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Bloody Monday Season 2 - Pandora's Box 44

Where the Terrorism is Headed

+ posted by js06 as translation on Oct 31, 2010 21:52 | Go to Bloody Monday Season 2 - Pandora's Box

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For JAC only

Chapter 44


Hibiki: Fujimaru.
Hibiki: Say "ahhh"!

Fujimaru: A-ahhh...
SFX: Chomp

SFX: Dere dere
Hibiki: Is it good, Fujimaru?
Fujimaru: Yeah!
Fujimaru: It's really good, Hibiki.
Text: The heated battle in the power plant! Volume 4 is on sale now!!


Both: Even if it IS just instant.
Text: A heavy morning in more ways than one...
Minami: Shut up!! This is the breakfast menu recommended by Ichiro, my favorite baseball player!
Minami: If you've got a problem with it, don't eat it!!
Bottom: Ryuumon Ryou x Megumi Kouji
Title: File 44 Where the Terrorism is Headed

Hibiki: If you had told me, I would have made it. I want to have him eat my own cooking.
Fujimaru: Oh, you can cook?
Hibiki: I was taught to do that too! I can cook Japanese food, Western food, and Chinese food!

Hibiki: Sometimes a spy has to feed their target delicious food in order to put them to sleep or poison them.
Text: I see...
Minami: It's fine.
Minami: I can do the cooking.


TV: The welcoming ceremony for America's President Adams will be held tonight at the Akasaka State Guesthouse.

Minami: President Adams, huh?
SFX: Eat
Minami: Insisting on coming at a time like this is just a performance by America to show they don't fear anything.

Fujimaru: What do you think?
Minami: About what?

Text: In front of the Akasaka State Guesthouse
Fujimaru: Is this what the terrorists were really after?


Minami: You're saying that terrorist attack was supposed to lead to the president's visit being cancelled?
Minami: Why? What reason to keep him away do they have?

Fujimaru: What if "Future" really had gone to meltdown and the president still came to Japan.

Minami: ...Yeah, Adams would have still come.

Minami: Ever since he was inaugurated Adams seems to have been going around to every area that's in conflict.
Minami: It's as if he's saying he has the power to stop these conflicts because he has the ability to send a rain of nuclear missiles to any spot in the world.

Hibiki: How arrogant...


Minami: "Nuclear weapons let me end wars with the least possible damage done."
Minami: "Nuclear weapons will end war." That's the way he thinks. So his pride wouldn't let him not come just because he was afraid of radioactivity from a nuclear power plant.

Minami: He must have calculated that he could avoid it by spending his short stay in Japan in Osaka at the center of the Kansai region instead of in Tokyo where the threat of radioactive contamination lay.


TV: Tomorrow's Japan-America summit meeting on the topic of nature conservation will be held at the Queen Hotel in Karuizawa. Preparations are already under way.

Fujimaru: Karuizawa...

Fujimaru: And tomorrow...is Monday.

SFX: Vvvvvvv
SFX: Rattle

Fujimaru: Oh.
Minami: Did something happen?

Fujimaru: My virus has started up.
Fujimaru: We paid Orihara Maya a hundred million dollars, right?
Minami: Yes...That wasted money.


Fujimaru: Orihara most likely immediately moved the money the Japanese government sent her to another bank account.
Fujimaru: Then she would have sent the money through numerous fake accounts in a country in conflict that wouldn't tell the Japanese government anything. And finally, she would pool it all in her own anonymous account making the whole movement of funds untraceable.

Minami: So she really did just take that hundred million dollars from us...
Fujimaru: No.

Fujimaru: That's why I attached an automatic tracking virus to the command to send the money.
Minami: What?

Fujimaru: It was a really small program that doesn't look like anything but trash and doesn't get in the way of anything, but it's a real bastard of a program.
Fujimaru: Once the funds had stopped moving for 10 hours straight, it would determine they had reached a "dead end" and send me the information on the account.


Minami: H-holy shit...
Text right of Hibiki: Kyaaah!
Hibiki: That's amazing, Fujimaru!
Text at top: Hug
Fujimaru: Hey. (;^_^A
SFX: Squeeze
Fujimaru: Of course, I have no proof, so it would be difficult to get the money back through legal means, but it'll be easy if I just crack the account.

Minami: ? What is it?

Fujimaru: What's going on...?

Sign: Satou General Hospital
SFX: Knock knock


Otoya: I'm coming in, Haruka-chan.
SFX: Slide

Haruka: Otoya-san!?
Haruka: G-good morning!

