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Bloody Monday Season 2 - Pandora's Box 36

At the End of the Path

+ posted by js06 as translation on Aug 14, 2010 01:31 | Go to Bloody Monday Season 2 - Pandora's Box

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For JAC only

Chapter 36


Top: Ryuumon Ryou x Megumi Kouji
Fujimaru: I can't lose.
Fujimaru: If Peter Pan takes back the system now, he'll send the reactor to meltdown right away.
Text: The final stage of this confrontation between teacher and student!!
Text: Volume 3 is on sale now!!

Title: File 36 At the End of the Path
Fujimaru: And Hibiki will be killed by the heat and radiation right away since she's headed to the reactor core to take those photos.


SFX: Heartbeat
Fujimaru: I'll hold it all back at the very edge!

SFX: Flame


SFX: Echo

SFX: Thunk thunk
SFX: Slide slide

SFX: Moisten

Hibiki: Pant
Hibiki: Pant
Hibiki: Pant
SFX: Slide


Peter: He's stubborn.
Hansel: What's wrong, Peter Pan?
Hansel: This is taking you a long time.

Peter: I'm regaining ground bit by bit.
Peter: Falcon's skills...
Peter: have grown much more than I had imagined.

Hansel: Quit complaining.
Hansel: I've bet everything on you.
Hansel: You know that, right?

Peter: ...Yes.


Peter: And you know what....
Peter: our true final objective is, right?

Hansel: Of course.
Hansel: And you need to concentrate.
Hansel: Just take out this "Falcon" guy already.

Peter: I intend to.
SFX: Type type

Peter: He's guarding the reactor's main system tightly...
Peter: but I've managed to take over the sub system that controls the supply of power.
Peter: If the power from "Future" goes out, it'll get in the way of his sister's operation.


Peter: What will you do, "Falcon"?
Peter: Will you take back the power supply system?
Peter: Or...

Sign: General Hospital

SFX: Kashunk

Otoya: The operation began 2 hours ago.

SFX: Tick tick tick

Otoya: How are things going on your end,
SFX: Pshh
Otoya: Fujimaru!?


SFX: Lights go out
Nurse: Kyah!

Text: Waaah
People: Kyaaah!
People: What's giong on?
People: The lights went out...
Otoya: This is...!?

Sign: Satou General Hospital

SFX: Beeep
SFX: Beeep!


Fujimaru: Damn.
Fujimaru: He got me!!
Fujimaru: He's stopped the supply of power to Tokyo!!

Fujimaru: Haruka...!!

SFX: Commotion

Otoya: Excuse me!
Otoya: What's going on!? Why are the lights out?
Nurse: There's...
Nurse: a power outage across Tokyo!

Otoya: What about the OR?
Otoya: My friend's sister is in surgery!

Doctor: The emergency power is being used to power the ICU and operating rooms.


Doctor: But...
Doctor: The emergency power has been used all day, so there isn't much gasoline left.
Doctor: The power generator isn't going to last another half hour.
Doctor: Then the artificial respirator and everything else will all go out.
Doctor: This could even cost some patient's their lives.

Doctor: There are 8 emergency operations being performed in the hospital at the moment.
Doctor: And there are multiple patients with serious injuries in the ICU.
Sign: Satou General
Doctor: We're hurrying to deal with this, but there isn't any gasoline near here.

Otoya: Kh.
SFX: Dramatic action
Otoya: I'll contact...
Otoya: Fujimaru!

Fujimaru: What about Haruka's surgery!?
Fujimaru: I'll call Otoya.


Otoya: I can't...
Otoya: He's fighting for the sake of tens of millions of people right now!
SFX: Grip...

Fujimaru: No.
SFX: Clench
Fujimaru: If I focus elsewhere right now, Peter Pan will take over and cause the meltdown!!


Otoya: I promised you, Fujimaru.
SFX: Dash
Otoya: I'll protect Haruka-chan!!

Fujimaru: Concentrate, "Falcon"!!
Fujimaru: I'm counting on you,
Fujimaru: Otoya!!
SFX: Dramatic action


SFX: Clang clang clang

SFX: Wham

Hibiki: Nnh.
SFX: Grind

Hibiki: Pant
Hibiki: Pant pant...
SFX: Slide down...
Hibiki: ...I made it!


SFX: Roar roar roar
SFX: Wobble
SFX: Step
Hibiki: Where's the broken camera?

Hibiki: There!


SFX: Flash
SFX: Flash
Hibiki: That camera films this area...
Hibiki: "Third-i" was right. The bombs were just a bluff.
SFX: Flash

Hibiki: Okay! If I send these photos to "Third-i", they can convince the Minister of Justice.
Hibiki: Then "Third-i" and the JSDF can come and defeat "The Shooter of the Magic Bullet"!

Hibiki: The door to the server room where Fujimaru is will only last another 20 minutes.
SFX: Flame

SFX: Sizzle...


Hibiki: If that door is destroyed and the server room falls to the enemy...

SFX: Heartbeat

SFX: Grip

SFX: Press press
Hibiki: I won't let that happen!
Hibiki: Wait just a little longer, Fujimaru!!
SFX: Press


SFX: Aim

Man: What are...
Man: you doing here?

Man: You don't look like one of the power plant workers.
Man: Who are you?


Hibiki: P-Please don't kill me!
Hibiki: I-I came here on a visit.
SFX: Dramatic action
Hibiki: And these people with guns came and started killing people.

Hibiki: One of the power plant workers had me put on this wet suit and hide in the water tank.
SFX: Tremble tremble

Man: Oh...
Man: Well you certainly were unlucky.


Hibiki: P-please don't kill me...
SFX: Tremble

SFX: Tremble

Hibiki: I'll do anything!
Hibiki: Okay?
SFX: Tremble tremble

Man: Hooo...
SFX: Paching
Man: I suppose it has been a while since I've gotten laid. Heh heh heh.

Hibiki: Ah...
SFX: Grab


SFX: Riiiip

Hibiki: Kyah...!

Man: Take it off.
SFX: Shove
Hibiki: Ah.
Hibiki: Slam

Man: I'll give you some loving before I kill you.
SFX: Clatter clatter clatter ziiip


Man: If you just do what I say, it'll only hurt for an instant.
SFX: Getting close
Hibiki: No!
Man: Well?

Hibiki: Please come back safe,
Hibiki: Hibiki!!!
Text: Reality is simply too cruel!!
Bottom: To be continued in combined issue 36 and 37.

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