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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Bloody Monday Season 2 - Pandora's Box 38

A Momentary Chance Meeting

+ posted by js06 as translation on Aug 23, 2010 01:36 | Go to Bloody Monday Season 2 - Pandora's Box

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For JAC only

Chapter 38


Text: A moment of happiness. A brief one...
Text: Look for Hibiki on the cover!! Volume 4 is on sale now!!

Hibiki: Nn...
Title: File 38 A Momentary Chance Meeting
Bottom left: Ryuumon Ryou x Megumi Kouji


SFX: Burning
Kanou: And that's the end of Hino.

Minami: Look at that!!


Minami: Two people...
Minami: just jumped down from the helicopter.
SFX: Burning
Kanou: Tch. Those idiots! They really are desperate!
Kanou: There's no way they can survive a fall from that height.

Sakaki: No...
Sakaki: Look!!

SFX: Burning

SFX: Wham
SFX: Crack crash
Birds: Caw caw
Birds: Caw caw

Minami: They cushioned their fall with the trees!
Minami: I can't believe it.

Sakaki: No, Hino Alexei can survive that. He's a former cosmonaut and was in the special forces before that.
Sakaki: He's received the highest level of training Russia offers!


Sakaki: I don't know about the other person, but he isn't someone who would die from that!

Sakaki: Helicopter Unit Gamma Team, They landed about 300 m to the west!
Sakaki: Seal off the entire area and begin a thorough search of the area with the JSDF!
Sakaki: If you find Hino or any other member of "The Shooter of the Magic Bullet", capt-

SFX: Gnash

Kanou: Shoot them!!
Kanou: There's no need to capture them and put them on trial!
Kanou: All those legal processes take too damn long. They'll just do something else!
Kanou: "Third-i" will take responsibility for it.

Kanou: When you find them, kill them!!


Kanou: We'll leave this to you, Sakaki!
Kanou: We'll search inside the building.
SFX: Dramatic action
Kanou: There could be some of them still hiding inside...
Kanou: so we need to be careful! Let's go, Minami!!

Fujimaru: Kanou-san, Minami-san!

Kanou: Fujimaru!
Kanou: You're okay!
SFX: Appear
Fujimaru: Yes, somehow or other!
Fujimaru: More importantly, what happened to Hino!?

Kanou: We didn't manage to take him out.
Kanou: He jumped from the chopper and fled into the forest. But we'll get him.
Fujimaru: I see.


Fujimaru: Um...
Fujimaru: She's-...Hibiki's injured!
Fujimaru: Please have her wound treated right away!

Kanou: That little agent?
Fujimaru: She isn't an agent anymore.

Fujimaru: She's "Mizusawa Hibiki".
Fujimaru: That's what she's decided.
Fujimaru: ...Right?

SFX: Nod

Kanou: Hah?
Minami: H-hey, hey.
Minami: What's going on!?


Fujimaru: A-anyway! Please take her to the hospital!
Fujimaru: She was shot in the shoulder while covering me.

Minami: ...Understood.

Minami: Ah! Makimura!
Minami: You take care of all the formalities needed to both put this girl under our care and transfer her to the hospital.
Makimura: What!?
Makimura: Fine...
Fujimaru: Hibiki,
Fujimaru: Go with him.
Hibiki: Fujimaru...

Fujimaru: You were ordered to watch over my actions, right?
Fujimaru: By leaving me and going to the hospital, you can prove that you aren't an agent anymore.
Fujimaru: Got it?

SFX: Blush
Hibiki: ...Yes!


Hibiki: Okay, take me with you.
Hibiki: Oh, one of my lower right molars is a fake tooth with a Morse code transmitter in it.
Hibiki: It also functions as a GPS locator, so they'll know where I am. We should probably check on that in the emergency medical transport before going to the hospital.
Makimura: O-okay...We'll do that.

Hibiki: Fujimaru!

Hibiki: See you...
Hibiki: later!

Fujimaru: Yeah!

Hibiki: Don't cheat on me, okay!?
Fujimaru: J-
Fujimaru: Just go!


Fujimaru: Geez.
Fujimaru: She still has no real knowledge of how normal people act.
Fujimaru: But I'm sure that'll change.

Fujimaru: That's why I want to petition Prime Minister Kujou to give her Japanese citizenship and enter her in the family register.

Minami: You understand,
Minami: right, Fujimaru?

Minami: That's much easier said than done.
Minami: She isn't just any girl. She's an agent of another country.
Minami: Are you...
Minami: truly...

Minami: committed to this?


Fujimaru: I am!

Minami: ...I see.

Minami: Well, good...
Minami: luck!
SFX: Wham
Fujimaru: Tha-

Fujimaru: Thank you,
Fujimaru: Minami-san.

SFX: Vvvv
SFX: Vvv

Fujimaru: Hello?
Kirishima: This is Kirishima.
Kirishima: You really saved us, Fujimaru-kun.


Kirishima: Thanks to you...
Kirishima: we kicked their asses.
Fujimaru: Ah ha ha ha.

Fujimaru: You should tell Hibiki that.
Fujimaru: I'm sure she'd be glad.
Kirishima: Huh? ...Oh.

Kirishima: By the way, did you here what happened at the hospital regarding the power outage?
SFX: Put bag on
Fujimaru: Yeah, I did.
Fujimaru: They told me Haruka's surgery is progressing fine.

Kirishima: So you've heard.
Kirishima: "He" really is just as amazing as you.

Fujimaru: I know!


Sign: Satou General
Text: He used the hospital-wide intercom to ask for help in securing more fuel for the generator.

SFX: Pumping

Text: They called out to every car stopped at the light to get gas from them.
Text: The hospital had plenty of things that could be used as pumps.

Text: And then they used a bucket relay system to get it all to the fuel tank of the emergency generator.


Fujimaru: It's...
Fujimaru: because he promised.

Fujimaru: He promised...
Fujimaru: that he would take care of Haruka.

Kirishima: I'm praying...
Kirishima: the surgery will be a success.

Fujimaru: Thank you!


SFX: Kshh
Team: This is the Infiltration Team! We've opened the door to the control room!!
Kanou: Okay, go in!

Kanou: There should be a few hostages...
Kanou: but like was said before, don't hesitate!! Eliminate the enemy!!
Team: ...Roger that.
SFX: Dash
Fujimaru: Let's go, Kanou-san!
Team: Uuh...

Kanou: Infiltration Team?
Kanou: What is it!?


Team: We've...
Team: found the terrorists.
Team: There were 4...I think.
Team: They're...already dead.


Team: It looks like they used a grenade or a bomb...
Team: to kill themselves.
SFX: Steam

Kanou: ...Tch.

Survivors: Cough
Survivors: Cough cough
SFX: Quick movement

Team: Ah...!

Team: W-we've found some survivors!
Kanou: What!?


Team: It's the workers who were taken hostage!
Team: Are you okay?
Survivors: Cough
Small text in top of bubble: Cough
Survivors: Y-yes.
Survivors: They just...blew themselves up all of a sudden...

Survivors: Cough cough
Team: Ah...It looks like you've inhaled the smoke.
Team: Someone! Get these people to the medical team!

Team: You're safe now.
Team: Are you workers from another country? You've had it really rough.
Survivors: Yes...Thank you very much...
Survivors: for saving us.


SFX: Step


Kanou: Hey, Fujimaru!
Kanou: Stick with us!!

Survivors: Ah...right.
Text: The evil isn't dead yet!!
Bottom: To be continued in Issue 39.

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#1. by Hamy ()
Posted on Aug 23, 2010
Hm fake tooth for Morse code... Sounds like the Modus Operandi of J.
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