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Bloody Monday Season 2 - Pandora's Box 40


+ posted by js06 as translation on Sep 7, 2010 01:43 | Go to Bloody Monday Season 2 - Pandora's Box

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For JAC only

Chapter 40


Title: File 40 King
Top left: Ryuumon Ryou x Megumi Kouji
Below that: Look for the green cover. Volume 4 is on sale now!!
Peter: I hacked into the system at the cell tower for this area and set it to rewrite location data before it sends it out.
Peter: Even if our "pursuer" contacts them, the location data will trick them into going in the opposite direction.
Text: Her pursuit has been discovered!! Hibiki is in danger!!
Peter: We can use him...
Peter: before we take him out.


Hibiki: Okay. Fujimaru can see where I am from the cell phone's signal. I just have to keep tailing them until "Third-i" captures them.

Hibiki: I won't let them get away...!!
SFX: Grip

Fujimaru: This is Fujimaru.
Fujimaru: I'm sending Mizusawa Hibiki's cell phone location information to "Third-i"!
Fujimaru: Please send an armed team around to cut off and capture the fleeing terrorists!
Kirishima: This is Kirishima. Roger that!


SFX: Commotion
Chatter: How is Beta Block!?
Chatter: Kshh...This is the 2nd riot squad team!
Chatter: No sign of the terrorists.
Kanou: Don't worry, Fujimaru.
Kanou: Two JSDF platoons have been sent.
Chatter: This is the 3rd JSDF platoon in Alpha Block!
Kanou: And a police riot squad is waiting to ambush them. They won't get away.
Fujimaru: Got it.

Kanou: But can we really trust...
Kanou: that agent calling herself Hibiki?

Kanou: If this is a trap...

Fujimaru: I trust her.

Minami: Fujimaru...


Fujimaru: She has already abandoned the one thing she believed in.
Fujimaru: She has finally turned on her fate of being used and thrown away like a piece of trash.

Fujimaru: And the only thing I can do for her is trust her.

Fujimaru: Trusting her is the only way I can strengthen the bonds between us. All I can do is believe in her no matter what.
SFX: Clench...


Minami: ...That's fine.
Minami: You can trust her.
Fujimaru: Minami-san...

Minami: But we can't.
Minami: We can't protect this country without having guaranteed every little thing.

Fujimaru: I know...

Kanou: All of the JSDF main force except for those ordered to track Hino are to head to Area A and capture the fleeing terrorists.
Kanou: But the police riot squad is to head in the opposite direction to Area B and keep watch there.
JSDF: JSDF 1st Platoon, roger that!
Riot Squad: Riot Squad 3rd Team, roger!


Kanou: It's insurance.
Kanou: ...Forgive me, Fujimaru.

Fujimaru: ...I understand.

Snow White: Pant.
SFX: Running
Snow White: Pant
Snow White: Pant!


SFX: Fall
Alexei: Snow White!
Snow White: Uuh...
Snow White: Gasp

Snow White: Arthur...I can't keep running. Escape without me.
SFX: Pant
SFX: Pant

SFX: Grab

Alexei: No.
Alexei: I can't leave you behind. We're escaping together!
SFX: Squeeze
Alexei: And we'll get your injuries treated, make our preparations, and complete our mission!


Snow White: Arthur...If you hadn't saved me, I would have died back there. So...

Alexei: No! You swore you would change the world, Snow White!
Snow White: But...at this rate, we're both going to...

Alexei: There's a small building over there. Let's hide in there.

Peter: ...Tch.


Peter: One enemy group is headed this way.
Hansel: Didn't you use our pursuer to send them in the opposite direction?

Peter: I tried. But it looks like they have someone who thinks of every possibility.

Hansel: What are we going to do?
Peter: ...It's not like they've found us yet.

Peter: Arthur is headed away at 11 o'clock.
Peter: A lot of "Third-i" men are after him, so it's only a matter of time.

SFX: Smile
Peter: And if he's going to be caught, we might as well take advantage of it, right?


Snow White: Pant pant...
Snow White: Pant...
Alexei: ...Okay, I've stopped the bleeding.
Alexei: And I've got your broken arm in a splint.

Alexei: I also anesthetized it. We can make a break for it when the enemy passes by us.
Snow White: Thank you...Arthur...

Snow White: I'm so happy...
Snow White: I could accompany you this far in realizing your dream.

Alexei: What are you saying!?
Alexei: This isn't over yet! You're coming with me!

Snow White: Thanks...Arthur...


Snow White: Tell me, Arthur...
Alexei: What is it?

Snow White: If the reactor had gone critical and we had killed all those people...would the world really have changed for the better?

Alexei: That alone wouldn't change anything.
Snow White: Then what do we have to do to change it?


Alexei: If we had committed a nuclear terrorist attack at "this time", it would have opened "Pandora's Box". That would have changed the world.
Alexei: But now that I've been cornered like this...
Alexei: I'm sure I have the ability to open the Box. Peter Pan most likely does too.

SFX: Vvv vvv vvv

Peter: Arthur, are you okay?
Alexei: Peter!
Alexei: Are you okay!?


Peter: Yes, for now.
Peter: It seems "Pandora's Box" is already headed for Japan.

Alexei: Oh! So we just barely made it! Even if we didn't bring the reactor to meltdown.
Peter: Yes, it's reliable information.
Peter: I got from "there".

Alexei: My hope has made it through.

Peter: But an enemy unit is after you. They're heading for you from 2 o'clock!
Peter: You need to head to 5 o'clock to evade them.


Alexei: Roger that, Peter Pan.
Alexei: If you manage to escape too, open "Pandora's Box" according to "the plan".
Peter: Okay.
Peter: Good luck.
Alexei: Let's go, Snow White.
Alexei: Can you walk with me?
SFX: Dramatic action
Snow White: Yes, of course, King Arthur!

Snow White: But I have one request first.
Alexei: What is it?

Snow White: Can you hold me and kiss me?
Snow White: Just this once?


Alexei: ...Snow White.

Snow White: I'll stay with you...
Snow White: no matter where you take me.


Peter: Ok.

Peter: Now all of the pursuers will head after King Arthur.
Peter: Let's get going.

Small text in top of bubble: Heh heh
Hansel: Oh...
Hansel: Poor King Arthur.
Hansel: He's such a conceited king.


Peter: To get this far...
Peter: we needed the information he was hiding. But not anymore.

Peter: And his way of doing things simply took too much time and effort.
Peter: Opening "Pandora's Box" and ridding the earth of all of the "large nations" may have changed the world, but it's easy enough to change the world without going that far.


Peter: After all...
Peter: we have the two of us and "Cinderella".

SFX: Whistle

Hansel: So?
Hansel: Are you sure we can get the money?
SFX: Walking
Peter: Of course.

Peter: We'll get it in a completely untraceable manner and it will be split into the most powerful currencies in the world including the dollar and the euro.
Peter: A test to prove the method works is already being carried out...
Peter: by a woman named Orihara Maya.


Hansel: How much are you going to ask for...
Hansel: from the governments of the world?

Peter: Two trillion dollars. Which is about 180 trillion yen.
Peter: Pretty cheap, right?


Peter: Considering the alternative is a continuous rain of nuclear fire across the world.
Text: A terrorist with no ideal driving him is taking control!!
Bottom: To be continued in Issue 41

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