Otoya: Here, I thought the dreary atmosphere might be getting you down.
Otoya: How are you feeling?
Haruka: O-oh.
Haruka: I'm doing good right now.

Haruka: I'm just glad I'm stable.
Haruka: Because this was such a precious gift...


Haruka: Um...Otoya-san?
Otoya: Hm?
Haruka: Uh...Don't you have normally have classes?

Otoya: Yeah...
Haruka: Are you...off for the day?

Otoya: I...
Otoya: skipped them so I could come here.
Otoya: I was wondering how you were doing.

SFX: Blush

Haruka: ...Th-
Haruka: Thank you...
Haruka: very much...
Text: Ah ah

Otoya: W-well...
Otoya: Fujimaru...asked me to come, too.
Haruka: I-I see...


Haruka: ...Oh.

Haruka: Otoya-san, did you hear that...my brother has a girlfriend?
Otoya: A girlfriend?
Otoya: No...I didn't.

Haruka: Her name is Mizusawa Hibiki...
Haruka: and she works with him.
SFX: Shock

Haruka: It seems they just recently started going out and...
Haruka: ...Otoya-san?
Text: My head hurts...
Otoya: ...Wow.
Otoya: I...hadn't heard anything about that...

Otoya: Oh...um, yeah. I know who that is.
Otoya: What about it?

Haruka: She came to see me with my brother yesterday...
Haruka: and she seemed like an odd person.


Haruka: I don't know why...but it seemed like she had been talking behind my back or something...
Haruka: It was like she was acting the entire time. It bothered me how her expressions almost seemed forced.
Haruka: It made me think she might be only pretending to be so bright and cheery for my sake.

Otoya: I'm sure it's fine.
SFX: Kneel down

Otoya: She's the person your brother chose,
Otoya: right?


Haruka: Right...!


SFX: Gulp

Maya: Hee hee.
Maya: Now this is the life I've been waiting for. Hee hee...

SFX: Vvvv

Maya: Hello.
SFX: Beep
Baikal: It's Baikal.


Maya: Oh, good work.
Maya: It looks like you're still alive.
Baikal: Of course. I can't die until my aim has been carried out.

Baikal: By the way, have you transferred my share of the money yet? The fifty million dollars.
Maya: Yes, of course. Don't worry, I keep my promises. That's how I deal with business.

Baikal: Yes, that is how YOU deal with business.
Baikal: Well, have a good vacation.
SFX: Click

Maya: He really has no civility.

SFX: Place
Baikal: How YOU deal with business.


Maya: That makes it sound like he deals with business differently...
SFX: Tone

Maya: Okay...the Swiss bank account...
SFX: Tap tap

Maya: Wh-
Maya: What...?

SFX: Sit up


Maya: What's this transfer commission!?
Maya: I only transferred money to Baikal's account once.

Maya: Wh-what!? It won't stop!
Maya: How many times is this going to continue?

Maya: Eh!? I'm being charged a commission for a 1000 dollar hidden transfer...
Maya: 49800 times!?
Maya: No! It won't stop! Stooop!!


Text: Bank Account...$0

Maya: Heh...heh heh...Was this "Falcon" again?
Maya: No...with this timing...

Maya: B-Baikal!!
SFX: Chug
SFX: Shock

Maya: I'll kill you!!
SFX: Pissed


Small text in Peter's bubble: Hee hee...
Peter: There we go.

SFX: Vrrrrr
Peter: Now I just have to transfer the $50,000,000 she transferred and the $49,800,000 the virus got into another anonymous bank account.

Hansel: Nice job finding Maya's account. Not even the international police could do that.
Hansel: Isn't that right, Baikal?
Peter: I'm more used to being called Peter.
Peter: So don't use that handle name.

Peter: It was easy.
Peter: I just had to aim for when she was transferring the money into my account.
Peter: There's no way she can hide it in that moment.
Peter: I then just had to use a virus that infinitely repeats a transfer to split the fifty million fifty thousand times and transfer it so that, with the commissions, there would be nothing left.


SFX: Whistle
Hansel: Wow.
Hansel: Good job.
Small text in Peter's bubble: Heh heh
Peter: Thanks.

Hansel: Oh.
Hansel: It looks like we're almost there, Peter.

Hansel: To our destination,
Hansel: Karuizawa.
Bottom text: They really are after the president!?
Bottom: To be continued in Issue 45

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