoru: Eh...?
Kaoru: I-I'm the same as always...
Yuuri: Now that you mention it...
Yuuri: she would normally be more like...

Kaoru: C'mon, just show them to me.
Text: Deh heh heh
Kaoru: We're all girls here!!
Chisato: Yeah.
Kaoru: My face was never like that!!
Aoi & Shiho: Go back and read the volumes.


Kaoru: Well, actually...
Kaoru: I'm trying to improve myself in that respect.
Kaoru: I want to be more feminine like everyone else.

Aoi: Ehh...?

Aoi: Hmm...
Shiho: Oh, I see.
Kaoru: Wait!! What was that!?
Kaoru: I-I'm serious!!

Kaoru: So please!!
Kaoru: If I do anything vulgar and un-ladylike...
Kaoru: punish me!


Sakaki: Oh!
Sakaki: The Bishoujo Team's here!

Kaoru: Sorry for keeping you waiting!!


Minamoto: You all look really cute.
Sakaki: Don't they!?
Left of Sakaki: Heh heh...
SFX: Nod nod nod nod

Sakaki: Okay, I'll take a picture of all of you!
Sakaki: Get in a line.
Sakaki: Yeah, like that.

Sakaki: You two get next to Yuuri-chan and Chisato-chan.
SFX: Shock
Bullet: Wha-!!?

Chisato: Eh?
Text: Precautious

Bullet: How could you!!?
Tim: You were a middle school boy once, too!!
Text: Waaah!!
Sakaki: Without any courage you'll be like that forever.


Kaoru: Ohhh.
Kaoru: So which one is...
Text: Heh heh

Kaoru: Ah.

SFX: Pump pump pump

Kaoru: No, wait!!
Kaoru: That was the normal reaction for a girl!
Kaoru: Bwah!!!
SFX: Squirt
Aoi: Girls don't get that look in their eyes!
Aoi: You're out!!

Shiho: Well, I'll take my normal spot next to Minamoto-san.
SFX: Lean on
Minamoto: H-hey, don't cling to me like that!!
Shiho: Why?

SFX: Pump pump pump

Shiho: Kyah!
SFX: Squirt
Shiho: Wapph!!


Margin: Feather has escaped!? It already looks like trouble!!!!

Shiho: I'm not the target for that!
Shiho: And I didn't do anything un-ladylike!
Kaoru: We know that.
Aoi: But we can't allow that.

Sakaki: By the way, did you bring Feather along?
Sakaki: If she does anything in front of their classmates...
Minamoto: The Children said we had to because she'd already talked to them.
Minamoto: And there are the director's orders.
Minamoto: So we couldn't just leave her.
Text: Agh, this is ice water.
Text: This is revenge.
Text: Squirt
Text: Kyaah!
Text: Hyaaah!
Text: Wait, no fair.
Text: Waah!
Text: Stop.
Text: Pump pump pump
Text: Squiiiirt

Minamoto: I put her to sleep with a limiter to be safe.
Minamoto: And I put her in a special super low temperature case.
Minamoto: She should calmly stay in there if it's just 2 days.

SFX: Seeping out
Box: To be continued in Issue 33

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